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  • Dachs wrote (see)

    Phil, don't Datchet always lose interest a bit as the season progresses?  Do your lot run in any other XC leagues?

    To be fair that is normally true. It normally goes Datchet, home race, squad only. Sandhurst, second race, club champs, good turnout. Then fizzle, fizzle, phut, phut. We don't do any other league.

    This year feels different, and of course this is all open to kidology, but there is a feeling that we can do something and people are backing the team. In the TVXC league there are of course 3 or 4 teams that are big enough to win the league if they get their best teams out for 7 of the 8 races. If you look at yesterday and Datchet, we had 10 different runners score in the top 6 so there is the depth there to do a full season.

  • What is the thinking behind the squad only? Do you need so many to marshall? With a good turnout you could push other teams' scores quite high. 

    I'm impressed at the thought of a club being big enough to have an XC squad! 

  • IC, it takes about 50 people or more to run the XC at Datchet and so we like to say everyone helps but then again we want to put out a team so maybe "squad" is the wrong term but we fill all the volunteer positions first.

    A good turnout does not really help, at Datchet we had 6 in by 28, and Sandhurst in 4th had 6 in by 59. You have to get people ahead of the other team's 6th scorer to impact them at all. Packing does add to other teams but not the ones close by.

  • Fair enough. I was viewing the placings from a Finch or TVT point of view rather than a pointy-end club.

    I guess it always comes down to a BFR/DD/SJ/RR competition each year.

  • Bus, by 'feeling it' do you mean the injury or the general fatigue of a 10 mile run? If the last then yeah, plough on and good on you for doing so. If it's the injury playing up then I'd try to keep a lid on the distance until you're more confident it will cope with the distance. But I'd say it's progress!

    I'm off to do 4 x 2KM now. Oh s**t.

  • Unfortunately the injury Iron. Apart from that I actually felt quite good, considering, which is why I'm working hard to try not to lose too much fitness. 

    4 x 2k sounds a tough session!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Has resting every crossed your mind Bus? I'm the worlds worst (well maybe second to you) at letting injuries heal but I think a good rest will probably do you good physically but maybe not for your mental state. 

    Is anybody doing the Telford 10k? 


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    matt - im on the hover for telford.   im coughing and spluttering and generally low with bug.  but i want to run it and get a temp guage at roughly where i am going into the new yr so i can make adjustments.   Its the first race i think i have entered where i genuinely dont think i am chasing a PB. image i just havent done the training.  so i will set off and hold for the best time i can get on the day


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    There's this quote from Michael Johnson on the subject of injuries.



  • Good racing guys. Nice to read all your reports... keeping me entertained at work!

    6.5m easy for me on Saturday and Monday morning in Paris (rest on Sunday).

    8m tonight inc 4 x 400m (83, 85, 89, 88), 800m (3:03), 2 x 400m (90, 88s), 2 x 200m (39s). Pacing was all over the shop. Was in a shit mood.. had travelled an extra half an hour to train with a club as am thinking of entering my first 1500m on the 18th of Jan. Looked on the website and it said 6pm-8pm. Drove there (as I say, extra half an hour on top of my extra hour commute) only to be told the coach wasn't getting there till 7pm, so just did my session on my own. And. I forgot my shorts, so had to run in trackies.. who does that! How annoying!!

    Shite session. Shite pacing. Not convinced that easy week helped..image. Weights session tomorrow. No running. Still trying to keep the mileage down. Hurmph.

  • Ended up as 3 x 2KM which is much more manageable. Didn't want to go big too soon and risk burning out over the winter, when target races are some way off yet.

    Reps were: 7:11, 7:11, 7:14. So decent pace, after finishing the 3rd I actually felt able to do the 4th but felt it was sensible to stick with the 3 reps.

  • Sorry Stevie – just realised I called you iron earlier! (no offence to iron either – you’re lovely too image ). Wise choice on those reps as well given the pace!

    Nikki – sounds like a bad night. Good session despite that though (although Philip might be a bit annoyed about the pacing consistencyimage!) 

    Matt – on reflection, the right thing to do might have been to have taken three weeks off running when it flared up (but who does that unless you've broken a leg or something?!). To be fair, I have really cut down on both duration and intensity of training to try and manage it, and have even had a couple of chunks of 5 days off in a row. Plus rolling/stretching and a period of no stretching for good measure! Trouble is now, Wokingham is only 7 weeks away, so do I persevere and hope it’ll heal or just give up on Wokingham altogether and become a lard-arse over Chrimbo image

    Ric – Michael Johnson’s quote is spot on even for us mediocre athletes! Give me a week of tough training over coping with rest anytime!

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    Matt – on reflection, the right thing to do might have been to have taken three weeks off running when it flared up (but who does that unless you've broken a leg or something?!).

    I did when I sprained my ankle. Exactly three weeks. It's fine now.

    In an amazing coincidence that also left me exactly 4 weeks to build back up to a half marathon PB.

  • Hmmm. Food for thought Lit.....

  • I know SG moans about my stalking but on Sunday someone I did not recognise kept on talking to me: did so after a few hundred metres as his ludicrously fast sprint start began to fade and a reality check happened, then again at the end. With the results up I looked to see who he was (club colours quickly limited it to a few and he said he was close behind me) and he is Ben Schiffer-harte and if you google him:

    Hey, I have my own celebrity stalker! He was about 10 places and a minute down but apparently it was closeimage


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Does he fancy himself Phil?

    Studying that 'hair line' of his, I reckon in around ten years he'll be as bald as a chimps arse.

  • PMJ - I know Ben. He works for me. he's now club captain for Burnham

    Similar track session to Stevie for me last night. First 'proper' outdoor session since Frankfurt. 4x 8mins @ threshold. Ran far too fast and came out at more or less 10k pace as covered 2400m in each 8 mins block (60 sec recoveries). It felt really comfortable though which is positive but the side effect is my adductor strain has flared right up again this morning. bugger

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭


    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    Hey, I have my own celebrity stalker!  

    Yet somehow, by looking him up on the internet, you have turned the stalking on its head again.  I guess it's just a natural talent.

    Johnas wrote (see)

    PMJ - I know Ben. He works for me. he's now club captain for Burnham

    Would you say he was an 'intermediate' dancer?

  • Ben would be the first to admit his pirouette needs work

  • No offence taken Bus.

    Injury wise, it's well documented in this thread that stopping in June after running through an injury (including the Shinfield 10km and some really hilly runs in San Francisco), rather than April was a stupid thing to do. I knew it was a silly thing to do, even at the time, 

    Good sessions Nikki and SS.

    Yesterday was a cut back 13km at 4:23/km. Was worried about the pace until I started and everything fell in to place. Xmas curry last night with the boys. Today I'm suffering after the 3 pints. Officially a lightweight.

    May be we can get an interpretive dance explanation of the next XC course beforehand?

  • I am taking ballroom dancing lessons (desperately need brownie points in order to fulfil a full marathon campaign) and I am striving to achieve any level at all: my ballroom is OKish as that is left, right, left, right and with some imagination I can relate it to a cross country course as you work your way round the room through a crowd but Latin is so much about moving and replacing that I have optimised it so I actually stand still for the whole dance.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Earning 'Brownie points!'. I've heard of this before.

    Tell me something guys, is that a joke or is it based on some sort of reality?

  • RicF wrote (see)

    Earning 'Brownie points!'. I've heard of this before.

    Tell me something guys, is that a joke or is it based on some sort of reality?

    It's give and take, Ying and Yang. AKA pulling one's weight.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    What IC says.

    Plus, for me, I am actually in the Brownies, so it helps me earn badges.

  • My wife is in the Guides so it is probably strictly Guide Points. I was not allowed to join the Brownies (and that is the truth and why my wife is now in the Guides), don't know how Dachs managed.

    19 miles @ 7:50 pace so a shade under two and a half hours running. Bit of chafing to the undercarriage, need to rethink the leggings strategy. Out an back course, 75:35 out for 9.5 miles and back in 73:50 so not the differential I will want later over 20 miles but a good start this early in the campaign.

    Most enjoyable LSR so far, helped by two facts: (1) day off work so it was a late start at 8:30 and run easily and (2) what a great route and weather: Thames tow path and a light mist which hides all the ugly stuff in the background (Maidenhead) and all you see is pretty riverside views and properties.

  • Sounds pretty idyllic Philip (apart from the chafing that is!). not sure I could contemplate a long run in anything otehr than shorts. Presumably Ric, that's nto a problem for you as you clearly wear the trousers!!

    After a running rest (30M bike) yesterday, managed a nice session myself at lunchtime - more because it went without any pain than for the scenery, as it was on the outskirts of Aylesbury! 7M with 4x1M at about 10k pace off 2 mins recovery. 5:54, 5:48, 5:55, 5:49 (odds slightly up hill).

  • I am normally a shorts man but I have been carrying a niggle in my knee and thought that keeping it warm would help. Certainly the knee is fine.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Will that be the only long run of the week Phil or another outing at the weekend? 

    Glad the session was pain free Bus. I take it the lunchtime sessions are from work? Not sure i could do a session during the week at dinner ( it's dinner time to us northerners) or In a morning. no problems at the weekend so must be a mental thing. 

    ive a pairs relay race on Saturday and I could well be up against Ian Holmes (bus will know him i suspect) so decided to do a local evening 5k race last night as my only speed session/effort of the week. 5 laps of a pitch black park where with the £8 entry you get a head torch to keep and two reflective arm straps. You have to wear the head torch otherwise you'd probably run off course. 

    Apart from a stretch of 200m near the start and finish where there's a few lamposts the rest is in darkness. a few undulations where it was dark and my legs locked as I misjudged  where the path was and I sort of bounced a few steps. Seemed to get me every lap! image 

    after the first lap I was 5th but i knew the lads in 2,3 and 4 and knew I was quicker than them and they'd just gone off too quick. 1st was a wheelchair athlete who I also knew and he does 14 for 5k so he was gone into the distance. ran pretty even splits for all 5 laps and shortly after the first l ended up moving into 2nd. Quite an experience running round as you can see the whole course from any point so you could see the beams of light shining around. 

    Finished in 16.11 which I was pleased with considering the light etc. There was 4 races in the summer and this was the 3rd in the winter series and i think that's the second fastest time on the course and the quickest in the winter series so ill take that. might try and squeak a 15.XX next week. 

  • Nice running Phil... and dancing.

    Good paces Bus esp off the back of being a big niggly.


    Strength session yesterday consisting of a circuit of front squats, lunges, upright rows, back squats, weighted sit-ups. Deadlifts... calf raises... shoulder press and some core work. NO.. Running image

    Today was 7 miles. 20min warm up (I've changed my warm up.. was just doing 5km then going into the session, but now I'm doing 10-min self paced jog, 2 x 50m strides, dynamic stretches then a 200m @ 800m pace). Then 10min tempo @ 6:39; 3m jog rec; then 8x40s hill sprints with jog back recoveries, then a cool down.

    Legs.. smashed..! 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Nikki, that session sounds as hard to remember as it would be to do.

    PMJ, did you just use a warm clothing based excuse?image

    Excellent stuff mattl, that kind of time in the darkness is mighty impressive. Must be hard to commit to 5k pace when you can't really see where you're going.

    Busy day of attending nativity plays plus it being my son's 7th birthday today, but managed to squeeze in a brief hill session at lunchtime.

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