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  • Many thanks, hopefully the insoles will allow me to at least train whilst trying to get to the bottom of the injuries with stretching/strength training. I didn't need to do the wet footprint test as my feet are very flat so fitted the low profile perfectly. 

  • Dean - great reply. Last night I managed my second run this week after no running at all for 10 weeks whilst this stress fracture healed. It was part of an Inter Advertising 5km in Regents Park.

    On a good day and when fit, I would have comfortably podium'd but obv not in this current shape. And do you know what - after a disastrous 2014 running wise, last night reminded me why I run. It was so much fun even if I did barely break 22 minutes. I'll be back chasing PBs again one day but for now, I'm going to Find Fun.

  • Great news Johnas. How is the stress fracture?

    I love that post injury run feeling.
  • Nice one, Johnas. Good to see you're positive about your comeback.

    I agree with Dean, find whatever floats your boat. I was saying this to a training buddy last night. You have to weigh how much of your life to can limit/give up to chase PBs. I've had a toss year for PBs but still enjoyed it pot hunting, had a go at a fell race and I'll always enjoy heading down the track for training.

  • Good stuff Johnas. Must have felt good to be back!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Any running is better than no running. Well, as long as it doesn't hurt. Too much.

    Marrows: I've a genetic problem concerning the endocrine system. The bit which is playing up is the parathyroid, which regulates the blood calcium levels. The hormone it/they give out is in a constant battle/balancing act with vitD. Normal level of hormone is supposed to be (ignore the detail) 1.4 to 5.8. Mine went from 0.74 to 7.8 to 10.8.

    At level 10.8 I feel totally old. 

    Anyway, having bitten an extra vitD bullet I appear to have loosened up.

    Two miles today. And like two days back, 90% was off road. First mile came out as a warm up 6:55. The second as a tempo effort of 6:05! Right!

    No aches or pains anywhere. Good. That'll do, I'll do this every other day. For fun.


  • Good pace still there then Ric!

    Total rest yesterday and just a VERY easy 2.7M today with my daughter as a leg loosener for tomorrow. Just a few strides at the end.

    Adductor feels pretty sore after. I'm hoping it's a bit of pre-race hypochondria rather than something that will get worse or make me either DNS or DNF tomorrow. We'll see I guess....

  • Ric, sounds unusual, admist the normal aches and moans on here! How come you're warming up so fast? 6.55 as a warm up mile after your problemos? Then straight into a 6.05! Sounds tasty.

    Funny old game though isn't it. My perception is probably quite ludicrously that I'm not that fit, yet, I'm cruising off 6miles at about 6.55 pace today without a thought. Those long term niggles play on your mind,


    Bus, Maidy half? Feels odd writing that, as it's famous for the 10miler, or even the 5k summer series race.  Doesn't hurt to have another close half get established though.

    I'm going to have a little turnout somewhere tomorrow. See how that goes. Then might see what kind of odd distance short odd terrain stuff we have locally next couple of months. (though like I said to Dachs, nothing foreseeable in the nature of the races I've done the last few years, fast flat top standard stuff)

  • Good for you SG. Just get out there and do it.

    Mrs 50th parkrun today, so another outing at WP, plus a tag-on fast km - 5min/km image and then a cooldown after. Cake and chocolates to finish with.

    Some speedy stuff there Ric.

    Good luck to all those racing tomorrow.

  • Quick poke in, Mainly directed at Matt...

    Have a peek at the elite list for the Great north runimage

    SG - the long term niggles do play on your mind and it's a hard rut to come out off. You'll be ok and I hope you find the direction you feel happy with soon though!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, I'm running on feel as much as anything. The other week I could hardly bring my leg forwards to get going without gritting my teeth. Yesterday I practically floated from the first stride.

    The garmin indicates that my 'warm up' mile was really an 'out run' that was averaging 7:40 by 0.1 of a mile, and then progressively faster. A quick turn- around and return. Only by thanking my lucky stars to be running pain free prevented me from smashing myself into a race effort.

    The odd thing was that despite doing next to bugger all for weeks, I actually felt quite fit.

    As for you, speed work and race prep. I'd simply reduce the 60 mpw to 40mpw and replace steady stuff with sessions and recovery. Same work load in total, just a different emphasis.



  • SG, you need to get out and race a bit. At our level, races are not serious and with your current speed you will get close to the sharp end and that will start the usual process of getting a few rivals lined up and beating them. I always find it mazing how many people come away form a race enthused. I'm off with bus soon to run Maidenhead Half and if you look at last year, best part of 1700 finishers. Really only one winner and even if you look at age and sex categories it only extends to a handful and yet there are hundreds of people who come away and beat their goals and are happy.

    (Word of warning, apparently if you say fair point on the internet with the runners world journalist who wrote up a marathon won by a woman in 3:00 and finishes by saying she only won as the man who won in 2:21 last year ran the half this year in 67 you will set off a flame war.)

    I find running is a bit opposite to customer satisfaction. We are told a bad experience is 10 times more likely to be told to others than a good one, but races are vice versa. You remember and recall the good ones and forget the bad ones.

    Only thing is, if you are not racing you don't have good ones to remember and you start to trawl through the old, forgotten bad ones and remember that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when I come up onto your shoulder towards the end of the XC and move by and you know  you have to dig in to get me back on the last hill.

  • Odd parkrun yesterday. Half marathon today and I was planning on a rest day but I missed two runs in the week so needed a few miles so went for an easy one and drove down and back instead of the usual 3 miles run there and 3 miles back. Usual backup plan in place which means if nobody fast comes I have a go at first finisher but fast guy appears at the start line and duly wins sub 17 so no excuses not to have a jog: 5 km at 4 minutes for 20. As far as I can tell that is pretty much what I did: my finish was 19:54 and my final 3 splits were 4 minutes: I forgot to start the Garmin so missed first km and second was short.

    So, started and I was back in about 20th place with little people all round me but by 1 km I was in 11th place. Nothing really odd there: fast starters, but it just carried on. By 2k I was into 10th with 2 groups of 3 and 5 ahead and fast guy in the distance, then passed the group of 3 just about half way so in 7th, and the group of 5 had split up, then slowly 6, 5, 4 and up to 3rd and onto the shoulder of 2nd. No chasing, no desire to chase, just even pace.

    Then in the last 800m or so, a few came back past me so I was 5th in the end. Could have easily had second if I wanted but very odd to see how an even run got me so far forward from so far back.

  • Too many people go off too hard at parkrun. Even yesterday at a leisurely wife-pace (~32 mins) we started at the back and moved forwards through the pack for the next 5km.

  • Right, just back, fed and watered, after a morning out with Philip. I hope he manages to sneak his white Dasher's, blood soaked vest into the wash before he scares his Mrs with it!

    Typical half - hated it from about mile 6 on, but now have a smile on my face, thinking it was a job reasonably well done and looking forward to the next one! 

    Looking around at a large number of obviously quick guys, I set off at a reasonable pace about three rows back, but made a conscious effort to keep the pace quick but not silly. I found myself in a good pack and the first few miles ticked off fairly easily, all comfortably under 6mm pace. Mile 4 came out long according to the GPS, so that threw my pacing a little – the GPS showed 29:30 for 5, but the real 5 came out at 30:06, so slightly off target pace. I reset the lap on the GPS, to track the next mile pace better. At this point some of the group started moving ahead and I found myself on by own (as usual!). I pulled a bit back and went through halfway in just over 39 mins. From this point on I was trying to focus on each mile being as close to 6mm pace as possible, but the pace started to drift then – not helped by a painful blister on the top of a toe (in shoes I’ve raced in lots of times!).

    Anyway, having abandoned any real hope of a PB, somewhere around mile 9, I got to mile ten well under target in 1:00:30, and at this point was thinking a sub 1:20 was in doubt, as I generally fade quite a lot in the last 3 (for all of my previous sub 1:20s I’ve gone through 10 in close to the hour or under). Mile 11 was OK though, so I gave myself a bit of a talking to – surely I could muster a couple of 6:20s?! It would be close, but still possible if I just focussed. Luckily there were a few other runners about to help too, but a twisty, turny subway in halfway through mile 12 made me think all was lost!! I got to 400m to go, frantically trying to work out how long that would take, realised it was on – but no room to ease up! With 200m to go, you can see the clock but the first 100 of this is slightly uphill – result? Retching! Damn! 100m to go, just enough time left, but can I fend off the wretched retching – yes, just! Nice puking in front of a camera just over the line, but a final time of 1:19:53…..

    Overall, I was impressed by the scale of the event, with the town centre start and finish really looking the part with a sea of barriers, and road closures covering the whole route. There was also a fair amount of support round the course to give you a lift. The car-park was nice and close to, which was good! Shame its not on Po10 anymore though.

  • ps - Adductor was absolutely fine throughout the race (the old RDM!). Bit sore now, but that's OK - it did the job when needed!

  • Brilliant report Bus and top run! I couldn't stand the thought of being sick whilst running image
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Thanks Scott - trying to learn from Dean on the race report styleeimage


  • Good turn out Bus. Nothing like that post half marathon satisfaction is there. What's that pace average, something 6.05-8 ish? Somewhere around that last session you did if I recall anywhere near right?

    Someone asked me what happens with re-setting zones if you've been away a while. Good point really...all too easy to increase the zone, but when do you slow them down? Probably not even relevant to most who don't think in zones anyway!!

  • Meanwhile I went and did a club relay. Not quite that black and white race feel, but something asking a hard effort.

    Felt quite hard work, but our first 4 had given me a collosal lead, so didn't see another runner the whole way, so hard really to pitch as a race in that sense. More a "adrenaline soaked time trial".

    Started off too fast, somethings never change, for half a mile, one mile comes at Hampton Court bridge, by sheer magic the marshall had done the lights just as I arrived, 3miles of mind ruining dull pebbly fare dodging 1000s of cyclistst to the next bridge, and then a glorious last mile and a bit home.

    5.4miles this year, 5.50 average. Checked last year, and that was 5.2miles 5.42 average.

    Hard to really quantify things though isn't it. Pb for a half marathon is faster than today's pace, but with no one to actually race, and the first 4miles each getting slower than the last played havoc with the brain! I expect last year's slowed over the 4 though, just the nature of the route. As otherwise, the last 1.4miles shouldn't easily come out a fair chunk quicker.

    We won by a most ridiculous 7+ mins over the 26.2+ mile. Will be interesting to see how much of a lead I picked the baton up with. I think one team had a problem with having runners in position and wasted some time, so maybe that helped our total.

    However, nice low key relay fare, 52 teams but fun and friendly.

    Will have a look for the next step soon. Possibly an offroad, or odd distance run out. If anyone local has anything they're doing, run it by me in a PM and we'll see what's doing.
    Nothing too far away, and nothing that' too much of a direct comparison to a road pb would be ideal. Something pony standard that i'll be a face in image

  • Half today and nice lift by bus got us there on time with plenty to spare. Plan was twofold: first priority get a bag of club champs points and second priority something which looked like 1:25. Outcome was 1:24:30 and second place for the club so two ticks which should mean a smile on my face but in reality a good couple of minutes down on the pace I should be running at and the first home for the club was a v50 who did 1:21:40 so just as I close in on 50 next year and was thinking 1:22:14 looked hard, the bar rises. I guess that is why they are records.

    Run itself pretty uneventful: set off and by mile 1 was 5th for the club and starting to feel sorry for myself but I was looking at 6:30 pace and doing 6:15 so decided not to chase and then overtook at miles 2, 5 and 10 so again a more steady start and the waiting game played off. Last few miles were hard but that is to be expected with no specific training for the half but a good mark in the sand for Cabbage Patch 10 miles in 6 weeks time and enough time to work on such.

  • Decent days work Philip, treat it as a baseline to improve off. I'm sure there is faster to come next race 

    bus, love the reportimage some great parts to your race to keep that smile going to the next race I'm sure

  • Good efforts guys, and lots of boxes ticked. Well done.

    I had a quick blast to Quarry Wood Hill and back on the bike. Set a shining example of how not to descend a hairpin on a bike. Kept it upright but definitely a day for brown shorts! imageimage

  • Thanks chaps. I am smiling Dean - not sure it's the race though, or the copious amounts of Prosecco I had forced on me at a neighbours 50th wedding anniversary party just now image

    Iron - it's those hairpins and brown pants that have done for Wiggo's confidence, so you are in good company image You going to see the ToB on Friday?

    SG - I remember this really from your report last year. Might be a few seconds down, but either way, 5:50 pace on a solo time-trial, multi-terrain route is not to be sniffed at! How about the cock and biscuits Wooburn 10k next Sunday? Failing that, there's the Medmenham 10 (or the short one) in two weeks, and the South Bucks 10k the week after that. Medmenham 10 would be ideal for your purposes......

  • Hmm Prosecco, I know nothing about booze, but that's what I got today! If it's something you get involved in, it must be classy stuff image

    Did think about Wooburn, as even I got 3rd there one year. But then remembered I'm on a drive/coach up to Old Trafford the same time.

    Will have a think about a next one. That's the freedom of not currently being coached. Just need the hamstrings to go back to their normal "a bit tight" from "massively tight" image

    On another note, did chuckle to see a well known local running face describe a 10k track time, as "Not bad for 50 turns".

    It's a flat rubber track, you aint gonna get anything faster than that!!

    Phil, good turnout yourself. I know you're very aware of the aging effect, but I'm sure you're good to go for plenty of years yet! Probably more than me the way today felt!!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Some good racing over the weekend! 

    Good to see you back in action SG. Not far from last years pace and after no speed work for an age. Well done on the win. 

    well done on the halfs Bus and phil, i need to see the picture of the finish line puking Bus. Haha. 

    Good to hear you're back in action Johnas. Don't know how I'd cope with a lengthy lay off. 

    Just had a great weekend up in Fort William for the Ben Nevis race. Didn't do the race but had a run/walk up and down cheering some mates on. Managed to take in the views this year rather than looking at my shoelaces like last year.

    On the final part of the climb a mate had a boulder kicked back towards him which landed on his finger. Broke it in 3 places and looked horrific. Another running mate fell and dislocated his finger near the top. Marshals at the top had 2 goes at putting it back in but to no avail and both just carried on and finished the race. :-/ different breed them fell ponies. 

    Ive got someone doing me a structured plan with the aim being Leeds Abbeydash. supposed to start it tomorrow but my legs are trashed after going up and down Ben Nevis. Not the best start. 


  • matt - i saw the photos on FB and thought you had raced image  i expect you to be threatening sub 32 at leeds.

    good to see you back and moving johnas.  take your time and the fast times will be back soon enough.

  • Bloody hell Matt,  that is hardcore! I hope your plan starts with a rest day. 

    ToB is in Camberley on Sat so may do that instead. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    That's the plan Dean. Really excited about following the schedule off someone who knows a bit about running.image

    Had a rest day today Iron. 6 hours in car on the way back. image tried a jog but managed a mile. Ha.

    Scott, I looked at the list last week. A few 33+ 10k runners. Just looked at the results of the elites and a few 1.15+ in there.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Excellent race results over the weekend I can see. Well done all round.

    Managed to get my lad out for a run for once. He used to run a lot until GCSE's came along, but now only mucks about occasionally chasing a football.

    So, with Bath Uni beckoning we went for a jog. During the two minutes it took to get to a local park I had the feeling he was holding back. Once in the park, he demonstrated that despite not being fit he could really shift. Such is the advantage of being 5'9" and weighing 8 stone.

    Anyway, once he'd blown up, I tried a lap by myself of half a mile. Managed 0.38 of it before blowing up myself. The garmin indicated that it was in the 5:30's which was ok on grass. 


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