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  • mattl wrote (see)

    Will that be the only long run of the week Phil or another outing at the weekend? 


    Only one for the week. It is easier to do them midweek than weekend as I can get them done, then spend a day recovering in the office or elsewhere. Today was particularly good as elsewhere was Twickenham watching the Varsity Match. Come New Year the long run gets backed up with a medium run as well (13-15 miles) but only ever one long run a week.

  • Matt - Holmesy is a legend of course. Many rate him as the best fell-runner ever, especially for long term consistency. That said, he is getting old (as old as Philip!) and you are pretty quick yourself! 16:11 for a 5k in the dark - f~~k me!!

    Nikki - what Dachs said image. I hope the variety and 'resting' is starting to pay off.

    Philip - fair play on the leggings if the knee is being a bit problematical.

    Happy birthday mini-Dachs image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    nice session Nikki, I take it that session was with a club? I could never put something together like that myself, a pyramid session takes too much thinking about for me! 

    Dachs, it certainly took some concentration! It was also a good job it was 5 laps so you knew where you were going.

    Phil, I'm certainly intrigued by marathon training. I enjoy the long runs but it's when the MP needs fitting in that puts me off a bit. Especially after running 13 miles at 6.05 pace last Sunday. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Bus, I watched Ian Holmes at the full tour of Pendle the other week. Think he finished 2nd so he's not showing any signs of slowing down yet! I do hope he's on leg one as he was last year so it'd be nice to race against him. 

  • Definitely - one to tell the grand kids about!

  • Good sessions Nikki Bus and Phil. It must be great to have a pain free run Bus. Longs Phil? Did you wear shorts over the top? Banter aside,

    I spent one year in shorts regardless of temp then the year after I was more conservative considering what can happen to cold muscles.

    Matt - wow. I think I'm as amazed as Bus. Phenomenal.

    Track Thursday. 2x (6x 400/90s RI) with 2m30 rest between the 2 sets. My new 400m target time is 82s.
    Results: 83, 81, 82, 84, 82, 81 & 82, 83, 82, 83, 82, 82. Legs also smashed!

    FWIW I run to the track the long way and do it easy enough to last 15 minutes. Then I do a couple of laps, then 3 x 100m high knees, easy jog, 3 x 100m butt kicks, easy jog then 800m of strides. Then some easy before hitting the session. 2 laps to cool down then run home the quick way. Tonight came in at 14.5km total.

  • It was Iron! I just hope it continues.... 

    Great session that, both in pace and consistency. Your speed is really coming on strong.

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    Off to NZ in a few hours. Usually I return weighing a minimum of an extra 15lb's. I seem to accumulate most of it on the aircraft.

     Here's one from April 2008.


     Seeing this, its clear I'd accumulated a fair bit before the flight home.

  • very busy work week, so quick drop in and out... 5 x1mile at 10k pace off 90sec today. Was slightly concerned when i saw that, as it sounds like a harder version of the peaking 8x1k session.

    However, 5.30,5.29,5.31,5.29,5.30 for a nice 5.30 average. Last lap on the last 2 reps was fraught, but got it in the zone!   That's bottom end of my 10k zone (5.25-5.30), but as the pb is 5.33 pace and a mile is a long rep, let alone 5 , it's encouraging. (ps, yes, 1609 metres, not just 4 laps!, and aimed for 1.22 lapping)

    Hope you're all doing well, Ric, you're the one on the thread who surely has the most scope for adding some weight!

    Bus, hope the niggles ease out, i got a lot of Christmas time off, I'm hoping you can accompany me on some runs!

  • Have a good time in NZ Ric. You look a real lard arse in that pic for sure image

    Stevie - that would be good over Christmas, though I'm working most of it unfortunately! Nice session by the way - more than a 3rd of a minute per mile faster than mine then! Ahh, remember those days when we were fairly evenly matched?

    Very easy 5.5 miles to the station this morning (very slow!) and then work Christmas lunch later.

  • Enjoy Ric, especially the 24hr journey in an aluminium tube. image

    Good work SG. 4laps+9m at the same pace I was doing 400s? image

  • Great 5k Matt and in the dark too image

    Cracking mile reps SG and strong 400's IronCat

    Enjoy NZ RicF it's a place on our bucket list hope to go when daughter goes off to Uni image

    Very tough week for me this week will be 60+ miles with 2 stonking effort sessions Tue 10 mile progressive again 7-5.30 min mile pace and last night was probably the hardest session I've done since returning to running some 6ish years ago.

    It went like this 1 min hard (30 secs off), 2 mins hard (60 secs off), 3 mins hard (90secs off) for 8 miles paces roughly as follows

    5.22 (6.36) , 5.33 (6.21), 5.36 (6.15)

    5.27 (6.01), 5.22 (6.03), 5.36 (6.01)

    5.34 (6.16), 5.36 (6.07), 5.23 (stopped to turn round and regroup approx 2 min break) - 4 mile covered

    5.26 (5.57), 5.30 (6.03), 5.41 (6.05)

    5.36 (6.28), 5.59 (uphill)(6.37), 5.51 (uphill) (6.12)

    5.46 (6.03), 5.49 (6.05) 5.26 - 4 mile back complete officially F##ked!!!

    We also did 1.7 mile WU and 1.7 mile WD

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Cheers guys, this is trip number nine to NZ.

    Hopefully the ankle will recover in the heat, if so we'll meet up for that run SG.

    Bus, hope your own aches and pains sort themselves out too.

    Iron, I take a big soft cushion with me. Those long haul seats are built to last.

    Rob, its well worth going. Good session btw, several pb's for some of us as part of it.

    See you later & have a good Christmas.


  • SG, bus, anyone else:

    Christmas running plans look like

    22 Dec TVXC Reading23 Dec morning easy recovery
    24 Dec clear, longish run?
    26 Dec Black Park parkrun 9:30?
    27 Dec clear, longish run?
    28 Dec parkrun somewhere



  • I did parkrun this morning and need to chant the mantra: there is one goal and only one goal. Just feel very slow at the moment but knocking off a fast parkrun is not part of the plan and if I run 19 on Thursday then I can't expect to do a fast one on Saturday. 51 miles for the week in 5 runs so averaging over 10 miles a day (am I ricF now?) and I will probably do a seriously slow and social 10+ tomorrow to pop over 60 again.

    bus was there as well, I will leave him to report. Suffice to say the double act worked as intended.

  •  Someone has to be Ric in his absence Philip image

    Yep, parkrun this morning on a whim again. Not sure what to expect given it was my work Christmas do yesterday, and whilst not a late or debauched affair, I had a a lot to eat and a fair few ales. Anyway, aside from a bit of a struggle breathing in the cold air with the lingering remnants of a cold, it all went OK. Main goal was to try and beat the guy who pipped me last week, so I played a blinding tactical move in overtaking the him just at the top of the steps, knwoing he would be unlikely to be able to sprint back! Worked a treat and  gave me enough lead for him not to come back - just as well, as I was very close to revisiting my turkey at that point image

    Anyway, finished 3rd a couple of seconds faster than last week in 18:49 despite the extra mud under foot, so marginal progress at least!  Good to catch up with Philip and a few others after too. Much more sociable than a solo tempo!

  • good effort chaps...remind me of the route again.

    And will catch up with you both when my plan is in...obviously its only set week by week on the sunday!

  • Nice sessions Stevie G and robT. Looked a toughy.

    LSR for me, 13miles in 1h 42. Finishing the week on 46miles. Yoga tomorrow.. sigh!

  • Nice parkrunning chaps. Savage session Rob.

    Good LSRing Nikki, and a nice weekly total.

    60km on the bike today. Tempo tomorrow.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Belting session again there Rob and nice reps Stevie. 

    The Bus is back in his need for speed I see! Well done fellas on the Parkrun. 

    Looking forward to my LSR today. 

    I ran the pairs relay yesterday and we did come up against Ian Holmes and Rob Jebbs brother Andrew. There'd been a change to the original route which we found out about 20 mins before the start, bearing in mind we didn't have a clue about the area any chance of maybe leading we're put of the window. that would've been optimistic against Holmes though but he's only as quick as his partner in the pairs. 

    unfortunately my partner had been ill all week but said he was feeling better and fresh for not running for 3 days. Hes a 32 10k man so no slouch. Pretty uneventful in that I stayed a yard behind Holmes and his partner for the first 6/7 miles of a 9 mile route. Slowly but surely though my partner was slipping further and further behind and ended up a good 4/500 metres off the back of us. I stayed on their shoulder knowing that one of the front pair was tiring (not Holmes, he could've picked the pace up at will) and tried to pass a message on that if my partner could make the ground up we'd have a great chance of taking them.

    unfortunately the hills were taking it out of him as he said it just sapped his strength. My partner was in a battle to hold onto our second spot then so I let the leaders go and waited for him to catch up. ran pretty much side by side with the other pairing and I signalled to him that when we got to the final road stretch we would go. Thankfully he had some energy and we managed to get clear and come home second. Felt really strong all the way round and finished as if it'd not been a race. I'm usually gasping etc after a 5/10k but felt really good. Loved running on the tail of a 5 x British fell champion. Even in his late 40s he's in great nick. 

    3 times he opened the gate for his partner and myself as we ran through, he closed it then scurried back to the front to lead. Different class. 

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    How the hell do you post pictures off an IPad onto here? 

    On my screen the one above is just showing a question mark. 

  • matt, sounds a great run. Looks like you are trying to post facebook pictures which are not always public and also I think this site uses stuf iPads don't recognise so if there is no toolbar above with a green tree on it, you can't post images, just their URLs.

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    I have the tree image but can't seem to get my picture to upload into the URL bit. It also gives me a BROWSE option but doesn't let me press it to go through my pictures. 

  • Sounds like a great race Matt, especially with the guy doing gate opening duty. Fast enough to be polite image A really good result.

    11.5km today including 2x3km tempo (4:06/km). Struggled with pacing due to undulating roads, wind and generally trashed legs from yesterday. 12:08 & 12:13.

    Friends over this afternoon for food, banter and beer/wine. Thus begins the epic descent in to the festive season.

    Phil, will see if some of your easy runs meet up with some of my longer hard runs.

  • Matt - that's a great one for the running memories! Sounds like Holmesy is a true gent as well as a legend...

    Was in a bad mood wehn I set off for my run this morning. Stupid IT issues and a consequent row with the Mrs that made me set off an hour later than hoped.. You can tell the mood as I listened to the same Foo Fighters album at max volume twice!

    As well as fighting the mud, hills and eventual rain I was also jumped on by three dogs!! The last one actually bit me, but not enough to break the skin. To make it worse, I forgot to restart my GPS after I stopped to tear the owner off a strip and had to measure that bit afterwards! I must change my aftershave - eau de steak is obviously just too attractive to dogs image

    Anyway, I knew I had to do 12.3M to satisfy my OCD need for a round 40M for the week, and guessed at a lost 0.5M for the dog section. Other than an odd twinge, the groin strain held up fine until about 11M, which I was pretty happy with after 4 days on a row of running including a speed session and race. Unfortunately, it all ended a bit painfully, but I couldn't finish the week on 39.x could I, so had to push on through the pai for the last mile and a bit. Hey ho, not sensible, but it's done now, and hopefully won't have made it any worse. A day off tomorrow, a bit of stretching and ice...


  • Very easy (9 m/m) and sociable 12.5 this morning to make the week 63 miles and a shade under 1,997 miles for the year so tomorrow, somewhere on the banks of the Serpentine, I will pass by 2,000 miles for the year. October and November were over 200 miles and I see no reason why December, January, February and March won't be the same so by the time VLM comes up I will have done 6 months in a row at over 200 miles a month.

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