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  • Nice run Phil & Bus... and glad the groin held up OK.

    40+h rest seems to have helped the hip out a lot for me, no more niggles to report really.

    8m fartlek club session tonight. 1min, 2min, 3min off 1min jogs for 42 mins. Came out as:

    1 mins (6:19, 6:06, 6:19, 5:50)
    2 mins (6:16, 6:13, 6:11, 5:52)
    3 mins (6:27, 6:19, 6:16)


    Funnily enough, struggled the most with the 1min reps. No anaerobic it would seem!!

    Was just saying to a friend, since I've been taking it easier (alright, last week I didn't take it easy, I was completely smashed, but having the rest on Monday really helped, and previously I would have just slogged through!!) my running hasn't really got any better (as previously moaned about, not suddenly banging out sub 6min milesimage ), but my recovery is better.. like after tonight's session, I'm a bit heavy legged and a bit tired, but I'm not 100% smashed feeling like I may die in my sleep!


    Suppose that's a good sign...!

  • I'm on Garmin connect as philip_m_jones, sent you a request.

    Just noticed I went through 800 hours logged with bus


    800:41:14 hrs

  • Impressive session matt!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Nikki - that is indeed a good sign! That better recovery will turn into better quality sessions which will  in-turn lead to faster times - marginal gains, and not overnight but all in the right direction!  Oh, and its probably a bit more pleasant too image

    Matt - quality (in both pace and consistency) and quantity in one session. nicely done!

    Whatever session you end up doing tomorrow SG, make it early to escape the horrible weather coming in!

  • Matt, monster, Nikki, my track addled brain can't work the maths out, so im presuming it was slightly too fast, so again goodwork image

    Mine was 6x600 off 60 at 3k pace


    Looks a right melt down but not too disappointed when I examined the figures a bit more.

    My 75.41 half has given me some harsh pace zones at the shorter distances and I've never really converted down too well.

    The 3k zone comes up 4.57-5.02 for example, whereas actual achieved 3k pb pace is 5.12

    Therefore, theoretical 3k pace is 1.15 a lap, 1.52 per 600, whereas pb pace would be 1.18, or 1.57 per 600

    However however, I thought forget it's 600s, forget it's short recoveries and let's have a crack at 1.15 lapping.

    Steamed off, and nicely hit the 1.51, thinking this is pretty hard, and optimistically trying to  cover 200 in the 60sec recovery.
    Bizarrely the second rep came out faster, but after that it was clear I wasn't keeping anywhere near that pace up. And I'd changed the 60recovery to a gentle jog out and back, not trying to cover 200.

    Next 4 averaged out quicker than 3k race pb pace

    Short sharp workout then, but obviously easier when it's 200-300s!

  • Nice reps SG. I really struggle with pacing 600s. No idea how it should feel really. But sounds like a good session....!

    I completely lied about things getting easier apparently... 6.4m this morning was very, very hard. I think it even came out at prescribed 'easy' pace. Heavy legs and really tired. Perhaps a plain roll and only 6h of sleep between sessions doesn't really cut it as good recovery. Who knew !!

  • So like many others on the P&D 18 week schedule, this is the first week of mesocycle 2 so it moves from endurance to lactate threshold + endurance. That means for me a 10 mile with 5 @ 15k to HMP and others have reported trouble with LT runs so I set out with some trepidation.

    For me, LT pace is probably based on 61:36 for 10 miles so 6:10 pace but that seemed a bit fast so 6:15 was the plan. The 5 came out at 6:17 average (6:16, 6:19, 6:15, 6:19 and 6:15) so I'll take that considering a hard run yesterday and some significant jet-lag today.

    SG, what is the plan for Sunday? FA cup this weekend so ManU have a weekend offimage I need to do a 14 early doors and if you are out at the easy end of your pace the company would be appreciated.

  • nice work PMJ, SG, Nikki, Matt, Bus.... making me jealous!

    Saw the Doc this morning. Went along despite the pain easing massively since booking the appointment last week. he's refered me for x-ray and ultrasound to rule a few things out (e.g. osteitis pubis) but looking more and more like I've got a sports hernia. Will cross that bridge when/if we come to it though.

    On a positive note, 15 mins at MP on the treadmill last night and no twinges at all during, post or today. Happy with that! Will give 60mins easy a go this weekend and might even make the start line at Woky, if only as a leisurely Sunday long run.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    been at a conference all week so only skim read but Matts 800s training sessions was a standout.  Looking good mate. get a 10k in soon and get sub 32.30, you are more than capable

  • Good sessions Nikki, Matt & Phil. All seems to be OK then Johnas!

    Still waiting for all my results to come back. The most the receptionist would say (other than call back next week) was that bloods showed I had been ill image. Still, it gives time to plan for future greatness.

    Regarding intervals and ignoring McMillan, are 600s typically run at 3km pace, and 800s at 10km pace? What are the pace guidlines?

    And what the hell do people fill there time with when there is no work and no play? Days drag on forever!


  • Phil, I only need a 12 this week. If you're ok with 7am start, and somewhere in the 7.00 - 7.15 mixer i'll be delighted to have you along.

    I think we did 7.14 for a 14 over the hills of Marlow, so should be reasonable even with some chatting?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    All this medical talk makes me thankful that all I have is a rapidly improving ankle.

    Apart from the 60 minutes most days on the indoor bike I'm now able to run 5 miles every other day. Still about 10lb's over weight mind.

    Staines 10k. Its on. I'm in.


  • Hope it turns out not to be a hernia or any of that business Johnas...fingers crossed for just some tight muscles that give the impression on one like mine!

    Iron, am no expert, but I guess it depends on the plan in mind! I was doing 800s at 3k pace last summer when 3k was the target race, but with 3min recoveries. It jumped out of the page as before then the most I'd done was 300 at 3k pace, and that felt sharp!


    600s at 3k pace off a minute are hard work indeed. It certainly jumped me straight out of those thoughts you have when struggling mentally with long distances!!

    "Oh i'll go short distance, I'll be better at that" image


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    To add to it, I skipped my evening run tonight due to being sore in the last mile this morning. Just precautionary though (and influenced by the thought of ploughing through the mud and rain again!), and have adjusted the 65M aim for the week to 60M, but will add a bike ride in tomorrow.

    Johnas - can't imagine it can be a sports hernia if you can get on the treadmill pain free. A tell-tale sign is pain when you do an abdominal crunch.

    Iron - hope you get over what ever it is soon mate. always a pain waiting for test results. 

    SG/Philip - I'd join you, but couldn't face getting up that early on Sunday image

    Ric - i might be up for Staines, if I can't get away that weekend for a fell-running fest - could do with a re-match image


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    ps strong sessions SG and Philip. Don't think I could have done much hmp stuff after our run yesterday!

  • unless you fancy some kind of run tomorrow Bus?

    I've a 6 and a 4 to do,  but if you fancied a 10 I'm sure I could tweak to a single? Somewhere like Marlow or something?

    And obviously not too early!

  • Stevie G wrote (see)
    Iron, am no expert, but I guess it depends on the plan in mind!

    It certainly jumped me straight out of those thoughts you have when struggling mentally with long distances!!

    "Oh i'll go short distance, I'll be better at that" image


    Of course it is distance dependant. Just forgot. I'm not sure I've ever had an easy set of intervals!

    Doc left a voicemail at 6:45pm tonight!

  • 400s at 5k or 10k pace. That's a fairly comfy workout.

    Although 16x400 at 10k pace starts to drag near the end!

  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    Phil, I only need a 12 this week. If you're ok with 7am start, and somewhere in the 7.00 - 7.15 mixer i'll be delighted to have you along.


    7am is fine. ricF close your ears, but child #4 is having dental surgery under general anaesthetic tomorrow and Mrs PMJ is ballet dancing on Sunday at 10:30, so I need to be out. back and showered for Brownie points.

    Any idea of route? I need to tag on at least 1 to make it 13 to keep up two runs a week over 13 miles every week in 2014. Week after Wokingham is the first week when the plan eases off with a 15 and an 11.

    Staines 10k is a Datchet Dashers Champs race. Last year I finished 15th overall and didn't even make the C team (and I was only third on the thread).

  • The easiest way for you to do a 14, and me to do a 12, is that route you didn't find visually pleasing.

    ie meeting at bottom of the hill, out to the ground, out to west Wycombe, back to ground and back.
    Maybe the glistening convo and convenience will out fight the route? image

    However, open to a different one if you can think of one...Maybe something with the reverse of the Wycombe half...up chapman lane, out through Flackwell to your end...and I drop off down one of those hills...we'd have to check you don't end up with too much mileage that one time! image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Phil, 'close my ears?' must be something else I've completely forgotten about.

    I mentioned the Staines 10k to our club secretary. His response would be best described as if I had tried to sell him a turd. Tradition, tradition , tradition.

    That is XC in winter, track in summer, road relays in the transitional periods.


  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    The easiest way for you to do a 14, and me to do a 12, is that route you didn't find visually pleasing.

    ie meeting at bottom of the hill, out to the ground, out to west Wycombe, back to ground and back.

    OK, but I'll come down the hill so I don't have to run up it afterwards. Say we meet 7am at the crossroads where Keep Hill Road, Bassetbury Lane and Chestnut Avenue and I'll lap the dyke afterwards to make up distance. (Timer starts for the Frankie Howerd reply).

    Rain is forecast for 9 so should miss it.

  • so that's to do the west Wycombe route? And you'll walk up/drive the hill later?

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Sorry SG, can't do tomorrow I'm afraid. 

    Out through West Wycombe along the A4010 and back via Slough Lane/Chorley rd would take you about the right distance and cover a few nice quiet miles in the Chilterns... 

  • shame!

    I've run to Piddington before, but any further strikes me as a world of pain!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Turn right way before that! Basically a loop from the Pedestal. Almost all flat as well - follows the valley toward Saunderton then a lane back toward West Wycombe that is very scenic with rarely so much as a car (especially at that time on a Sunday!)

  • 9 miles Wed, off Thurs, and 3 miles + strides tonight. Feeling good for the Northern XC tomorrow. Definitely needed that day off!

    Few injuries knocking about on here, hope people are healing well.

  • So that 12 bus says is this?

    Anyhow, I'll see you at 7, we'll do a run and I'll do what is left over.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    That's the one. Pretty good guesstimate for 12 miles wouldn't you say? image

    Nice downhill profile for the second half too...

    Stevie, (and anyone else racing tomorrow?) good luck, and don't be shit!


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Track last night - don't usually do it on Friday, but had arranged a session with TippTop (but he couldnt make it in the end). Did his session anyway - 2x (1600, 1200, 1600) off 400 recovery with 800 between sets, at 5m pace. Felt pretty mashed, but since the university AC were using the track at the same time I couldnt visibly wane in front of the youngsters. Need my rest day today though, altho not sure putting up fence panels counts.

    Good luck Stevie S!

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