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    Stupid tablet doing that backward writing thing again! As I was trying to say, Johnas, I take your point about pb focus. I guess its because after a good 2012 I wanted to capitalise and am very conscious that at 45 getting pb's is a battle against natural deterioration as well as improving training, so I don't have the "luxury" of time to focus on one distance. In 2012 my 5k and 10k pb that still stands were done within the GSR,

     Anyway,I am ina swanky hotel in Exeter at the mo and did today's session on a treadmill! 8k in 32 mins, with 4 x 1k at 3.35 pace off 1 minjog rec. Quite good fun as it happens!  Tomorrow's planned session will be interesting given the weather forecast here!!!

  • Not been on the forum for a while, only to find my regular thread has died on it’s arse. Hope you guys and girls don’t mind me joining in here? I have lurked from time to time in the past. Some great end of year write ups BTW.

    Johnas / Dachs - RE: Leeds, Harrogate and York Christmas Markets. Harrogate gets a small one, not worth the bother, York gets regular themed markets in the City centre, though I don’t remember visiting it at Christmas I am sure they will have one, Leeds has a really good Christmas Market and it is only about 150 meters from the Abbey Dash finish line (and old start line before they changed the course in 2013). It’s become a tradition in recent years for me to run the Abbey Dash and then head over to the market for refuel with the Missus and Junior. There was an excellent Bavarian style pop up restaurant that did the trick for me last time out.
    York and Harrogate are nicer (if a little twee) than Leeds and are worth a visit in general if not for the markets, Leeds is obviously a lot bigger and is better for shopping and probably has more going on. Not sure if that helps in the persuading the other halfs into the visits?
    I live close to York, work in Harrogate and grew up just outside Leeds if you were wondering. Happy to dish out local tips if you need them closer to the time.

  • New Year, new name, new targets and new training!

    Hi everyone. How have you all been? I've not been training much for the past few months, just a few easy runs per week. Haven't checked in here as it makes me feel bad about my diminishing fitness! Been enjoying the Samir Haddad thread though!

    Goals for 2014:

    Marathon: 2:50

    Half: 1:18

    10k: 34:30

    5k: 16:30

    also, do some fell and trail races, 1500m track too. 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Welcome yd.  good to have another northern based racer to get to hear about new races.  Only right you post up some aims for 2014 When you get chance.image


    tim - welcome back mate, hope you get fitness up and get some races on soon

  • A little 3 miler, then 10 x 1min on the track today. Pace was 5K-10K pace. Really easy, just easing into it to ready myself for Saturday. My club are in with a chance of team gold so if I can sneak into the top 6 counters I might bag myself silver wear. image

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Welcome YD and welcome back Tim. 

    Plenty of fell races for you to have a crack at up your way. 

    Fancied a name change myself. image 

  • Thanks for the welcomes.

    Stevie, a nice little set up session for a weekend race. Yorkshire XC champs for me on Sat, we don't have much of a team, I am first/second fastest on the team haha! My aim is not to get lapped by the Brownlee Brothers!

    Aims for the year, I am making my Marathon debut at Edinburgh in May, sub 2:50, how much sub 2:50, I don't yet know, maybe a crack at a championship entry standard for London the following year if things go very well and I take to the Marathon. Time and training will tell.

    2013 was a year of injury frustration, I was due to make my Marathon debut at Manchester in April, started Marathon training in Jan, ran a PB at the Dewsbury 10k in Feb (35:24), it was quite windy so reckon I wasn't all that far off sub 35 shape that day, but got carried away in training and got injured two weeks later.

    Spring / Summer became a write off but have managed to get myself back in shape over autumn. Running the Abbey Dash in 35:37 signaled a decent return to form only to run poorly for 35:42 at Ribble Valley 10k last week. Conditions weren't great and the course isn't all that quick, however it was a poor showing, I think I am fitter than that time suggests. A bit of Power of 10 stalking tells me I was around and beating guys and girls who have been sub 35 recently (including at the Abbey Dash).

    My other PB’s are soft, so will (touch wood) get some serious revision this year.

    5k: 17:16 (though I ran 17:14 2nd half split in my PB 10k)
    5m: 28:20
    10k: 35:24
    10m: 59:15
    HM: 81:06 (not raced a half for 16 months)

    Immediate aims are sub 17, sub 35, 58 ish 10 miler, and low 77 half. Though I won't get to race them all during Marathon build up. Dewsbury 10k again for the next PB chase. 


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I'm thinking of running Dewsbury YD. I wouldn't be too disheartened by the RV10k. I was pretty sure I was in decent shape to get somewhere near my PB that I got at Leeds but fell 21 seconds short. The field is quality but its nowhere near as quick as the Abbey dash in my opinion. 

  • Matt - yea I went out hard and paid the price for trying to run 35 min pace in the first two miles, I generally run a negative split but didn't that day. I didn't like running that week either, Christmas took it's toll I think. 

    Have you run Dewsbury before? If not, it's quick, very similar to the Abbey Dash course in that it's an out and back, it's potentially a quicker course than the Abbey Dash IMO. Although it doesn't attract the same quality field and is often windy in Feb. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    I've never run Dewsbury but heard good things so going to give it a go.

    I also died in the second half of the RV10k! 

  • welcome YD. Your 10k suggests with the right build up, sub 2.50 is well within your grasp. Selected a plan yet or are you coached?

  • Welcome YD, always said this'd be a better thread for you, everyone is in and around where you want to be, rather than talking wava the whole time!

    ps what's with all the name changes on here!


    Was meant to be my 5m MP through 10k to hard today, but would be a little mad to try that after being a bit colded up the last 2 days,

    Therefore, to buy some time, will sub in tomorrow's runs today, and hope it's doable tomorrow.

    The 6 at easy up shortly will soon  show me!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    There's a bit less training geekery on here than the Middle Ground thread. Some of us don't even have a clue what we're doing.

  • Cheers Stevie, I am sure you will love a good WAVA stat once you get to the right age  image

    Haha Dachs, nowt wrong with a bit of training geekery here and there image

    Johnas – I have an informal coach/mentor relationship. I basically run most of my training ideas and key sessions by him and fill in the rest with easy mileage myself. This only started in August this year, I have just done my own thing before that.
    I will write out a more structured plan for the Marathon and will run it by coach in the next few weeks, but I like to keep things flexible for the usual reasons of job and family commitments etc..

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    Another one from the same thread as YD looking for a new/additional place to post given that one has slowed down a lot.

    Some impressive performances on here from last year and some tasty looking targets for 2014 as well.

    YD – Wondered where you had got to. Good to see you looking on course for a decent run at Dewsbury.

    I’m also going to be running Dewsbury as my next target, though I’m hoping to revise my 5k time at a parkrun before then.

  • Nice and sensible easing off there SG!

    8m for me this morning. Nice and easy. Felt really good.. quite surprised seeing as how dreadful yesterday was and it was my first 6am start re being back at work!


  • Johnas - I know what you mean about not having a goal fuelling my obsessive training. Sometimes it definitely works that way, and if I had more of a need to take it easy I wouldn't go out and smash it all the time. I just can't decide on a distance to race at. I also have an extremely full on time at work until April (only 2 free weekends!) so not much time t o race.

    Vaguely... vaguely.. contemplating Dublin marathon..

  • Looks like the thread transfer window is open for business

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Samir will turn up in a minute.

  • sounds good YD. Will look forward to seeing some of those sessions in due course

    Welcome Mr V. Post up some history and times before PMJ doesimage

    Nikki - please tell me there's some time off in the week though! We all know your love of speed work so why not put it to good use in a 10k or something on one of those free weekends?

  • Welcome aboard Mr V. What's going on with the MG thread then? BR, Hilly and Curly don't post as much these days, but that's been the case for a  fair while hasn't it?

    Nikki, as a fellow 3k miles runner, I think I'd struggle to keep it that high without real goals. Why not get something big on the agenda a few months ahead, and work to it. Makes it all much more worthwhile.

    6 done and dusted. Started feeling a little groggy, but ended at 6.49average so must be ok...right?

  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭

    Johnas – Times for 2013 were 5K – 17.37, 5M 29.06 and 10k 36.47. I think I’m in shape to improve on these at the moment as both the 5 and 10K were set in Spring and I’m fitter now. I just started getting coaching a couple of months ago so I’m hoping the next few weeks will start to show some improvements. My coach is optimistic that I’ll make big strides this year so hopefully that will be the case. As for targets for the year I haven’t really decided yet, though I would like to tick off a sub 36 sooner rather than later if I can.

    SG – I’m not sure really. Yes some of the original folks haven’t been posting for a while but it was still fairly busy for a time. Seems to have dropped right off now for whatever reason.

  • Just drifting over from the Middle Ground...

    Trafford 10k on March 9th is particularly fast (usually half a dozen sub-30).

    Also, Sale Sizzler dates for 2014 just announced:
    Thursdays July 3, 17, 31, Aug 14. The last one is "Run with the Olympians", i.e. half a dozen or so ex Olympians will at least be present, many of them running. I usually marshal but this year aim to race at least one, given that as of yesterday I am now in a new age group!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
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    Hello to all the MG transferees! Looks like some good targets brought with you too, so a welcome bit of peer pressure image


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Another 10 miler for me today. Was supposed to be 12, but my legs weren't up for it and I am racing Saturday, so didn't  want to push too hard, especially as there is still a bit of a groin niggle.. Mainly flat route, along the riverExe, but very windy at times, so not unhappy with 7.20 pace. !gS eciohc elbisneS


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    bloody random backwards writing!!!!won ffo em gnissip si ti


  • 14 at lunchtime at 7:18 pace so it seems that run out with SG between Christmas and New Year has got the legs moving at a better pace, much happier now. Awful weather, high winds, stinging sleet, ground flooded so puddle dodging all the way. 32 for the week in 3 runs so far.

  • Sounds a tidy turn out Phil.

    I wonder what Marlow would be like to race these days. I suppose the 5miles up to start can be dealt with by the early adrenaline, but it's a case of how much you lose up the later hills, and what you can produce downhill.

    From experience of 2002 and 2005, the answer was plenty, and jack all.

    6&4 today at 7 or under pace. Can feel it's not quitE as easy as normal, but much better feeling than yesterday would have been. Certainly wouldn't have been able to do the quality today.

    Therefore, less good news is needing to do today's runs tomorrow now. Was gently weighing up somehow including it In tomorrow's parkrun, but I think that'd just make it really awkward,


  • SG, reckon Marlow will never be easy. It is a hilly course and the reward is places and course PBs and of course great course in great scenery, but never fast nor easy.

    I think I will parkrun at the Rye tomorrow so the more stay away the better. Then I will have Sunday off before the "4 in 4" XC starts so next week looks

    Mon 18 (supposed to be with 10@MP but that will be canned)
    Tue 5 recovery
    Wed 14
    Thu 5 recovery
    Fri 12
    Sun XC posing as 9 miles lactate threshold with 5 at HMP.

    63 miles total.

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