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    Getting there.


     Had to delete the rest of the post. Not constructive.

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    Ric, if that's your time for a 200m rep it's not that impressive image

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    Maybe it's his resting heart rate.

  • Has to be that Dachs. Although if it's measured at 1.30am, perhaps most people's would be low.

    I don't think anyone out technical Ric. Weight monitoring, heart rate, ability to do the exact same training infinite days in a row...

    I thought I was keen, but Ric takes it to another level!

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    Yes, its resting HR. It was down to 34 bpm but not while holding the camera.

    As for 200m reps. If it was my average for my one rep per minute sessionie 30 reps in 30 minutes (obviously a very short recovery, ie 24 seconds ish) it would indicate a potential 10k race time of 33:00.

    My best session of this, which is essentially speed endurance yielded an average of 36.5 seconds for a 33:21 10k.

    To explain the thinking behind this idea. The speed is the average pace of the runs, ie 4:50 mile pace. The endurance element is how many can you do. How about 50? If the pace is correct, you should retain the ability to smack off a couple of 30/31 second jobs at the end.

    That's 50 minutes where your system is operating at 4:50 mile pace. Without the fatigue.

    It was one of Coe's corner stone 1500m sessions (he went for sub 30 seconds mind)

  • if you've taken this off a legendary runner, who is basically using the same recovery as rep, wouldn't you do the same? So same recovery as rep... 36v36?

    Harder on the recording, but otherwise it's tweaking the session to be even harder?

  • National champ Jonny! Well done!

    Also well done to Southampton lad Mahammedimage
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Hampshire runners!
  • Nice one Jonny!

    Anyone know how fast the Hillingdon Half course is?


  • 8.03.41.... WR for Mo.
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • I reckon Mo reads this thread, that's what's got him going.

  • Blimey - must make sure I have a very public spat with someone just before my next race image


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    I volunteer for that Bus. I've always thought you duck races against world class opposition anyway.
  • So Mo gets the 2 mile WR but it is indoors (so others have run sub 8 outdoors) and there will be detractors who say blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah

    Easy parkrun today after 4x1200 yesterday and a 20 planned for tomorrow. Started very easy and was chatting to a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and looked up at about 3 minutes and was surprised to see a couple off the front but then a big bunch of 6 or so ahead with no great gaps and a lot of slow looking runners. That looked all wrong to me so I cruised past the bunch and gradually pulled up onto the shoulder of the guy in third. I tried to chat and go round together but he kept on surging. It gets technical from 2 to 3 km and by the time we came out at 3km he had fallen off so I was able to come home easy in third. Not a great time (19:46) but faster than the last few outings and felt easy so gets a tick. The guy in second ran 19:13 and has been running St Albans a minute faster. The course is probably not worth a whole minute but it is indicative.

  • Bit slippery at the moment I would think too....

    Dachs - what are you saying? I've raced you twice now, so clearly aren't scared of quality opposition image 

    Anyway, whilst it may be true of the Run the Rock 10k, when I PB'd at the full marathon, I took on Mutai, Lel and Makau to name just a few...image

  • I wrote a post and then Android made it disappear image

    In summary: Good outings all inc Johnny and Mo. PMJ - an easy 19:46 has got to be a good marker. Bus, I'm with Dachs, even your post-race retching isn't what it was and others put in more effort to be injured nowadays.

    ~80km on the bike today on the back of a ~7.5hr riding week. First 3/4hr were a bit pacey and I had some concerns about dropping out then something clicked and I found my legs again and rode strong for the rest of the 3hrs. Haven't felt this fit on the bike for over a year now. So now at 11h50m for the week and still have tomorrow's recovery ride to do.So that's 3 quality sessions, one rest day and 2 easy/recovery days (1hr45 & 1hr).

    Being half term I've had plenty of opportunity to rest and sleep well.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Stevie G wrote (see)

    if you've taken this off a legendary runner, who is basically using the same recovery as rep, wouldn't you do the same? So same recovery as rep... 36v36?

    Harder on the recording, but otherwise it's tweaking the session to be even harder?

     I was referring to Coe senior who was the coach.

    SG, look carefully at what you have written. It brings absolutely nothing to the party. All you're doing is making a bloody mess trying to convince others you actually know something about this subject.

    If you had only a vestige of interest or understanding of the content of my last post you wouldn't be doing your best to deconstruct it.



  • If you don't want anyone to be interested enough to ask questions about sessions ric, you must say. And perhaps we can just do a default response instead

    "good session" ric
  • Maybe you two should take this to Twitter.
  • Wrong side of the bed this morning Ric?

    Only just got out of mine myself - very tired for some reason. It's funny, I've had all week where I could have slept in, but failed to take advantage! Too late in the morn to do an LSR off no brekkie, but keen to get out before it pisses down, so hoping an hour of digestion will do the job!

    Iron image. Good bike hours!

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    Ric, I know the session you mention and it is a good one.

    sg - reason you don't "normalise" the elite session is you only need the extra rec if you work hard.  So if you take 59 secs to run 200m you only get 1 sec rec. so basically running continuously at 8min mile pace for 30 mins.  That's easy.  So you find the right  level of effort:recovery to make the session work for you.  For seb Coe it will be one time , for me another.   But probably the hardest session I did last yr was 8*200 off 30 secs but at flat out pace. that was tough.

  • Thanks Dean, didn't think it was an outrageous thing to ask, but I'll stay clear completely next time I think.

    Your session makes my hamstrings literally tingle.

    A slightly lesser ask for me, 10miles easy. But did bring up 70+ for the week, and I did have a 13 at 7am on Wednesday, so feel entitled to a shorter sunday run!

  • 70 miles? Lazy bugger image

    15.3 xc LVSR done and dusted to make 50M and 6000+ feet this week. Too many hills so soon after Wokingham - as my adductor/quad thing kept complaining to me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's not going to be another set back.


  • I did the Gade Valley 17 mile London marathon training this morning run but I needed a 20 and not a 17 so I added the 3 mile loop in which is used for the 20 in March. Made it a nice run. I set out in the first wave (the first 3 miles are along a tow-path so runners need to be started in waves to stop congestion)  and did the 3 miles on the tow path in an average of about 7:15. Mile 4 uphill (8:02 ) and then 5, 6 and 7 slightly downhill a tad faster than 7s (I came off route at 6). 8 was uphill (7:39) and then I rejoined the main run so at 8 miles I was alongside others at 5 so 12 minute runners. From there onwards it was just overtaking a stream of progressively faster runners. The 12 and 11s just disappeared and at 11 miles  I was at 80 minutes and passing the big 10 minute bus and numbers thinned thereafter.

    Pace pretty much followed the course profile, so 6.4x and 6.5x on the downhill sections and slower uphill (including an 8:21 but that did include a long chat with  a slower club member) and came out with 20.23 miles in 2:25:26 at an average pace of 7:11. Initial plan was to do the second half at that pace and the first half a lot slower (7:45) for an average of 7:30 but I was in no mood to hold back on what felt like an easy pace and the second half justified that decision with no drop in pace.

    So, [email protected] done somewhat accidentally, all that we need now is some cotton wool and a taper and I'm ready for 2 weeks time.

  • Nicely done Philip. Sounds far more enjoyable than a solo 20 as well.  

    I had a little "race" myself today on the only section I managed any speed on. I spotted a runner on the road, just in front of me turning downhill on Bradenham Wood Lane. I was running roughly parallel, but off-road, through the woods with a few twists and turns and some undulations to add distance and time. Managed to come out at the cricket pitch just over a mile later at exactly the same time! Made me happy anyway image

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    Well it's all going off in the running fraternity. Just need Ric to set a world record now.image

    Nice work on the MP 20 Phil. I'd like to race a 20 but with no marathon plans yet it seems pointless really.

    Bus, 6k of ascent is some going straight after a half. After mine I think I had a really easy week. I know one lad who ran just under 1.12 the other week then did 200 reps on the track the day after. :-/

    A touch over 15 miles for me this morning. Bed at midnight after the boxing and wide awake at 4am. The missus wanted us to take my daughter swimming at 8am so I had to be fed, watered and out of my door for 6am. I'd decided to run down to where some running mates were doing a 12 hour continuous run around a 5k loop. 5 of them taking turns to run a lap each and all for charity.

    Ran 7 or so miles down at an easy pace and I was under the impression that they'd be tootling round in 25 mins or so each. I ran the first leg with a mate who blasted round the thing in 18 minutes or so. Bloody big climb in the first mile and most of it off road. I was glad to get back to an easier pace for the 5 mile home. Brought up 84 mile for the week.

    I got the good weather as it started with the gales, snow, sleet, hail and rain for the rest of the day. Fair play to them out in it for 12 hours.
  • Good stalking Bus! Good run PMJ - the social aspect is why I do the group ride on the Saturday in winter. Makes the miles fly by.

    Similar story here with the weather Matt. Lovely 90min ride in Windsor park this morning with sun on my back and dry safe paths albeit with frozen puddles in the gutters. I guess with 5 people in each team they have enough recovery to smash out each 5km.

    Of course it pissed it down this afternoon when I had to be out in the rain at Palmer park for coaching, and also at the Thames Valley athletics centre where I did a visually impaired running workshop. We took turns to guide each other with different goggles on to see the different types of visual impairment. By the end of it 2 of us were happy to guide each other for some track reps at 75% whilst completely blind.

    A very interesting experience!

    I finished the week with 3km of easy running to test my foot and all is good. I reckon the run took more out of me than this morning's bike ride.


  • That's a pretty tough start to a Sunday Matt, but sounds like your mates have had it even harder! Big week too.

    Not sure why, but I often seem to end up on holiday somewhere really hilly shortly after a big race! It was going to the Lakes one week after Abo that set it off in the first place. Perhaps I should learn to do nothing on holiday like most people image

    Talking of holidays - I posted last week about my exotic Strava CR on Madeira. It was taken from me today by a big margin - by some bloke called Jesus!!!

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    It wasn't on water was it Bus?

    Good new on your foot Iron and that sounds a rewarding afternoon. I love doing the pacing at the parkrun and I'd love to have a go at guiding someone in a half marathon or something. Even being one of the official pacers would do me. I've not come across any local that do pacing.

    Funny thing at the pool was that I kept cramping up as I was holding my daughter up on the water. I'd be swinging her round and I'd be on my knees in the pool as it was that shallow and suddenly cramp would cripple me. Calf went a couple of times, both hamstrings and I'm yelping for my missus to first grab my daughter and then to push my toes back as I'm nearly under water. The old dears in the main pool knocking the lengths out (that's not a euphemism) seemed to be in better nick than me.
  • Great climbing Bus. Good long runs Matt & PMJ, good mileage from SG too.

    I binned my planned 4m yesterday and the ride was shortened to 40 miles from 65 as I had a lie in and went out alone. Came across one of the slower club groups and had a bit of a chat for 10 miles, made me appreciate how far I had come fitness wise, riding with them my HR was generally below 100.

    Managed to get out before the filthy weather this morning, 12 miles @ 7.03, pretty much even splits. I was planning to go a bit slower but I crossed the road and ended up running behind some chap who I think had seen me coming. I am fairly sure he picked up his pace, I resisted the temptation to get all competitive and just followed him for a couple of miles as he was setting a nice pace. He then stopped just as I was catching and made a tactical shoe lace move, even though they clearly weren't undone image. I missed him afterwards, so I can see the attraction of these organised training runs.

    36 miles running for the week, 90 miles on the bike, 1 hour swimming and a game of football; makes 11.5 hrs for the week. Looking for 12 hrs a week.

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