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  • I agree, not the best, you could easily end up in the Lake! Better than being squished though image

    I used to do laps of the grass when I worked across the road. Fine in the summer when it was dry and firm, but no use this time of year....

    If only we had a track in Wycombe image

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    If only we had a track in Wycombe image

    There is a nice new one in Little Marlow. 3.5 miles down a lane from my house so a nice distance for a warm up. Only downside is I can't always rely on daughter #1 to drive me back home afterwards.

  • 8 miles from here, so not practical to run to for me! I just wish they'd put it at William Ramsay school like they wanted to! The track's a nice colour though....

    Bet you have to pay as well, so won't catch SG there image

  • I reckon this achilles thing has gone now. That's my personal good news, bad news is I am running like an old man. Just tried 8m with 4x 1mile intervals with 2.45 jog recovery. Got through the first in 5.40, second in 5.47 and then I just fell apart and jogged the rest of the route.

    Might try the track tomorrow, see if I can rediscover some speed.


  • As long as that old man is Dean or Rob, you'll be fine Andrew image

    Maybe the first one was a bit too quick after the recent time off????

    Another easy 5M xc for me. Speed session tomorrow if I can get my act together....


    The Bus wrote (see)

    Bet you have to pay as well, so won't catch SG there image

    5-bar gate and nobody on site all day, why pay? HX joggers use it Friday night for £1 each.

  • Careful with all this talk of track reps. You'll be running round thinking about the pain with exertion, pain in chest and shortness of breath! Actually I'm worried too as my ear infection causes jaw pain; more so in the morning.

    30min easy on the treadmill this morning. Why do I always pick the one that makes loud noises when running...

  • I'll have to actually work out where the track is first, that'll be useful!

    But it's timings wise it doesn't work now. I'm already up at 6am to run at 7. The old track/my loop just about let me get a session in and get to work ready to stretch/shower, at desk by 9.

    The extra bit to Marlow isn't practical, and I'm way out of the habit of evening fare.

    Tried easy runs and sessions at all times, morn, lunch, evening, and I have to say despite the wrench getting up and out so early, the morning is the best time for me. Just takes the pressure off later

  • ps Phil, right you are about a track's benefit over road/loop routes.

    I'd certainly have to really think about where I'd do some of the 10k paced sessions I've done before.

    However, those MP ones round that loop come out pretty consistent, lap by lap and over time.

  • ps Stevie See..where are you, you're much missed in these parts...come baaaaccckk.

  • I'll second that!

    My bit of cycle route I do reps on is OK as there is virtually no entrances across it for a mile and no turns. It's not flat, but has a gentle incline and I think that actually helps simulate road conditions.

    I do find reps on the track easier mentally though, as it feels like the right place to be doing them! Might try bluffing my way into the SM track again tomorrow image

  • It always helps having such an obvious finish line I think, that you can see the majority of the time.

    When you longer than 400s on the road, you're begging for the end without quite knowing the exact spot.

    Easier to programme your watch when you're not on a track though. As like our local mate who does his "Mile" reps on the track. More like 1550metre reps, the garmin doesn't like to work in small ovals.

  • Stevie G wrote (see)

    Easier to programme your watch when you're not on a track though.

    I have to admit that I am not a big watch watcher or programmer. Track is about feel and you soon get into the right rhythm.

  • Interesting about the 5 bar gate bit and lack of anyone there - does that include weekends? I feel a visit coming on.....


  • Bus, weren't you the one who said there was some crack security team there meaning you can't just jump on? Or did you make that bit up?image

    12 up this morn, 7.02 pace. The Wed medium long run used to feel like the after lord mayor's show feeling, but now it's more a feeling of, much easier than the quality day beforehand.


    Done until Friday now, when it's some super short reps. Lush.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Simon, saw pictures of the nationals and it looks like a proper mud bath.  One of the lads at my club said had i turned up i would have taken one look at the course and jumped straight back in the car.image   i noticed you got beat by a couple of lads i normally beat so i assumed you took it easier than flat out. still a decent performance though.  Roll on the 5k and 3k season!!   im guessing you saw greenwoods performance.  handy wasnt it!  im assuming he is doing london again and must be good for a sub 2.25

    did a 10*800 session off 90 secs last night.  target was 2.35 (for a 32.20 10k pace) but a combination of icy track (seemed to slip more and more as the night went on) and having man flu over the weekend meant they averaged 2.36/2.37.  never happy to miss the target but happy enough considering the conditions.

  • Dean - Chris is doing Manchester this year.  I've heard some mutterings about targets but at risk of Chinese whispers I won't say any more.  But definitely sub- 2:25, yes.  image

    He's also doing Bath this weekend, which diminishes my chances of a V40 prize from slim to, er, even slimmer.

  • Dean - yes not nice at all, it might as well been a cross trainer machine competion, it certainly wasn't running! Yes, Greenwood is a beast and just keeps getting better and better, well in the last 2-3 years that I have known him and I was a distant 2nd V40 overall to him in the Surrey XC league this year too. I had a quick couple of words with him and Phil (hi mate image) in the pub after. (Good luck at Bath)

    Can't wait for the XC season to finish to be honest. Got the intercounties to go and then I can throw my spikes away - they have done their 2 years!

  • Anyone see cardiff hosting world half marathon championships next year? I was oblivious

    Registering your interest available now? Expensive but maybe worth it? Unsure about elite entries too

    26th March 2016

    Long way off but pre sign ups now? Just did mine
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Simon, good run at the Nationals.  Sounds like an absolute nightmare.  I watched a bit of that headcam video that was doing the rounds on FB last night (PP posted it I think), and was glad I wasn't there.  Absolutely do not get the attraction.  Like you, I'll be happy when the road stuff kicks off in earnest and I can start rectifying some of those head to head records.  Having said that, I'm really looking forward to the Inter-Counties, which will be a bit of a different thing to your normal XC fare.  I would say I'm looking forward to wearing a different colour vest for once, but the Berkshire vest is also green.

    Great win at the weekend by the way Jonny if you're out there.

    13 with 11 at marathon pace yesterday, done as mile laps of a park.  5:51 average pace for the 11.  Wind was not at all pleasant.

  • All ex SA guarding it SG - but only part time it seems image

    Dean - there I was thinking I'd done a decent session just now, and you come in with many more reps, much, much quicker and all off the back of man-flu and on an icy track image

    Well anyway, they let me on the track again today, so 7.5M with 2 x 3 x 800m in the middle off 400m jog rec and 2 mins between sets. I was focussing on controlling the pace rather than the usual blast and die and it looked phenomenally consistent on the watch with all showing 2;48, but only cos of the way Garmin round the 10ths down! Target was 2:50 (target 5k pace) and actually came out as 2;48, 2:49, 2:49, 2:49, 2:49, 2:49. happy enough with that as my first speed session for a while.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Ex-SA would be fine - despite their authoritarian leanings, they'd be at least 98 years old, and more of a risk to themselves standing around in the cold than they would be to you.

    Good consistent reps Bus, don't look too slow either to me, it's low 35 minute 10K pace after all.


    Good reps too Dean, especially if you're coming at it off a weekend illness.

  • Oops - missing S!

    Thanks Dachs - I'll be happy if at some point I can convert them into even a high 35 min 10k! Will need to get the number of reps up a fair bit and add some longer reps and tempo stuff over the next few weeks....

  • Bloody hell Dean - 10x800. Hardcore!

    Bus - good solid reps too; very consitent. You've informed me why my Garmin laps times are always different when analysed post-session. Hadn't realised that was what was happening.

    Nice long run SG. 13 laps of the park Dachs? After 4 for WU + parkrun the top-up laps after seem horrendously samey. This must be the outdoor running equivalent of 2hr treadmill sessions in front of a blank wall.

    I considered programming the watch this morning but manned up and used the lap button. Less pressure.
    10x1min reps/1min RI on the turbo. At last I have remembered how to suffer on the bike. Unfortunately this was in my hotel room so all my kit was soaked after barely 40 minutes on the bike. And our washing machine is still broken and the new one is still on order.

    30mins easy run tomorrow then F-off.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    IronCat - no, despite it being right on my doorstep, I don't use that park much for training. Apart from anything else, I ran at lunchtime, and a13 miler would have taken me past my kids in the school playground 13 times, and u didn't really fancy their friends clustering at the fence and pointing at me every time I went past. I did it in Palmer Park, which is where I do a lot of my fast stuff.
  • Ah. I've run around there a few times, and it is much flatter. Still, 13 times is a lot.

  • 10 x 800 does make what I've just done seem pathetic.

    Went to club session at the track, first time this year. Main set was 20 minutes of 900m with 300m recoveries.Each 300 at 10k, 5k and faster than 5k pace. Came out at 3.07, 3.09, 3.12 & 3.13. I was taking it easy, as it was first session back, but I actually think they weren't too bad. I could have done a fair few more reps at the pace of the last two.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    IC - 3 miles down there, 8 laps then 2 miles back, so not too bad.
  • Fair enough. One year I won a fun prize at the club awards for doing 3x6mi loops. I didn't see the hilarity in this, it seemed perfectly sensible.
  • Dachs - yes, Nationals was horrible..apparenatly the intercounties has a different course this year, hopefully getting rid of the long drag. Weather possibly might be getting colder, which could mean drier hopefully..

    Luton tonight, back on the track again..wonder what Simmons has in store for us..

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