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  • a 20 is still a fair way longer than what I'm doing now, 14s. That's an extra 42-45mins which is a fair chunk

  • 9 very wet miles today.

    Tuesday's track session was 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1mins, 4 x 30s. Didn't wear my GPS watch so ended up running it all at 10K or quicker.

    Hope it clears up soon Johnas lad!

  • 20 is only a number Stevie just throw in an extra mile a week and you will be there is no time,It does get easier .image

  • I found marathon (and IM) distance training dull. It was a very slow jog from one train station waaay off, back home. HM training this time round is more interesting as one needs to maintain pace, and the XCs can be used as tempo runs (ish).

    After the Wokey-Cokey I'm back on 5 & 10km duty.

    Treadmill intervals tonight as the hotel couldn't give me any details on the track at the local university. 3x1600 with 400m RI. I hate treadmills with a passion and despite refusing to wear the emergency stop cord, managed to stop the damn thing in rep 2 and 3.

    Target was 5:51 and did them at 5:56 ish.

    I have realised that I have minimal speed endurance. 400s I can bang out, 800s are interesting and anything else is just pain, misery and missed targets (at current target paces). It seems I've also managed to avoid most of the longer rep track sessions like 12/16/2000s . I haven't 'grown' in to my new track paces yet.

    Holy shit, I've just realised that's sub 6minute miling! image

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Is it starting to move in the right direction Johnas?

    SG - Philip is spot on about the mental aspect of the long training runs for marathons. At the moment, doing a 16 seems as unlikely to me as a 22 did for the Abo campaign, but you just get on and do it!

    I've come to the conclusion, again like Philip mentions, that the big injury risk with a marathon is how you deal with the few weeks after. Mentally you feel like you can take on anything after a week or so rest, but really it needs to be a slow careful return. I reckon the day per mile recovery would be a sensible guide before any hard sessions! I've had problems with injury after my last two marathons, and both times I can pin point exactly what I did wrong. With VLM it was racing too soon and too hard, and for Abo it was too much descending on fells after just a week off. That said, some people seem to be able to bounce straight back and race hard without any ill-effects. After my first marathon, I ran Marlow half two weeks later in a course PB with no problems!

  • Bus, sent you a couple of fb mails, when you read em.

    But yes, maybe one day...let's see if I need a new distance if the pbs start freezing... Having felt what 5.48 feels like for 2.5mile sections,  beating 5.46 for 13.1miles in a go seems a distance away.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Philip - forgot to say, very nice 14 miler. Seems to be coming together at the mo, so keep 'em crossed!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Johnas, that sucks, is VLM still on the cards?

    PMJ, nice running, paces coming together well. You should wear the warm clothing with bra & knickers on the outside.

    Iron, your training paces are coming on excellently. Look forward to seeing it reflected in a race.

    SG, you'd have no probs with a marathon. Once you've done a couple of 20s they arent too bad, especially if you can find someone to run with.

    Track tonight, did my own session, 4 x 3000s with 600 recoveries, run at threshold. 10:17, 10:18, 10:17, 10:14. Thats over 7 miles at a fraction under 5:30 pace, so pretty happy with that. 

  • Wow, 3k reps on a track. I'm not sure I have your mentality for the longer stuff Dachs!

    And I certainly don't have your speed, though maybe I'd give you a race in a 50metre sprint or something image

  • Dachs, that is a mental session. 

    First time back at the club for a few months for me 2x 6 x short hill reps with jog recovery down. Took it at manageable pace, but was tough on me! 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    great session dachs, iron and phil.

    i remember asking questions about should i run london and would it impact on my summer track season....i think i have my answer and made the right decision to avoid this yr.image

    Lit - i imagine you have an email for the robin hood half for early bird entry.  despite not wanting to race it i am applying for an elite entry as its the same organisors as Reading. well if our buddy Samir can get one, anyone can.... are you gonner go for it?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Jeez Dachs, that session makes my legs (and brain) hurt just thinking about it!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Some de very good running going on here today. 

    johnas, have you been able to get out for a Plod or any sort of run recently? 

    Nice 14 Phil. 

    Iron, I'm opposite to you in that I don't mind treadmills, especially for the longer reps. I've done the 3 x 2 miles @ 10k goal pace on them off 2 1/2 mins rec quite often over the last month or two. I find i can switch off once the pace is set and i think it definitely helps with leg turnover. With time being tight recently I've been doing tempos on one too As there's a new gym opened exactly a mile from my front door. Perfect to jog up and straight on the treadmill. 

    great session Dachs, I don't recall ever doing longer reps than 1200s on a track and they take some mental strength. Great pacing too. 

    After yesterday tempo then me trying some lunges afterwards and corework, my quads and torso were in bits today. Managed a 4 this morning then a gently 9.5 @ 7.43 pace tonight. Definitely harder than it should've been. I've canned tomorrow's track session and will either do a Parkrun or session on Saturday. Going to run easy il then and let them recover. 

  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    If it didn't seem like almost everyone who does one gets some kind of injury (ranging on this thread from a couple of weeks out to, through to never returning!), I'd almost be tempted myself image

    To be fair, my injuury isn't directly related to the marathon or marathon training. i had a full 2 weeks off, then a couple of easy weeks @ around 20 miles a week no problem but then picked up a glute niggle which manifested into this adductor injury after trying a tempo session without a proper warm up. My bad really.

    Dachs - tough session but those consistent paces show all good in the Dachs hood! It was actually a similar session that caused my injury - 4x 8min threshold reps where I was covering 2400m per rep (5.20ish pace). Unfortunately VLM is a no go for me - ive missed that all important December base building so it'd be stoopid to try and play catch up now.

    Matt - havent actually ran since 10 December although I have done all my sessions on the eliptical machine by Heart Rate, plus a couple of deep water sessions too.

    Good news is that being in the gym every other day for the last month doing non impact work means I've also been doing strength and core work regularly which has made a huge difference. Will try an easy 30 mins on the treadmill this Saturday.

    Nice work iron. if you hate treadmills, you should try doing a long run on a eliptical machine. 90 mins of pure boredom!

    Thanks SS. Got a similar session on the xtrainer myself tonight - 2 x 1,2,3,2,1 (60).


  • Hello everyone. Some very good training on here. I hope you don't mind me joining in.

    Do you all run to pace calculators and which one do you normally use? T

    I don't currently use anything. Thanks.
  • Dachs, 4x3000m at my PB pace, wow!

    Stevie G wrote (see)

    But yes, maybe one day...let's see if I need a new distance if the pbs start freezing... Having felt what 5.48 feels like for 2.5mile sections,  beating 5.46 for 13.1miles in a go seems a distance away.

    So two things:

    1) SG eases off and says "maybe one day" and not "when Hell Freezes over" (which apparently it does every couple of years according to the local residents

    2) What is all this pussy footing about 75 for? Your PB is 75:41, 5:47 pace. You are now talking 5:46 pace which is 75:33. Bite the bullet, 5:44 pace for 75 on the nose.

  • McMillan shows it as 5.46 pace.

    I don't want to boastfully hype up my half marathon pace by 1 second here!

    10 done at 7.12 pace today, which means that I am technically slower than Phil after his 14 yesterday

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ian - all are welcome here! (well, almost all image) In a roundabout way, Stevie G's post answers your question image. McMIllan tends to be the default pace calendar used by many.


  • Bus - Thanks. So do you use it yourself?

    I have just done a 5k at my club and it was 18:06 but my half time is 1:19:53 from September. My 5k pace is well off that on the calculator. So what would you follow pace wise?
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Ian - welcome.

    i would use a more recent race time to base my training paces on.  if it feels too much you can always adjust.    i vary my paces in line with the distance/volume im covering in a session.  if its 5*1k i will use my race pace.  if its 5*1m i will use my 10k race pace.

  • Sorry Ian, didn't see your post sneak in at the bottom of the last page, welcome back.

    Like Bus says, all are welcome, we've only once had to encourage someone onto another thread, and I have a few on ignore, but apart from that all good image

    if the half was a flat course, i'd be more inclined to use that for your zones. You'll have trained for it, whereas 5ks are often thrown in for giggles. A lot of us on here can't get close to what McMillan reckons for 5k based off our longer stuff..

  • Dachs, that session you did has echoes of Johnas' monster threshold sessions. And he produced big off those. That's gonna be pretty encouraging image

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ian - siimlar to Dean (but obviously a lot slower!) I prefer to use a race time for my pace, though mine tends to be target rather than recent. I find MacMiIllan useful for working out interval sessions say, but for many runners, the distance calculator seems to over-egg the extremes.  

  • TippTopTippTop ✭✭✭

    Top track work Dachs!

    SG - glad to see you're beginning to get sense and are no longer ruling out a marathonimage I think TRs statement is spot on "i think it helps when folks separate a marathon campaign from the year round club campaign/life and dont try to still do the club sessions and club races, but do a more marathon focussed campaign."
    How long does a 16miler take you? Some of my 20s don't take that long - it all depends on whether you use them to build general endurance or specific endurance. Plus if you race a HM it's only an extra mile or two on your warm-up and cool-down.

    Johnas - I don't envy you. I still shudder thinking of the long elliptical sessions I done when I was injured a few years back.

  • Track... 3 x (3mins, 2mins, 1mins, 30s) all @ 3K pace. Hard work hitting 79/80s laps on the 3mins. The 2 and 1 were just bloody fast!

  • Thanks for the advice everyone, that's very helpful.

    My 5k is also way off which is meant to be about 17:10 but is only 17:54. The training paces based on my half time look challenging but not impossible expect for the easy run pace which is really quick! The paces based on my 18:06 5k from Tuesday look too easy.

    What sort of pace do you all do your easy runs? Most of mine are between 8 - 8:30/mile.
  • Matt - I'm with you, don't mind the occasional tempo/longer rep session on a treadmill.. Every now and then. When it's raining.and windyimage

    Johnas  - well done for keeping going. 90min on an xtrainer is tough going mentally. 

    Stevie See: tastes session there.

    Another session with the new club for me tonight. We were split into 4 groups based on 10km time. I went I the 37-39min group. Wrong choice. We did 6 x uphill 60s rest then back down the hill 60s rest. Kept up going down but Was significantly dropped going up. Go figure. Then 5k Tempo @ 6:35. Again was about 10 meters off the tail of the group the whole time. Feeling a bit out of my depth now!! They might let me race xc see for them on the 18th though so just trying to figure out how that will fit into ham training program.

  • Ian, I've heard plenty of people suggesting easy paces come out a bit too fast with McMillan.

    As a 1hr 19 half man at the start of this thread, my easy zone was 7.24-8 ish, now with a 1.15;xx in the seemingly distant past I'm 6.53-7.40ish (without checking the exacts of the bottom end)

  • Ian - my 5k time is 19:15 and I do my easy at about 08:00. but.... i think everyone will tell you that's too fast!

  • Good training all, especially the 4 x 10mins+ tempo from Dachs, All I got in was 4 x 1mile tempo off 80 seconds. Went ok.

    Not racing XC this weekend Dean, off to Alpe de Huez for a week. Hopefully get a chance to run up the slopes. In for the Midlands though.

    In the meantime, good luck to everyone racing..


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