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  • So are they! image

    Forgot my tights yesterday, luckily I had pants.

  • OK, to be clear, UK or USA?

    UK: trousers and pants
    USA: pants and underpants

    My running kit lasts all week, goes into the server room where it gets blown dry each day. I have spare socks hidden in all sorts of places as I find socks are pretty critical: if you pull on a pair and your foot goes through them then it is not good.

    The worst thing is when the office boiler breaks down so you have done a long run and find the showers only have freezing cold water.


    13.66 miles this morning, easy at 7:20 pace. That is my 11th run of 13 miles or more this year and I'm moving into shelling peas territory.

  • miserable weather headfone less, energyless run done.

    Only to find, i have indeed also forgotten some pants. That's English pants Phil.

    Ho hum.

  • SG, number was attached to a number belt. That way the belt can be turned around and the number goes at the back for the bike leg.

    I lost count of the amount of times I'd go swimming and forget pants or towel; sometimes both.

    Living in hotels can be interesting. Luckily I know that my tri shorts and a tech t-shirt can be washed and dry overnight in a hotel bathroom. I like to travel light.

  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    tends to get a bit damp sat in the car for hours in between, so not something i do.

    Used to re wear the shorts, as they don't touch skin in the same way as a top would.

    Remind me SG, how far do you live from your work image

    I tend to stock my locker up with lots of pants and socks to try and rprevent having to go commando (very itchy work trousers image) but not always successful! Biggest problem is ironed shirts!

    Easy 5.5M at lunch today, which was OK. Still feeling the adductor a bit, especially when trying strides though, so Wokingham is still doubtful. Weather forecast hasn't improved either!

  • just too far to get home to get some new kit!

    And you'll turn up at Wokingham, smash it, be fine, then come Tuesday the aches will come again! It's the way it rolls!

  • Maybe....that would be  certaintly if it was a calm day forecast!

    Ah, forgot - your second run is at lunch rather than evening....

  • yep. come 6am it doesn't feel a great idea, but come 2pm it's marvellous!

    at the moment i'd hate to go back to the old running club set up, starting at 7, and not getting much chnage out of 9pm after.

  • The northeners' are going to have something to say about this, my lady says pants and means trousers and she's a Manc.
    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    OK, to be clear, UK or USA?

    UK: trousers and pants
    USA: pants and underpants



  • I think she's just a little "unique" Seb.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    How's all the walking wounded today? The sore ankle that has been annoying me has almost disappeared (the soreness that is), and I've been able to add some 'mud' running to the daily grind of the indoor bike.

    A request came from my race secretary for runners to run the last Chiltern league of the season. The conversation with my wife about this went. "There's a Chiltern league on and Jim needs runners, what do you think?", 'No!', "Ok then, I won't bother with that one then".

    Something else. Had an outing to some hospital on account of some dodgy family genetics. I should have been screened every year since 2007, but sort of slipped under the radar. Apparently, its 100% certain I have something called MEN1.


    Look it up.

    Not sure whether they are correct myself. Apart from the sore ankle, all I've had in six years is one mild headache lasting 30 minutes, and three colds.

  • 2.5 miles for me today, still feel terrible! image

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    First session at the track since November and combined with xc this Saturday and not ran for a week due to sickness, I was apprehensive.

    nice easy one 10*400 off 60 secs target 72.

    69, 71, 71,71,72,71,72,73,71,70.   felt very comfortable but the bigger test will be on the longer reps. But happy for first track session in ages.

  • indeed SG, indeed...

    That MEN1 doesn't sound particularly entertaining Ric, hopefully yours will never develop into 'owt.

    As for walking wounded still no running and foot not much better than 2 weeks ago I'd say.

    Did just get the nod that I'm running for Suffolk at the Inter-Counties XC in March, which I'm happy about, just need to get back to top form now!

  • How funny that you ended up forgetting your pants in the end SG! Haha!

    Iron - glad to hear things may be looking up, but take it easy eh.


    Nice session Dean. Always good to be back on the track after a while off.


    Club session for me tonight. 5 x 1m off 2.30 rec. 6:27, 6:24, 6:24, 6:25, 6:29.

    Was brutal. Absolutely brutal. I'm totally pooped. But luckily, knee held up. For now!

  • is that 10k pace Nikki? Tough work mile reps look fairly tidy.

    I did a 5x1mile at 10k pace off 90secs a couple of months back, so remember! Better 1mile then longer reps though!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    You're right there Seb. As for now there's nothing but experts.

    I take the stance of 'While you guys are issuing doom and gloom about my prospects', 'I'll put my kit on and have a blast around the Scrubs'.

    That's Wormwood Scrubs, where the Middlesex Vets race is being held. Its next door to Hammersmith Hospital where I went yesterday.

    The car park still costs the same mind.

  • Yeh 10k pace SG. Currently lying with legs up against a wall eating toast. This is going to hurt tomorrow.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Your mums right Seb. image 

    nice work Dean, back in the groove in no time. 

    Keep at it SS. Plenty of time before Trafford! (Or your cock and biscuits 10k)image 

    great session Nikki. Will it be F off? Doubtful for you mindimage 

    due to leaving everything to the last minute I had to scrap my track plans as i still had to locate a bag and sort it out before I head to Brussels at 1am. finished work, loads of jobs to do and try and spend a bit of time with my daughter before her 6.30 bedtime.

    did 3x 10 mins on the treadmill. First rec was 3 mins and the second was 2.5. Ends up with more than 10k of volume but clocked it at 10k and it was 34.20. Felt pretty good too. Obviously piss wrapped in sweat but the legs didn't feel too heavy etc. 

    will certainly be getting to the track once a week from now on in the lead up to Trafford. Just the small matter of a couple of hours kip now and two full days on the rinse! have a good one to those racing 

    don't be shit

  • RicF that's shit, hope nothing appears. 

  • Hope things are all well Ric...Velloos message above doesn't seem to link you your last post, so not sure if I've missed something more than a hospital visit/check up?

    Either way hope it's alright!

    Matt, nice track..faster than my pb,you dastard!


    Only popped on as I saw Wokingham's route is apparently a little flooded, and they've had to change the route a below

    A small loop of the course is flooded and with the forecasted heavy rain, this will not improve by Sunday. Our course measurer has agreed to set out a revised course, eliminating the flooded section. The race will therefore start at 10 am as planned.


    always a bast when a course isn't the exact you've run before, but in the style of Sunday's XC peeps, it's better to have a course than not!

  • As SG says think I've missed something but also hope it's alright RicF.

    Good treadmill session Matt... I love a good treadmill sweat. Feel like you've worked so much harder.

    Had to re-read F off a few times before I understood the meaning! Unfortunately not. Away with work again this weekend (5 h of driving to come today, excellent) so this morning had to be 'long run' morning before work. 11.5miles again. Got some serious calf doms going on after last night. Not ideal to have that session, less than 12 h rest, and then a long run but just the way it had to be done this week.

    Going to be Sun Off!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Cheers guys. Its a strange situation not feeling unwell at all but being told you are. 


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Ric - hopefully all will be well.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Ric - hope things aren't as bad as feared, best of luck to you.

    Nikki - good reps

    Re Wokingham, I hope the course change doesn't affect the official measurement and UKA cerification.  The organisers of this are pretty on the ball though, so hopefully not.

  • yep, imagine if they burgle it and it comes out short!

  • pretend you didn't know it was short and claim a pb?!

  • If you don't get a PB that'll probably be because it's long. Your garmin wouldn't lie to you.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    My Garmin is useless.  I'd love to join in with all the Garminites who appear claiming an extra 0.2 miles after every race, but mine always seems to measure it spot on.

  • i used to mock those people.

    until i did the Bupa 10k and measured it 1/5mile long!

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