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  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Rob - almost 2 laps (depending on where the 15 mins took me beyond the finish line). so in the region of 4 minutes.  I'm sure there are those on here who would take much smaller recoveries, but it seemed about right to me and in line with what I'd usually do.

  • At that pace you'd need it! tough session image

  • Yes top session Dachs! Thought they were 5km splits at first glance!!

    Johnas - some people here have ran well not long after a cold and I did so at Eastleigh last year? Is it worth trying?

    I'm in the process of finalising 12 week program starting Sunday. As it happens my first session is 3 x 15" off 3:00 - however for the first 4 weeks I'll probably keep the structure of the session the same but drop the volume to 30 minutes / %of weekly and build up. So (3 x 10)


    This will also include big changes to my diet and focus on hydration too and some supplements. So I won't be natty. Going all out, I love food but want to give a proper shot and eating well anyway. Last pack of jammy dodgers last night

    I'm 181cm / 71kg as of this week. I've been as low as 67ish at times and that's also when I did gym work, don't know how "low" I could get. I would say I have arm muscle but shameful at that so no..

    It'll be interesting to see how much this impacts my performance vs last year - I'll be doing less mileage and 2 sessions a week as opposed to 3...
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  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Encouraged to see this weight/fat/diet issue being given some consideration.

    Whether some people see it as an inconvenient truth is neither here nor there, it remains a major factor as regards race performance. 



  • I don't think anyone on here said that being lighter wasn't correlated with being faster, Ric, we were all just sceptical about the figures you were quoting as 'information'. I notice that age/weight grading calculator Phil posted a link to on another thread claims there is no advantage to most female runners in being under 110lb. As I'm not very much heavier than that, I don't think it's particularly inconvenient as I can continue to eat as much ice cream as I like. image

  • CC82CC82 ✭✭✭

    I'm certainly interested in this weight / fat debate.

    I'm just shy of 5'9 - no idea what that is in cm.

    I weigh myself fairly regularly and for the past 6 months or so I've been steadily somewhere between 64-66kg, which I think comes out at about 10st 2 - 10st 5 ish.  I have been as low as 10st on the button once or twice but that's as low as I've been as an adult.  During inactive periods I've seen the weight go on fairly quickly and get up to about 12st (3 years since the last time I weighed that much) and looking back at photos, although I wasn't weighing myself at the time, about 12 years ago, I'd say I was 12.5 st.

    I've long thought that I could easily shift a bit more and still be healthy and it would mean being a better runner.  I'm in no hurry to shift it, as I think I am gradually chipping away at it and once the marathon training properly starts I think I might dip down a kilo or two.  I just checked the BMI stuff on the NHS website and I'm smack bang in the middle at 21.1 - I thought I'd be lower than that actually.  Reassuring to know that I could go right down to 56.8kg and still be in the healthy BMI range.

    I do love food though...

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Sitting by the window at work.  Everything normal outside.  Went to the toilet, returned 2 minutes later.  Everything covered in snow.  WTF?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Fair enough Lit. Seems a lot of importance has been placed on the word 'information'. And technically the weight/speed relationship can't be linear, because if it was, by the time I hit my target weight, I should be able to run sub 30 minutes for 10k.

    I won't. But I will run faster than I did when I weighed 10kg heavier. Its up to others to find out their own best weight, if they can.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Where's SG gone?
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    RicF wrote (see)

    Fair enough Lit. Seems a lot of importance has been placed on the word 'information'. And technically the weight/speed relationship can't be linear, because if it was, by the time I hit my target weight, I should be able to run sub 30 minutes for 10k.

    I won't. But I will run faster than I did when I weighed 10kg heavier. Its up to others to find out their own best weight, if they can.

    At last - he agrees image

    I too have absolutely no doubt I'd run Wokey quicker if I was 3lb lighter - just not 90 secs quicker!! 

    CC82 - I love food too! Eating sensibly for the past two months has not been helped by the fact that my wife, who is a cookery writer, has been recipe testing cakes and puddings!  Despite distributing as much as we can to neighbours and work colleagues it has still meant a big increase in my pudding and cake intake image

    Dachs - no snow here yet. Blinding session by the way!

    10M hillly, very muddy XC today. Was OK, but legs feel a bit mashed after - nearly time for the Wokey mini taper to start, so no more long runs!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    ps - Matt, I think SG has been kidnapped by a fox if I've read FB right.....

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dachs, that must have been some visitimage.

    CC82, same here. My treat tonight will be the full fish and chips.image.

    SG, I was wondering that too.

    As for my actual training, 12 miles xc yesterday, 14 miles on the road today. Current weight 120 lb's.

    In March last year I was 136 lb's, sore ankle, averaging 10 miles p/wk, and raced a XC with my spikes all loose. Not good in the mud. I ran 31:55, the winner ran 29:06. That's my motivation. Will it work? who knows. Lets say I'm doing this so you won't have to, until its proven.

    I reckon if Matt and Scott take on this diet challenge. I'm not kidding, I see international potential. 


  • Conscious I might be boring people I did my 3rd threshold on the bounce today in crap weather hailstones and bracing wind 1 oC out! 10 miles in 59.39 or 5.58 pace Ave HR 151!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Not at all rob. I'd just be wary about glycogen depletion due to the intensity. I read that once at a low level, it takes 3 days of 500grms just to get back to optimum. You might not hit the wall, but low levels do slow you down. (I'll double check those figures)

    Just noticed J Hay is doing a 3000m on Eurosport right now!

  • Good going Rob, I'm going to try and get out tomorrow in the new trainers and do some mile effortts at least. Jonas - feel for you. All week - stop running, blow nose again. Chest is OK and legs feel OK, so going for it again.

    I'm one of those 'Oil Tankers' when it comes to form..once I get going and train consistently it's all fine and get a head of steam up...but once I stop I find it bloody hard to get going again! I can feel it after only a week sometimes..

  • Last run for the month done, day off tomorrow and then XC on Sunday which is masquerading as 12 miles with 7@HMP and will probably be 8 with 5 hard in the middle which is close enough.

    Jan stats: 240.47 miles in 31:22:57 hours at an average pace of 7:49.

  • Interesting looking at heart rates. I did a brick session today with a 4.5 mile run following 45 minutes on the indoor bike. My average heart rate for the run came out at 153 at 7.14 pace. This is similar to the avg HR Rob gets on a threshold run at 6mm. My run felt easy almost a plod but my HR suggests otherwise.

    Rob what would you say the perceived effort of your run was?

    Impressive monthly mileage PMJ, with no plans to run tomorrow I am on a lowly 61 miles @ 7:24 pace.

    I am still weighing up whether to run the final XC as it's our home race. If I run, probably best to run at 80% and just score some points for the team.

  • Threshold is a hard run wether it's 45 or 60 mins but I always feel recovered within 3-4 mins I find I'm able to churn out pretty consistent pace throughout if anything on threshold upto 60 mins I get a little faster towards the end. It's certainly not race pace and as such I don't wear racing flats or lightweight trainers so until I race not really sure how to answer your question Andrew now ask me about 90 min threshold now after that I'm fooked!
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    The threshold zone Rob was running in is one up from the easy/recovery zone. My threshold zone is 160-176 bpm which is higher than what Robs is but that's irrelevant. I've just run a 40 min recovery/easy run where my average HR was 150 and that equated to 6.22 min miling.

    Nice mileage Phil.
  • Well done Philip good stats I'll post mine tomorrow as big run to finish month tomorrow image
  • Thanks you've answered my question, Rob/Matt.

    I guess we are all different, as 150 feels easy. Is this indicative of a higher MHR do you think? 

    I will do some proper testing when my ankle is stronger to get my zones sorted.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Damn, forgot it's the last day of the month tomorrow - may have to run tomorrow instead of Sunday to get the stats right! Thanks Philip image

    Is that Finchamstead Sunday by the way? I was tempted, but it's a fair distance and I've got a lot of 'stuff' to do Sunday...

  • It's the TVT one held at St Neots School, near Eversley. Must be worth a drive.

    RG27 0PN - Probably 40minutes

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    More than likely Andrew. I've not got a clue what my maximum HR is though but my resting was 39 this week.

    I've been at the lactate training around a month now and touch wood I've survived! image when I did the test on rested legs my lactate threshold pace came out at 5.29m/m. Last night on the treadmill I had to hit 5.20 pace to just hit the very bottom of my threshold zone. I certainly find it easier doing them runs outside as the elevation etc means I can go a bit slower! :-/

    still feeling a bit heavy legged and one paced so not overly confident about Sunday but really looking forward to Trafford and Salford after I've done a few faster rep sessions as I've only ran at my 10k/tempo zone paces 2/3 times since November.
  • The Bus wrote (see)


    Is that Finchamstead Sunday by the way? I was tempted, but it's a fair distance and I've got a lot of 'stuff' to do Sunday...

    I'm driving from Wycombe and can give a lift: I have 5 spare seats, and if Mrs Bus has spare cakes that need eating I am sure we can find a solution. Probably won't hang round at the end for too long either as I need to be back as well.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭


    Will have a word with Mrs Bus then and see if I'm allowed out to play. What time you off? (assuming we're not snowed in of course!)

  • JonnyD leading BUCSXC some good names up there! gooooarn
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Monthly Stats 287.7 miles Ave pace 6.28, Ave HR 144, Elevation gain 8920ft


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Reminds me Rob to get the HR monitor out for a 'look see'. It could be interesting if today's run is anything to go by.

    Due to the orrible conditions with slush all over the place, I stuck on the studs, dressed right up and went for a jog around a nearby golf course. I had to climb a hill (Haste Hill- no less) to get to the course and basically picked my way around until I decided to go home (back over the hill). 

    Hadn't put in any real effort and imagined my average pace as something in the 10's. I was somewhat surprised when for 8 miles plus the Garmin revealed 8:30 average. No pain, just gain.



  • Matt - Alsager tomorrow? Good luck! I think you'll run very well anyway but you could be right regarding the lack of specific speedwork- that'll come on leaps and bounds with the huge strength and threshold stuff you've been doing so I would just let loose and relax and see what it brings without worry! I think you'll find you'll come away feeling frustrated you couldn't run faster but had lots and lots left at the end - only a good sign IMO

    Sat earlier watching daughter play and reading this I had the HRM on after my run and it was mid 50s, never been lower I don't think

    Great month Rob! Very nice AV pace / HR

    Nice running Ric! And appreciate the comments about international duty.. Give me 3 more years and I'll see where I'm at. Maybe 31 10KM but fancy GB team out of reach! I'll be 29/30 by then but would have ideally wanted 10 years of layering allready!

    Anyone else racing tomorrow? Ryde 10m on the IOW tomorrow. Can't blag this one so will be watching and running on my own
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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