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  • Bloody big miles Dachs! Yours is impressive too Lit, just not sure how Dachs managed to fit all those plate designs in!

    Looks like Stevie had the best January overall though! Just wondering which four accents you did up Old Pale Hill? Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Jamaican?

    Very disappointing run for me today. Happened to be out in the car on a dad taxi run, so was able to choose a nice route which suited my aim for today, which was 13M with a slow, hilly first half, then a flat, slightly downhill second half 3 miles MP, then 3 miles of HMP and a warm down. First half was fine! Second half was completely scuppered by it being straight into the teeth of a gale, and the adductor pain being more severe than it has been for weeks and from about 7 miles in. I had no choice but to run through it though as I had to get back to the car and would have froze if I'd walked!

    It's gonna take a miracle to get through Wokingham!

  • Oh Bus, only you would pick a hilly route for such a tough run!!

    It's tough enough to finish 3m MP, 3m HMP if you pick a flat course!

  • ps Dachs, have you found the higher mileage has taken away your laid back, sense of humour side...seeing signs of it on both here and the Samir thread image

  • Ascents! Ha, well spotted Bus. Nice long run... LOVE a hill you do!


  • not a fan of Samir then SS? I'm getting a slight hint....

  • I do love a hill - good excuse to go slow image. Only the first half was hilly today though - the second half, which was when I was supposed to do the faster stuff was dead flat. 

  • Loving all of your race winning stories... Can only imagine how stressful it must be trying to hold your shit together whilst working out where to run & keep winning!!

    id go for race 2 SS... But I'm a glory hunterimage

    good monthly mileage everyone... 235 for me. Still too high?!

    managed 8 this morning but knee was still hurting image not sure how tomorrow will play Out. Really wanted to get a long one in but not sure it'll happen.



  • He's a mug SG, get's me annoyed. Arrogance mixed with wild delusions with very little to back it up.

    I've sent my details to race 2, but will enter Trafford fully intending to hit a PB. If the weather stinks like last year with silly 25+ winds I'll go for local glory. Win-win!

  • Good entertainment value thought Stevie!

    Sounds like plan with that race choice....

    Good luck tomorrow Matt, the local XCers and anyone else racing tomorrow (?)

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    Cheers Bus, going to see what the wInds like before deciding on whether to travel. 142 mile round trip to slog my bollocks off for nothing is less than appealing. 

    Supposedly 15 mph with gusts up to 22. Not exactly PB material. 

  • just off to pick Phil up shortly for the last xc of the season, but was thumbing through RW mag (yes I still get it), and a couple of odd things leapt out.

    There's a section on elite runs, some are fair does, like a Ryan Hall session where he does an hour steady and then an hour MP or so.

    But another one leaps out as pretty undoable. Certain amount of time at easy pace (I forget how much but not overly relevant), then 10mins 5k pace, and 7mins faster than 5k pace. No recoveries by the look of it (unless I've missed them)

    For me, that would mean doing a 5k quicker than my actual pb in training, which sounds impossible. But for actual elites, they'd be doing about 5/6 of a 5k, and then having to increase pace?


    The other one that leapt out, was "real runner's stories". Some woman, "never thought she'd go sub 3hours until she got a coach"

    Time achieved before a coach?   3:00:17  image

  • I'm going to jump in the thread! Sorry!

    I too saw this Stevie and was baffled! First stage says 50% 5km pace Even people running 19-20 minutes are effectively near PB - it doesn't say how much faster then 5km pace either.. Maybe this is aimed at slower runners?

    I can't even assume it means 10km pace - 7mins is still a huge chunk for 5km!

    He goes on to quote, most of my runner find it hard to run the 7 minutes quicker

    Even the steady tempo drop is weird

    9 miles volume all running quicker than HM pace - basically done a PB by time it's over

    Running at least 25 down to 5 seconds quicker per mile each stage (1.5 a time) then hitting race pace!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Good luck at the XC. No race for me. 

  • I stopped my RW subscription once I'd read the same crap 2yrs in a row. However this month's copy is kicking around so I shall read it. Mrs has found 2 articles that disagree with each other. 

    Bad wind Matt? image Good luck at TVT today. I hope the sandwiches are good,  having seen the effort put in to making them. 

    Mrs went to sweatshop yesterday for her first proper pair of trainers. I've had good service there; they've extended my 30day trial to 2 months due to this illness. Not so keen on the Mrs experience. First thing they did  was mold some insoles for her,  even before checking gait. £45 for so me insoles! No one told her what they we for. Misselling if ever I saw it. 

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    Matt- not sure if its too late, but the wind isn't bad here. And I'm not too far from the race

  • Good luck to all those racing today. Be the wind!!


    Lol at the 3h marathon story SG. What a fa**y.

    11.5m for me today @ 08:00mm. Was supposed to be 13 but the knee was just too sore so decided ploughing on for another 15mins or so wouldn't be helpful. Hoping that 1.5m won't make too much of a difference in the long run (pun!) with 4-wks to go until my planned half mara & no possibility to get a LR in this week with work. Hoping I've got enough 'in the bank' already.

    50m on the head for the week.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    That's a good long run nikki

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    if it wasn't a 142 mile round trip i would've ran but couldnt be arsed chancing it. Did 3 mile warm up 10 @ MP 3 mile warm down. All the 10mile splits were sub 6mm. Ran it on the canal as an out and back and was into the wind on the way back which was tough. Average for the 16 came out at 6.25 if I remember right. 

    bit of a cut back week as was supposed to be racing. Will do two sessions this week but away in Belgium on the pop at the weekend so definitely no running fri-sun. 

  • Last XC of the series at Finchampstead.

    Weird one really, as despite a different parking venue, it was the same race location as the version Finch Coasters used to put on, but now put on by TVT.

    However, just to confuse everyone a new route was plotted, but one that seemed to randomly alternate between old route and new.

    And I think it needs a lot of work!

    Datchet having won the series, showed how cynical they've become these days by not sending any of their top 8 or so runners, and a few of the other top boys weren't there either.

    Therefore, we smashed off, and quickly got to the most ludicrous tight single file walkway half a mile in. I'd guess if you were lower than 10th you'd have been down to a very slow pace here. A short sharp hill, and onto some flat plains.

    Our boy Graham was comfortably ahead of a Windle runner, and then it was me and a Wargrave runner I'm very similar to, having held a 2-1 lead scuffling it out, with a tiny bit of banter.

    I was feeling fairly comfy, working decently hard, but couldn't escape the feeling of being exceptionally heavy breathed. I'm not sure if yesterday's strides had been too hard, as I'd noticed the breathing and pulse hadn't got down to normal by the end of the day!

    Long periods of flat, were interspersed with short sharp ups and short boggy mud patches.
    The Wargrave guy was slightly getting away from me and took a little lead down a very steep downhill. I went down it like a pansy, he went down normally.

    I remember thinking how can someone not be catching me up when there was a steep gravelly hill, it felt so slow! But it took until about 3.5miles for a pair of Reading runners running as a unit to come past.

    From there on, I was about 5metres behind those 2, and 8-10 off the Wargrave guy.

    It was building to a big finish, and I clocked over 4miles, thinking, there's 1.2miles or so, sit tidy no need to get on their shoulders just yet.

    Then, with the 4.5miles on the clock, there was a little bit of a crowd, barking stuff out, we turned the corner, the 3 in front put sprints on, and there was the bloody finish.

    6th position, 4.6miles?!? What happened to the 5.2/5.3miles advertised!

    The results will probably show a frustrating gap of 2-3secs to the 3 ahead.

    So a decent showing, but more than enough frustration today, 3rd/4th was definitely doable.

    Slightly concerned at the massive heavy breathing. Last time it was like that was at Gosport 3 years ago, but I was a little coldy that day. Today felt fine.

    However, a decent outing, didn't like the new course as much as the old one, and good to see some familiar faces from the old club as well as the current one. Phil was along for the ride and got to enjoy the full gamut of excuses too image

    The Wargrave chap was generous saying he thought I sounded bunged up with the breathing, but in fairness, we've been about 2-5secs between us over 4 races now, so wouldn't have been a big affecter. The 2 Reading guys are decent runners, one has a 1.15 half on his record, and the other should be that level, so that'll do.

    Felt a bit energy low on the drive back though.

    ps I should probably cancel the RW mag too, but I like to read the odd bit. I liked the race reviews the best, but they don't seem to do those too many times now.

  • XC today as SG says, and my driver got me there with plenty of time to spare, so much so we were ahead of the man marking the route from the car-park to the start. Dropped kit off near the start and and walked round the first bit of the course and it was obvious that there was a narrow bit with stumps (thankfully marked with bright orange paint) very soon after the gun. Back at the start and shed some kit and a warm-up to take in the last bit of the course as well, always useful knowledge.

    11am and the gun goes, and it is a charge up a track, left turn and then left again into the narrow bit. Far too many people and not enough space to see the path ahead so I took it easy and came through unscathed but well back on where I normally am half a mile into a race, not only position but the field was stretched already. Up and down a few short hills and then hit a long downhill covered in water and mud. Suddenly it seemed like proper XC and the mud we had been promised instead of pine needle covered tracks, and a few twists and turns and more wood, but then we appeared out on a long, wide track with a well compacted surface. I was surprised that everyone seemed to just keep on plodding and I started to pass people at a steady rate and changed from XC to road mode.

    This then developed as the pattern, with the majority of the course being track and not trail. A few ups and downs (one very steep and muddy) slowed me down a bit: the ups as I have done no hill work and the downs as I wasn't prepared to risk an ankle for a few metres advantage.

    A right turn and I recognised the path I had seen in the warm up so I knew the end was close. the two ahead were far enough ahead and the one behind far enough behind to roll home nice and gently (or so I thought). About 200m to go and there was a lot of hollering and whooping and "you'll get him" that I had to change up gear and still he came so had to select top and use my arms. I had far too much of a start and the finish was far too close that he should never have attempted it and so it proved to be, with me crossing the line ahead for 18th overall.

    Annoyingly short course, under 5 miles, at an average of about MP (6:30) so it achieved the aims of a good LT session and when added to yesterday's parkrun, the weekend has turned out a few nice miles at decent pace.

    P&D have me down for 67 next week with Sunday 16 with 12 @ MP which will get swapped for a raced half so 13 @ MP - 15 seconds which will be about 1:22 at 6:15 pace. I'll front load the week so 15 Tuesday and 13 Thursday means light Friday, Saturday off, race Sunday.


  • apparently they reduced the course at the last minute due to rainfall.

    Could have blimmin said that at the start!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Good XCing fellas. SG, shame you were caught out by the course, but sounds like it meant a couple of extra points for my club, so maybe not. PMJ, good racing, even using the arms, surely not?

    With Wokingham next weekend, I took the threads advice and eschewed the XC to avoid risking the target. Instead I went for the oh-so-restful alternative of a 23 miler and putting up a fence post & panel.

  • In other news, PMJette #1 just won gold in the South West Champs. image

    Who is at Wokingham next weekend, is it just Dachs, bus and me?

  • Plan said 3mi short tempo. Stayed in bed late for the 17th day in a row. image

    Well done PMJ cost centre #1.

    I wouldn't have expected an announcement if the course was changed. Of course,  it may have been like HX where you can't hear the guy even when he is in front of you. 

  • Good race reports guys. You make xc sound so exciting... makes me envious I wasn't running in mud today.. albeit on a short course. That would have massively irritated me. I would have liked an announcement too.

  • Nikki, if we said the truth and said it was a miserable grind, where the whole way round we were begging for it to finish, gripped my sheer paranoia and fear,  we wouldn't have the readership we do image

  • XC results are up and 308 finishers which is way more than I thought were there.

    SG, if you have a few minutes can you do your normal meta analysis, number of runners, best runner doing all 7, 6 from 7 etc.

  • that sounds like something I did once, as a rep about 3 years ago...not a standard thing!

    Can't even remember what I'd done before, but email me it If you have it and i'll have a look tomorrow.

    Looks like we missed out on a men's win today, as one of our best runners messed around and finished 40th! When really he should have been somewhere in the 9th to 15th mixer at worst. Never mind!

  • Well done Jette #1 then Philip - top result!

    Good racing in the XC as well chaps. Sounds like they need to get that early narrow section sorted for next year. 

    Good paced long run that Matt - made the best of a bad job by the sound of it, but probably the right choice not racing under the circumstances.

    Adductors (or whatever it is) were still sore today, so just 3.5M recovery for me this afternoon (coincidentally made a nice round 50 for the week image). Also did a fast and furious 15 on the bike this morning, some weights, stretching and some Swiss ball exercises this evening, with a longish walk with the family after lunch to make the most of the dry weather for once. So not exactly a rest day despite the low running miles! A few days off now to see how it responds and to take a view on racing next Sunday... (if I do Philip, I'm happy to pick you up on the way if you like)

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