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  • Nice running Bus, no shame in stopping for a stretch here and there. When I was running long before running 35:51 at the abbey Dash I regularly stopped to stretch my calves.

    Deano, not best vet? Laughable! I was no where near our awards this year! You'll just have to put in some effort thus year?! Ha ha.

    4 miles very easy Thursday, rest yesterday and 3 miles today. Ready for the Four Villages Half tomorrow. I had a sports massage yesterday, which had me screaming, shouting and tapping out. Absolute agony, but my legs feel better today. My recent 10K gives me a target of 1:21 exactly so I'm aiming at running 1:20:xx Fingers crossed.

  • So I got the male vets prize so was a happy lad yesterday. If things go well tomorrow it will be the final XC of the season and then time to concentrate on going long.

  • XC went OK. I wish I found it as invigorating as I think it should be! Was quite a muddy technical course so being a newbie I found bits of it quite challenging. Waiting results just now but think I came about 25th out of 100 or so. 25:15 for the 6k, Av pace was 04:13/km (sorry SG, watch was in km!!) and splits were 3:59, 4:06, 4:31, 4:10, 4:06, 4:20 (two laps of a course).


    Think (think!) I'm happy enough with that for just now, but also, there is a lot of work to do if I want to be competitive!

  • Nikki, that pace and position looks competitive.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    In my day guys I once met a girl who lived downstairs from a mate of mine (4:00:53 mile best). I think I stayed a couple of nights before I even bothered to ask her out. Her name escapes me right now. Who says romance is dead.

    So SG you are correct. Bus, in those days even the aunt would have been a possibility.


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Nowadays its ONLY the aunt who is a possibility image

    Nice racing Nikki - looks like a good result from where I'm sitting...

    Good luck tomorrow Stevie  - as is becoming the custom on here, I'll just say, don't be shit!

    God luck Philip and anyone else racing tomorrow too...

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    SS- good luck and smash helsby

    nikki - that looks like a good race and pace

    iron- good luck with the blood tests

    philip - congrats on the award

  • good luck racing to all, give it what you got and don't leave anything out there!

    14 at 7.01 average today. Some good thinking time, and the usual shift from nagtives and gloom to sudden uplifted thoughts somewhere in the middle image

  • XC today, marathon training legs but did the job. 21 tomorrow. Last 2 weeks were 63, next 3 are 68, 66 and 67 with Wokingham in that 67. Have to say things are feeling good but I don;t expect great things at Wokingham but I'm happy to have a fair run (82 minutes) there if it means things come together on VLM day.

  • Can you word to the class, how it must feel doing a XC race, working hard, wanting it over, and then suddenly thinking " I'm doing a 21miler tomorrow"


    I'd guess awful...but to you you're probably looking forward to it? image

  • Thanks for all the kind words guys. Still awaiting results so will see how it goes! Find it a bit hard to tell with xc.


    Today was a very tough 13.1m @ 07:43mm. Was knackered. Totally kaput! Ended up turning back on the group after deciding I was only doing 8m and letting them push on for the 13, but then decided I was just being a whimp so ended up making up the miles. Was very tough.. and I'm totally exhausted now (sofa day!)

    58miles this week.. rest day tomorrow. Then a cut back again next week.


    Some cracking weeks there Phil.. I don't know how you do it. You must be permanently exhausted!

  • Give yourself a break Nikki, you just raced xc yesterday! I bet Phil won't be running his 21-miler tomorrow at the very fastest end of his long run pace. Are you still planning to do that half at the beginning of March?

  • Nikki, Phil won't be. Check the paces he does runs at, and you'll see at times they're probably slower than yours despite racing a lot quicker.

    That won't be an accident, Phil knows his stuff.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    What Lit says Nikki!

    Philip - surely you can afford to have Wokingham week as a teensy bit of a cut-back to freshen up those ancient limbs of yours? imageThere's still another 6 weeks of solid training to put in after that, so a bit of a cut-back is going to be needed at some point surely?

    21M after a XC race is a hard way to start the week regardless of what pace you do it mind image

    Anyone doing the Hillingdon Half on 16th March? It's being billed as a fast one.


  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭

    Nikki - That seems quick for a post XC day run. Is that meant to be easy pace? Perhaps you can get away with it though if you've got an easy week coming up.

    Phil - How does that mileage match up to when you ran the 2.50?

    I was meant to be running the York half marathon today but have been struggling with weakness/fatigue for the last 10 days or so. I was feeling a bit better yesterday and resolved to run but after failing to get any sleep last night commons sense prevailed and I gave it a miss. Seems like it was the right decision as I didn't feel 100% when out for an easy run earlier. No more halfs planned until September though so the very soft PB will have to remain for now!

  • Hey all, just woke up from a lovely afternoon nap.

    So the Four Villages Half, has some hills and a gradual rise from 6-9 miles, and generally undulates all the way. The last 2 miles are downhill back down to the start/finish.

    I was aiming for around 1:21 as that would suggest I'm in the shape I was at the Leeds Abbey Dash, but that being a faster course and not running over 12 miles for a month I was curious as to how it would go. So looking for an average of 6:10

    Splits: 5:40, 6:04, 6:08, 6:09, 6:16, 6:14, 6:14, 6:28, 6:27, 6:19, 6:19, 5:40, 5:40, 0:32

    With 3 miles to go my average had dropped to 6:14, but I was strong throughout and never really struggled to the point of wobbling. I passed lots of local rivals at 10 miles then went into overdrive and floored. With a mile the avg had dropped to 6:08 (a PB!), with 0.5 of a mile left it had dropped to 6:06 (sub 80!). I had passed 2 guys who beat me at the Cheshire XC, and felt very positive. I pushed and pushed but I couldn't squeeze any more time out (I was already running 5:40 pace!). Crossed the line in 1:20:13, exactly a min PB. Last 0.1 in 32s!

    Lots of positives: my form felt good all the way round (Rob probably could comment whether it looked like that!!). That time also suggests I'm on a par with my best times, and at a distance I wasn't specifically prepared for. 2 races, one gold medal and a PB! Viva 2014!

    Thanks to Rob for the encouragement around today. Looked for you at the end, but you probably went home.

  • In an all round appalling weekend, that's some real cheer Stevie.

    Tidy pb, and you've got plenty more to come when you target a fast half.image

    See-man 2014 pb hunt is off and rocking.

  • Smashing PB there SS and great race report. Sounds like you really went for it. Hats off.

    Today was a bit of a disaster really, would have ran it much slower as didn't feel like pushing the pace but ended up getting psychologically caught up in staying with a group. Should have just accepted I wasn't hitting those paces today. Feeling a bit better after an afternoon of sleeping and eating but no doubt that was a tough week.

    Lit - yes still planning on the half at the start of March. One of the reasons I pushed on today.. after not managing to get a long run in last week, I figured if I didn't hit 13 today I'd probably have to bin the half..

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Nice long run SG and Nikki. At least you plodded it out Nikki, the day after a XC is always going to be tough! 

    Superb run Stevie! It doesn't take long for the tides to turn after what you thought had been a poor winters running. You can kick on now, 

    i ran a local 10k today that was advertised as road but I knew it was a majority of trail and a bit of mud, especially after yesterday's downpour we had. The plan was to try and run sub 33 again which I knew would be a massive ask on that course. 3 cattle grids, a 30ft puddle that was a foot deep, muddy paths and then I wore racing flats meant that was never going to happen. 

    First mile I sat in behind someone after he had raced clear and was just thinking if id just race it instead. We went through the first mile in 5.32 and I was already feeling a bit leggy but thought maybe the legs would come too so I pushed on and opened up a gap. The cycle path turned to muddy trail and the big puddle which resulted in a 5.37 and my legs feeling worse. 

    Had a decent lead heading to halfway with a bit of a sharp climb on a farm track but my mile split was then 5.52! ! A lot of hardwork for little reward! Looking at the course profile it does climb around 200ft to the halfway point but im used to the pain starting to kick in later on in the race! 

    A 5.40- 5.33 then 5.28 ensured I got the win but massively disappointed in the time which was 34.25. I've been running 5 mile tempos at 5.27 pace recently and even ran a 3x10mins session with the recoveries at 2.5 mins last Monday and finished the 10k quicker than that. Maybe a touch too much in the legs. 

    Onto Alsager 5 in feb. image 


  • some races are about position Matt.

    And if you're nicely winning it you haven't got the faster peeps to haul you along that help a lot.
    Obviously doesn't sound a fast course either, so mid 34s is epic in my book!

  • Stevie you looked in control throughout on what really is a tough half course miles 5.5-10.5 largely uphill in fact my only negative comment is you looked too comfortableimage

    Couldn't get to finish in time to see you all so we gave up!

    We ran course at 9 as a training run so I really am able to appreciate those hills and undulations !

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Yes stevie s.  superb.  That sub 80 has needed shifting for a long time and if you can keep this form going and focus on it I wager that wilmslow will bear that landmark. 

    Nikki, you did a 58m week, raced well yesterday and I have done plenty of long runs at 7.45 pace.  I'd say that you had a good week.  Now rest/recover.

    midlands masters Xc champs for me today.  Only 8k, 4 lap flat course but very wet and boggy in places. So the longer the race went on the more it got churned up.  Set off in the lead group, but after a mile for so I dropped back.  My fitness is low at the moment and Im struggling to hold pace. A few more go past but I can't go with them. I dig in.  Hold positions for most of the race. Into the last lap and I raise the pace.  Last 400 and I close the 10m gap,   go past one and chase the next guy. a top top legend v45 Gordon lee who ran an 8.52 3k and 15.04 5k last yr. close the 15m gap on him and then shoulder to shoulder going into the last 30m sprint. We both go hard, proper old school finish. I manage to get a metre or so ahead and I hold on.  overall I was a decent run but I'm miles off where I should be, but I finished well And my training ramps up from now.  

    Overall 4th but 2nd v40 for silver.  Beaten by the same v40 as in the county champs Although the gap was only 9 secs this time rather than 30.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Great run Dean to say you're not where you want to be fitness wise! 

  • Great result Dean, considering XC isn't your strongest suit, another cracking result. An exciting finish by the sounds of it too, AND more silverware already! Bloody hell.

    Matt, a win is a win, and you ran as fast as you needed to. It was unlikely you were going to monster a trail run with no one to pull you along or challenge you. Just put it down as a strong run, plenty of physical benefits to be had.

    Rob, Colin from our club said the same "If you're willing to hurt yourself, you could've broken 80." I told him to p*** off! He's old skool though, if you're not puking and look a mess after 5miles you're going too easy!

    Wilmslow is full, I've sent a cheeky entry to Wrexham although its full. They sometimes take late postal entries!

  • Wow! Some good racing today, guys - I think you are just trying to get a sneaky head start on your PB and prizes count for the 2014 round-up.

    Stevie - an old-school runner from my club said similar to me after VLM: 'your splits were too even', i.e. I was supposed to have run hard enough to make sure I died before the end!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Very well done Stevie - a cracking start to 2014! Sounds like more to come as well, and those closing mile paces look superb!

    Matt - I think you might be expecting too much of yourself! A very tough course by the sounds of it, and you won the bloody thing - never mind the time!!!!

    Dean - good report and a quality bit of racing for the silver, and just shy of the overall positions. If you can pull that off when your fitness is "low" then they'd better watch out later in the year image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Matt - great win, and on a course like that forget the time.  we be good to see how fast you can go at alsager.

    stevie see - looking at your splits those last 4 miles were eye opening.  Excellent pick up.  you must be buzzing

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    It was the fact that 4 out of the top 10 ran PBs.  a mate of mine who came second ran just under 35 which is around where he normally runs on a flat course. 

    It immediately became apparent that I was maybe just shitimage the wife's happy with  wine hamper though image 

  • Dean beating Gordon Lee now that is impressive image and great overall result as well!

    Stevie don't let people get to you, you looked comfortable but that doesn't mean you weren't hurting or trying I'm convinced after jogging around the course at 9am that on a flat course there's at least a minute to be gained for you well done on a great PB

    Matt another strong run on a difficult course don't beat yourself up.

  • SS - quality start to the year. Sub 80 well on the cards with more specific training and a suitable course. Fast finish speaks volumes.

    Phil - ticking along nicely I'd say. Plan for Woky? MP run or foot down?

    Matt - you can't PB EVERY time! You went into it knowing it wasn't going to be quick, changed your tactics to race rather than hit a time, and played it perfectly. Sounds like a good day at the office

    Dean - Great outing and all in the bag for base building too

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