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    • Years Mileage  - 2510.4 not including today's or tomorrow's.
    • Races run - 24
    • Distances Raced at - 5000, 5k, 10k, 5 mile.
    • PBs - 5k (once) 15.51 10k (twice) 33.15 then 32.33.
    • Prizes won - lancs 5 mile individual bronze 
    •                      Lancs 5 mile team gold
    •                      4 race wins not inc parkruns
    •                 team silver in Calderdale way relay                    

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year. 

    running sub 16 for 5

    running sub 33 mins for 10k

    Running the Yorkshire 3 peaks and the Ben Nevis race.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    dying on my arse going up and over Pen Y Ghent in the 3 peaks race. ( I think I could've ran 3.15 )

    dying on my arse descending Ben Nevis. Never experienced anything like that. 

    Injured during August and September leading up to the Ben Nevis race

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    • Best thread race performance

    Dean pulling on an England vest and Dachs and Johnas marathon training and exploits make me tempted to have a go.

    • 2013 Thread poster of the year 

    The Bus - seems to post no matter if injured or not, although he is still usually training through itimage where as we all seem to disappear for short spells at some point. 

    • 2014 One to Watch

    Irons improvement is there for all to see. 

    Race Results

    • 5k - 16.33 - 15.51
    • 10k - 33.56 - 32.33

    2014 Aims

    sub  32 10k

    post a decent half marathon

     get my 10 mile time in line. 

    Injury free



  • image Matt, this is why we hold off til the we can include the last 2 days miles!image

    Looking at your highlights and disappointments, I think there is a very slight screaming out of "stay on the fast road courses, and avoid the hills/fells"

    Bluey, sounds the roller is working, so roll on a healthy 2014 for you!

    Phil, might try that. Only thing is, a pal at a rival co can get a 30% discount, so that is funding the whole idea of moving to something decent.
    Only last complications are that I'm pay as you go and have a real stack of credit left, which'll be lost if I move networks and the idea of insurance, which I'd love to risk none, but as clumsy as bastad as I am is essential. (and no, bank account doesn't cover)

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    I'm too impatient to wait! 

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    It shouldn't be Pen Y Ghent either, it was Ingleborough. 

  • Thanks Matt - it's basically 'cos I don't have a life image!

    As far as "sticking to the roads and avoiding the fells is concerned", I'd just ask - which do you most enjoy? It is not just about PBs (controversial I know image) and it's not totally impossible to achieve great performances at both.

    SG - did Yoda write your last paragraph image

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    True Bus, Rob Hope ran 32.04 yesterday. 

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    It is not just about PBs (controversial I know image)


    Also Matt I have thought of a solution to the posting early problem - you'll just have to not run today or tomorrow.

  • I am chomping at the bit to get my post up seeing as I miscalculated my annual mileage as predicted earlier! However, I am spending the next 24h thinking long and hard about my nominations!


    Last quality session of 2013 for me today... 8m inc 6min @ tempo, then 2min jr, the 3min, 2min, 1min, 1min, 2min, 3min, 2min, 1min at tempo with half recs.


    Was a reasonable session seeing as I am now the newest member of the thread to be battling a bitching cold, just in time for Hogmanay image


  • Nikki, no doubt you'll just do a 17miler at 7.20 pace tomorrow to boost the stats image

    Nasty day out there, wind, cold, wet.

    Big week, so back to what I used to do every week, week schedule as below

    • M    6m easy strides, 4m easy
    • T     10m including 3x1.5m 10k pace off 90sec,  4m easy
    • W    10m easy    (then drive to Manchester...not strictly part of the training)
    • Th    OFF
    • Fr     9m including 5miles starting MP, going through 10k, and last 400m hard,   4m easy
    • Sa    6&4
    • Su   14m easy

    71 er!

    Tomorrow,I'll be telling myself, at least this isn't that 3miles at HMP x2 sesh! Just to decide whether to do 6(+) laps per rep, or do 1.75 laps of a road circuit.


    Nikki, all on time, and interestin pyramid esque version. How come it starts with a 6min? Then all the rest 3 to 1? Is the 6 to really get you in, so that the others feel easier?

  • well, seems i'm sat at work and havent ran in 2 weeks thanks to my injury, you can have mine now - no chance my mileage will change (distance on an eliptical machine don't count I'm guessing).


    • Years Mileage   2012: 1786 vs 2013: 2326
    • Races run: 17
    • Distances Raced: 5000, 5k, 5m, 10k, HM, Marathon
    • PBs: 10
    • Prizes won :
      • 1st 5000m Track Athletics South-East (Bromley)
      • 2nd South Bucks 10k
      • 3rd Dorney Dash 10k
      • Some team prizes and parkrun 'first finisher' too

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • 33.15 for 10k. Surprised myself and everyone else i think!
    • Running in the Olympic Stadium for the National Lottery Anniversary Run
    • VLM. Not so much for the time but because the crowds and atmosphere are like no race I’ve ever run. Truly incredible.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Only one really and that is would have liked to have run sub 2.40 for marathon but in hindsight, it was never going to happen with change of coach, 10k focus and lack of long runs. The marathon will always find you out

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance: Dean for his 1500m Gold and lest we forget his mile time too. Cracking year and performances
    • 2013 Thread poster of the year (with reasons): probably Dachs for his humour and the Decathlon running kit story. classic
    • 2014 One to Watch: I don’t think we’ve seen anywhere close to Mattl’s potential yet

    Race Results

    • 5k (parkrun) – 17.48 to 16.33
    • 5 mile – 29.26 to 27.24
    • 10k – 35.28 to 33.15
    • HM – 83.15 to 74.45
    • Marathon – 2.49.28 to 2.42.47

    2014 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    Well, last year the aim was to achieve a Championship Marathon place and managed that 3 times throughout 2013. Next year I think it’ll be back to the short stuff. Current injury has ruled out VLM 14 and with baby Johnas due in 6 weeks, I think race aim is for a sub 33 10k and/or sub 16 5k in the summer

  • SG - have you got the predictions we made last year by any chance? I could go back through the pages, but if you have them already.....

  •  Bus, fraid you'll have to dig that stuff out!

    Johnas, incredible progression, when you've been around a fair few years now.  You had a spell where you had gently eased past my pbs to tease me, then put the absolute boot in and hit figures well out of reach!

    Did I completely miss what you've done injury wise? Hopefully not too bad when you say it's ruling you out of London? Presume that's more due to that at your level you can't miss more than a week, rather than it being so bad you think you'll be out months?!

  • Right, here we go with last year's template for those still on the thread:


  • JOHNAS 2012




    • Total mileage: 1786.53 (the odd number will drive SG mad!)
    • Races run: 12
    • Distances Raced at: 5k, 10k, HM, Mara
    • PBs (not including first attempts at a distance); 5k 17.18; 10k 35.28; HM 1.22.58; Mara 2.49.28

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • Berlin Marathon -  not necessarily running sub 2.50 but the way I ran with a 3 minute negative split
    • PB’ing at every distance
    • 3rd in Kent Coastal Half Marathon.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • I can’t really complain here and can’t list 3. Injury putting me out for the majority of the first half of the year which was disappointing but overall, I’ve PB’d at every distance, taken on a coach which has given me real structure and discovered a love of the marathon. And on a personal note, got married, had the honeymoon of a lifetime and became an Uncle. 2012 has been a fantastic year!

    Thread Members

    • Having not followed the thread in detail this is a tough one but, knowing how difficult the marathon can be, both Dachs & Phil achieving 2.50 marathons are fantastic results; Ian’s low 57min Cabbage Patch run showed great improvement too. Apologies if I’ve missed a blatantly obvious one as there are some serious quick runners on here but these stick out as these are the ones I kept tabs on!
    • Can’t really comment here as only really been here a few weeks and dipped in and out. I’m sure there’s a classic thread story that’ll win this though.
    • Cheesey but I think 2013 is going to be an exciting year for everyone on this thread and with that comes exciting posts and stories!

    Race Results

    • 5K: 18:30 – 17.18
    • 10k: 39.18 – 35.28
    • HM: 1.23.15 – 1.22.58
    • Mara: 2.56.55 – 2.49.28

    2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    Quite simply for me it’s to achieve a Championship Marathon time of sub 2.45. Got 2 stabs at the cherry with VLM in April and Frankfurt in October.

  • IRON 2012:

    I'm adding some latitude to this as this year has been mostly about triathlon. Maybe to provoke some discussion


    • Total mileage: 87.5 mi swam, 3010 mi biked, 906.15mi run
    • Races run: Ignoring XC, 9 ( Wok HM, Marlow Du, Marshman HIM, Outlaw IM, LLLR 10km, Vachery sprint tri, 3 'raced' parkruns).
    • PBs: 2 x 5km, 1 x HM, 1 x Marathon (as part of Ironman).

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • Outlaw Ironman distance triathlon. A race for the year
    • Wokingham HM performance. Had a sub 1:45 goal for this, but the pace out of the pen felt good, so stuck with it.
    • Vachery sprint tri (750m swim/16km bike/5km run): 3rd in AG. Was first for swim/bike but lost 2 places on the run. Last year I was always overtaking on the bike/run.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Love Life, Love Running festival 10km XC;  not fully recovered from IM. I now know I cannot use a race as a training run. I should have sat and watched.
    • Spraining ankle 4 weeks before Cardiff half-mara. I didn't even bother going.
    • Not cracking sub 20min for 5km.

    Thread Members

    These are tricky for me, as I popped back in towards the end of the year. Nothing springs to mind immediately, so...

    • Cabbage Patch seemed to be a good thread outing, so I nominate all who wrote reports and managed sub-hour.
    • SG - his thread, and without him the thread would not be.
    •  I hope Darren is going to stick around. A parkrun 17.XX 5km PB on the back of unstructured training bodes well for the next season.

    Race Results

    • 5km: 21:35 -  20:22. All parkruns
    • HM: 1:47 - 1:38
    • Mara: 4:48 - 4:38. Neither are fantastic, however this year's PB was part of the Ironman.

    2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    2013 is about shorter races for me.

    • Qualify for GB AG team for sprint tri distance - either the Worlds 2013 or Europeans 2014.
    • Sub 90 for HM on the back of training for the above qualifiers.
  • Stevie G 2012:


    • Years Mileage            3007.5
    • Races run                       13
    • Distances Raced at         5 on road (5k, 5m,10k,10m,1/2m)   ( also xc races)
    • PBs                                 3                     

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    1. 10mile race double header on consecutive weeks, 57.09 at CP, and then on course to beat that at the GSR until a 2mile wind tunnel saw it out as 57.27. A big breakthrough, and unexpected after only taking beans off the 5miler a month before.
    2. 9 secs off the 5mile time at Victory 5 in September. Only my 3rd race since the Feburary Half, and first pb course after 2 undulating/hilly courses in the summer. Tiptoed down to Portsmouth not knowing how it'd go, and delighted to pb.
    3. Collecting 4 top 5 finishes over the year, and 7 Top 10s, with a nicely symmetrical 2 xc top 10s in Jan, and at the end of the year too.
    4. Experiencing a range of new races, Great South Run, Southend 10k, Andy Reading 10k, Chesham 5k, and Metros XC, all good new races.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Tweaking my back a day or 2 before the Gosport half, when a pb at least would have been on the cards.
    • First time getting hip niggle in spring, meaning that although actual injury days were very few, mileage for 6 weeks or so was reduced, and no racing between Feb and June.
    • Not transferring the 57.09 10miler into the other distances yet. 2x10k flat races have been windy, missed the half...5k wasn't pb, blah blah! Hoping for no hard luck stories in 2013, and picking some darn fast courses to make sure.

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance

    Some honourable mentions to DT2 and Dean, clearly the fasties on the thread for some marvellous fast stuff. Also to Dachs and Johnas for their marathons.
    However, Phil giving the marathon chaps a good 12 years in age, and having a big deficit on them for shorter stuff times, wins out for me. A surpremely planned campaign, the standout being doing a 10miler with me, and then us separating and him doing another 10/11 on his own! Hats off...and certainly taught a couple of younger chaps a lesson or 2 along the way!

    • 2012 Thread poster of the year (with reasons)

    Everyone adds value to a cracking thread, the real fasties to amaze us with their sessions, the nothern lads with their insight into races up there that we don't know much about, and the local/localish types for familiar chat about races down this way.

    However, he's been here from the start, Stevie See, a top lad who is always enthuiastic and supportive of everyone on here however his current running situation is going.

    • 2013 One to Watch

    Dachs I think. A bit of a niggle upset the terrific improvement curve, but he still smashed Gosport. By spring I'm expecting big things. And that's in the context of a thread of pretty good achievers!

    Race Results

     DISTANCE  PRE 2010    NOW 


    • 5K     17.10    &
  • DEAN 2012:

    Total miles 2180
    22 races
    7 Distances raced..5k, 10k, 5m, hm, Xc, relay short leg in midlands, relay long leg at nationals.
    8 PBs

    Personal highlights
    Breaking sub 80 @ hm then breaking sub 75
    Getting a big boost by going sub 16 @ 5k and at the finish addylad telling my time was faster than robT and DT2 PBs. As I hold both in high esteem I am very happy I'm in that mixer.
    My recent 10k PB, the build up couldn't have been worse (lack of form, confidence knocked by XC, sickness, poor track sessions in the week before) but managed to put that to one side, focused on the race and had a good performance. I suffered since for it mind but it was worth it.

    Disappointments of yr.
    XC - haven't got close to turning my road form into Xc form. I used to be so good on Xc that it bugs me I'm weak on it now
    A poor summer - in may hit a 15.57 5k then ran 4 more and didn't get close, due to Achilles injury in part but I didn't get close. I learnt a lesson that to get that PB down it takes dedicated speed sessions to the distance and general speed sessions aren't enough
    Chingos injury - we were going to push each other this yr and to lose him to a long injury is a shame

    Thread performance
    There is Philips perfect prep and delivery of the marathon or Steve see PB at abbey dash with that photo of him sprinting to the line eyes on the clock but slightly ahead of both for me is Sebs performances in Xc. I was in same race and finished and thought I would hang around at the line to cheer him in......big mistake as he was already in having beaten me by 80 secs. No fluke as he got better next time out. Made me stand up and take notice of him at Telford. If he can translate the grass to the road..

    Poster of yr
    Dachs and Steve see. Dachs posting at midnight mostly yet still very funny. stevie see always positive and genuinely interested. After lake vrynwy hm he was happier than I was that I had gone sub 75

    One to watch in 2013
    Dachs is at a point when I can see some big PBs coming. Injury slowed him down at points this yr and If he stays free he can hit any time he aims for.

    ......2011 PB. 2012 PB
    5k. 18.09. 15.57
    10k. 35.34. 33.03
    Hm. 83.44. 74.15

    Aims for 2013
    to build on this yr and to PB at every distance. As I'm a v40 in a month it would be good to finish high in the rankings.

  • STEVIE SEE 2012:


    • Miles: 2236 (350 increase on last year)
    • Races run: 33
    • Distances Raced: 3000, 5k, 7.6k (relays long leg), 5 mile, 5.3mile (MT), 10.4 (Welsh Castles Relay) 10k, HM, 17.1 miles (Trail Race)
    • PB: 3000, 5k, 5mile, 10k.

    Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • Running sub 36 at the Leeds Abbey dash. Never thought I’d do it and the manner in which I did it pleased me having never ran a negative split.
    • Coming 12th in the Sandstone Trail fell race over 17.1 miles – very prestigious race and beat a lot of rivals despite doing me XC the day before.
    • Running in the Welsh Castles relays, finishing 6th, camping out, meeting new people and the whole team vibe of travelling together for 2 days non-stop. Hard work but great.
    • The PBs of folks on here genuinely gives me huge delight, and they have come thick and fast this year. It’s even better when I get to see them first hand like screaming at Deano to dip under 16mins at the Christleton 5K.
    • ‘Super Saturday’

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Not running well over the HM, weather played a part but I never seemed to be anywhere near to peaking when those races came up.
    • Mixing the Cheshire XC champs in 5 days will be difficult having been in great form a month ago. But niggles are part of the journey so can’t all be bad.
    • Chingo and RobT getting injuries was a bit of a downer after both had a superb spring.

    Thread Members

    Best thread race performance:

    This is so hard to choose, SG having smashed the Cabbage patch to bits, Dachs cruising through Berlin, Deano going nuts in the last 2 miles of the Lake V half, Philip at the London Marathon, Chingo and RobT ran really well at the Spring 5, Chingo again running at Helsby despite gale force winds, anyone who gave the marathon ago – fair play, Bus and his many V40 wins and PBs along the way. There are loads I’ve missed too! It’ll have to go to Phillip for bossing the marathon a 2:50 is a great return and the way it was planned was impressive – hats off sir.

    2012 Thread poster of the year:

    Obviously the thread wouldn’t be so useful/enjoyable without everybody’s input, but I think without SG rambling it would soon loose it’s edge. His transparency and honesty about training, motivations and aspirations are quite refreshing.  I like Dach’s, Bus’ and Deano’s inability to spot an innuendo too! Always worth a chuckle.

    One to watch

    Whether it be PBs or V prizes everybody seems on an upward curve of some sort so it’s a tough call. But I think Dean has only just started, and his 10k time especially will really fall away dramatically (no pressure mate).

    Race Results


    10:24 – 10:08


    17:58 – 17:23

    5 miles

    30:13 – 29:24


    37:10 – 35:51

    10 miles

    61:42 – not raced.


    81:13 – 81:43

    2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    3K – 9:49 (be Cheshire Champ again, see who turns up!)

    5k – sub 17:10 (May)

    5 miles – sub 29mins<

  • MATT 2012:

    Only been on this thread a short while so not fully up to speed with everyone's achievements and ive only been racing for 10months myself so cant compare last years. I know that there is some serious times and training goes down on this thread! Hopefully it'll help me pick up tips and hearing other people's experiences can hopefully help me.

    -Years Mileage. Not sure at all. I only bought a garmin in the summer and have only started logging my weekly mileage 4 weeks ago.

    -Races run. 16

    -Distances Raced at. (First year of racing) 5km, 10km, 10 m, 13.5m, 17 mile.

    -PBs (not including first attempts at a distance).
    5k - 16.33
    10k. - 33.56

    Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year
    - got to be breaking 34 mins for the 10k. After my first race in February and running 36.16 I'd never have imagined I could knock over 2 mins off that time.
    - entering my first 'proper' fell race in November (the tour of Pendle) and finishing 8th. I turned up without any fell shoes as I didn't have any and a club mate lent me some money so I could buy some around 10mins before the start after they'd stopped laughing at my trail shoes. 17 miles with 5000ft of ascent and id only planned to do it as a training run to accumulate some miles.
    - breaking 17 mins for the 5km. Managed to do it at the Burnley park run then on the road. I'm still one of only 2 people to go under 17 on that course. I think Dean may know the other fella.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year
    - getting injured around 4 weeks before Chester marathon.
    - dropping out of my first ever xc race the other week with the sh@ts around 4 miles in.
    - Losing out in a sprint finish in my first 10mile race.

    They're only minor disappointments as I can't complain with the 10months I've had.

    Thread Members. I've only been reading this a short while and I just pretty much jumped in at the end so off what I've read recently.

    Best thread race performance
    - Deans 33.03 10km or Ironcat5's Ironman. I tip my hat to anyone who completes one of those.

    2012 Thread poster of the year (with reasons)
    - after only reading for a short time it's obvious to see how SG seems to keep things ticking over nicely.

    2013 One to Watch
    - after seeing the pb's that Dean has demolished this year Ill plump for him.

    Race Results
    - 6 x 1st places (3 in the club summer series and 3 at the parkrun)
    2 x 2nd place
    3x 3rd place
    5th, 8th, 9th and 71st.

    2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)
    - to hopefully keep improving. I've turned down a free club entry for the London marathon as I want to concentrate on lowering my 5 and 10km times with a bit of luck. Later in the year I want to do the Snowdon international, the Ben Nevis fell race and hopefully have another good run in the tour of Pendle.

    Staying injury free would be my main one!

  • SEB 2012:


    • 1852 Miles
    •  32 Races run
    • Distances Raced: 800, 1500, 2k & 3k Steeple, 5000, 10000, 5m,6m, 10k, 10M. XC, sprint Tri
    • PBs, 5M, 6M, 5000, 10k

    Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • Lads Leap Fell Race English Champs  – Just insane, real eye-opener, great to meet Bus
    • 10M Cabbage Patch – First Road race over 10k distance, Really happy with 58:18.
    • Birmingham League Div 1 Races – quality field, quality races, years training paying off.

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Milton Keynes 10K – Some type of burnout -  too many races, end of my summer road racing
    • Telford 10k DNF – First DNF ever, missed out on Sub 35 which was a 2012 target
    • Not mastering Road cycling – fell off hospitalising myself.

    Thread Members

    • Best thread race performance


    Dean’s 10k @ Telford, a stellar performance really flying and a cracking end to the year

    Phil’s VLM, destroying the young crowd coupled with outstanding pacing

    SG’s Cabbage Patch 10M run, big improvement after years of training, great to see the miles and dedication paying off.

    • 2012 Thread poster of the year

    Hmm not sure, probably BUS, everyone contributes in different ways, but Bus posts regularly with great encouragement of others through good and bad times.

    • 2013 One to Watch

    Very interested to see Deans progress, the race time drops from 2011 to 2012 are Insane to put it mildy.

    Race Results

    • 5000m, 17:44 – 16:44
    • 10k, 39:19 - 35:37
    • 5M, 29:20 – 28:45
    • 6M, 36:32 – 34:51

    2013 Aims


    PB at every distance I race including:

    Sub 34 @ 10k/10000m

    Sub 27:30 @ 5M

    Sub 16 @ 5000m

    Sub 57 @ 10m

    Stepping up to half marathon Distance

    More Fell running, less road running

    Even though I’ve written time aims for race distances down, I’d like to think I’m not too fussed about these for 2013. I’m hoping the year will bring strength and endurance gains along with good performances in off road racing which I’ll be focusing on. I aim to run lots of easy miles and do much more strength training & long runs, exploring Lydiard’s approach to running training whilst still playing with Daniels running formula training methods.

    Post more on the thread. Im useless and often absent for days/weeks

  • PHILIP 2012:


    1,669.60 miles, less than last year, was on target for more.
    Many races, 29 on po10, probably another 20 not on po10 so shy of 50
    Distances, 3000m, 3000m s/c, 5000m, 5k, 5miles, 10k, half, 20 miles, marathon, cross country, odd relays and handicaps etc
    PBs: steeplechase, 5 mile, half, full

    3 personal highlights of the year

    Half marathon sub 80 at Wokingham
    2:50:28 full at London
    Black Park parkrun win (350 runners)

    3 disappointments

    29:20 at Marlow 5: needed sub 29
    Only once went sub 18 for 5k or 5000m
    Missing big chunks with injury

    Race times

    All on po10:

    Thread members

    Best thread race: DT2 at Amsterdam. I saw him after London and he was down in the face with 2:39 and Amsterdam was just rewards for a year's hard training.
    Poster of the year: LuvsaPB for the honesty of his training and the inevitable outcome of such.
    2013 one to watch: just about anyone, DT2, UG, dachs, Dean, Stevie, our own SG, all putting in PBs time after time.

    Aims for 2013:

    as many 80% + WAVA

     5k 18:00
     5m 29:46
    10k 37:28
    10m 61:28
    HM 81:37
    20m 2:07:20
    Mar 2:49:48

    Enjoy a few more races.

  • Haha, Stevie S. had 5 top 3 highlights. image

  • And me for 2012:


    • Total mileage: 2505 (darn it Ric, if only I'd known ) my biggest year by nearly 400M
    • Total ascent 187,000 ft (had to have height  in SG!)
    • Races run: 27 (3 fell, 7 off-road, 17 road)
    • (Road) Distances Raced at: 5k, 5M, 10k, 7M, 10M, HM,
    • PBs: 5k 17:59 (18:19)  HM 1:18:46 (1:19:33)  10M 58:44 (58:48)

     Top 3 Personal running Highlights of Year

    • 10M PB, despite very windy last 2 miles
    • Half marathon PB
    • Coledale Horseshoe Fell Race

    Bubbling under: 1st V40, massive trophy and £50 vouchers at Bramley 10!; County Bronze medal at Wycombe Half; weekend of Lad's Leap Fell Race including long run with Seb; course PB at Ridgeway after a 6 year wait!; trip to GSR with SG.  Oh, and getting through a whole year with no (serious!) injuries!

    Top 3 Disappointments of the Year

    • Not going sub 36 at 10k
    • Not going sub 29 in 5M
    • Not even getting close to scoring any points in the English Fell Running Champs!

    Thread Members

    • PERFORMANCE: Lot's of great moments from everyone on the thread, inlcuding Stevie See's sub 36, Seb's various off-road wins, Dean's fantastic progression overall, similar with Dachs times, SG's 10M times validating all his work and commitment to his coaching programme but, as others have said, the overall standout has to be Philip's 2:50 at London, for the shear standard of planning and execution. Scariest performance has to be DT2's 14M tempo at 5:40 pace!!
    • POSTER: Again, difficult to call as everyone brings something to the thread and the race reports get better by the race, but Stevie See for his continual presence and relentless positivity, Dachs for making me laugh and SG for making me cry!!
    • ONE TO WATCH: Tricky again, as we've all got big things ahead of us next year (I hope!).  Dach's, Dean and SG are going to get some big PB's, Stevie See is also going to have a breakthrough year and I reckon Seb will make a giant leap forward if he starts doing some long runs (!) and translates his off-road prowess onto the roads but I will plump for newcomer Matt given the times he's done on some patchy training!

    Race Results

    • 7 1st V40 prizes and 12 top 10 overall (had to make a shelf free for some trophies!!!)

    2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    • A proper 5k!
    • Sub 29 for 5M
    • Sub 36 for 10k
    • Sub 1:18:36 for Half Marathon (proper 6 mm pace, rather than the 10 secs over at Paddock Wood!)
    • Sub 2:50 for Marathon
    • Top 50 in Coledale Horseshoe
    • A new fell race (or two!)


  • And my review of my predictions:

    • ONE TO WATCH: Tricky again, as we've all got big things ahead of us next year (I hope!).  Dach's, Dean and SG are going to get some big PB's, Stevie See is also going to have a breakthrough year and I reckon Seb will make a giant leap forward if he starts doing some long runs (!) and translates his off-road prowess onto the roads but I will plump for newcomer Matt given the times he's done on some patchy training!

    Pretty much spot on there (apart from using the word "all")!

    2013 Race Aims (not necessarily just times)

    • A proper 5k!  NOPE!
    • Sub 29 for 5M - NOPE!
    • Sub 36 for 10k - NOPE!
    • Sub 1:18:36 for Half Marathon (proper 6 mm pace, rather than the 10 secs over at Paddock Wood!) - NOPE!
    • Sub 2:50 for Marathon - NOWHERE BLOODY NEAR!
    • Top 50 in Coledale Horseshoe JUST (47TH!) BUT WASN'T REALLY A STRETCHING TARGET!
    • A new fell race (or two!) - NOPE!


  • Oops - this crucial bit was missed off of the bottom of Stevie See's (thinking about it, i should have just posted the predictions!):

    10k – sub 35mins (by November)

    10miles – sub 59mins

    HM – sub 79mins (By September)

    Other - Sandstone Trail race – top 10 finish

    Oh and if I run a 34:xx 10k I’ll enter a 2014 marathon. You can hold me to that. You heard it here first!

  • And the last bit of SG's (but then his was never going to fit on one page!):

    • 5M    28.05            27.56  
    • 10K  35.20            35.20     (2 windy attempts, last one 35.24, tho did get an official split of 35.09 within GSR)
    • 10M   58.24          57.09
    • Half   1:17:59       1:17:53  Gosport would have been interesting

    2013 Race Aims (General)

    1. Do More races
    2. Sample some new races, potentially a northern one.

    2013 Race Times Aim

    1. Sub 35min 10k
    2. Sub 1hr 17 Half
    3. Sub 17min 5k

    I'll stop there with stuff that's realistic now, rather than setting any stretch targets. As last year showed those can quickly go if you get a niggle at the wrong time, or  you get unfavourable conditions on a pb hunt

  • edit....image you noticed just when I did /

    Not quite sure why a lot of us wrote everything fault probably image

  • If I'd thought about it and done a proper job, I'd have edited it for the predictions and tidied up the formatting, but too late and I've found something to do now!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    You're review of last years predictions is my post of the year Bus. image 

    i hit my 5 and 10k targets but never ran Snowdon due to targeting the 5ks in the summer and after getting a PB at Leeds Abbey Dash I decided against the Tour of Pendle. Without coming on here and picking up bits of advice etc I'd have probably ran Snowdon and Pendle and missed out the hitting my targets. 


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Nice work Bus, you missed me though... image.

    Fantastic 10k matt, i would give A LOT for 2x sub 33s. 

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