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  • Dean don't wear it where ever you've earnt it wear it when you next race for England I always feel you devalue it if you wear it like any other kit, keep it special image

  • Crosspost SG - well put!

  • Well done SS, Seb and Matt, and of course Dean for representing at his first International. Many congratulations! Heal well Ric.

    Today's duathlon was a good first outing for the season. I took run#1 easier than I normally would, and slightly easier on the bike. This meant I only dropped 44s between the first and second runs. It was a potential pot hut - first running and a mainly local turn out. 1:18:00 for 5.3k/20k/5.3k and 10th place.

  • Lovely words SG 

    how did you feel about your run today ?

  • Nice post to end the day on there SG. I'm gonna have me a beer or two! We start again tomorrow. image

  • x 2 SG's post.

    Well done lads. Some inspired performances in there and great report writing!!

    Well done on the 10th place Iron. Not sure what all that cycling's about but sure you held strong on the runimage


    57 miles for me this week. 2 x track, 1 x little fanny about on the treadmill (5km, some at 10km pace, some minute on/minute off) stuff - mainly due to work, bleugh!, 3 x 8 mile easy ones... more at MP. Rest day today.

  • Wow guys! Fantastic results across the board! Can only echo SG's well written post. Makes for brilliant reading. Well done one and all
  • Guy's some fantastic results and achievements for the thread this weekend...

    Representing the over 50's of the thread, I decided to drag this body over to do the Swindon 10K, sore knee's and all... Day started fantastic, slept in, then it was touch and go weather I got there on time, but obviously I did, otherwise this would be another weird post to add to my collection..image

    As this is my last race of the year, thought, just go for it nothing to lose... Set off fast but strangly felt comfortable... Went through 5k in 18.31 (14 sec PB... I know it doesn't count)... Through 5M in 30.30 (2min PB... Yeh I know)... Then really struggled home in 38.14... 41 sec PB, and 1.33 knocked off this year... Roll on 2014....

    Cutting right back on training now to see if this knee problem clears up... And no it's not old age.... 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Fantastic weekend of racing...

    Dean, that's magical stuff being part of an international team.  That's the kind of stuff you can't have even dreamed possible when you were just a bloke chugging out 85 minute half marathons.  Well deserved, and really glad you got the call up and the vest.  I honestly feel some thread pride here!

    Mattl, awesome scorching 10K - the training times were looking like something big was coming, but that's an even better result than expected.  You're down into some pretty serious times now, and there's definitely more to come too.

    Seb, we're finally seeing the road form reflect the cross-country with this and your recent half.  Really satisfying end to the year for you, and it does feel very different to have a 33 at the front rather than a 34.  Very considerate of you to stay behind both my 10K and HM PB as well.

    Stevie S, sorry that on the day you didn't quite have it in the legs.  I do wonder whether with you you need to maybe mix things up a little.  Maybe a period of relative downtime followed by a marathon build-up might help stimulate some more gains?

    Bluenose, fantastic result, and good to see the times going in the right direction.  Back to 31 minute 10Ks by the end of next year? image

    Iron, good duathloning.  Was it Dinton? My long run yesterday morning took in Dinton pastures, and I saw Mr Gosling on his bike a few occasions, as well as all the tape and direction signs up, so I figured they must have been organising something. 

    I've seen SG's and Lit's results from Gosport, but shall not comment unless they post them up.

    Turns out it was a good decision not to bother entering Gosport, as my 16 miler yesterday was about 20s per mile slower than it felt.  I tried to tack on some faster miles at the end, but 6:30 pace felt almost flat out.  No idea what that was about, but am glad I didn't try to run a half in that kind of shape, I'd have embarrassed myself.

  • Well done Bluenose - keeping the flag flying for us oldies on the forum image. Hope the knee sorts itself out.

    Sorry Iron, read your post, but rudely didn't say anything - well done. You doing Marlow next year?

    dachs - bloody marathons eh? Cause mroe trouble than they are worth! Abo has no cost me 4 other races! Mind you, a 2:40  is worth losing a bit post race I guess!

  • Bluey, good result, another latter day pb, they keep coming!

    Dachs, can understand with the benchmarks you've set, that you only want to race at or around your top level now. But sometimes it's nice to race in a different period.

    I've been in base, but I really fancied Gosport. I missed it last year, having slightly put my back out, and just wanted to get down there really.

    I certainly wasn't going to put it on here, as base racing doesn't normally produce much In the way of magic, but Phil kindly massively wrecked that by stalking it out, meaning everyone presumed it was a big pb effort, and Ric quite insanely posted that I could do 5.35 pace the whole way round!??! image

    Phil, STOP doing this now, this is at least the third time. It's not down to you to reveal what I don't want revealed. STOP it. Got it? I already have to hide stuff on facebook! I will not live like this you crazy bum!


    Anyway... image...

    Gosport, was told I wouldn't be 100% ready, but could have a strong effort, so just thought let's see what comes out.
    Had a bit of stress driving there, having left a bit too late, but got there with a nice 45mins to spare and by pure fluke found Lit out having a jog around.

    Then I had that slightly worrying, heck I'm running a half marathon shortly moment, but thought, well i'll get round easily either way!

    Told myself 5.46 was the current pb pace, 5.42 was sub 1hr 15, and thought let's keep the first mile sensible.

    5.28. Heck. Maybe I'm bang on it, maybe I'm going to smash it today.

    Second mile 5.42, still nicely on pace, and the classic, get mile 2 back on the sensible pace and you're still well in the game.

    Mile 3, lead up to and into the airfield, it's slipped to 5.51, at no apparent change in effort, doh!

    Maybe i'd taken the split slightly long or short, or whichever way round would most give me a favourable outcome!  Next mile 5.42.

    It's becoming a bit of a strain now, mentally and physically, onto the dull airfield, not really in a group, so it's all becoming a bit time trial ish.

    However, still on pb pace, but another 9miles seems a long old way. Mile 5, 5.51, can feel it's not going to be a big day, legs don't feel like they're working too hard, yet I can't will anymore pace out of them.

    Out of the airfield, thank ruck for that, and told myself to "enjoy" it today, couple of miles round some random roads for 5.57 and 5.47, definitely not going to be a pb day, just finish today.

    Back into the airfield and I'm racing like I've not ever discovered how to race, no one on my lap anywhere near, steaming through back markers, on one hand thinking "I'm crap" and on the other thinking "I'm a legend". All manner of negatives going through my head, "i'm crap at this running game", "still another 5-6miles left", should I go back to footy, should I become a Saturday night guy.

    Miles 8 and 9 are 6.02 and 6.04. That's marathon pace. I'm holding marathon pace only in a half marathon, on a well renowned fast course! This is ridiculous, and i'm finding the light breeze to almost be furious. Getting slightly irritated at nothing "Mind the curb". What curb, there is no curb, shut up!

    And then out of the airfield...for a 5.59 10th mile split, down some random road, and some woman telling me i'm on the "Home straight".

    Home straight, there's still 2.6miles to go damm you...DAMM YOU!!

    Tried to enjoy the view of the coast, but my legs were like jelly, and running through treacle. Struggled up what must have been a monumental..... 5metre hill, and donw the other side. Kids tell me to "keep running". Will do! Or will I...getting closer now.

    5.56mile 11. Mile 12 comes out at

  • out at an embarrassing 6.17. 6.17? What on earth!  Just about roused a 6.04 last mile, and thought I best give Curly who was on the finish line a bit of a head shake and disclaimer as I was going over the line for a 77.22.


    Finished and had that weird feeling where you're not utterly smashed, but know you didn't have any more to give. Strolled around a bit, found out a guy i'd run with for a bit had set a 3min pb, to come 30secs behind me, and thought, ah heck.

    Went and gave some more disclaimers to Curly, who said I looked "Pissed off" when I finished, which made me chuckle, and then went back to see how Lit was doing.

    She has posted her time elsewhere on this forum, but I won't reveal it, in case she's doing a report herself. But...her time and the time of Skinny, who I also coach pleased me immensely, I can do something right!!

    Went and had a massage, got ticked off by the stern woman for feeling "wet", having not realised I must have dunked a cup or 2 over my head and obliterated my shorts, and also for being a clumsy fool almost kicking the table over.

    Then spent an enjoyable few hours with Lit and some pals having a swanky (by my standards) feed up at Lit's expense, ta muchly!

    Only got back at about 5.30pm or so to read of an epic day of thread racing!

    In the cold light of day, i'm looking at a 2nd fastest half out of my now 22 done, 30secs quicker than the 3rd and 4th, and last time I was in base training and did a half it came out 1.17.53, so 30secs quicker this time round? 33rd out of 1500 is probably what I should quote to anyone who asks as well, but we don't really bother saying that between us runners do we! Look up not down!


    Reported back to Mr M and said it felt hard work today, and he reassured me that it was to be expected. So hopefully I'm where I should be and there's better to come.

    Of course there's always the chance I'm past my peak and this is now my top level, but hopefully not!


  • As you say SG, a good effort upon reflection. Not bad for a 'practise' race eitherimage

    Dash - yes Dinton. On the second run I recalled what you'd said at a parkrun about the 5km being full throttle with an acceleration out of every corner, and realised how badly I was doing that...

    Bus - maybe Marlow. I'll have to see how it fits in to my race schedule for next year.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Yup, for me 5K is about concentration and not allowing the rhythm to be broken up.  It's the bottom end of the distances that I, and most people on this thread, run, and it requires a different mental approach for distance guys.  You can let your mind wander and drift in a 10K (although it's not ideal) and still keep relatively on pace, but on a 5K, make sure that you keep pressing and don't allow things like cornering to break your concentration.  After all, for the people on this thread, you're talking about 15-20 minutes. Whenever I feel my mind wandering, I always remind myself that I don't have ADHD and there is therefore no excuse for not managing to concentrate for such a short period of time.

  • Good report SG (how do you manage to remember every mile?!).  It does show how things have moved on when you are disappointed with a 1:17 half image. That said, it's understandable and sounds like a combination of being in base training, as you say, and perhaps just one of those off-days that we all have ("off" only in a way relative to your current potential). I suspect that as soon as you felt to yourself at around mile 3 that a PB wasn't on the cards, that probably sealed your fate  - running is such a mental game!

    Plenty of time between now and Wokingham though as I'm sure M will have already told you!

    Come on Lit, where's the report image


  • This photo accurately shows the feelings at about 12miles



  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    NIce picture SG.  I particularly like the lonely, black-clad figure in the background.   Very bleak.  A representation of your feeling of futility perhaps?  Or maybe a dressed-down grim reaper, who would probably be in the area anyway, because, well, it's the south coast isn't it?  Lots of work there.

    Anyway, I enjoyed your report more than you enjoyed the race.  Sounds like a bad day at the office.  Base or not, I think you're faster than that at the moment, so I imagine that once you realised a PB was off that you couldn't find that extra 1-2% that you might otherwise had found.  You'll be back stronger in the Spring and will run much faster.  Well done for toughing it out.

    Apologies for heaping pressure on you with sub 1:15 predictions!



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG my suggestion of a time wasn't a direct prediction, more like an aspirational possibility. After all, my own Pb was a 73:43 minute job but my second fastest was 74:50 and third fastest 75:45. My usual race was in the 77 minute region.

    Grim reaper. Crossed paths with him on Saturday night.

  • Stevie G . wrote (see)

    Phil, you're really going to find it impossible to find my next race this time  Good luck trying though. image


    Stevie G . wrote (see)


    Phil, you're really going to find it impossible to find my next race this time  Good luck trying though. image


    Stevie G . wrote (see)


    Phil, STOP doing this now, this is at least the third time. It's not down to you to reveal what I don't want revealed. STOP it. Got it? I already have to hide stuff on facebook! I will not live like this you crazy bum!


    So make up your mind, either set a challenge or a ban, how am I to know what to do?


  • Ric - Grim reaper? Do tell more....

    Philip - behave!

  • That was actually safe, as I had nothing planned by then.

    You'd be surprised the amount of people who ask me whether you're as big a stalker oddball as you appear.

    erm...erm...I try not to answer...


  • I read both statements as saying exactly the same thing, the first with irony and the second without.

  • I am in USA so things have been delayed a bit. Great run there from Dean and a lot of very fast 10ks. I am sure you guys don't need to be told but they are good times and maybe the atmosphere on this thread is a bit rarefied and sub 34 or sub 33 appears to be a bit run of the mill but in the general context they are super-human so congrats to all.

    I'd be happy with a 77 half done without any preparation or taper. SG, you have to realise you have moved from anonymity to someone "talked about" as your improvements over the last few year have moved you from a team packer to a top 10 racer. Being a minor celebrity may not be your choice but your legs are doing the shouting.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I agree with Phil there SG. I reckon its about time you used your real name, in this neck of the woods you have made one for yourself worth having.

    Grim reaper.  Don't want to put the dampers on the weekends achievements, so I won't. 


  • literatin wrote (see)

    I read both statements as saying exactly the same thing, the first with irony and the second without.

    but I am an anal computer scientist and my reading of things may be more literal than others. Irony is often lost on me, and as I am in the USA, it needs to be delivered in a truckload for it to get through.

  • yep, I think even Phil gets it now, even if he's trying to butter my balls to get back in to my good books image

    Ric, this name took 9years to get well known on this forum.

    Put Stevie G into google, millions of pages.

    What do you mean they're not all for me....

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    This is the line of argument used when some starlet complains about the papparazzi aiming their cameras at her gusset as she gets out of a car. You are famous, you have courted this fame, and you forsook your right to privacy. In short, you are the Lindsay Lohan of half marathoning.

  • Nice report SG, a hard way to run 77mins. But still it was a 'disaster' yet up there (2nd) with your all time HM times so a sign that 76:xx still needs some work to become 'the norm' before you push on. Charlie Spedding said it takes a year sometimes for a breakthrough to become the norm before pushing on. If you can run that time on the back of base building then the sign for the future are good. What would you have run in a base periods 12-18 months ago? It's these races (like mine) that make us stronger in every way.


    Oh and by the way.... there is a 1 in 10 chance I may have to brush up on my French for spring... imageimage Answers on a postcard.


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    you lot are always stalking some body or other and speculating over their performances, I'm suprised you dont upset more folks. None meant lik, just saying..........

    SG - my first time on the newer course y'day, I think its slower than the old one, due to all the tight turns, they are just re-routing 2000 folks round the airfield a few times and its associated buidlings to get them off the roads, there must be 15 to 20 tight turns. They obviously got confused at the pointy end as 2nd and 3rd went the wrong way, letting 4th and 5th through.............and I was one of the several 100 that wasnt allocated a time as some of the chips failed. They are scanning the finish line video to work the results out, luckily I was down as a DNF not a DNS so my chip must have captured my start time.


  • oooh did it affect the final order? or just ruck 2nd and 3rd up for a bit? Not good at all. I had to concentrate at the parts I didn't have anyone ahead for a distance, just in case I treated myself to another 4/5mile loop!!

    I have been told some well known local runner has referred to me as "Stevie G" rather than my real name, despite never being anywhere near this thread!

    Stevie, last base half was Wokingham 2012, and that was 77.53, which was about a 6sec pb at the time.

    Then Wokingham a year later was a 75.41, so at least it's half min quicker this time round! Not saying 30secs quicker than 75.41 is doable next time out though!

    I still think a sub 75 is the lifetime goal image

    ps good luck on your challenge...I think...sooner you than me!

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