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  • Sounds an enjoyable race Philip.

    SG - I'd rather do the race with my groin than without it image. Funnily enough, speed doesn't seem to have a negative effect - only distance and climbing. I've done a 5k parkrun 3 weeks in a row now with no ill effects (that I can tell anyway). 

    Tricky next week, as I'm working tomorrow and Tuesday, then away overnight from lunchtime on Boxing day. I'm getting the impression that the Mrs has something planned for Saturday, but she won't tell me what! All I can get out of her is that I could do a parkrun, but need to be clear by mid-morning! Could you do the long run on the Sunday? 

    Similar week to mine Nikki, but your LSR pace was better than mine and I missed my swim this week!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Thames Valley Cross Country for me as well today, in the woods around Broadmoor secure mental hospital.  Pretty sure we weren't visible to the Yorkshire Ripper though, and no escapes happened when we were there, so that's OK.  Was a shame I picked a day when neither SG nor IronCat were there, but saw PMJ, who seemed surprised I'd turned out for my club.

    The course suited me given my much-trumpeted XC rubbishness, because although there were plenty of puddles and mud, the ground underneath was pretty hard for much of the course.  I'd decided to take Dean's previous advice, and make sure I got into a good position early.  However, at the end of the hill at the start, a group of 4 had already got away - 2 Datchets, Graham from Sandhurst and a young lad in a Metros T-shirt.  I wanted to be up with them, but I just couldn't make up the gap to them.  I strongly suspected the youngster wouldn't last the course, but I didn't want the other 3 to get away.  Kept them in sight and ran on my own in 5th for a bit, but someone soon started breathing down my neck.  I decided on the balance of probability it was probably another Datchet runner, but didn't want to check over my shoulder.

    Towards the end of the first lap, the Metros youngster as predicted dropped like a stone off the lead group.  I could see the path was narrowing ahead so I dashed to make sure I took him before I got trapped behind.  The guy behind me followed me past him as well.  At the end of lap 1 I could also see Graham was being dropped, and was definitely struggling up the big hill.  I attacked the hill, made up a good bit of ground on Graham, and in doing so opened a decent gap on the guy behind.  Seems recent hill training has paid off.  I gradually made up ground on Graham and passed him about halfway round the second lap, moving into 3rd.  The two Datchet were comfortably ahead, but I wanted to secure 3rd, so pushed as hard as I could.  I knew I had the big hill coming round again and that this would work in my favour, so I attacked it again.

    By now it was just the downhill finish to come.  My mind imagined footsteps behind, so I made sure I rampaged down the bastard to the finish and secured 3rd.  About 5 miles on the nose in 28:50.  Decent pace, though it was more trail than XC really.  Was pleased to finish an XC race in amongst the people who I should be finishing with, rather than a minute or two down.  Hopefully I'll be a bit more confident next time.

  • Nicely done Dachs.

  • Dachs wrote (see)

    saw PMJ, who seemed surprised I'd turned out for my club.

    I could have sworn that you posted no XC before Christmas so I was simply surprised to see you at all: must be getting muddled as well as slower as I age. Good run there from you, nicely played tactically, and encouraging to see those injury worries clear quickly.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    You're not muddled at all Phil, I did say that. I had ruled out XC today as we had tickets to see Santa at Legoland, but it turned out that was late afternoon so I could run after all.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    good racing from both of you today.

  • Good race reports fellas, enjoyed those.

    Dachs, not a bad place in at all to be taking Graham mid race. He's remained a class act at this series for years now. And while he doesn't tend to win these days, he's always top 4/5 at absolute worst.

    Sounds like you picked a good course to turn out on. One that let you get some good momentum going, even with the hills. The worst sections in our series are where you have a nasty hill, but with muddy boggy patches too. Those are a game of trawling up, at a pace that feels like a crushed snail!

  • Went for a recovery run at lunch after the LSR yesterday, but felt good so turned it into a bit of a progression. can't remember the exact splits but something like 7:34, 7:04, 6:40, 6:11, 5:50, then 1.2M warm down @ 6:50 pace. Pretty wild and wet out there and ended up with the worst nipple bleeding ever, despite using vaseline! Doesn't half stand out on fluoro green top too!


  • Only you Bus! Sounds a good workout! Rest up for the 5k now, I want a battle!

    I went and did the Marlow classic 10miler route, luckily had worn XC trainers.

    One stretch along the very muddy boggy grass saw the wind so strong I saw 8+ min miling being the norm.

    came out 7.19 average overall, when I've done this one nicely at 7 dead before

  • Having deliberately turned round at 9.5 miles a few weeks ago, I knew I had to get a 20 in before Christmas and all pointers suggested today was the best option.

    I like to do these runs off road and recent runs on the river suggested that it was too slippery so I looked for an alternative and decided the Ridgeway (Britain's oldest road) was a good place to go. The forecast was rain getting heavier so I was out as soon as it was light enough to run a trail without a head torch. The section I chose started near Princes Risborough and headed south to Watlington. The advantage of this section is that it follows the ridge all the way so is relatively flat.

    I programmed the course in the Garmin and set the Garmin to map so got a ping each mile so I knew how far I had gone (and how far to go) but no indication of time or speed.

    It was soon apparent that the path was good and easy to follow but also was muddy and technical so I just settled into the natural pace it offered and decided this was to be a time on the feet run. As the miles ticked by, the weather got worse but never got really bad (though at one point I was trying to run downhill and was getting blown backwards) . The nice thing about and out and back is that once you are half way, it is essentially done as you have no option but to run back all the way you have come.

    Turned out to be 2:54 for the 20 miles, average pace 8:42. No trouble at all, legs feel good and done with a slice of toast and a cup of tea beforehand but no gels or water on the run.

  • Battle  SG? You'll probably lap me on the 3rd lap!

    Some good off-roading going on today.

    Philip - that's a pretty reasonable pacing for that section, which must be a bit heavy going after all the recent rain!  I hope Ric isn't reding that bit about no fuel or liquid on the run though image

    Not looking forward to my bike ride home from the station tonight I must say image

  • Good racing and enjoy reports!

    Weather is awful... Our paces are going to suffer this week I fear! Not feeling particularly optimistic about my early tomorrow... Quite hard to run in this wind when you weight about the same As a wheely bin!!

    indoor track session for me today at work. Did the sprinter's session again (should have gone for something longer, plan was 400s, but when I got on the track I just couldn't face going round twice for 400s!!). So ended up as 4 x (30m off 2min; 150m off 3 min) then topped it off with 5 x 200m off 200m jr. All out in 38s. Calf is feeling quite niggley image 

  • Tell you what Nikki, take Wednesday off! Drive back home from my parents' was interesting in the weather.

    I think I may be able to run by tomorrow. Mentally I need to get out ASAP, but I know I'm not fully recovered as I'm not yet champing to get out.

    Learning from past mistakes tells me that everything this week will be easy paced, and I'll push the 10miler towards the end of the week, and tomorrow will be an 11km easy.

    Good reports from RRR/TVXC. Good running Bus, SG & Phil.

  • Nikki, I have to ask, why are you doing sprinting training and high mileage both together? Sounds like a mixture to quickly smash you up!

    And your track is a 200metre one? Quite unique?!

  • But Stevie G.. this is a low mileage period... isn't it?! I'm barely hitting 50image. To be honest I'll be the first to admit there is absolutely no method in my madness... I was just a bit bored and figured whilst I don't have anything specific to train for I would give it a try. Just for something different. As much as I'm trying a few sprinters session, I don't think it's really very "max". My 30m time is about 5/6seconds!!

    Yeh... indoor track at the Emiratis stadium. Round and round and round for 60 minutes. Fun.

    8m for me this morning, was surprisingly not too windy. 20 x 20 pick ups to keep me entertained.


    Hope everyone is having a good xmas eve so far... I plan on leaving work any minute now!!

  • 7.5M xc to the station this mornign - very squelchy with a fair few branches to hop over!

    Legs are holding up Ok, but the old bloody sciatica has flared up! Very painful. I blame sitting in an uncomofrtable theatre seat for 3 hours on Sunday, then sitting very badly in someone else's desk for hours yesterday.

    SG - if I do run the Boxing Ray race, what time would you be wanting to pick me up? About 8.30-8.45? Takes 20 mins to Aylesbury from mine.

  • Nice photos from Reading XC on

    nice one of me even if the arms do look odd (as usual).



  • There are some good pics on the TVXC facebook group too.

    You have my sympathy Bus. After a couple of nights in a guest bed at my parents and then a couple of hours in the cinema everything is sore (but a much lower level than yours).

    Off for an easy hour (min) run, no route; will see what happens.

  • Classic lock arm Phil, but heading off a couple of people nicely, in presumably the sprint in? That's one of our boys Dave in there too. Only just realised how high up your team name is on your vests.

    I'm having a day reminiscent of student days, up late, doing nothing much, and no rush to do it!

    Nikki, fair does, time to get some plan in motion? I should probably get some plans in the mixer too. Last year was a terrific spring, a decent summer, and then not a lot in the autumn.

    Bus, we'd want to be there for 9 at the latest I guess,  How about I'd set off at 8 or so, an get to you for 8.15ish? (that's an on paper 8.15, potentially allowing me for some classic lateness)

    Phil, do you not want a crack with us? I think I read you were doing a parkrun? Which after a quick check can't be Wycombe as it's not on. So, although this one is £9 on the day, and parkruns are free, you get to have a little run out with us, in a more competitive race.

  • SG, thanks but no thanks. If  I am up I will saunter round Black Park freedom run which is an unofficial parkrun but there is no point me racing a fast 5k until June at the earliest: the whole aim of the marathon is to retrain your fast twitch muscles to act more like slow twitch which in short means you swap speed for endurance.

  • fair dos, although not sure me and Bus will be smashing any records ourselves image

    The course has 3 laps, 2 main ones and a diddy one, and on the main laps you have a couple of steep sharp inclines round corners!

  • SG, if we leave my place at 8.30, we'll be there by 8.50 with 55 mins to warm up image. If you get there much before 8.30 I might still be in my Christmas PJs image 

    Shall we say I'll text you by 8 if I'm doing it? If you don't hear from me (and it's still 50:50), then I'm either sleeping in, suffering with sciatica or the Mrs has put her foot down!! ta!

  • Yep, 8am cut off then.

    Although not sure how you get to Aylesbury in 20mins?! Google reckons 30mins, and from past experience from here it can be 40 or so!

    Remember it's set in a cramped pub with everyone trying to sign up individually too!

  • 20 mins from my house the way I go (though that has been in an ambulance image). Only takes 40 on my bike! There'll be no traffic on Boxing day.

    Fair point about the signing up though, so I'll make sure I'm ready by 8.20 to be sure. If we take a completed entry form in advance, that'll save a couple of minutes too.


  • good call...though can you bring 2, as I'm a printer wrecking clown who never has one handy!!

    having made all this fuss, i'll make sure I'm not so late it's your original suggested time image

  • I don't mind if you're late - less warm-up time to drag my turkey filled body around!

  • A very easy 16.2km in 1:30. Went over to Swinley forest and generally bimbled about.

    Works out about 9m/mi image

    Have a good'n one and all. See you on the other side.

  • Still way faster than mine this morning Iron image

    5.5M home a bit later then off tomorrow image

    Merry Christmas y'all imageimageimage

  • Hi guys... Just popped on to wish you lot a great festive sess, drinking or running whatever floats ya boat.... I myself will be mainly drinking, as the problems I had six weeks back haven't yet cleared up....

    Haven't read any of the thread for a while, but no doubt your all still doing monster sessions, and still smashing those PB's...

    Again, enjoy the festive season...

    (Stevie, no doubt, you where waiting for me to mention that FANTASTIC EVERTON performance at OT a couple of weeks back.... No, I not that cruel....)  

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Phil, I wish the Xc races up my way were like yours! That looks like a trail race.image

    Ive not seen a Xc up my way where your ankles aren't covered in mud. 

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