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  • 16 miles this morning and that is the last long run done before SSM. Don't mind admitting it felt hard but I have done 67 miles in the last 7 days including a 20 at pretend MP, a track session, 2 5k runs at reasonable pace and 2 recovery runs and now 16 today. Just to add some spice to the run, I had a plate of cheese and biscuits and a glass of port for supper and then 16 miles on fresh air this morning: not even a glass of water. 16.37 miles in 2:08 so average pace 7:51.

  • Light weight image

    (probably literally after that!). Always good to get that last long one out the way and get to the taper...

    5.5M xc double today. It was so muddy on the way home I thought I must have stumbled onto Parliament Hillimage


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Lots of good training going on above.

    track Thursday for me, 10*400 target 70 secs off 60 rec.  ave came out 68s but was hard work for the last couple.

  • Cheese and port is always good fuel for anything.

    30mins super easy today. Easing back in, so nice to run.

  • Cheese and Port is lovely, but I think I'll stick to a bit of flapjack and some green tea , just can't run completely fuel free! Some great miles in there Phil and good reps Dean! Bus...please don't mention PH, still having nightmares about that place!!

    10 x 800 tonight, managed 4 at 2.29, 5 at 2.28 and the last one 2.25, absolutely bolloxed at the end. I think it was 80 secs recovery. Well happy with that, more happy with feeling totally niggle free on my left side, hopefully those Mo and Rupp conditioning exercises are helping!
  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Couple of great 10x 800s there Dean and Simon! Puts my 5 to shame.

    Nice long run phil especially on empty.

    No point smashing yourself AG on your first time back on the track, I could do with following that advice!

    Bus, that sub 36 is coming this year!

    Having a bit of a lighter week this week after 80 odd miles last week. Did an out and back threshold on Tuesday on the canal. A stiff headwind on the way out (5k in 18.20) and then ran 16.25 for the return. 5 x 800 last night on the treadmill off 2 mins, first 4 were 2.25 and 2.20 for the last.

    Was supposed to be doing the podium 5k sat evening but I'm out for a birthday meal so no chance of a confidence booster/destroyer before Trafford. Still massively unsure how I'll go. The lack of 10k volume sessions on the track etc leaves me with a few doubts but I've never ran 8-11 mile thresholds at sub 5.40 pace before so we'll see. I certainly feel fitter.
  • Dachs nice 11miler!

    IC - good effort on the bike I haven't used mine for ages. I miss sweat fests!

    Sound running PMJ - looks very promising to fall into place for the big day

    Bus - it will come for sure, if you can run that quick it'll just be some longer stuff / tempos to bring it together. Good session and then double to back it up

    AG - I think coming away with a session like that is great, leaving some in the tank and hitting 5k pace on first session can't complain

    Dean / Simon / Matt - class 800s and then Dean again with the 400s. I also did a variant yesterday... 1m (3:00) 6x800 (2:00)

    Matt - I think it'll be a case of tagging people. Race like that is so deep there will be a few strong lads in front..I think you may have to clock watch a bit and keep it below 5:10 and if not push up but I'm sure you will be fine, I think the TH stuff will see you through despite lack of volume sessions, you have clearly got quicker even judging from those 800s and that session the other day were 5m/m pace - you ran mid 32s before this round of training and even just laying the mental feel out is a confidence booster IMO. Not to mention the TH stuff at 5:3x pace!

    Cutback week for me, still 6/7 days, but c5m each day and my "long run" was 8m.
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • AG - never worry what you do doesn't match others on the thread. The stretch is a fair bit further on here these days then the heyday when we were all within a couple of mins of each other over distances.

    I always enjoy it when I see a 200/400 session on the week plan. So much easier on the brain than some 6-7mile tempo.

    200s today, 8, 1500pace jobs, off "full recovery". I took that as being a min, so had some fun rampaging average 35.15 200s out.

    As always with these shorter reps they're tough during, but after it's like you've hardly run.

    On course for a 69.5mile week, not going to pointlessly round that up, as last week was 70.5, so it's nice and tidy over 2 weeks anyway

  • How can you not round it up SG? That would drive me potty image

    That's a great session Simon, especially off such a short recovery! Dean - very quick as usual image

    Thanks for the sub 36 comments chaps - it should come, just need it to go right on the day. Slightly worryingly, I did the same session just after my current 10k PB and it came out as all 2:42 or lower, so still some work to do!

    Slightly annoyed - was due to go out at lunch today, but work has intervened. Tempted to do a parkrun tomorrow instead, though with the forecast for rain the Rye will be slow....

    Remind me - who's racing this weekend??

  • I wasn't worried, it was a club session; they tend to be a bit light as they have to cover a wide range of abilities. I could have done a lot more but I thought it would be prudent  to take advantage and go easy.

    Can't make the session next week so I will head down on my own and try 8 x 800m or similar. I always start fast and get slower; I think I will try to make each one faster or something to stop me going mad early.

    Anyway just finished a savage mud infested 16 miler @ 8mm. A couple of lumps and a lot of water jumps made for quite a hard run. Even finished with a run through a casual lake. It's probably the hardest course I have run and when I think about it, it was all my idea?!

  • Saw Alistair McGowan on my recovery run today at a crossing. Normal inane conversation where I asked him if it was indeed himself and then congratulated him on being a good likeness of himself.

    Looked at a few pictures of the nationals and noted a friend next to Phil Wicks, then check the results and he finished 314th in 47:09 compared to Phil 38th and 41:42. I was going to be generous as my friend is an 800m guy (1:54) and so could be forgiven for a fast start and dying, but I see Phil Wicks has a 1:54 himself!


  • That has always been the problem with the (or any) club track session AG. We get 20mins of quality if all goes well. I think I once pushed it on a quiet session and did 10x400 but that is normally unheard of.

    I now prefer to spend less money going to the same track on my own and doing a different slightly, longer quality session. Horses for courses though as I prefer the club rides to going out on my own for a long one.


  • Phil - I think that's Andy Maud in the middle of the photo, think was top ten (the ex-tennis pro who tried his hand at running..sick making!)

    Bus - the recoveries do seem a bit quick to me too! but it's what Simmonds told us we'd had and it is about right, looking back. I really think though that the core stuff has helped this week, felt a lot smoother going round.

    Iron - I've got a track 20 secs away from my front door! It's now half as wide and tarmac with 'exercise' points round it. Obviously it's busy with bloody dog walkers and kids on scooters!! Weird as the other photos show my estate being built too!

  • AG- seriously i can tell you're worried, just relax it's ok image

    What the boy Iron says is always an interesting condundrum. I loved some of the Marlow sessions, but they weren't anywhere near full or well thought out enough. But simply the big mixed ability group and having people to burn past was great fun back in the day.

    I could see myself going back to a local club and smashing tonnes of races again one day, but for now I want to see if there's still some pbs this way.

  • Simon Coombes 2 wrote (see)
    Iron - I've got a track 20 secs away from my front door! It's now half as wide and tarmac with 'exercise' points round it. Obviously it's busy with bloody dog walkers and kids on scooters!! Weird as the other photos show my estate being built too!

    Very close! According to Google mine is 1mile away walking though as the crow flies it is ~1250m. Your estate looks similar to the half-built Taylor Wimpey clone that I live in.

    I like the track directory though it does need updates. Bracknell is no longer 95p a go!

  • At £4 the club session is expensive, I went to Reading Road Runners a couple of times and I think that was only £1 or something similar.

    Do you actually pay to use John Nike Iron?

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    AG - RRR is ??1.50 if you're a member on club session nights, but its ??4ish to use Palmer Park at other times - and its often booked up. I do a lot of my reps in the Park itself - the path around the outside has 100m markers that are pretty accurate and very useful.

    Today's run was 13 with a mixed bag of stuff - 1.5m @MP, 5 x 300m hills, 2 x 0.5m @ 10k pace, then another 5 x 300m hills (hills at 5k effort). Just mixing up the paces. Legs feel heavy.

    Nice paces on those reps Dean. When's the next race?
  • Simon, does seem to be Andy: shirt and number tie up, but I can't remember any such tennis player, but then I stop at Tim, Andy Murray and Greg. If I look hard, I guess he is a little heavier up top than your average skinny armed runner.

  • Bracknell is something like £3.65 or a lot less if you're a member. I've had one or two costless sessions but pay mostly. I do get odd looks at reception.

  • Stoke Mandeville is £8, unless you just ask to use it - not sure how that works, but happy to keep blagging while they let meimage


  • You parkrunning tomorrow Philip?

  • The Bus wrote (see)

    You parkrunning tomorrow Philip?

    Yep, slowly, but there.

  • Iron, they probably say " here comes that guy again, you know, the one that pays to use the track!"

    I like it when there's a crowd of thugs drinking value lager in the stand as you train.
  • Andrew G wrote (see)
    Iron, they probably say " here comes that guy again, you know, the one that pays to use the track!"

    I like it when there's a crowd of thugs drinking value lager in the stand as you train.


    Sometimes they cheer, sometimes they heckle. They get bored by the 3rd rep.

    The best support I've had was a group of pissed teenagers at Woodley parkrun.

  • Blimey - that's an early start for a teenager!

    Might see you tomorrow then Philip, if I am up in time myself!


  • Feb done: 212.15 miles in 26:48:49 hours at an average pace of 7:35 so that gives me 3.04 on the Tanda calculator, 6 minutes ahead of Jantastic target) image

    parkrun today. Progression this year has been 20:08, 20:06, 19:59, 19:46 and 19:43 today. Each seems easier than the last but comes out faster. Today the plan was steady and I knew there were two faster ones on the start line (bus and another) so third seemed a target. We went off and a fourth joined the lead group so I sat in there to see what he did and at 1km he showed no signs of weakness so I dropped back from the lead pace and then he fell off at about 2km, so I then had to chase him for the next 2km to catch back up with him at which point the sensible head cut in and I eased back. Splits show the same: 12 seconds faster in miles 1 and 2 than last week and then 20 seconds slower over the last mile and a bit.

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭
    Nice Parkrunning Phil, it looks like parkruns were the order of the day.

    I did a 40 min threshold at my local parkrun but did my usual trick of pacing a lad I know for the first 3 miles and then just carrying on past the finish and not handing in my barcode. I usually run the first 3 by the clock and then flip to HR at the end of the PR. My threshold pace is around 5.30-5.45 pace and I ended up leading around a mile in and then tried to pull the lad behind home. He faded in the last half mile and I think I ran around 17.20 with him 10s or so behind.

    Switched my watch to HR at the finish and it was way too high for the pace. Felt really heavy legged throughout and I don't think a sports massage helped last night. Shorter long run tomorrow and a couple of light sessions early next week ahead of Trafford.
  • Nice Parkrunning all. 50 miles on the bike for me. 113 miles running, 272 miles on the bike and only 5 hours of swimming for February.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    nice parkrunning and training going on.  Matt and Simons speedy sessions from thursday stood out.

    Did a cruise tempo session today instead of a pure tempo.  5*1mile off 60 sec. Target was 5.24. They came out 5.22, 5.23, 5.25, 5.23, 5.21.  was feeling a touch knackered before hand so happy I hit the target

  • Nice session Dean. Not the best day for hammering out 50 miles Andrew, so respect for that!

    Bloody chilly at the parkrun this morning - damp with a very cold wind. All a bit last minute as usual and turned up just in time for a warm up with Philip. Luckily all the fast boys stayed in bed so I ended up as first finisher in 18:34. Happy enough with that as it was pretty soft and slippy in a few places, a tad breezy and I was on my own for much of it so not under pressure. Not sure of the splits as I forgot to reset my Garmin to autolap after Thursday's track session.  Cool down with Philip after to round things off. Always a better option than a solo tempo!

    Matt - please come down and pace us to a sub 18 image

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