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  • Dean, you didn't even get a Dachs commemorative plate.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    For accuracy's sake I should point out that Dean did appear on the 'RIP Team GB' plate, but then so did Bernie Clifton, and he probably isn't winning Veteran of the Year anywhere either.

  • Oh dear Dean glad you're not bitter but out of interest who won ?
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Is Anthony Whiteman at your club Dean?image you must've upset someone!
  • Or was it Robert Mugabe? 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    DeanR7 wrote (see)

    in other news for the second yr running I haven't won veteran of the yr at my club.  in the past 2 yrs I have represented england,  took gold at the British masters, broke 2 mins for 800,  ranked 2nd in the uk over 1500, 1st over a mile (5th all time), county masters Xc champion and midlands champ in the cup final over 400m and 3000 and still nothing!  Not that I'm bitter or anything image


    I'll hazard a guess that the 'club' Vets award is for particular club events.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    it was tongue in cheek really...i won club road performance of the yr (for telford 10k) i think the vets award is to acknowledge the oldies who dont win any "open" awards plus i only raced for the club in the vets league once. 

  • Are you suggesting that Dean wastoo busy fancy danning around the big time stuff and forgot to do the club stuff Ric? image


    Meanwhile, my session was neither fancy, or dan. 12x400 at 5k 

    Managed to shift the left side pelvis feel to a lesser feel on the right with some interesting knee/pillow/squeezing type action, and didn't feel a thing in the reps.

    Bit excited at the start, but averaged out to 1.16.50 per rep, so that'd be 5.08 mile pace, obviously above my 5k pace, but in 5 years we've long established 1/4miles at 5k pace are actually very hard to keep to 5k pace


    4 at lunch, 6&4 tomorrow, and 10 sunday to make it a 69.5mile week.

    If anyone local(ish) wants to join for any of those runs, let me know. Tomorrow is perhaps the last saturday until mid May without some sort of football action, so timings/location pretty flexi.

  • DeanR7 wrote (see)

    it was tongue in cheek really...i won club road performance of the yr (for telford 10k) i think the vets award is to acknowledge the oldies who dont win any "open" awards plus i only raced for the club in the vets league once. 

    "Entrants can only receive one prize".image

    Didn't we have a long tedious discussion here about prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd, then same for V40, V50, First across the line with a cat, etc? 

    2hrs on the MTB later. Foot feels fine and have had a couple of days without niggle  so ready for a test run. I may push this to Sunday to give it a few more days again. Long road ride tomorrow then 90min recovery ride Sunday. 

    I'm on a visually impaired runners' workshop Sunday afternoon. A bit of CPD for coaching. 

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    No session tomorrow SG?

    With 3 weeks til Trafford I'd been given 3 sessions to do in the lead up to the race. 12x400 off 45 secs, 5x 800 off 2 mins and then 4x1000 off 3 mins. Been told to just run them hard and even though the volume is low, the idea is it'll compliment the longer threshold running which seems to be quickening week by week.

    Supposed to be at the track for the 400s last night but as I sat there in my running gear waiting for my wife to get home so I could drive to the track I fell asleep. She woke me up as she came about 45 mins later. I ended up going out later for what was just going to be an easy run as I was whacked but then decided to try the session on the road. Set my watch to 0.25 mile splits and got them in. Pothes, hopping on/off pavements for cars and pedestrians means I won't be doing them on the road again. 69/70/71 with one 74, half slightly uphill and the other slightly down. Form was terrible, legs and arms swinging all over the show and a painful reminder what the short stuff feels like.
  • Great stuff on Paula and Mo. Often get a bit of extra stuff on her as the missus is Bedford & County since the year dot. Got annoyed about all the choker bullshit after Athens, especially as we knew the background to the problem. As we all knew how gutsy she was, it was infuriating tbhimage

    Mo will go down as a great runner, obvs Bekele is possibly one of the all time greats, so to get that Olympic double when Bekele is still about is possibly quite fortunate!

    Did 11 x 200 yesterday just to wake the legs up, nothing today as it's the national tomorrow.
  • Matt - have never done 2 sessions in 2 days!  

    Iron - best elongated prize list I ever saw, was when me and Harry (UG) did the Henley 10k, when there was the half marathon on at the same time.

    Having waited about an hour after the 10k finished for the prize givings, you'd have thought my 2nd place would have got some sort of prize. Nope. I can still remember the sinking feeling of listening to about 20,000 different prizes from the half, down to silly vouchers for herbal stuff for the 3rd Vet Woman over 60 from the local postcode, yet not even a mention for 2nd in the 10k. And it wasn't like it was out of 10 people either...300+ i think.

    Meanwhile, Harry was making off with the biggest trophy ever, and £50 Prize money

  • in my hard luck stories book, that'd probably be mid top 10 image

  • Blimey SG - you roll that story out more often than I have holidays image

    That list of Paula's achievements is worth being reminded of.

    8 miles on the road this morning. Unavoidably hilly - first mile climbed 350, all of it squeezed into half a mile! Enjoyable though, especially as the discomfort I've been getting in the adductor all week hardly made an appearance.

  • did i ever mention that 10k at Wycombe where they bungled the route? 

    Or the wokingham time disgrace

    or the wycombe 10k 2 prizes turning to zero stitch up?

    Yes? Oh ok image

  • Bus, how high a ratio between your aches and the ridiculously hilly routes you do,  do you think there is? image

  • Well after yesterdays debate, I had no energy for running or cycling. I did play football in the evening though, first time in few months and its true, you never lose it image.

    What I have lost is that tolerance for short sprints so a bit sore this morning. Headed out for 10 miles with a hill in the middle. Slow easy start, solid up the hill and a bit quicker on the way back. Came out at 7.18 avg and ankle seems to be holding out but with some weird stiffness.

    Swim tonight and then probably 65 miles on the bike Saturday am, 4 mile run PM and another 12 miles run Sunday. This will get me to 40 miles for the week, at which point, if unscathed, I'd say I was back.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Good stuff AG.

    SG, I thought you did the session last night.
  • Yes Andrew, excessive mass debating can be tiring...

    Fingers crossed for the ankle.

    Pretty high ratio I'd say SG  imageTrouble is, I live at the top of a big hill in a hilly town, I like hills and I always go on holiday to hilly places! Right time for an ice cream by the sea side I think.

  • Oh, and what went wrong in the Wycombe 10k then?image

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    Oh, and what went wrong in the Wycombe 10k then?image


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Wow that post took skill. 'outside the box'.

     Btw anyone want to see a picture of me training. At 1:30am?

    On the subject of Paula Radcliffe choking. I'll fight anyone who suggests such a thing. Never has there been a runner (not a racer) who goes full out and tests herself in an event to the limit. No tactics bar a complete burn up from the gun.

    I'm the same. No pissing about with 'tactics'  and using my 'fast finish'. I go all out and dump 100% on the course. Like she does/did/ does.

    Just wish she hadn't over cooked the training.

    Current training, 12 miles running am, around 75 minutes on the bike pm. That's 2000 kcal per day. 

    Weight down to 118 lb's. Skinny weasel I think not.

  • Iron always thinks outside the box!

    Unfortunate tutn of phrase for Paula - "dumping" on the courseimage

    As for seeing a picture of you training at 1.30am,does it feature you wearing a strait-jacket???

  • At less than 8 1/2 stone Ric, at your height,  I think that's about as skinny as weasels who haven't got eating disorders, or are professional runners come.

    I dare to think what your 1.30am photo will show you doing

  • Ok not sure this week has been a normal post race 5 days

    What do you HM boys think?

    Sunday - Race 74.22 HM

    Monday - 45 min at 7.05pace

    Tuesday-45 mins at 6.37 pace

    Wednesday -45 mins at 6.33 pace off-road

    Thursday -45 mins at 5.44 pace

    Friday - 60 mins at 5.54 pace

    Saturday-Gentle jog around watching the National at Parliament Hill!!
  • I think the fact you've been able to do some tidy distances and paces straight after a half shows like you said it wasn't a flat out job.

    If I've done a flat out race, I'd do a pootle the day after and a rest day Tuesday.

    If I've not gone too hard, it could sometimes be a little more along the lines you've put...just slower of course!

    Are you lining a next half marathon up?

  • No HM planned until I'm 82 now but 5k next Friday and 10k on 8 March
  • robT wrote (see)
    No HM planned until I'm 82 now but 5k next Friday and 10k on 8 March

    image You can't rush these HM come-backs!

    So ~2:30 on the bike today. Need to fuel up and get the roller out as it's a long one tomorrow with the club. Aiming to hide in the pack and not be discovered...

    Dump hahaha. 118lbs is skinny, even for someone who is 5'0'' .


  • Rob, shows you didn't really try mateimage


  • Oh dear I need to try harder image
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