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  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Matt, good running.  Not entirely sure I understand what was going on, but it all sounds very friendly.  Also sounds like you're in good shape.

    Good to see Phil back amongst the big miles, and more parkrunning from Bus (you could not leave it!)

    No running from me.  My tibialis anterior has flared up again (4th time in 15 months, twice on each leg).  Past experience suggests a week to 10 days' rest will see me alright, maybe even a bit less.  Won't run on it til the pain whilst walking goes away.  It did rather scupper my planned assault on Woodley parkrun, and instead I had to watch out of my window as someone broke the course record.


  • I'm so with you on OCD Bus. Can't finish a run not on an even number like that/always doing extra to make it up. It is stupid, isn't it?! But feels justified.

    Good work on 2000m Phil. Should be strong for VLM...

    8m for me today inc 5 x 1km off 60s. Haven't dl from my garmin yet but most came out at low 03:5x from memory. Then 3km @ HMP.

    Running doesn't seem to be benefiting just yet from the reduction in mileage. If anything.. feel slower/harder/more unfit/not as sharp (quite possibly in my head!) but the rest of my life probably is... not so knackered all the time, which is nice.

  • That's a shame Dachs. Fingers crossed it eases quickly.

    Bit early yet for the benefits Nikki. Sounds a bit phsychosematic the slower feeling though! Proof will be in a race.

    Day off today with a sports massage at lunch. Specially introductory offer of £15 for 45 mins, so too good to refuse!

  • Quiet on here - everyone absconded to the team GB thread?

    Lunchtime intervals for me today. 7M total, with my favourite (!) 6x0.5M off 90 secs. came out fairly consistent at 2:50, 2:49, 2:49, 2:49, 2:49, 2:50. Groin held up OK for that one, so will try a double tomorrow possibly.


  • Good session Bus 

    Another 10 mile progression 7-5.30 pace felt tough today but got session out just struggling last mile target 5.30 got a 5.35 out still a 62.19 10 miler 

    last tough week if the year for me plan steadies next week and then skiing image

  • I live on the nicer side of Wycombe where there is no need for don't shit here signs. 8 miles today with mud and hills.

  • Thanks Rob. Pretty good one yourself!

    Funnily enough Philip, one of the very few times I have had to take a running related crouch in the bushes wasn't far away from your house! You've replied on the wrong thread by the way!

    I think I may have stumbled on the reason SG never does a Rye parkrun though image

  • bus, 'twas deliberate on this thread. Always like a bit of cross-diffusion

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    no dont shit here signs near me, although on occasion i could do be with being remindedimage

    8miles total today...  intervals inc w/up &down on soft, wet, stodgy rolling grass. ran at work through the sheep fields....dodging them as i went

    session was 4*2mins (1min rec) + 6*1min (30sec rec) + 10*30sec (30 sec rec)  straight out of daniels book.  Target was 5.20 pace as its on xc.  but the 2mins came out 5.45 ish pace, the 1 mins came out 5.40 ish pace, and the 30secs came out 5.20ish pace.  plus its off garmin so who knows if its going to be that accurate in a field at such short distances.

    so was well of target but i feel like i did a tough session today.  so looks like my methodical, analytical mind needs re-tuning to these sessions as sometimes you have worked hard but due to the surface you feel like its a miss when you look at the watch.

    havent had a proper read back but hope dachs injury is on the mend and bus's dog wound is nothing to worry about. 

    another good session Rob.  i think a fast 10k is due....maybe at Trafford 10k in march?

    great running at the weekend Matt.  you wont be far behind Marc H at the rate you are improving.


  • Hi all!

    Kind of started running again now, After 3 weeks off, still not exactly 100% but had to get running again. Just 4 miles Sunday and 5miles today, only a few miles here and there in between a fair bit of biking on the turbo trainer and swimming.

    Unlucky with the niggle Dachs is that the muscle that feels like shinsplints?

    Where is that in Daniels Deano?

    You are looking at the I1 session?

    The reps are equal numbers in my book.

    So it is 2min RUN, 1Min rest, 1min RUN 30 secs Rest, 30Secs RUN, 30's rest. Repeat. maybe 5 sets or so.

    So 5 x 2mins, 5 x 1min, 5 x 30's, just wondered how you did 4x2mins and 10x30secs?
  • Rob - still sounds blisteringly fast to me! On that sort of terrain I will always go on perceived effort rather than actual pace.

    Seb - good to see you are making some progress (fingers crossed anyway!). Drives you mad not being able to get out there doesn't it?

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Seb, they were all at I pace.   From phase 3 of Xc trainIng.  Not sure what version of Daniels you have but the first didn't have a Xc section. To be honest I'm just getting used to intervals on Xc rather than on the track.  I struggled but thats exactly the same as a race.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Dean, good XC reps.  Look like you're trying to do similar to me in getting some speed done on XC surfaces. As you say, pace doesn't matter, you need to forget about it totally and run to effort.  Quite liberating really.  You say you ran at work through the sheep fields?  Are you a shepherd?

    Seb - yes, I'm feeling it in the shin at the moment, but it's also cropped up in the top of the foot as well.  It is the only injury I ever seem to get, and must have something to do with my gait - probably to do with the fact that I walk and run with my feet pointing a little outwards.

  • Good session Bus. Nice reps and glad to hear the groin held up. Good sign.


    Did you miss the running Seb? Feel like the break benefited you?


    Dean, I always struggle with being OK with slower paces on XC but like Dach says I try and use effort too. HR helps me know I've worked hard enough.


    Just doing a little yearly analysis (should probably be working...!)

    By the 31st of Dec I will have (hopefully) done 2925 miles this year.

    Marathon: 3h 31m 41s
    10km: June 41:42; October: 39:41
    5M Race in July: 33:56
    ParkRun 5k: August 20:15; September 19:48; 1937; October: 19:31
    XC: 3rd place finish


    Trying to decide on the focus for next year now!

  • That's an awful lot of miles this year Nikki!

    As you've got the ball rolling:

    this year I've done 2100 so far, against a planned 2500.

    No distance PB's this year, but a handful of course bests

    Marathon 2:58:30, 10k 36:24, half 1:19;07, 5M 29:28

    1st in a two-bit 10k xc and a parkrun and a couple of old-bloke trophies


  • Great, now I feel like a lazy cow with my 2073 miles. image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Lazy cow.

    Don't we need to formally submit an end of year report to SG's template at the very end of the year?  I've already blocked out a few hours on the 31st to draft it.

  • It's actually only 2072.7. I rounded up to sound like less of a slacker.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    It didn't work.

  • image

  • Dachs wrote (see)

    Don't we need to formally submit an end of year report to SG's template at the very end of the year?  I've already blocked out a few hours on the 31st to draft it.

    yep, hold off and we'll do it properly in a couple of weeks.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I can summarise the following:

    Number of hours wasted preparing graphics for the Team GB thread - 3.

  • I'll wait until we get the official go aheadimage

    Odd session today, got taken to bits on a hill session by the Devon Ladies senior champ over 100 and 200 m (who also happens to be my eldest daughter). Very different to the normal stuff I do: a 100m hill you sprint up 60m fairly hard, then 30 seconds recovery and the last 40m really hard. walk down and 2 minutes recovery, then repeat. After 20 minutes we done 4 reps and 0.74 miles and I was knackered. Did a nice gentle 6 mile run home while daughter drive back.

  • Sounds simialr to some hill reps I did up a very steep slope up to a church in Madeira - knackerdness completely out of proportiion to distance covered! Oddly fun though. 7.5M through mud this morning....

    Good news if we are waiting for an official template - 13 more days to try and get some sort of PB image

    Only 3 hours Dachs? If you were one of the graphic desginers here I would have been charged for about two weeks work! Do you fancy a bit of moonlighting image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    i have a feeling im going to get chicked twice when i look at my annual mileage

  • My mileage sucks this year now, was going well now I won't even hit 2000miles! A very good return for the mileage either way.

    I see Dachs well hope you get over it quickly unlike some of us.

    Don't have the book with the XC section in Dean, probably get it just to have a look, nice to hear your using it.

    Nikki this break appears so far to have done me no good at all. Easy runs are coming out rather slow. I'd already had a few breaks and an easy base period but just as I built up the mileage and was moving to the quality work, fail. Will take a few weeks to get back up to where I was and lose this extra kg I now weigh.
  • Likewise Seb (can't believe how easy it is to put on weight, but then our office is just chock full of, well chocs!). It'll be at the end of that few weeks that you'll start seeing the benefits of an enforced layoff (that's what I keep telling myself anyway!).


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    2462.4 miles so far for me. 

    I wouldn't get too down Seb. All my easy paced runs became extremely difficulty after being injured between Aug- Oct. Tried to jump back in at sub 7 min miling which I thought I must've been nailing every time pre injury. I can't have been! 

    Once I just decided to just make the easier paced runs feel just that - easy, it got better. Going back to the track was disheartening because you feel as though you're back to square one. Someone told me it would be 10-12 weeks before I'd be back to where I had been previously. 6 or so weeks later I PB'd at Leeds. 

    The rest prob did me good, something which I'm not very good at is resting. 

  • Some good training going on here. And resting Dachs; gives you more time to work on the GB thing. It surely must be more than 3 hours?

    Watched daughter's xmas play yesterday AM then flew to France, which pushed LSR to this Thur. Was hoping to get something done yesterday but ended up with a rest day. Plans always change so got back home tonight instead of tomorrow.

    Just back from 8km tempo in conditions that can only be described as biblical. Needless to say I was a tad off pace. I put that down to having to run with my body weight in wet clothes. Almost got blown over by the wind too.

    I'll wait until the end of year summary before I list my pitiful run mileage, and predict that Bus has probably cycled more than me too.

    Seb - I was probably overly conservative after 4 weeks off, and felt it took an absolute bloody age to get anywhere near where I was before the break. 6min/km seemed an effort. However you will gather some momentum and be back fast before you know it.

    Agreeing with Matt, the track seemed glacial. My first return track was 9th Oct and I struggled with 95s for a 400m. Now doing 82s 10 weeks on.

  • Biblical indeed last night Iron! 5.5M xc for me at a blistering 9:30 pace !! Combination of ankle deep mud, torrential rain and gale force winds in the dark did for any semblance of pace.  The run was about 50:50 in woods and across fields. In the fields I seemed to be running into the teeth of a gale, in the woods it was sheltered but I was constantly worried about branches coming crashing down on me image. Still, quite a pleasant run in a sado-masochistic kind of way and (virtually) no groin pain, despite doing 7.5M in the morning.

    Not sure about cycling miles Iron. I record the road bike rides, but not commuting miles, so 901M definite plus maybe another 700 estimated.

    I'm guessing though, that you would be one of the top on the thread for most improved times.

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