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  • The one he'd rather we weren't all talking about, you mean?

  • Not good on the injury front Bus. Physio time?!

    8 miles for me tonight inc. 4.5m at MP. Tough going!


  • XC results seem to be up, on po10 now so easier to do comparisons.

    Good news is that even though I was 24th overall, 22nd male and 6th vet, all those ahead of me were younger so that counts as a result in my books. The first V50 was a little too close behind for comfort.

    The oddity up front is the guy in 3rd, seems to have come in in leaps and bounds. A nice 2:47 mara last year to boot.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    The guy who finished second makes for an interesting read. He doesn't seem to have made any significant improvement time wise over the last 8 years. 

  • SG knows more about Graham but he has had a few injuries over the last year or so.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Still posted some handy times mind you. 

  • Always interesting reading Po10 profiles as an observer! That 3rd place guy has a had a remarakable progression, but odd as he's either done no other racing this year, or just not recorded on Po10. Graham's half times are very quick indeed (and even with no major improvement over the past 8 years, I'd settle for a 71 to 72 min half and just call it consistency!!!)  but his marathon times reinforce what a completely different beast a marathon is (though obviously I don't know enough background - could be a million reasons why the times don't match!)

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Depends whether he trained really or just ran it on a whim or something.

    Hill reps for me tonight, 10 x 350m hills at 5k effort. Felt ok.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Matt I guess it's the gosport half. Would it be wrong to start a book on expected time image

    if he is racing I'm genuinely interested in the recent plan of heavy volume So close to race day. 

    Dachs - kudos still could have put 74 down, but 73 shows an attack is planned.

    5*1k target 3.15 off 2.30rec. Long rec as I'm still feeling my way back plus I have the small matter of the England Xc  international on sat.   Came out 3.16, 3.13, 3.15, 3.15 , 3.10.   This felt different to recent weeks.  I was controlling the session not the other way round. Shouldnt be too long until I'm back where I was a few months ago.  I'm gutted to miss Leeds abbey dash but will enter Telford and go for a PB.

  • Dean, do you have definite word on the team for Sat's XC yet? Last I recall you were reserve or have I missed something?

    Times at Wokingham are always a bit of a lottery. It is a big local race and a lot of people do it but also do London marathon. I have Wokingham Half on Feb 9 and then pencilled in Finchley 20 on 9 March and then VLM on April 13th.

    To do a decent half needs some sort of taper and planning. In 2012 I ran a 21 miler on Jan 31st, then another on 22 Feb, 3 days after Wokingham half on the 19th. That is 3 weeks out of a campaign and that is a bug chunk, so next year there will be less concession to the half.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    philip - im still on hold as a reserve(but we are part of the squad so expected to attend and be part of the photo call etc...) but hopefully this cold snap will take a few down image in truth if you are carrying a knock or sick you wont pull out of the team until the last minute to give you a chance to compete.  So any call wont come until friday or sat (if it comes at all)   but there is a reserve race run on the course straight after the international so i will run that if not selected for the main event & that way i can compare my time with the other race and see if they picked the right team image

    I saw the m40 team and im faster over 5k &/or 10k than a few of them but they raced and won the BMAF finals of the qualifying competitions so fairs fair they should be picked.

  • Blimey Philip - that's getting the excuses in early image

  • bus, there are excuses and there are reasons. I make no secret of my goal: VLM 2014 in 2:49:49 puts a smile on my face. It is going to be tough, I have no doubt of it. The calculators say it is possible, 80.6% WAVA is a thing I hit from time to time and it equates (age graded) to a 61:30 10 mile (61:35 for me) and a 37:30 10k (37:05).

    The whole thing won't become apparent right until the end: last year I did 2:50:28 so I need 29 seconds or a fraction over a second a mile. It really isn't even that, I did 6:50 and 6:46 for miles 24 and 25 so at 24 miles I was sub 2:50.

    I should run Wokingham somewhere in the 1:20 to 1:22 range but if it is 1:24 and VLM comes off I won't care.

  • Fair enough. Given how you executed your last VLM campaign, I certainly wouldn't vote against you!

    Whatever the age grading stats say though, a 2:49:49 marathon has got to be a much bigger ask than a 37:30 10k or a 61:30 10M (for most people!). 

    2 x 14M on the bike for me today, plus a bit of stretching of adductors.

  • Agree, age grading is not always a indicator of performance. Even people who are good at marathons such as Race Jase who pops in occasionally only hits 83.5% WAVA on his marathons and 85% elsewhere.

  • Dean, I hope it works out for you.

    Sun rises early here on the east coast of the US. It sets about 5pm too. Due to this and my lack of forward planning (no headtorch or reflective gear) I did a 'Dean' or 5x1km on the treadmill at 1.5 incline.1/4 mile recovery which was about 2:30 give or take. 3:43 per rep - works out to be NAD 16kph or 10 mph.

    Compared to the 1200 I did on the track the other week the pace felt manageable to begin with but it was a struggle towards the end. I also broke some decency laws by running topless and sweating buckets.

    To cap this all off I then failed to complete the 3 minute plank. Blame it on the jet lagimage

    Those WAVA numbers make interesting reading PMJ.



  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Not that's the sort of progression time we'd all like to achieve year on year. Well I certainly would anyway. 

    Nice session Iron. I'm going to find out at Leeds Abbeydash just how helpful the treadmill sessions are after doing a few on one over the last few weeks. Certainly the 2 mile reps anyway. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    First para was in response to Racejase po10. 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    never assume old son! The racing schedule is 100% open at the moment.

    Noticeable by his absence. The standard precursor to a monumental effort (on the south coast). Forecast for Gosport 9 degrees and barely a breath of wind.

    Not sure about the practise of keeping quiet about races planned and then sneaking off and doing them. No point really, the result will appear whether the run is duff or not, unless another name is used.

    In my club, my name has got swopped with another runner whose ability is about the same as mine at my best. I got him a fantastic result at the last Middlesex XC, the only occasion I've ever beaten the great Finill (and by nearly 2 minutes) and PO10 has this other guys name against it.

    Races that can be entered on the day is slightly different. A couple of pb's of mine were set in races like that, the day after the sort of training session you wouldn't dream of doing before a planned race (fast 12 miler was one).

    My way is easier, plan loads of races enter quite a few and then do none of them. 


  • RicF wrote (see)
     the only occasion I've ever beaten the great Finill


    Mine is recorded: me 546, Chris 547. Oddly enough, 544 sometimes posts here too.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Why of course Phil! I'd forgotton about this particular feat.

    If I recall correctly, you came from behind and nailed him with a dip finish.

  • Ric, I fear the reality is different and it is just a statistical oddity with chip versus gun as the finish photos show me beating a lady and a guy in a RAF vest but no sign of Chris. It appears he took 13 seconds to cross the line but me 30 so he crossed the finish line 13 seconds ahead of me even though I was 4 seconds faster, and po10 does not show it in the head-to-head but VLM results do, so I'll take that.

  • 8 at lunchtime today. Strong tailwind on the 4 out so a few miles sub 7 or close to 7, then 4 back into the same wind noticeably slower. 36 for the week in 4 days so 14 over the next 2 days gets me up to 50 so a little one tomorrow and parkrun on parkrunday.

    Next week I am in USA so it will be, by necessity, a cut back week and a XC race at the end. Still, 110 miles so far in November and it isn't the 15th until tomorrow so as long as the cutback hits 30 I will hit 200 for November.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I've run the London Marathon on three occasions and each start has been different. The first one contributed to the disaster of the second. I went to that one with one of the London Marathons 'ever present criminals'. These are those who have run every London Marathon but some under other people's names. The guy I was with has appeared under at least six different ones.

    Anyway, as a GFA he said get right on the front row and away we went in a mad rush.

    Assuming this is what usually happens once you cross the start mat, on the second occasion when I had just a normal club place, I discovered that crossing the mat means shit all if you can't get going due to all the bodies in the way. A couple of 8 minute plus miles stuffed the sub 3 that time.

    The final time was another GFA. But even then you're held up by 10 minute milers who plonk themselves on the front row. I wonder what sort of mentality these elements have when its quite likely they're going to get shoved aside in the opening salvos.

    'Unwise', when viewed from about 6 months after the event. 'Stupid fucking cunts' on the day.



  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    PMJ, I'm certainly backing you for the sub 2:50.

    Working at home today provided an excellent opportunity to start to try to build some cross-country strength, having read so much about how a full cross country season gets you in great shape for the roads.  I'm not going to be able to do a full XC season, so the next best thing is a few XC tempos.

    There's a park a couple of minutes drive away which is perfect.  It's more a common than a park, so no hard paths and there are plenty of ups and downs, proper boggy bits, soft ground and mud, as well as a wind that seemed to be blowing all directions at once.  It was pretty much deserted too apart from a couple of dog walkers.  Did 2m w/u, 2m @ marathon effort, 2m @ half marathon effort and 1m @ 10K effort.  Given the terrain and wind, it was about effort rather than pace, but came out as 6:19, 6:18, 5:59, 6:01, 5:50, for an average pace of 6:06.  Whilst it got very hard, it was a lot more fun than a similar effort on the roads.  I can imagine a fartlek on there would be enjoyable. 

    Planning on making those XC tempos a fairly regular feature.

  • Those are sharp paces for that sort of terrain Dachs. Definitely more enjoyable on the soft stuff than the roads most of the time.

    After some fairly intensive stretching since Monday, I'm feeling a bit more (cautiously) optimistic now. Managed an easy 5.5M off-roader  at lunch time (on similar terrain to yours by the sound of it Dachs, but a hell of a lot slower!). The groin strain kept away pretty much right until the end, and was only a bit of a twinge then rather than the full blown pain of the last three runs. 

  • Quite on here, lull before the storm (ing racing at the weekendimage )

    Easy 7 at lunch to notch up 43 for the week, a bit of parkrun tourism tomorrow (well, I say tourism, I will run down the hill I live at the top of and into the wet valley below, run round the floods in the ex-watercress meadows and then back up the the dry lands I call home again) to pop over 50 miles for the 3rd week in a row.

    I like base building.

  • Everyone's on the Team GB thread!

    I'll be lucky if I make 20M this week, after 16 last week. Double 14M on the bike today again though.


  • SG has the best disappearing act, the rest of us are mere imitators.

    Have fun at the weekend Dean! Wonder if you get a vest ?!

    Going to head to Leeds as weather forecast looks good, not too cold with minimal wind. Shame plantar fasciitis has come back with a vengeance, won't feel anything during the race though so won't slow me down. Not bothered with a taper this week so 41 miles clocked up and rest day tomorrow.

    No idea what you look like matt or what you club vest looks like so good luck if you don't see me at Leeds!

    See you there Stevie See! No idea what SG is up to so can't wish him luck for his long weekend run.

    Sounds like you could be getting better Bus, you'll get there.

    Good miles Phil, over 50 mpw feels good doesn't it and enough to make a big difference to fitness.
  • Cheers Seb. Good luck at Leeds (same for Matt and everyone else who's racing!), get through the race and deal with that bloody PF after!

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