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  • Dean - that is my favorite post of the decade, move over Kevin Pietersen that is how to do it.

  • A joke Ric? What, suggesting that the fastest 10k in the south, and the third biggest half in the countr (was it UK half championship last year? Can't remember, but possibly) that are very close geographically,  might not want to pick the same date? Something they seem to manage every year?  I don't think that's an outrageous assumption.

    Anyway, running wise, carried on my Tuesday reps progression today. I've basically been trimming the reps but increasing distance each week. Suits me to go on time rather than distance these days with no track.

    Therefore, today was 6x3:20, off 90secs. To keep it to the same 20mins effort.

    Aim was to be around 5.30 pace.


    That second rep was motoring, and the 6th rep wasn't the best route, but overall average was 5.27 which I'm happy with out on the road.

    A tidy session, nothing compared to your Dach's and the like, but it's a personal game innit image.

    Enjoying the running again, feels a purpose again after the month of maintaining mileage.

    Ric, hope the knee eases, and you can get back into it. We've a date at Metros XC! well, when we actually have a date, and on the rare chance it's not cancelled!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Naughty boys.

    So which of you northern chaps are going to be at the Abbey Dash then?  Only 6 weeks or so to go.  I need to book a hotel.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    dachs, im on the hover.  its a sunday race miles away and my son plays footy on a sunday now so im double booked plus there is a league XC race on the sat too.  but on the other side its a very fast race and i could use your recent top form to drag me round to a PB.  i will probably decide late but at the moment im looking for other races just in case.

    i have the small distraction of the fancy dress half marathon in a fortnight to navigate first. 


  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Play nicely now!

    Pretty fast reps from where I'm standing SG.....

    Going to try an easy xc at lunchtime. The weather is not really conducive to long bike rides to work this week, somy original plan to try to alternate a run every other day with cycling to work and back may not easy!

    Have asked the Cabbage Patch ROs how I go about passing on my number, as even if the leg recovers in times, 5+ weeks averaging 15 mpw will not produce even a half-decent performance!

  • good to see you're back to it Bus. Though it takes monumental pain to stop you!

    Shame to miss a race you were looking forward to, but certainly plenty of races coming

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Thanks SG. Pretty much ruled out Ridgeway this Sunday too image.

    This time though, it was thought of not being able to run on the fells on holiday that has made me take a slightly more sensible approach to rehab! I have a physio appointment next week and want to discuss options then before trying anything too testing...

  • That Ridgeway is an odd distance isn't it? 15.5k or something?

    Fingers crossed, as while pbs/race performances are the icing on the cake, just running is the real joy.

    Years back, perhaps 2009 I did 3 10ks on back to back weekends around this time of year. Can still remember drudging up a couple of offroad hills in the 3rd one and being glad that was it for a while.

  • Complete agreement SG - lots of people use Eastleigh to PB and Reading for a solid quality HM, and if I'm not mistaken was is UK champs race last year?? I was thinking of doing Reading - several reasonsimage but now won't and will use Eastleigh in build upto Southampton HM in April

    You look in brighter shape than me SG with those reps and good base mileage so no excuse for a race! My excuse - can't run 3 miles in one go at the moment!

    Saw TT on other thread mention Farley Mount - I would have used it as a training run for the GSR but not doing it.. Dachs are you the only one eligible? On the cards?

    BUS - one thing I noticed that is recurring with you is a lot of off road running, would the constant unstable surfaces be a worry with injury? I found I was runnijg off road a lot with the Achilles, switched to road and massive change
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  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    I've entered the Abbeydash Dachs.

    Nice session SG.

    It was hill reps for me on Thursday followed by 2800ft of ascent in Sundays relay followed by a hill session tonight. :-/ tempo run on Thursday (got asked if I'd like to join the 'coach' and her club on Thursday to do it but time constraints means I'll hopefully get over next weekend to join one)

    Then 5x 1 mile off 90 secs on Saturday.
  • Sounds like a pretty intense schedule Matt! You must be dropping sub 5m for those mile reps...would be awesome to get involved in the group with sessions.. I do miss running with others at times. Especially seeing how they've progressed, young Mahammed dropped the (or one of) fastest legs at road relays the other week (juniors) like 4:5x miling

    Saw the results of the fell race + tried to decipher it and work the splits out but it was all over the place. But as you said, solid performance from a relatively new team and no doubt a solid workout!
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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    The source of congestion of road races is really a throw back to the days when road races and relays fitted into the gaps before and after XC and Track racing.

    Organisers have their own agenda anyway, but its not like a high street where if a particular type of shop opens, another does as well, and another. 

    On the subject of training but not going in for races, the solution is to go and take part in a 'parkrun'. Everyone knows its not a race.

  • I don't Ric, I consider that a race.The clue is in the tonne of people, recorded times, and trying to beat your neighbour. But we've been here before. Countless times.

  • Funny isn't it talking to some of the older boys/coaches and their bafflement over the rise and rise of road races, like RicF said, they were generally just an aside to track or xc, probably before the early 80's and the LM started...

    Is it also because that track and xc are seen as the harshest type of racing/ the sort of 'no hiding place' racing that people don't really like these days??

  • Hi Matt - took the kids on bikes round the Preston Guild Wheel on Sunday and saw your coach and a few Preston Harriers running towards us at a gallop (not sure of his name but I think your mate He-man was one of them). Amazing though it looked pretty fast your coach was chatting away like she was walking!

  • You'll know about it after that little period matt! Loads of hills.

    1mile reps at any particular zone? 10k pace? Or just hard?
  • Simon, road running and thus road racing is the most accessible these days, whereas the other forms are no doubt seen as the domain of ultra serious types.

    I could understand that thinking for my two track races last year for sure!

    Scott, makes sense for you to do Eastleigh. Much closer, super fast race etc.youll be back to your top end when you've seen off this niggle for certain.

    Ps is Sam still around? Haven't seen anything from him for a while, and wondered if rw has had a hoover up?
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    That's a pretty full on schedule Matt!

    Scott - generally I would say off-road is better for keeping injuries down, with softer surfaces, variation in pace and less repetitive movement type problems than on the road. On the downside (literally!) are that my off-road routes are hilly and it's the downhills that can do the damage. This current one is a combination though, as it started after Abingdon marathon last year, when two weeks after I ran lots of big downhills in the lakes before giving the muscles a chance to recover properly from what must have been an underlying overuse injury.

    Today's run went from uncomfortable for the first 5 miles, to painful in the last 2, so on reflection a it too far. Feels OK now, so hopefully no additional damage done.

  • was that a commute job Bus? 7miles is a long "tester" otherwise.

    It's interesting road v offroad.

    You've pointed out the benefits of offroad, but i've always wondered if the different terrain, let alone hills can do more damage than nice smooth road. EOG for instance says he does all of his training offroad (bar track), but then they say train as you who knows!

    The more you get into running, the more you tweak the convetional "rules".

    I'm on about 640miles in both road pairs of trainers. I used to always change at around 500. But by then i could usually feel some gentle aches coming on. Maybe that was more psychological, maybe different trainers have different rules who knows!

    Sweatshop did a great "members" deal though. Current model of waveriders is a ludicrous £110, but they have a deal where you get 2 pairs for that. Before i'd always gone a model or 2 back, so it's good to have the latest for once (well, once i start up in them!)

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Not a commute, but longer than it should have been. The idea was that as I did 6 on Saturday with no ill effect, I thought I'd try a bit further. By the time I realised it was a bad idea, I had no choice but to either run or walk the last few miles home. I should have done loops nearer home or something to be able to bale out. I'm not sure, but although cycling has generally been pain free, the hard ride on Sunday on top of running Saturday might have lead to a bit of a flare up. 

  • Who would have guessed an ex-Olympic runner wouldn't let him 'pony' around (think that was the phrase Stevie used about Matt's previous training) running HM or MP as his hard sessions. At some point it has got to hurt, guess this trick is doing than without breaking.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Simon Coombes 2 wrote (see)

    Funny isn't it talking to some of the older boys/coaches and their bafflement over the rise and rise of road races, like RicF said, they were generally just an aside to track or xc, probably before the early 80's and the LM started...

    Is it also because that track and xc are seen as the harshest type of racing/ the sort of 'no hiding place' racing that people don't really like these days??


    I've noticed via PO10 that there are runners of many years standing who never do road races at all. Just XC and Track.

    In fact they view road races as a bit odd, unless heading for a marathon.

    Shoes. I revive old ones by simply changing the inner sole for some moulded thing from the running shop.

  • Just a quick image for Dachs and Lit: great runs. Been off-line for a few days as very busy.

    If Lit is treading on the coat-tails of those on this thread she must be making a lot of ego-fuelled men feel very unhappy.

  • Back in the day Simon when a youngster the focus was all track and XC so road races are new to me this year really. I see XC as no where to hide style too but I think XC Should be a staple of an athletes year. Then either track / road focus otherwise..

    I don't get people who avoid a particular discipline but if they have their own reason so be it..

    Hopefully Stevie will be flying by then if not sooner. Fall back plan is literally copy my build up last time but start a little sooner, focus quality rather than building masses of miles - something I've not quite been able to do..not worry about anything else as such as I know I ran well off that same build up. Having said that would copying exactly what I did last year work? Probably not image

    Regarding shoes - mine have seen well over 500 if not mid 600 or higher. Since I switched them my Achilles injury was helped, then I had 10 weeks of 50 miles in the same shoe - niggle now I am concerned whether my feet ankles etc allready being weak have been suffering under a weakened shoe.. Could be in the head though although shoe is clearly battered and worn! It's on my list to get new ones ASAP . Still have my boosts which have around 100m in them. Maybe they will be ok ...

    Oh yes Phillip agree- Lit apologies but delayed well done / superb PB (again) partnership working well I see!

    SamH probably gone quiet rather than RW doing any hoovering - will be interested to see what his next target is.. 45 min cabbage patch wasn't it
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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭



    Indeed it was.

  • Interesting points on the Road races. Suppose it's better now that we can have a do relays and road races as well as track and cross country, bit of variety. I suppose the only thing that niggles me a bit is when a club runner will not do a league xc if there is a half they have entered on the Sunday. For me its put the xc dates in and mould the calendar around them....such a 'club man' image'

    So the famous one is above.....

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Well, the Cabbage Patch 10 is now full and Samir isn't on the entry list, so that's a bad start to his sub-45 bid.

    Scott, no I'm not at the XC this weekend.  A fair few family things going on I need to be at.  Plus I'm not quite ready to waste my good road form on trudging round bollocksy muddy fields.  I'll start doing some in November or December.

  • Fair play Dachs I actually thought why on earth would you do it after the HM! Recipe for disaster indeed! Maybe I'll get to some too. Love XC image

    Simon I do think some people are way over the top with club events and socials etc. I have always been loyal and tried to run relays etc where possible (guess at say Samir's age and say u17s etc much easier to be committed to club events) and so far this year with injury I've not been in the picture anyway. When I get back to it I will feel bad about it but I think I'll have to be a little selfish at times as I work every other weekend so if I plan a race and then find out club wants me could be a tough call.. Track season will be different though I'll turn out when I can as unlikely to clash I don't think
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  • I've had spells doing every club event, and spells picking and choosing what suits. Depends how pushy and competitive your club is really.

    Heavy rain, grim and overcast today, but 10miles went without much drama, bit slowre than normal with a few slight aches, but probably to be expected after the last 4 days or so. 7.05 pace on a hilly route isn't bad.

    Back in the carpark, a work colleague got out of his big 4x4, and i carried on stretching. Then saw it rolling out of the space! Instinctively, I tried to stop it, whilst not standing head on! Being a massive vehicle and me these days having the strength of a crushed snail, i was struggling!

    However, I managed to stop it, by somehow getting my foot jammed under a front wheel! Luckily the guy came back out quickly, reversed and I was stood there pondering how easily it could have been worse!

  • Have to laugh at the heroics! But could have been very bad! Lucky escape!

    Have visions of you hoisting this huge Jeep with one arm with hundreds of onlookers gasping in amazement! Not to be!

    Nice solid run (again)

    Bus journey into town is dull but livened up by that story - QM2 is in which makes looking out the window slightly more ples.

    I think I might get a few miles in this week judging how legs have been last 3 days. Will see
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