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  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    I never minded a cigarette or two, though I haven't touched one for about 15 years. I shall remain silent on my history with the other kinds of smokes.

  • Likewise Dachs.....

    Deffo too soon SG!!!!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, One reason I deleted the post was that it was an irrelevance to the theme of the thread. The other reason was that I'd suggested I'd bribed a man who worked for an American delivery company. They take no prisoners.

    I imagined that somehow the company would see an opportunity to wipe me out financially  because of slander. So it went.

    The minor meltdown is an accurate assessment. There's been too many stresses of late for comfort. 

  • and on the topic of booze and funny cigarettes, I'm off to a beer festival in Holland for the weekend! oi oi!

  • Nice - can I come? image 

  • One of the positive things about being injured, is it can make you try new things. After a day of felling grumpy and sorry for myself I dug my ancient mountain bike out and went for my first proper MTB ride this evening for absolutely ages (discounting doing a few laps of the field behind my house!). Only 11M, but at times it felt like the old days of MTBing - great fun and a pretty good work out!

  • Bus, surely being injured Not go and do whopping amounts of other exercise!

  • Evening.

    Bus, have you considered running 'easy'? This might allow you to continue instead of beasting 800m sessions!

    Related, I managed 3km of completely achilles free running today, after not running since Saturday (ish). Plenty of cycling though. And a day trip to Dublin last Tue. Didn't make it any further than about 5km from the airport, but did almost miss the flight. Left the customer at 1455 with the gate closing at 1510. Just about made it, and managed a 1km rep in work clothes to do so.

    Tomorrow is a rest day, so a beer tonight. Johnas you always seem to be on beer tours of late! Anyhow, beer is definitely good.

  • That depends on what exercise makes the injury worse. I'm not ill, but have a very specific injury location. Thankfully, riding a bike and running use different muscles (heart and lungs aside of course!). There are overlaps, but I'm hoping the location of my injury isn't on one of those.  Certainly it isn't painful (mostly) to ride a bike (or swim), whereas it is to walk or run, so I'm banking on it not aggravating the problem. I could be wrong of course but either way, an hour on a bike isn't exactly "whopping"  image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    My way of dealing with injuries has evolved over the years. Its simple. Its train. Get up the next day and ask myself, is it worse or is it better? The answer will determine the next course of action. Which can mean, do nothing.

    If I asked myself, 'what is the maximum amount of exercise I can get away with today?' it'll be the wrong question because it won't help me become a better runner. Chances of success 50/50 at best.

    You don't lose injuries that way, you learn to live with them. 


  • That very much depends on the injury though.  Miles I could run whilst waiting for my hip operation before encountering actual pain: less than one.  Miles I could cycle to stop myself from getting very fat: hundreds!

  • what do you guys eat when not training to put so much weight on!

    The time I had 6months with next to none, i just ate as normal, and no worries!

    ps Ric, what do you mean your way of dealing with injuries is to train? As you say you often end up doing nothing? That's not training!?

  • My appetite for food (and beer!) stays the same when not running, or I even find myself comfort eating more, so weight gain is often an issue as those calories can  just mount up without being burnt.  The biggest issue is not the weight gain itself, but the fact that it takes a bloody long time to eventually shift it again!

    As per yourself PP, the last two injuries I've had have been painful and aggravated by running but fine when biking. It was the one before this one that made me finally decide to buy a road bike, which I'm glad I did as I've had plenty of use out of it the past year!

    Talking of which, 18 miles to work this morning. Leg was fine, and general pain has subsided to almost nothing, except for that moment when I first stand up after sitting down for a bit.  No running on it yet though.....

    My main aim is to try and get it sorted and stay in some sort of shape for Cabbage Patch, and perhaps even more importantly, for a week in the Lakes at the end of October. It'll need to be a lot better to cope with the downhills!


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Right, so we know that SG's vice isn't smoking, drinking, drugs, over-eating or copious womanising.  Which begs the question - what is it?

    I reckon he's a female impersonator.

  • Female impersonator isn't a vice, I think the current vogue is to call it valuing diversity.

    Given his posts on here I wouldn't be surprised if Stevie was a kleptomaniac. I could image him nicking staplers off people and hiding them in his desk. He would sit back  and laugh as they dropped their pile of unstappled papers. I could see him enjoying such impish behaviour.

  • Dachs, the least cool vice of them all...running image

  • Running isn't neither immoral or wicked.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Running a brothel?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    SG, I suppose I should say 'no running'. But training isn't always straining, in the same way that work doesn't always involve much beyond wiggling the ends of your fingers.

     Bus, the fact that you still have every intention of running the CP and that thing in the lakes, only tells me that at some point you're going to risk cutting a corner.


  • Dachs, I sometimes wonder who the ultra serious chap who looks like you at races is, compared to some of your stuff on here!

  • Dachs is a complex guy with many layers, like an onion, no wait that is Shrek.

  • Maxpower North West wrote (see)

    Dachs is a complex guy with many layers, like an onion, no wait that is Shrek.

    I thought that was parfait?

  • Ric, just Bus's way really, each to their own.

    Bus works round certain "crown jewel" races of the year that he'l miss only under massive circumstances.
    I tend to not like to race unless i'm in pretty good shape and confident over niggles.

    Unfortunately as time goes on that approach can mean you end up never racing, whereas Bus's approach can mean you risk putting yourself out for longer or cope with underpar performances.

    Has to be a middle ground somewhere, but maybe not when you're 10+ years into racing!

  • Donkeys are like parfait man and Dachs ain't no donkey.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    SG - at races I have my game face on.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    There's more to races than meets the eye.

    As for actual training. This morning I fired up the new(ish) Garmin and ran out for a mile (a sub something). A bit over dressed, I cranked up the pace on the return for a sub seven.

    Now I might go out again tomorrow but if I take off another day and run Sunday it won't bother me. I'm only enhancing the recovery. 

    There's no structure or system to what I'm doing right now, but the fact is, I'm not injured, I'm not tired all the time and I'm able to run fast enough to force me to a standstill. And then carry on.

  • Injury i think is quite rare for our type of training in fairness. As in the stuff that stops you running. It's those niggles you can run through, but that stall the progress. They're a lot more frequent.

    Good to see you're happier than you were a while back though Ric.

    I've tried the do what you fancy style of running, as well as obviously the "do exactly what told" style. Both have their benefits, depending on the time in your running life.

    At the moment I'm between the 2, but probably something like 85% towards the latter.
    Who knows how it'll go. Back on it 100% and periodising for a couple of big goes at pbs a year, almost like an individual running soldier of fortune, or back to the old club and doing sh!Tloads of races a year, and feeling properly part of a club again?

  • RicF wrote (see)

    My way of dealing with injuries has evolved over the years. Its simple. Its train. Get up the next day and ask myself, is it worse or is it better? The answer will determine the next course of action. Which can mean, do nothing.

    Ric - that sounds very much like my outlook, but seems totally opposite what you are hinting out above isn't it?

    If it comes to it, I'll not do CP and hopefully sell on my number, but the Lakes is a week's holiday and I don't want to have to spend a week there twiddling my thumbs!


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Happy enough to be able to run without concern again, but also a bit cautious about moving the distance up again. I shouldn't be really, I've moved into longer runs without difficulty from shorter ones plenty of times.

    Thinking about lining myself up for some races with the club. I'll get around ok, and depending on how crap I am, will give me incentive to get better.


  • been overseas for 10 days or so and not had chance to fully read back but looks like some good relays by all with Dachs taking thread honours.

    perfect build up for my half marathon tomorrow.  3 days in india, 7 days in china, 6 different flights, not much sleep, far too much alcohol including a full bottle of vintage Dom Perignon on the flight back yesterday. Did some treadmill running but no long runs.  So expect a massive PB! image  hmmm maybe not.  should be fun though.

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