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  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Ahh, thanks Stevie!  You know me SG image. Sounds like a tough start to the day after an evening out!

    Held up OK tonight on the way home - probably because I was running through the most hideous mud and swamps I've ever seen in my life, so the pace was almost glacial!

    LOTS of stretching tonight and the aforementioned F-Off tomorrow (or at least biking and no running) and then fingers crossed that an easy paced LSR on Saturday won't set it off again!

    I wonder how Mad Bess Woods got its name - but am happy I don't have to run through it in the dark wondering image

  • That sounds like a place you don't want to get lost in! I'm saving my stretching/rolling fest for my F-OFF tomorrow. Ah, Fridays nights... use to be a tad different 5 years ago, where the challenge was how much vodka can I drink before we go out? I think I prefer my new hum-drum existence.

    Which reminds me... I'm doing 'dryathlon' for Caner Research. So feel free to buy me a pint via sponsorship. I feel a cheeky git but hey, good cause an' all that! I'm 24 days without a drop.

  • Sg - enjoy your night, madmanimage

    Bus - hopefully the rest day helps. Fingers crossed.

    club session for me tonight. 3 x 8min Off 2min rec. Came out at 06:24, 06:21, 06:21. Felt quite comfortable ahead of what's supposed to be a very hilly and wet XC. Nervous! 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Mad Bess was a local name given to a piece of woodland which had; living in a nearby cottage, a women with issues.

    Couldn't get lost in this one, its only one mile square with roads north and south of it.


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    You're not wired up right Bus! Tackling the off road when feeling a niggle coming on. image 

    im S off this week. It'll be my first day off since New Year's Day and I'm ready for it. Tried my new watch out tonight at the track. Did a 10x 400 off 1 min. Didn't want to overdo the number of reps with racing on Sunday, but as it happened 10 was bloody hard work anyway. image pressed the wrong button mid session and then frantically kept pressing it to restore order.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Nah - the off-road stuff is better for you than all that joint-thumping tarmac Matt image

    Garmin is down, so can't see your reps - I'm guessing they were obscenely quick though!

    Dryathon Stevie - I thought about it, but was doomed from the start with a couple of nights away on the 2nd and 3rd Jan! Well done for getting so far. Those peronis will be all the sweeter for it...

    Ric - this woman with issues, she wasn't called Bess by any chance image

    Nikki - good luck with the XC. Is that Sunday or Saturday?





  • One of those nights you think sleep will kick in soon, but doesn't ever really, and suddenly it's 6am. Cripes.

    I've got to stop this, I see there's a whole world of stuff out there!

    Gonna do this session at the track I think.  Try and last the 10 laps or so at 1.22s...

  • ok, so who knew that a late night, barely eating and sleeping and then trying a hard session at 7am on a windy track wouldn't bring optimum results image

    Started off around the right pace, but then started drifting down a second a lap for a couple of laps and then settled at 1.25s. So on average you could call it threshold rather than 10k for the 2.5miles.

    Didn't feel like I was working "that" hard, but certainly didn't have anything more to offer.

    Come the 3x0.5mile at 5k pace, the first one came out about right, 2.40ish, but the 3rd and 4th were in the 2.44/5 mixer, so actually 10k pace jobs.

    Walked away barely feleing anything in the legs, but at the time didn't have more to give,

    I certainly seem to struggle to hit 10k pace in anything over 1mile reps, although cold over Christmas and last night are some kind of alibi. But i guess i'm working at the brink now, rather than smashing into potential.

    Last night taught me to try and be sociable though, will have to cut that stuff out image

  • SG, the trick with social occasions is to enjoy them and plan the running so you can do both. We have our awards night tonight. I've won 2 for sure so I am 4th man overall and 5th age graded overall but would like to win best vet but there are no exact rules for this so it is a bit of a surprise. Won't be a surprise next year though as we have had a few 39 year olds turn 40 and they are way faster than I. This means I will run today but not tomorrow: nice late start and breakfast of black pudding, bacon and eggs.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    .I would like to win best vet but there are no exact rules for this so it is a bit of a surprise. ..


    tell me about it, i didnt win best vet at our club awards.   i felt i did enough to get a shot at it last yr having won a few decent things.  i was beaten by a chap who is a specialised 400m runner who i beat by 5 seconds over 400m only an hour after i had also raced both an 800m & 3000m.  but im not bitter about it you understandimage

  • To be fair Dean the guy is 99 years old and was coming back from by-pass surgery image

  • Dean - Not bitter? love it you're even competitve at awards!! At my old club I even won best male athlete in 2012 which quite frankly was embarassing that a 47 year old is the best athlete!!!!

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    max he was only 86 image 

    rob - always competitive...even when they read out the ladies road nominees i thought im better than all them...i should get that too. image I did win best male road performance for christleton though. 

    no chance of a best athlete at my club.  a couple of special awards were given out 1 was for the mens 800m club record was broken this yr in 1.48  and another lady came back to recieve an award and give a speech about getting a bronze in the worlds in moscow

  • I lobbied to have best lady abolished in my club last year because there were only three of us anyway and it was more like 'lady who bothered turning up to the most races'. But now there's loads more of us and I'd totally have won, too. That'll teach me.

    12 miles with 8 @ MP this morning. image

  • 'Lady who bothered turning up to the most races' is a cracking name for a prize! Haha.

    I would LOVE to win something at a club, I think it'd make my life!!

    Bus - the XC is on Saturday... i.e. Tomorrow! eek! Got some 12" in for it seeing as the rain was coming down this morning image


    Nice run Lit. Done and dusted eh.

    Sounds like a tough session SG but not surprising like you said about sleep. I find my sessions are absolutely sh*t if I haven't got enough sleep.

    A very easy 50min for me today with some strides in there in prep for tomorrow. Now to sit on my bum for the rest of the day.

  • Dean, to be fair, we have awards that go 5 deep ladies, gents and age graded so there is no shortage of bling. On top of that, there are a whole stack of other random prizes that are passed out so most people who actually put time and effort in and support the club end up with something.

  • Nikki G wrote (see)

    Bus - the XC is on Saturday... i.e. Tomorrow! eek! Got some 12" in for it seeing as the rain was coming down this morning image


    Sounds like you got a man to sell you spikes, he says they are 12" but it turns out they are just 19mm.

  • Ha er.. yes... 12mm.. no inches! That would be some extreme XC!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Hey Rob - what sort of two-bit club are you in when some old bloke can win image

    SG - sounds like you were just half asleep!  That'll teach you to try and have a life image

    Lit - good session!

    Good luck tomorrow then Nikki!

    Bloody rain - my nice shiny road bike got all dirty this morning, and wil get even more crud on it tonight image

  • Doing a night out before a morning quality session was dumb, but it was a date, and occasionally I have that sweeps of thinking it's time to get back in the game.

    This obviously wasn't the time, the session was rubbish, and all in all it's a pretty stale running time.

  • Back to the monastery eh SG. 

    Good luck to all racing this weekend. 

    Saw Dr yesterday who prescribed antibiotics,  and offered a blood test on the back of my 'not quite recovering pre-xmas'. Need to give the mess a few days first. 

  • I do envy you lot who got things sorted a lot earlier in life.

    Hope you're feeling better soon Iron.

    That little cluster of XC races has suddenly been reduced. I'm not doing Sunday,then next week's is off...leaving just 1 to go.


  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    That little cluster of XC races has suddenly been reduced. I'm not doing Sunday,then next week's is off...leaving just 1 to go.


    Dead rubber at TVT, you should make top 3.

  • Hope all goes ok with blood test iron. 

    SG - top effort!! Can we have a similar level of dating commentary as training?! its very hard to fit both in! And always a thinker when training suffers from it... Haha 

    Hate an afternoon race.. Not off till1pm. Breakfast number 1 had.. Kit looked out.. Spikes in.. Breakfast number 2 at 10.30 then off. I hate xc, haha.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Our XCs are at 2.15pm. It's a right ball ache.

    good luck though Nikki. Don't be shit.image 

  • Nikki, when I say it was a date, it turns out she didn't realise it was. Add in I work with her, and it's got the potential to be one of my all time biggest screw ups. 

    At least I'm running really well though.

    Oh wait a min...image

    ps enjoy the xc I think!

    My classic Saturday of  morning run, footy game, evening run.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Taking someone out or a date. What's the difference? or am I missing something?

  • Who knows Ric, I'm certain it was easier in your day image

    My easy 5miler came out at 6.45 pace for some reason. Must be subconsciously trying to show myself I am still decent after yesterday's session!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    In Ric's day he'd have had to ask her dad and be chaperoned by an elderly aunt image

    LSR this morning. Took a kill or cure decision on the groin thing and did an out and back route to make sure I had to do the distance or call for help rather than take a short cut!

    Got round the 15.5M hilly route, but it certainly wasn't comfortable (or quick!) for the second half - had to stop and stretch it a couple of times. It doesn't feel any worse than after the 10 miler now though, so who knows? 

    I spent about 3 miles trying to catch up with another runner, who turned out to be a triathlete from Sydney visiting relatives. Oh, and had the fun of overtaking a mountain biker on the last steep hill! 

    That makes 60M for the week, so whatever happens I've at least had a few weeks of reasonable mileage now!

    Day off tomorrow, and possibly Monday too.

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