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  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Im ashamed to say that as a tough northerner I wimped out and went indoors on a treadmill for last nights run. :-/

    it was shorts and tee shirt weather though. 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I'm enjoying the thought of Bus running in the woods in last night's weather.  Nutjob.

    Don't think you can be blamed for being off pace Iron and Bus.  It was appalling.

    My leg seemed to have cleared up, so I went down the track and took part in the 8 x 1000 session.  Well, that was enjoyable.  Down the home straight I was running almost bent fully forward, like I was trying to head in a low cross or something.  Of course it was behind me on the back straight, but that didn't compensate too much.  Managed 3:17 for the first one, before the wind picked up, but then it all got much slower, and I think the overall average was 3:22, so a good 8 seconds per km down on what I would usually target.

    The run home from track was hideous.

    Mattl will be pleased to know that I was in shorts and T-shirt...

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Haha. Clear skies for my track session tonight. Ill still be in my running tights and jacket. Bit nippy up here.

  • Blimey Matt, tights and a jacket and it's not even sub-zero? What sort of a northerner are you image

    Dachs, Philip can explain in detail the science about why a tailwind is never as much help as a head wind is a hindrance! Something to do with drag being proportional to the square (or is it the cube?) of velocity...

    Working at home today and can't decide whether to run at lunch today or give my legs a rest and bike instead. Very nice out there at the moment either way!

  • Square of velocity. Faster you go the more drag you have. Also related to frontal area,  which may be larger at this time of year. 

    I remember that from university. 

  • 10.5 mile run middle 7 mile Fartlek 2 mins on 1 min off covered 7 miles in 40 mins average pace 5.42 another tough session image last hard one this year rest of run medium to long steadies to give body a recovery before skiing hol on 29th 

  • That's a quick seven Rob!

    IronCat5 wrote (see)

    Square of velocity. Faster you go the more drag you have. Also related to frontal area,  which may be larger at this time of year. 

    I remember that from university. 

    My frontal area is usually smaller at this time of year due to the coldimage

  • Oops sorry if I jumped the gun on the annual mileage... what a thread-punter!


    Enjoy the skiing robT! Where are you off to?


    Talk about biblical. Was bloody horizontal snow when I opened the door at 6.30am this morning. Subsequently a very slow 8m whilst feeling sorry for myself. Legs were a bit tight from weights yesterday.. but that's a bit of an excuse!!

  • nikki we are going to Val D'Isere image

  • Very nice Rob....(jealous, me? Not that I can ski mind!)

    Sounds a bit severe up in Scotland then Nikki!

    9 mile road run in the end today. Bit hilly, and slow. Kind of depressing that having only managed to average 25 miles per week since early October, I struggled to manage 10 secs per mile slower than the pace I did for my pre Abingdon 25 miler!

    hey ho, I'm sure it will come back - bloody has to for Wokingham in 6 weeks image

  • It will def come back bus.. you'll be sharp again in no time. Just takes time to build it back up a bit I guess.

    Very jealous Rob! Val/Tignes are my favourite. Will be v special this time of year too.. hope the snow is good!

  • robT wrote (see)

    nikki we are going to Val D'Isere image

    I was near there yesterday. Spent Tue eve in Grenoble.

    Take the rest of the year off Bus. Eat, drink and be merry.

  • Bunch of globetrotters on this thread!

    Not a chance Iron! 6 weeks to go to Wokingham and I'll be squeezing in every mile I can image That's not to say I won't be eating, drinking and being merry as well for the next fortnight though image


  • Didn't think it could be 6 weeks away as this week is wk 8 of 16 (counting down). Next week is #7.

    Having counted I am suprised how close it is image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Just enjoyed my best track session to date. I joined my former club for what they called the 'Christmas cracker'. Session was -

    5 x 400 off 50 secs recovery. (70/71)

    2 mins rest

    1 x 1000 (3.05)

    2 mins rest

    2 x 800 off 60 secs.  (2.22.  2.24)

    2 mins rest

    5 x 400 off 50 secs (70/71 last one at 67)

    id say it was my best as the first 200 of the 400s meant running in lane 3 to get past 20 or so runners and then really easing up over the last 10-15 metres to keep them consistent at 70. I wanted them at that as I wasn't sure how I'd handle the 50 seconds recovery. In hindsight I'm pretty sure if I'd have run hard to the line I'd be looking at 68s. 

    The 1000s and the 800s felt comfortably hard too but not 'emptying the tank' hard. I don't ever remember finishing a session feeling so strong having run some decent times. 


  • Aerodynamics:

    Drag is proportional to velocity squared. We don't worry about drag, drag is a force, we worry about work done which is force times distance so work done is proportional to velocity cubed.

    Say you are running at 8 miles an hour, then 8 miles an hour headwind takes drag up by a factor of 8 and 8 miles an hour tail wind makes drag 0. You gain 1 and loose 8 so net down 7.

    Of course, for runners, drag is not so important. Usually it is about 3 to 5% of the energy required, of course when you increase that 8 fold it is significant.

  • Distance (position) is the integral of velocity. Where does the cube come from?

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Great session matt. You're on fire. Scary to think of the kind of times you'll be churning out next year.

    Just got my London entry confirmed. No 1058. Woo hoo.

  • Never mind Dachs, we can't all have a cool low race number.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Dachs, if I knew what It was thats seen my running go up a notch id probably be a bit more confident. Surely long reps on a treadmill at 10k goal pace can't bring someone on that much?

    Not that I'm complaining.  

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Lit - screw numbers, we want our names on there. And we should be prepared to send e-mails to secure it!

  • I'm going to write my name on my vest in marker pen. Just under where I've crossed out 'Team Dachs'.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭


  • literatin wrote (see)

    Never mind Dachs, we can't all have a cool low race number.

    What do you mean? Dach's real name is Mr M 1058.

    There you go, said it was squared AND cubed image Iron - I'll let Philip explain why in detail as it is his particular area of expertise when it comes to faster moving stuff like bikes etc, but the power required to overcome drag (which is what we are need to worry about rather than the drag itself) is calculated by the formula:

    Where v is the velocity of the runner in to wind (say), so hence the cube - at least for higher speeds.  I don't know enough to be able to say what constitutes a higher speed though so can't say how applicable it is to runners! Either way Matt, you were overcoming some serious formulae to be pulling out those speeds - hell of a session!

  • Mattl fantastic session 50 secs recovery hard one to monitor exact is a coach doing it?

    Phil you lost me does the formula take into account height and width and hence weight of someone?

  • That's dealt with in the Cd bit, which is the drag coeficient and depend on frontal area/shape etc (I think!)

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Where is warm clothing taken account of?

  • image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    RobT, yes a coach took the session. He sets a big digital clock up at the finish (like one that sits on a lead car) so there's no hiding from your rep times. 

    The recoveries were that because on the 400s he wanted to set each one off every 2 mins so he could just keep the clock running. With me being the first over the line I got 49/50 secs before the next rep. 

    all the other runners have staggered starts with some doing 300 and others 350, 360, 370 Etc. The idea being we all finish around the same time which never happened as I ended up going past them before I'd done 200m. 

  • Read up and seen Matt's session. Had to re-read the 400 times! image

    Warm clothing taken in to account by the Cd (as winter clothing a bit draggy). Height and width covered by A (area).

    A flat chested skinny runner may have a smaller area, but their Cd may be greater than a more rounded athlete. A good stomach can divert the air around the body well. Though at the velocities considered it's likely to be irrelevant.

    No allowance for fireworks Dachs.

    I imagine Lit's vest is now covered in crayon, with Team Samir, Team Dachs and Team Scotch Egg all crossed out.

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