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  • Yep, always have the day off after a longer race - just a bit of gentle walking. I should have taken yesterday off, but it felt OK after warming up. We'll have to see about Saturday, as the Mrs is planning for us to go to London but not sure what time yet.



  • Just go the email from Wokingham for the 2105 half after the 2014 was cancelled.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bearing in mind Phil, you'll be 139 years old by then, do you think you'll be up for it?

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Ha ha!
  • Course he will - think of the WAVA possible for that!


  • You do that so often Phil i wonder if it's on purpose?

    About Wokingham though, if everyone can use last year's place, does that mean it is in effect already sold out?
  • Stevie G wrote (see)
    You do that so often Phil i wonder if it's on purpose?

    About Wokingham though, if everyone can use last year's place, does that mean it is in effect already sold out?

    I pulled out a week before, and I haven't got an email. I may contact them and see. They can hardly use the excuse that I cancelled...

    I'm sure that there will be some places.

  • Mine arrived yesterday evening.

    I think this adductor thing my be a bit more serious now. It was pretty painful all day yesterday, even walking or just sitting and when I rode the bike from the station. It's the last bit that is a real pain, as it's not so bad taking a break from running if I can cycle, but if I can't do that I'll be reduced to just swimming image

    I suspect that post race it was hidden by general stiffness, and what finished it off was the (albeit easy) double on Tuesday followed by stretching, possibly too deeply.

    Hey ho, it is what it is and I'll just have to wait it out and see......

  • The Bus - general stiffness, finished it off, a double and going too deep all in the same sentence! I am beginning to get a picture of what drives you to train so much.

  • Bad news Bus, but it seems to have lingered for an age now. I have seemingly perennial things I moan about, but are generally just tightness. Yours has seen the "p" word, pain mentioned way too often...

    Heavyish post half as well? Mine is always super easy, 3mile recovery run day after, rest day Tuesday. Which is normally enough, as i'm normally tight as heck. Did you need the double for a commute?

    However, we both know, a couple of days rest can do the world of good.

    The other thing, is that we forget that even pro athletes break down plenty of times, with top facilities, and have an "off season", yet we expect to be able to run 5-6 days a week throughout the year as amateurs without any problems!




  • I reckon there is an injury baton on this thread. As much as it pains me to hear about your troubles Bus, my achilles has improved a lot over one night, after a run. Albeit a slow 2miler.

    My RH leg is still tight enough to play duelling banjos on it, but the achilles seems to be improving. To be honest it's probably down to stopping the eccentric drops which seem to cause more leg tightness.

    After a race (proper A-race effort) I'd get a few days off.

    I understand what you mean about being left with swimming too. Not the most fun activity, and always causes shoulder flare-ups.

  • Who wants the baton next - I'm happy to pass it on image. Glad to hear the Achilles is moving in the right direction though iron.

    Yeah, I just find swimming a real bind to motivate myself for - both to go to the pool in the first place and while doing it - up and down, up and down....zzzzzzz...

    Yes SG - double was for a commute. I did do it VERY easy and shave of the miles a bit, but obviously with hindsight it ws an error, especially the evening one, as I could feel things weren't right during the day. Difficult call though, as so many times it's actually eased after a run.  That said, Wednesday is always the worst day DOMS wise for me after a hard race (81.05% WAVA apparently!) so I'm hoping its going to subside dramatically in the next day or so - fingers crossed!


  • Iron, I found my results came after stopping the heel drops, they seemed to aggrevrate things, I focused then on mobility after reading your post about ABC movements ages ago.. I also tried to avoid sitting for so long but also took some time to "warm up" the ankle before / after bed and if I had been sitting. Rolling my shins and calves helped loads too.....

    That then with small runs every so often bulldog up really worked, I'd say I'm 9/10 there now, well in fact nearer 95/100. Glad you have started having good days so soon
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Stevie G wrote (see)
    You do that so often Phil i wonder if it's on purpose?

    About Wokingham though, if everyone can use last year's place, does that mean it is in effect already sold out?

    Seems it is sold out.

    I am a two finger typist, so 2015 is three letters on the left pecker and just one on the right. I really need to learn how to type properly but 30 years of two fingers and left, right, left, right in order is a hard habit to unlearn.

    Running, 30 miles easy since Maidenhead on Sunday. Looking at Upton court parkrun for Saturday. Rob Foster has a broken foot and is normally first finisher so a few slow first homers recently and may be good pickings. Also my only run there is 19:48 and 11th overall so needs setting right.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Bus, yes fingers crossed. 

    Fact of life in the running world, what once made you fitter and faster now makes you slower and injured.

    Went out with the lad again. He's getting fitter but I can run him into the ground at will. However, on sheer speed I've no chance. Did a 20 second burst up a hill which came out as 5:50 min mile pace, he seemed to be working hard.

    The second occasion I tried the blast, the lad had the Garmin and gave me a head start. He blasted past me like I was standing still.

    I averaged, I guess about 5:20 pace. The Garmin for him showed 4:19.

    Another 10k at that pace and he can be Mo.

  • Phil, seems a shame that the fastest local half is just not available to anyone who wasn't in last year! But knowing me i'll still be in this no man's land zone in 5months anyway!

    Ric, if you can raise 5.20pace, even for a short burst, you can't be finished just yet.

    I'm so bored with my running at the moment, I just realised I didn't even bother mentioning my morning run was a 10 at 6.55 pace.

    All a bit samey really isn't it... I should probably just write a "did every easy paced run for the foreseeable sub 7, unless it was pretty hilly" note, and just disappear for a few months again

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I managed it SG, but despite having no 'point pains' or 'pulls', I once again had that strange 'restricted all over' feeling, as regards the leg muscles.

    I suspect the PTH is getting carried away again but this time I'm ready for it. I'll be sending an email to the relevant 'quacks' to suggest an operation. I suspect that they are planning to make a list of 'scalpel jobs' for one occasion, so I might have a wait.

    Got a cancellation for a PET scan for tomorrow. Not sure what the side effects might be but I'll be getting injected with something that should make me glow in the dark.

    SG, In your position, once I got to the point of dull routine, I'd completely change the weighting and go from mileage each day to sets of intervals every other day, with rest days between.

    Six weeks of that and the races were a laugh. Need to do the mileage first though. Which you have.

  • Rest up Bus, hopefully when the it's a bit of post race tightness.

    Got the North West road relays of Saturday, I'm in the B team as the youngsters have come of age, even though most are waiting till the northerns I'm still in the B team!

    Did a session of 6 x 1K off 2mins. Reps were 3:34, then 5 x 3:30. Felt pretty hard to be honest but an easy 4 miles recovery tomorrow.

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    PMJ - in fairness, the 1st finisher at Upton has clocked 17:36, 15:28, 17:31, 17:13, 16:32 over the last (Foster-free) 5 weeks. You'll see a familiar Datchet Dasher has finished in the top 2 or 3 several times in that period and has 1st hand experience of looking round on the start line thinking it might be his day only to have his hopes dashed in the 1st 100m! He'll be there again this week - it's a nice sandwich in a Saturday morning 10 miler and it's all about getting to 50 this year. 

    SG - far from me to comment being such a foreigner on here but I will anyway. Why put so much time in to something that you appear not to be enjoying? I understand routine and consistency but life is very short not to have fun….get out and do some races, nobody other than you is really going to care if you are a little shy of a PB and there's so much enjoyment to be had on race days: the banter, the camaraderie, the cake……go on, you know you want to really!


  • I think it's just the general uncertainty at the moment, unsure if I should be doing anything too fast until it feels "perfect". But then I suppose if you wait for that you wait for ever.

    However, both you Wool and Ric are right, it's definitely an opportunity to free things up while I'm (hopefully) temporarily off the M man's regime.

    The relay and some MP stuff shows that if I need to I can produce something a bit faster. Next step is an actual race, so I might pick some Cock and Biscuits type affair soon.

    I think post event is always a little bit of a malaise, that tedious recovery phase.

    Spot of footy watching this weekend will take some emphasis away. Though unfortunately thread forefather ALD has pulled out. Thinking back to our 2-3 meets at games a year, I probably always have some niggle I'm moaning about to him!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Night out at PhilPub's club 5000 championships in SE London for me tonight. Aim was 15:3x. Didn't quite have it tonight, so ended up with 15:46.6. Still a decent night's work, and I have to bear in mind that when I ran that 15:42 I was peaking for it and it was tapered, which tonight wasn't. Also, its a track PB, so a good nights work.

    2nd in the B race, and then watched the A race guys (including people like Nick Torry) smash around the track at my 800m pace.
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    I think many people are trying different ways to make a similar well-meant point SG. I guess the reality is though that even the most dedicated couldn't get themselves up and out of bed to do a routine* 10 miler most days so deep down you must be enjoying it really. Just don't get in a rut....

    * sub 7 10 milers at silly am are far from routine for most of us!
  • I would run 60 mile easy weeks for fun if I wasn't racing.

    Good work, Dachs.

  • "Didn't quite have it" - runs 15:46! I love it Dachs! That's a superb run regardless of your aim especially with no taper etc as you said! Should be dead chuffed
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Great running Dachs. Certainly in good nick at the minute! 

    Fingers crossed for you Bus. Hopefully nothing major and even if it is, ive no doubt you'll train through it.image 

    id probably echo the comments from Wool etc SG. The base is certainly there and I'd never race or do a session at all if i was waiting to felt perfect if you get my meaning. What about just heading to the track and trying to knock out a few 400s or something? No emphasis on recovery, just play about with different effort levels over different distances. The track will find out any weak spots. 

    10.75 for me yesterday at 6.35 pace including a few strides before today's 5k tempo which came out at 5.24 pace. 7 mins recovery then 5x200 strides off 45 secs. Apart from pre race I've never done strides in a session so wasnt sure of the effort/pace I should be doing. 2x 32 and 3x 33 secs. Probably a bit too quick but waiting on the feedback. 

  • Dachs - Nick Torry et al smash round at your 800m pace, you smash round at faster than my 400m pace and so it goes on!! Bloody quick 5000 either way!

    SG - for crying out loud, just go and do a race!!!!!!!! Any race, just as soon as you can, as fast as you can....

    Nice quick AND consistent session SS

    Good luck with the scan tomorrow Ric....

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Sorry SS and Ric. Just quickly scanned through and I've a shit memory and too lazy to keep scrolling up. image
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Nice pace on those reps SS

    And a very tasty tempo from Matt too.  What's that tempo targeting though?  They do say you need about 20 mins to start to get the proper threshold effects.

    Nice paces from RicF and little RicF too.

    SG - nothing ever feels 'perfect', particularly given that you seem to be waiting for things to be perfect and possibly overthinking it.  A watched pot never boils.  Cabbage Patch 10.  Do it.

    Was going to write a fuller race report of the 5000 last night, since last night's post was a quick one on the phone whilst I was sitting on the train, but in hindsight there's not too much more to add.  The B-race was 15:40 -16:50, so I was due to be at the front of it with a few others, and the idea was working in a group sharing the lead.  I didn't want to take the first lap on, but it came out at a pretty sluggish 78, so went past and led for the next two, trying to get back on pace for 75s.  Alternated this with another guy for the whole race, pretty much 2 laps each, with a couple of guys tucked in behind, with the pace on for about 15:50.  Tried to up it from 600m out, and the other guy went too, and he had a decent kick from 200m out so pulled out a few metres on me.  Someone else came past briefly, but I actually managed to outkick him (might be the first time I've ever outkicked anybody in the last 100m!) for the 2nd spot.

    Then a bl**dy long train journey home, arriving after midnight.  Rest day today I think.

  • can see why you think there was better available for once Dachs! 15.42 on the road, has to mean a 15.30 is pretty doable on the track. Despite our local face moaning at the "turns" on the track, it's the fastest surface.

    that sounds a dangerous scale for that race. On top form/niggle free, etc i'd be tucking in near the back end of that, but no doubt it's hard to resist monstering a lap. 


  • Wool, thanks for the remarks. I post on here for that exact reason: I want to put myself under pressure and push myself hard rather than turn up and run a middling run. If a certain Dasher who has a 17-2 loosing streak against me turns up then I will be happy to make that 18-2 or at least run 18.xx for a parkrun which I have not done since 3rd May when Rob was first at Black Park and I was 10th: who came 11th?

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