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  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Just got the call up.  Tomorrow is going to be a good day.image

  • Good luck this weekend Deano, Seb, Matt, PMJ and SG and apologies if I missed anyone. Usual rules apply - DBS
  • Good luck to everyone who's racing this weekend. 

    Visited physio this week. Only done 10 miles. Will go for a jog tonight bands bit longer tomorrow. Maybe a week of 25. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Great news Dean, have a good one. 

    all the best to everyone else racing.

    Seb, I cant seem to put a profile picture on here for some reason. I'm on an iPad and I'm shit with anything to do with computers etc. my picture is on PO10. I've just googled myself to try and get a picture and somehow there's a picture of me kissing my newborn daughter on the head. Probably due to having an unusual surname. 

    i should've been doing a really easy week but although I've not done any sessions ive ran a couple of my runs too hard. No doubles this week either. Hoping for a very low 33 or to sneak a 32.xx. Not overly confident though due to doing the intervals on a treadmill. Hoping for a surprise. 4/5 weeks ago the plan was to aim for the ribble valley 10k late December so anything tomorrow will be a bonus. 

  • Been a very easy taper week for me

    M - 4 miles

    T - 3 miles

    W - 2 miles

    T - 4.5 miles

    F - off

    S - 3 miles

    I'm probably too rested but we won't know till tomorrow. At least I'm giving my legs a well needed rest. The last 8-9 weeks of training have been decent.

    Well done Dean, God bless the lurgy the drop out guy has come down with. Have a good one!

  • Oh and good luck to the other racers at Gosport and various others tomorrow! Hopefully it will be a day of victorious PBs.

    Bus - good to see things are healing and getting better post marathon.

    Talking of a marathon, I was offered a London place last week but didn't take it. My heart isn't in it, and running 20+ miles in the winter then going to work the next day is less than appealing. Chester in October it is.

  • Good news there Dean, need a photo of you in the vest, have a good one.

    parkrun for me this morning was an exercise in steady pacing. At 1k I was 4th with 5th on my shoulder and I ended up 2nd.

  • Well done Philip. Nice morning for it at the Rye.

    Thanks Stevie. Sensible decision re VLM - diffiucult enough getting those long runs in when your heart IS in it!

    Tim - seems like you are in as similar place to me injury wise. Seb - how's the PF?

    Good stuff Dean - knock 'em dead!

    Managed a 7M steady xc this morning. groin started to hurt just toward the end, so walked the last 300 yards, but OK with that at the mo. Won't be racing tomorrow though as that would be a mistake. Oh, got bitten by a dog too! The stupid thing came through a gap in a hedge and was startled to see me. As the woman was horrified about it and very apologetic I let her off!  Bit bruised, but the skin isn't quite broken.

    Weird foot thing going on at the moment. It really hurts to walk on on the instep, but not like PF. No pain at all running on it though, so will just carry on.

    Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow - some testing targets being set, so I look forward to reading some cracking reports filled with tales of epic PBs!

  • Best of British Dean.

    Been busy with work in the US. Managed an early cold easy 4km yesterday morning just to keep the legs ticking over, and then 2km today with a few pickups before checking the race bike survived the house move. Sprint duathlon tomorrow (less than 24hrs after stepping off a plane!).

    Lucky re: the dog Bus. Most people I know that have been bitten end up with all sorts of problems. Dogs are dirty little animals and should be kept in cages at all times.

    Race well everyone else this weekend. Enjoy the long flight PMJ.

  • That has cheered me up iron-been worried about the risk of infection anyway! Bit of bruising and two near punture marks is all at the moment, but as yousay,dogs can carry all sorts of bacteria in their saliva,so will need to keep an eye on it. Good luck with the duathlon and hope the jet lag doesn't kick in!

  • Thanks Bus; let's see if the body comes online tomorrow image

    Sure you'll be ok with the dog non-bite, I meant to qualify the above statement with something about breaking the skin!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Stevie G . wrote (see)

    so your race performance is 2 seconds better than your tempo? image

    well done though

    SG livesimage

    Well, on Team GB he does. 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭


    just to whet the apetitite image the medal is a team gold not individual. just got in, now to sleep.   a good day!

  • Something to cherish Dean. Well deserved! True machine.

  • Looking forward to the full report Dean, but that's a pretty good starter for 10 image

    Disappointing run for me this morning. On reflection it was a bit ambitious trying to do a longish run after running yesterday and still finishing with a twinge. Pain came on again after about 5.5M, but I was still 3 miles from home! Tried to phone the Mrs, but no response, so had to walk/jog to try and stay warm in the rain and get home. Not hugely pleasant, but at least it seemed to not be aggravating the injury any more so I may live to fight another day! Took me to 7.5M in the end, making a measly average of 19M per week for the past 4 weeks! 

    Right, that's got the whingeing out the way - now to sit back and wait for the reports image

  • Dean that's an amazing picture! Look forward to hearing about it.

    The Abbey Dash didn't go as planned really. First K was 3:19, which was a bit keen even for me. The rest of the splits were 3:36 to 3:39 - so I was very evenly paced but the pace was just off. The last K was an almighty struggle knowing I wasn't going to go under 36. Finishing chip time was 36:20 and 400th place! Race was won in 29:24, top 13 men inside 30mins... quite remarkable. Top 80 were sub 32! Crazy.

    Plenty of positives, even paced race, I now know how fit I am, I'm not a million miles away from where I want to be and I know what I need to work on. Which is making 10K pace feel easier, I think slogging XC had lulled me into a false sense of security. I was on the ropes by 4K and had the 'drop out' thoughts whizzing round my head, so always nice to finish with a decent time.

    Seb... was it you that shouted for me near the 5K mark? Sounded like your accent!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Cracking pic Dean and definitely something to savour. 

    You were well rested too Stevie, you think the first mile could've had an effect, Im always very wary of a quick first mile Or so. I spend most of the time checking my watch! 

    My plan was to try and run around 5.17s and stick to it as long as I felt I could. Set off and heard a shout that turned out to be Seb. The first time I've met another forumite. Settled myself in between two lovely looking young ladies for the first mile or so. image

    another aim was to stay near Susan Partridge as I thought she'd be around the 33 mark. Felt really well as we approached the turn and that's when I passed her and then latched onto a group in front. Decided to stya tucked in behind the as we slowly picked people off. I noticed miles 4 & 5 were 5.08s there or there abouts and still feeling unusually strong. Started to get excited about a sub 33which is usually the time I'm like Stevie was and thinking of packing in. Had to dig in on the last mile or so and the group I was in slowly dispersed with a battle to the line. Chip time was 32.33 so made up with that. Completely unexpected and hopefully more to come off it. 

    One thing I did try for the first time was to have an energy gel 15 mins before the start. Whether it had a bearing or not I'm not sure but that's the first race I've done where I've felt so good up to mile 5 at a pace I've never done before at that distance. 

    Having a few scoops with my dad now! Nice to meet you again at the end Seb. Great run. 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    matt.  A time truly worthy of your skills.  You have the fastest 10k on the thread now.  Superb.  well deserved.

    great run stevie.  Not far off your PB.  Perhaps Telford in a month?

    seb. I will wait for your story but well done.image


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    got a text at 10.30pm on Friday saying I was selected.  Suddenly got very real.  fell asleep at 2.30 am and up at 6 to drive to Cardiff a 2 and a half hour drive.  Met the management picked up my vest and England jumper and off to the photo call. That's all the nonsense out the way. Jogged the course and it was perfect, fast, very fast. Some sticky spots but very much a course perfect for me. 4 laps so lots of support expected.  In the warm up I felt tired from the journey but knew the race adrenaline will conquer that.  We get the call to the line and I get mugged on the line, I'm about 4 rows back And each row has about 30 people. Balls, I need a quick start as the course narrows after 200m.

    No nerves whatsoever, the gun goes and we are off, loads of pushing and shoving and I give an a proper shove to get a few Irish men out of my way. Out the way, Englishman coming through image.  everyone goes off fast and was 5.20 pace but I was falling back as the course narrowed and couldn't get past.  The leaders fly away.  Coming round for the first lap and some shoutouts of deano wake me up, I'm way off the lead and too far back in the field, so I start taking a few people. Second and third lap passes at a similar intensity with me picking battles with people in front, reeling them and then picking another target.  

    Last lap and despite running well I'm miles off the pace and well back.  Cheers, for what seemed like the entire last mile of 'come on England!' Make the hairs stand up on my arms and neck. Right!, lets earn this support and I go, closing large gaps getting into battles, dropping them and onto the next, closing in on the final 400 and with massive support and I kick, passing people, "come on England! Great finish england!" And really genuinely enjoying myself, working hard, a few twist and turns and with 80m to go there is a group of about 4 about 20m in front, I kick again im closing, we all respond and it's a proper finish, very loud support as all of us are trying our best, I come from behind to take to 3 of them but ran out of course but another 5m and I would have had the other.

     Not sure of positions as they didn't give out tokens but it was obvious from chatting with the team that we had the v40 team gold, I wasn't a scorer but my job was pushing other teams scorers back. I was way off the lead and didnt trouble the race at all, but I had a great time.  I gave my absolute best I had on the day and I couldn't have given anymore. I'm not at 100% obviously and I would have loved to tackle this course with form but that's life.   Some stats ave pace was 5.32, last mile 5.12.  Definitely a highlight.  I can't truly cant get across how great  it felt for people to cheer me on shouting my country out in that last mile as I overtook.

    drove home at 2am, rest day today.

  • Dean - sounds like a wonderful experience that most of us can only imagine at! Very well done for getting selected and for putting in such a punchy performance on the day. 5:32 pace in a xc when not on top form is VERY impressive image

    Stevie - that's still a very respectable time, and I'm incredulous that low 36 mins can only get you 400th! Wow - what a quality field.

    Matt - that is a seriously proper time mate! Sheesh, what a performance. You enjoy those beers - you bloody deserve them image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Class Dean. Absolute class. 

  • That sound great Dean, highlight of your running career to date no doubt, you get to keep the vest?! awesome. How far was the race? Hope they select you for future excursions!

    Not been back long from a good road trip up to Leeds, stayed only 10 miles away in Wakefield last night so as to avoid the stupidly early start if traveling from down south. We arrived in good time and the weather was rather good, nice and cool, negligible wind. Caught a glimpse of Stevie See at the start but couldn't get over to say Hi. Only 10 meters or so back from the start line and before long, off we trotted. I knew the target, around 5:29 min/mile for sub 34. The start was nuts though, they went off like the clappers, I tried to hold back and tucked in behind a chap who seemed to be pacing himself very well, just cruising by the looks of it, didn't take me long to realise it was MattL so gave him a little shout and after probably the first mile or so (5:11) knew I was overcooking it and bid him farewell.

    I was just gobsmacked by the sheer volume of runners in front of me and women for that matter! To me it seemed like 300 or so. Settled down but still going well passing 3k in 9:54 and 2nd mile was 5:24. The course was flat at this point and mostly straight but eventually there were several minor up and downs, passing the faster starters that had dropped more pace than myself, mile 3 was 5:28 and 5k seemed to be around 16:39 although km markers are just on the nearest lamppost. I was feeling it now, just general fatigue from the constant high pace stress, knowing I could pull off my target time and more if the wheels didn't fall off. Did shout to Stevie See just after 5k as you turn and run back past everyone coming the other way, seeing all these people made me inadvertently speed up but that was soon dulled by a gentle up hill, but Mile 4 was 4:29 bang on pace with time in the bag, it was the moment to dig deep.

    My brain was gone at this point, I have never ran so far with my eyes shut! I'm not kidding. However the KM markers kept coming and I managed to relax a few times just for 30secs to a minute just to gather myself. When I went through 5miles on my watch in 27:00 I knew there was still everything to play for. I really though there was the possibility of just over 33mins30 finish time! I was shot but people cruising past really helped as you can draft and just hang on for dear life. The finish was approaching and you have another minor slope up and down follow by 200m or so gentle up hill to the line.

    The clock already said 33:20 or so by the time I saw it so the usual gut busting took place to cross the line in gun time of 34:04 and chip time of 33:58 for 190th position!

    As is becoming the norm the watch showed 6.28 miles, a whole 100m long, so Strava shows 33:35 through 10km, but If I keep running with my eyes shut what do I expect. difficult to take the racing line with hundreds of other around. Good to see Matt again at the finish and he was obviously happy with a great time and well below 33, well done mate! Didn't find Stevie See. Sorry to hear you missed out on the time you wanted, none of the lads I was traveling with got PB's either. what distance did your watches show? Be interested to see how much of the field PB'd compared to last year, the number of people at the fast end was greater than normal.

    All in all fairly happy to have a 33 preceding the seconds on my 10k time especially after no particular taper , 50miles on the nose this week and a nice burger and beer late last night. I will return next year if possible.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Fantastic racing achievements guys. Wish I could join you. Unfortunately my running streak has finally come to an end. 209 days in a row.

    The usual pattern of backing off the running has reached the point of zero. So no running until the problem is resolved. 

  • Dean awesome report those old boys are fast arn't they it's amazing to race in a vets race were quality throughout whole field fantastic report and it made the hairs stand up on my neck too welcome to team Eng Gold nice medals arn't they image

    Mattl fantastic race 

    Seb /Stevie See great runs too

    Anyone doing masters XC relays next week in Derby?

  • Great report Dean, really amazing achievement. Representing your country is just plain crazy. Also, sounds like you honoured the vest with an outstanding performance. Especially given the worries you had but only 3-4 weeks ago!

    Matt, Seb - great running fellas. Glad to hear you both smashed it. The fact you pair took apart my 3K PB on route to your 10K best is just plain ridiculous!

    Seb, cheers for the shout, knew it was you! Did gee me on a bit as 5K took a while to arrive! My watch like my mates got 6.27 KM so a bit longer.

    Conditions were perfect but I didn't have a pre-race poo, so that's my excuse! I'm thinking of entering the Ribble Valley 10K on the 29th of December. Not rapid but another chance to build on today. It's the NOEAA 10K champs so the field is always very good.

    Just the small matter next Saturday of the European XC trials in Liverpool! I think 6th place or better might be beyond me!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭




    cheers chaps. i didnt place well but i had a great time. a picture of me out sprinting some scotsmen. both of whom were ahead of me about 800m earlier.  nice flat stretch to get some zip going.  photo taken by my coach (who placed 13th in the v50 cat and also won team gold in his category)

    Seb - cracking race (i accidently saw your time looking at some team mates on the results) strong road performance to go with your obvious skills on xc.  i do get to keep the kit which is good & has every chance of getting worn @ the track on tuesday.

    Stevie See - if you see Big Stu i have his team medal that i will either give to marc H to give to him or i will bring it to leek xc or i might keep it and pretend i won two image

  • Ok, I'll let him know on Tuesday. If I where you I'd wear that kit to work, sleep in it, go shopping in it, wear it on Christmas day!


  • Dean.. Wow! What a great experience and achievement. 

    Stevie See.. A solid 10k and 36.xx is always good. You know where you are with pacing though, a mid 35 should be ok on a good day in my opinion. 

    Seb... Fantastic time.

    Matt... After your sub 16 on that burning hot evening in Manchester, I knew you were class. 

  • Pure magic from Dean, Matt and Seb. You three definitely hold the conch tonight, and it's important we don't let the group achievements get washed over, in a way they wouldn't if it was just one person racing.

    Representing your country at sport is plain ridiculous! Let alone at a sport that is really competitive! Magic work!

    Matt, getting well into serious times there, 32:xx! That's certainly a time i'd take as a final career best now...and one which will be too steep for me. But you're there!

    And Sebby baby, as I've never called you before, and probably won't again, dipping your nadger into the 33s is epic! Without sounding like some teacher stereotype, you're finally beginning to realise that offroad potential, the stuff that made us wonder how the heck you were so mint offroad, yet so non fast (ie slower than me) on road!

    Although actually getting to races on time seems to have helped no end as well image

    Stevie, you had a ridiculous 2 years, things have got real for you. Welcome to the hard gainers club. However, you need the decent turnouts to appreciate the monumental ones, which i'm sure you'll build to over the spring.
    You'll always be the top guy on the thread for genuine delight as other's achievements.

    i'm getting all weepy here, I normally save this for the end of year summarys!!

  • Seb-well done mate, another cracking performance and great to see the road times are catching up with the off road stuff



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