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  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Odd indeed Iron - just hope it's gone! Nice bike ride that (Maidenhead town centre aside!). 

    I wear a contact lens now. It never used to be an issue not having glasses for running, but several years ago I found I could no longer read any detail on maps when out in the fells so had to do something. It reached a critical point when I couldn't even read my stopwatch!

  • Bus be careful with that pesky plantar and tight abductor!

    Sounds promising Iron? Achilles injuries can take some care to keep at bay/treat.

    Did a 10K today, it was the 'reverse' race of the 10K MT I won in March. 2 lads from my club turned up and pipped me to it so I was third for an all Vale Royal podium. My time was 38:20, over a minute quicker than last time (when I was very ill!). 50 miles for the week.

    Entered a 10K track race next Saturday as part of a BMC event... not sure if I'll do it. I can only imagine a sub 37 would be a struggle at the moment.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Midlands vets cup final for today.  As I hadn't raced in any of the 4 league fixtures to qualify I let the chaps that did have first choice of races.  As such I was left with the 3000. I'm in poor shape and struggling a bit recently, so planned to sit at the back of the lead group and blast the last lap.

    We went through the first k in 3.06, I was struggling a bit and the leaders went away from me. I clung on but was losing ground. 2nd k was 3.10.  I decided I needed to move at 800 if I'm to close this gap but they raised also so I didn't make much gain. Approaching the bell I move into 2nd but the leader (a 68 min half mara man and 2.22 mara) is 20m or so ahead and not showing signs of falling apart. I raise the pace and by 200 to go I'm about 15m back.

    Right I'm all in, its my home track and plenty of support so I want to try to win this. My kick is good, I'm gaining all the time, slaloming round lapped runners and I'm on his shoulder with 40m to go and he responds but in truth I'm in 800 mode now and confident, so i go again to put some air between us. Taking the win by about 2 secs In 9.15 unofficial.   A 2.59 last km. No where near a pb but felt really good winning in that manner against a very good runner. 

    As I was warming down I was asked if I could do the 400 as well as the original chap couldn't do it.  Bit nervous as I know my speedwork is non existent since holidays.  Went out ok then kicked it to the last 200. I was in lane 1 and by 200 I was already leading so when the stagger unwound I was well clear.  Finished strong easing off in the last 10 or so. Was surprised to hear unofficial time was 55 secs.  So maybe some speed still left in there. image

    Track season official over for me, roll on a few road races. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Blimey dean - great stuff and off minimal initial expectation too image

    I have to say, win or lose, I love reading your race reports - they always make me feel the tension and excitement like I'm right there with you just ready to pounce on the guy in the lead!

    Nice one Stevie - knocking a minute off is a big gain and a sounds like a good time for an MT 10k. Well done the Vale Royal image. I promise I'll be careful too....


  • Careful.... as in 'Bus' careful by clambering up lots of mountains?! image

    Deano, classic stuff, your track pedigree never ceases to amaze me! Then a cheeky 400 on tired legs in a 'casual' 55s! Sweet Jesus!! A 9:15 is still shifting though time wise. I'm always astounded how you ramp up the pace in races. I just can't do it even off a slow run race. What do you have your eye on race/distance wise? There's a quick 10K in November, the Cheshire 10K it's called. I'm giving Leeds Abbey dash a year off I think!

  • Good stuff, Dean. My (2nd claim) club mate Mark Couldwell by the look of it? He only turned 40 a month ago otherwise I'd have got that gig - and likely finished second to you as he did...albeit not actually giving you a race for the win. image I should get his side of it at training tomorrow. Shame your track season fell away in mid-summer, but still an impressive leap in your times before then, and more to come next year I'm sure. Good luck with your return to the roads.
  • cheers chaps-  i really enjoyed yesterday 3000, as it was nothing to do with PBs or splits it was pure old fashioned racing, and to win from that far back not knowing if i had any sprint left in me was hugely satisfying.  in fact im taking the rest of 2014 to do the same on the road/xc.  so i might run leeds but i wont be targeting a big PB, im just going to spend the next few months getting fit and ready for some PBs in half and 10k in the new yr. so i expect to run a few races as a temperature check this yr.

    Bob - yep it was Mark in the 3000 and Gary in the 400m.  Had a warm down and good chat with both after....a good bunch of blokes.

    SS - congrats on your 10k, and good luck on the BMC on the 6th.  i will be watching via the stream. 

    hope the niggles for Bus and Iron sort themselves out quickly.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Dean - great double victory from you.  I certainly can't criticise a 9:15! Could be interesting to see what you do with an all-out 400 without having raced previously.   Got any planned this year?

    So you don't fancy a 32:30 pacing job at Leeds then?

    SS - well done on the podium.  I can only imagine how dispiriting a track 10,000 must be if you're not in form, so see how you feel.

    I ran 308 miles last month.  Second-highest ever.  Not sure where that came from.

  • cripes dachs that's some big miles.

    Just in case anyone thought you were doing your times on the casual!

  • Well done SS & Dean. Great running! 55s is probably a good 200m time for me image

    That's some cracking mileage Dachs, 70/week. It's certainly keeping you skinny.

    I put my normal running trainers on to nip out to the car, and immediately the achilles hurt. Take them off and it's ok. Seems Brooks Adrenaline have a high heel tab/counter compared to the Skechers GRR3 that I mince around in. Lots of eccentric drops (180/day) and all seems to be OK. Who knows...

    I have a 2mi test bimble on Wednesday, and another parkrun on Sat (the Mrs 50th parkrun) to see how it is. The rest is bike work. No racing until mid Oct here.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Great racing Dean! A 55 400 after a 9.15!!!!! I'd do well to break 8 minute miling after the 3000. You've surely got to have a bash at the Abbeydash after some of the quick stuff you've ran on the track. 

    Well done on the MT10k SS. Get a few XC races in then get yourself in for the Abbeydash too. I very nearly didn't run it last year as I didn't feel I was in any sort of shape to run a PB and i exceeded all expectations. Could well be a case of what if, if you don't give it a go. 

    Hopefully it's nothing too serious Bus, no doubt a couple of days off is completely out of the question!image 

    decent outing on the bike Iron!

    great mileage Dachs. Is that with the commute to work? Surely a good base for the 1/2 and 10k training. 

    Starting to up my mileage a bit, 64 last week with 14 on Saturday, and 15 on Sunday with a progressive 11 in the middle. Finished with a 5.50 last mile that felt harder than any mile I ran in last weeks half. Should've just been running easy but thought I'd see how my legs were. Tired! I don't think wearing my nike Pegasus helps for trying to run anything quick. always struggle to run anything quick in them. Another 10 tonight at 6.44 pace that felt decent. 

  • i will defn run a 10k this autumn, probably leeds or telford but i need a break from A races & PB chasing. i want to go out and train hard but not focus solely on getting PBs until the new yr.  obviously i will try my best in races but im not organising my training to peak at Leeds. 

    After seeing the European Masters 1500m final was won in 4.12 last week (the slowest i ran 1500m this yr was 4.07) its seriously whet my appetite to compete at the world champs in august .  all my training/races are with a nod to getting to Lyon in top shape.  so by putting in a big base this side of xmas then picking the intensity up in spring im hoping to improve on my track PBs.  I am having to think of this as a long game....i will take a fair few beatings along the way, mostly on XC, but if i arrive in march in 10k PB form it will be worth it.

    Dachs and Matt  - thats some serious mileage.  i only did 180miles in august..and that had a week which i ran my highest for 2014!  im averageing less 40m pw this yr.  It just shows there are different ways to get PBs or that i dont train hard enough image 

  • That's a damn fine target to have there Dean!  Can't wait for the report for that one image

    Dachs - phew!

    Oddly, the foot has been absolutely fine. I'm wondering if it was some form of cramping, but whatever - as long as its gone! Adductors are another matter...

    Will test in a minute though with some easy reps. I did have a rest day (from running) yesterday. 2x14M on the bike. The morning ride was hideously wet with rai then the evening ride ended up being a hideously wet from flooding on the roads! My mood wasn't helped by a major back tyre blow out 3 miles from home. I managed to fix it by the roadside, but as is often the case, the fix didn't work and half a mile later it was flat again! As it was getting dark and I was already covererd in muck , for the first time ever I called the Mrs out to get me in the car image

  • Bus, in some ways i wonder where my running would go if i had your commitments, at the mo, i can shape everything round it....maybe it might even become easier in an odd way.

    Anyway, went back to the classic 6mile MP. 5.57 pace, so a second per mile quicker than the last one. Not exactly a stroll, as it never is, but then the zone is meant to be 6-6.10 in fairness.

    One thing the lack of Moraghan on the scene at the moment causes is a slight lack of confidence I suppose. When you get the coached programme you know, this will be the right level of session. When you're just doing it yourself, you're a little more unsure of overall build up and progression etc. Bizarrely, i find it easier to set Lit's schedule than my own sometimes.

  • Same issue for anyone with wife and kids really - god knows how Dachs manages to squeeze in those miles! I think the key is being commited but flexible too!

    5 x 1k aiming at target 5k pace off 90 secs just now. Bit dore after, but manageable. Not great splits, but wants supposed to be super hard  - 3:37, 3;34, 3;34, 3:29, 3:29


  • RE the lifestyle thing, I find running best when work is super busy and I'm in tight routine time wise, I literally have no choice when to run so I run the only time I can. When on holiday things get a bit loose and there's too much time sitting about.

  • Wife and kids schedules are manic with school,  work,  after school activities. I do my stuff morning,  lunch or evening whenever I can fit it in. I'm given my training so I don't need to worry about what to do. 

    When I travel with work I find it easier! 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    I do 50-60% of my miles to and from work, so time I would otherwise be sat on the bus. Like SS, I need the routine. When I'm not at work my mileage drops right off.
  • Dachs wrote (see)
    I would otherwise be sat on the Bus.


  • yep in fairness do agree. easier to do the miles in a stacked week.

    9miler today, medium long job,  6.52 pace. Slight foolish few hundred metres racing a bus.

  • IronCat5 wrote (see)
    Dachs wrote (see)
    I would otherwise be sat on the Bus.


    That would certainly help with my leg strength!

    Nice to see all this talk of buses though image Which bus was it Stevie?

    Easy 5.5M off-road to the train for me. Didn't feel easy mind!

  • is that from your place to our town's station Bus? Or some other station?



    (keeping it vague so we don't get you stalkers)

  • Some other station SG!

    Great Missenden - although slightly further, it's much quicker to Aylesbury than HW, with the added advantage of being able to do it all off-road through nice countryside. Anyone stalking me on that journey would need to have no sense of smell image

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Just realised from looking at the Po10 results that, had I turned up to the Watford meeting last week ten minutes earlier, I could have watched the lovely Jodie Williams race a 400.


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Woke this morning and my legs worked.

    Actually they'd started working again on Sunday morning.

    Results: Prior to Sunday, 3 weeks of 9 & 10 minute mile pace & ouch!

    On Sunday, a mile of 8:20 was followed by one of 7:20. Today an out mile of 7:40 was followed by a 6:48. Bounce had returned and the last 400m was progressively ramped up into the sub six region.

    I'd worked out that if I had too much calcium in the bloodstream, one way to reduce it was vitamin D. So I doubled the amount I'd been prescribed. Seems to work.

    Scans to date: Bone Density/Dexa, Kidney/ Ultra sound, two MRI's and a full PET to come. 

    Good job I don't have to pay. Private they'd cost about £6000.


  • That sounds positive Ric. Fingers crossed for the results of all those scans!

  • Hope they get everything sorted Ric and you are back to full fitness quickly.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Cheers Bus, Max.

    The irony of my situation is that I do jobs for lots of old people. They see me working and remark how easy I make it look, 'you must be very fit!'. 'Wait until you're our age'.

    The fact is, I know what being really old feels like already. Its the loss of elasticity within the muscle fibres. When that happens, every impact is a jolt. And the jolts add up to bruises and pains around the tendons and joints.

    The full body aches and stiffness lasts so long you almost don't know any better. And then it goes, overnight. 

    Imagine waking up with no aches, feeling two stone lighter, faster and motivated to get on with things, anything.

    I'm motivated to nail a long run. However, commonsense must prevail. 

  • Ric, the word "fit" is so relative isn't it.

    For many, it simply means being in good health, or being able to walk to the shops. Obviously for someone like you with your background, it's being able to smash good mileage and paces.

    I'm struggling to imagine waking up with no aches though image

  • That is certainly good news Ric!

    I share SG's viewpoint. People ask me how I am, I say I'm good or well. I'm not on form, or anywhere near my best. But I'm likely fitter & healthier than 99% of the UK population.

    My legs pop and creak when I walk. Yesterday's 2mi at WP was an achilles test. No increased tenderness today, so back to the stretching regime. Plenty of water and Mg tablets.


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