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    ooooh! The race is on!image 

    Dachs, after getting in contact about being coached with the aim of hopefully peaking and getting a PB at the Abbeydash she noticed that apart from some recent races I didn't do enough tempos. I think this was just a starter to see how I fared. 

    Shes run quicker than my PB for 10k so I'm hoping it rubs off on me.image 

  • Seems that Sunday's Maidenhead Half was the ARC half marathon champs as well which means little other than I finished 81st overall and 8th in the ARC champs. Seems not many clubs are ARC affiliated so we had 4 men in the top 13 for the team prize ARC but 4 in 127 in the real race.



  • Not many ladies who have run quicker than you at 10k. I know of one Preston Harrier who lives down the road from me that has. If it is that lady then you have a coach with a great running pedigree.

  • No running today as still pretty sore, but I did manage a bike ride - very nice it was too!  

    I did a loop from my place to Chinnor then took in two KoM stages of the ToB, then waited near the top of Kop Hill in a great spot to see the race. It was really good - massive crowd and lots of excitement in the build up! I also bumped into a few people I knew. I then followed them on through Great Missenden, up Frith Hill and then headed for home round the lanes with one last hill thrown in for good measure. All done, 33 miles and 1900ft of climbing. 


  • dachs - Great race, congrats.  you are in a good place at the moment. Milk this form & get a couple of 10ks in.

    fast looking sessions from Matt and SS too. And a bike ride from Bus that i dont really understand other than it sounds tough,  hilly and would probably break me.

    im still in base period averaging 60 mile weeks recently. running nice and slow. hoping to come out of this soon as its a bit dull. could do with a few races even if i wont be at top speed and limited speed work.  Have some work travel coming up soon to india & Shanghai about 10 days in total. Will watch my weight this time but looks like it will be lots of treadmill running. 


  • you don't know what the word rest means do you Bus image

    Phil, Wool nice sass talking. This could be the hottest forum face off since Samir v everyone at Reading.

  • Nope image. But hey, they say a change is as good as a rest and it was a great day off! 

  • take it you're not up for a medium long tomorrow then image

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    I think Phil meant to say something along the lines of 'as club mates won't it be great if we can work together and pull one another to a decent time'.

    Come along SG. It's got to be worth a trip from Bucks to run twice round a field in Slough, surely!
  • image Nice one Wool. Might have considered it, but got to fit some kind of longish run in, in lieu of travelling to Old Trafford Sunday.

    The lad ALD pulling out at the last minute means I've spent all day exploring all manner of options for someone to take the ticket!!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Max, that didn't take long!

    After the Half Marathon and two easy weeks running hitting around 60 miles like Dean I'd heard that she was offering coaching and thought itd be ideal if she could sort my training out for the two months leading up to the Abbeydash.

    for the cost of a pair of trainers or a day on the beer id have been stupid not to go for it on the back of the Half. It beats picking sessions off the Internet when instead I can talk my session through with a 2 time Olympian. 

    Bus, sounds a belter of a ride. I'm a bit miffed I didn't go and see the Tour de France as it came by not far from me. Only really hit home the scale of the thing when I saw the climb up buttertubs with all the spectators lining the road. 

    Dean, the big weeks will do you no harm, especially with having that speed at will you seem to possess. 

  • Wool wrote (see)
    I think Phil meant to say something along the lines of 'as club mates won't it be great if we can work together and pull one another to a decent time'.

    Come along SG. It's got to be worth a trip from Bucks to run twice round a field in Slough, surely!

    Yep, a 18.xx would be nice and if it is Wool and I at the finish for 1 and 2 I'd be happy with either position.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    SG, once upon a time that ticket would've gone instantly. Not now for a mid table team. Even the mighty clarets were annoyed at only getting a point last time out at Turf Moor.image 

  • it's the lack of notice that's the thing. Don't generally have any problem shifting with notice, and season tickets have gone at their quickest in about 15years!

    I've managed to shift it on a forum. That slight risk of arranging the selling of a ticket to a complete stranger! But sorted nonetheless.

    At least it's safer than the time I went up for the Manchester Derby about 4-5 years ago without a ticket and had to aquire one. The adrenaline was off the scale that day, but I got in....

    Looking back, it was a mad risk. It would only have taken bad traffic, like a couple of other times over the years to end up missing the first 10mins and having had a mad wasted journey!

  • Matt - it wasn't quite the 13 deep crowds of Cote de Buttertubs today, but a great event to watch nonetheless.

    SG - sorry, still don't think I should run just yet - it was OK on the bike, but still sore walking. Any run now would have to be very short and very slow! We're off to London for the weekend fairly early doors tomorrow anyway. 

  • no sounds sensible Bus! I'd hate to drag you into a too long run and re-ruin you! There'll be plenty of other times.

    Runs felt better main ache wise today, just  a feeling in the hip as if I'd smashed it on some sideboard!!

    Have started doing a plank everyday now. The physio pointed out I'd got the technique wrong, and had my ass too high up. Now it's lower down it feels much more controlled. Even if 90secs isn't exactly strength king type fare....

  • Going to be interesting to see what she has in store for you Matt. Think it will be money well spent.
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Lets hope so. I think Joe Monk might be benefitting from it too as after following me on strava a couple of days ago he's just ran the exact same session today as I did yesterday. image 

    his tempo for 5k is about 10 secs slower than his PB. image 

  • So who is the lucky lady Matt? I'm a bit behind the times!

    Is anyone else getting email notifications to find that there is no change here?

    Parkrun this morning at WP pace again, though increased a tad from halfway as she wasn't feeling the parkrun fun. Achilles is definitely improving though calf and hamstring still tight.

  • I will let Matt say bit there really aren't too many Olympic distance runners from Preston image
  • Wool wrote (see)
    I think Phil meant to say something along the lines of 'as club mates won't it be great if we can work together and pull one another to a decent time'.

    So Wool's PB at Upton Court is 18:33 and the first finisher today was 18:36 and Wool was 18:38 so I think that counts as pulling round for a decent time.

    Interesting run: played out as expected with me starting fast and Wool tucking in some distance back but I had a guy on my shoulder from about 200m and he was puffing and panting from the get go. I assumed he would fall off but he didn't and just stuck there. To be fair, the course is two laps and he was a first timer so in his position I would have done the same so sit back for the first lap and then the second lap doesn't throw up surprises.

    End of the fist lap and he is still there. The first bit of the lap is uphill on grass and into the wind so I decide to turn the tables and sit in behind him with the plan of getting him on the fast road section towards the end of the lap. It was working well: he was a big guy and provided plenty of shelter, then all of a sudden he pulls up and hits stop on his Garmin, WTF! I pass by, never loathe to take an opportunity when presented. Wool seems to have paced it better early stages and is soon with me before the top of the uphill drag and I was feeling the pace so told him to go on. I recover pretty well on the flat and close the gap and by the time we are on the road I am ahead and the rest seems to have rejuvenated me so it was just head down and push for the finish for a 1, 2 for Datchet Dashers, niceimage

    Chatted with the guy afterwards, Pete Willis of Belgrave Harriers with a PB of 15:11 for 5k and 4:03 for 1500 so maybe the plan of taking him at the end would not have worked out.




  • 18.30s winning 5ks? 15.11 guys strolling a lap then stopping? Odd stuff.

    Well done on the win though Phil. Something that's eluded me in 3 turn outs at these PaRk runs.

  • 12miles, 6.56 pace,standard.

    no runs til  Monday now, and going to lose myself in 4 footy games today/tomorrow, gong to 2, watching 2.

    See you on the other side!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Good head to head stuff PMJ and Wool.

    Also Iron, any improvement is good news.

    Tried something a bit different today with thoughts of my next individual race, a half marathon. So it was initially 13 miles, starting gently but working up to just shy of MP in the last 3 miles (6:14, 6:10, 6:08). Average 6:53. Timed to arrive at parkrun just at the start and did another half mile of jogging and strides as the briefing went on. Plan was to hit the parkrun hard and see what came of it, with an inkling that whatever I could muster with 13m in the legs could be a decent approximation of half marathon pace. Felt reasonably comfortable and controlled the first two miles, and then quite sick the last mile, but was pleased with 16:50ish for 1st. Then 1.5 miles warm down to make 18 in total. Don't think 5:26 is necessarily half marathon pace though!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Interesting experiment Dachs. I read that racing a half marathon was going as fast as you could without accumulating lactic acid for the first 11 miles.

    I assume that the final two miles was being able to do a 'Dean' and wind the pace all the way to best 400m pace.

    My experience was to build up all the lactic I could in the first 10 minutes and hang on.

    Forgot to run at all today myself. Easy.



  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I think you might be in for a surprise come the race Dachs. If I winged 5.26 pace for my half the other week then I'm sure you will be in the mix. You've done tenfold the amount of prep that I did for it. Have faith!

    Nice 1-2 for yourself and Wool, Phil. Did he say why he pulled up? Maybe returning from an injury or something.

    Had a track session today which was so so. 5x 1000 of 1 min (target 3.03-3.10) then 5 mins rec before 5x200 off 30 secs. Along with my schedule I've got a core strength program to do which happened to be lunges etc last night. Think it took its toll as my left adductor was really tight beforehand. Thought It'd loosen once I got going.

    Also made the mistake of having a Starbucks hot chocolate 2 hours before and then a red bull an hour before. I must've had 4 shits before the session and had to 'go' after the third rep so slightly longer on that recovery. (3.05, 3.07, 3.08, 3.07, 3.08) for the 1k reps and barring a 30 first time out on the 200s the rest were 32/33. Hard bloody work blasting the 200s after the session and the 1000s were bloody tough. Think they'll benefit me though. Adductor now really tight so dropped out of a recce of a fell relay I should be doing tomorrow. A supposed 12 miles but will be on the canal bank.

    Iron, its Helen Clitheroe.
  • Good results PMJ and Wool.

    I wondered how you would do at parkrun Dachs, it certainly looked a tasty pace when you came past. Good warmup.

    Thanks Matt. Deans hints helped me out. I must admit I'd never heard of her, as she was pre me running. I'm sure she'll knock you in to shape though.
  • It's like Matt has turned into SG from a few years ago with the pit-stop recoveries in between reps.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    It's nothing new Lit. Haha. It seems my love of dairy products doesn't entirely agree with running. image
  • Very quick reps Matt, mighty impressive, I think the 200ms although after the 1kms probably answered your question about the strides the other day, they were probably too quick.. Will be interesting to see what will happen in two months leading to the target but I guess you have the base / steady mileage and LSRs in place allready it's just a structure regarding sessions you needed? Is this a one off just till the abbey dash or see how it goes with an option/thought to continue after?? As coming off inbetween races she would offer other advice too which again would benefit you as we all seem to train without peaking purposefully (properly) or have Maintenence phrases etc etc...

    Good park running by everyone it seems today! And SG some continuous tasty mid long runs sub 7m/m is surely that "good place to be thinking of racing feeling" surely? image

    Dachs - 1st time I've seen a "session" like that although seems a fairly obvious one to think which I like the concept off.. Defo not one bit shabby I'd say, I think a few of then could really work for conditioning the body + legs

    Think IC I get general feeling things are better / getting better lately from you and I think you may have wrote they are? Well, I hope it goes / remains that way!
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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