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    hope the result cheered you a little..even if the damm USA have screwed it all up with their 92nd min winner meaning we face Germany! arggghhh

     4miler today, easy pace, suddenly a bit of a tight groin, think it's probably come from slight tight hamstring, so stretched both out a lot today and will monitor ongoing.

  • Cheers everyone.

    Found out theres to be no weight bearing on it for at least 6 weeks so i cant even cross train, go on Moraghan tell me the worst, how much fitness can be lost in this sort of time scale? More importantly,with the right build up how quickly will fitness come back?

    SG, they tried to discharge me at half time! but i refused to leave the room till the end, was really happy when Ze Germanz won setting a cracking match up Sunday and will be amazed if we dont knock them out! The Argies in the quarters might be a bit tougher though!

    Glad your training is going well albeit with a little tightness, bet you werent expecting any on a cutback week?

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    Good work Mee Meep..kicking you out at half time, inconsiderate!

    Your plight shows me that although some of these sessions are tough, it's better to be able to do them!

    I think as the sessions are increasing towards my 5k peak time (last 3 races) i'm experiencing a bit of musuclar angst, but once I've got used to it should be ok. This is the bit where stretching for prolonged times kicks in!

    Session today...8miles with 3miles at tempo and 1/2mile at 5k pace. (again had a half day so reversed the sessions round...this one early and 4miler later)

    Delighted with the 3mile part,   5:57, 5:55, 5:55  which was bang on the target, but I had to take a 1min break before hitting the 1/2mile 5k pace section as I was working tough to do the 3mile part!

    With rubber legs I was surprised i was able to hit the 1/2mile in 2:52 despite it having a small incline near the end.

    Felt good to know I'd run 17:47 for 3miles in training, and without the benefit of a 4miler earlier in the day to awaken the body, as it's probably just over 18mins for 5k.

    Therefore, throw in some competition, and race conditions as per next Wednesdays 5k race and hopefully could be in the mixer of breaking the 17:21pb.

    Slight ache in the left groin, but that's good as it means the feeling is the same in both sides meaning it's due to muscles working hard rather than an injury on one side.

    Will stretch for a good 10mins repeatedly targetting mostly groin hamstring and calves, to ensure things keep going smoothly.

    ps Moraghan, nice new profile pic! If that's not a pic that ensures the answer to every demand you make is "yes sir, anyway you like it sir" than i don't know what is!

  • SG well done on the session, I'm running a similiar session to that one roughly 2 weeks in 3. Last night I ran 14 miles including 6 @ 6min/mile pace to finish...such a joy image

    For me these sustained efforts will be key for my marathon build up, and have found my long run pace has improved massively since introducing these sessions.

     Don't worry about the niggles, I find that I often feel at my worst during a rest / recovery week, got all that to look forward to next week.

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    that's interesting to know on when you feel the of those counter intuative things I guess!

    done a few little checks on the groin ...pushing the leg different ways and no reaction at all...i remember the checks done by a physio from 2007 problems..but back then i could feel some pain every which way! Think a bit of a tight right hamstring possibly caused by a tight calf  (!!) is where it all stems, so will be Mr Stretch from here on in.

    6mins at 6min miling seems very doable  even for me in a race...but in training sounds a nightmare...especially at the end of a 14miler! I suppose that's the difference between a high 36 man like me and a low 34man like yourself image. You sound like you're flying at the moment, which is good work, inspiring. Always good to see the results of someone a bit further along the trainin groute I'm hopefully taking. Of course I may not get to where you've got, but I'll try!image

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    5m and a 4m today...16miles tomorrow morn image
  • I'm running long tomorrow morning too. Where about are you running? I'm thinking of taking one of my standard routes down the river.

    Just entered for Wolverhampton marathon, so motivation is certainly there now!!

    Enjoy yourself tomorrow.

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    marathons = mental image  but good luck.

    16miles is one long run, i try to draw back to my epic 26mile training run the other week, or be glad i'm not running tempo or intervals...that usually makes it easier!

    I might run to Princes Risborough and back...that'll sound impressive to people round here , and the Maths should work...8miles out, 8miles back!

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    now that was very hard going, very hot and humid and I geniusly ran through the midday sun!

    Also threw some off road and steep country hills into the mixer...just to make it even sillier

    On 10miles I stopped to buy a drink...which as I'm ultra tight with money shows how hot it was image

    Told myself I'd just run 14 today, but squeezed out 15.5 in the end, just under 2hours.

  • SG I'm feeling your pain today. I went out and took bottles with me, did a loop ending back at my place to top up. This still wasnt enough...

    It was all going so well until 13 miles in...the heat just uses up so much energy....18 miles done, cut my session short by ten minutes...I was totally in zombie mode!!!

    Well at least my tan lines are getting more defined image
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    18 is very good effort in this heat. i may read this in years to come and laugh, but i honestly never want to do a marathon. for me a half is more than enough. After a certain point it just feels like you are totally sapped of any strength.

    i took one bottle and used it up until 10miles, and it was lucozade sport stuff not just water as well. The guy in the shop just said "you need a shower" as the sweat poured off!

    Rest today and tomorrow now! YES!

  • Lucky you, I go for a short run to loosen my legs tonight. I was in no state to stretch after this morning as all elasticity in muscles was gone due to a level of dehydration. 1hour with strides tomorrow and then I grab a few beers for the football and then the recovery week begins.

    The meltdown today was pretty epic, however I certainly wouldn't fancy a marathon in this heat. I'm pretty sure as your 10km times start to tail off the marathon will become more appealing, its just a case of when that happens...probably not for a long while though the way you are going at the moment!!!
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    i'm using the old cheat of not racing too many 10ks, meaning hopefully i can keep carving 10seconds off for a while....and in about 20 goes get to your pace!

    Seriously though, yeah I suppose once you've exhausted the lower distances then longer might appeal..but I'm not convinced at the mo!

    Good luck with those sessions! I didn't do too much stretching, but legs feel ok now. It was easy pace to be fair...but was still arduous!

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    Mr Moraghan...updated spreadsheet sent back to you...if you get a chance to do next week's that'll be great. Rest day tomorrow, and I'll do 2 easy runs Monday if I don't hear before thenimage
  • The foot is up, dinner has been munched and im now just a couple a feet from the television, CMON ENGLAND!

    Decided to come to Maidenhead Wednesday night, the misses doesnt know how to get there, so make sure your form is right SG when you enter the track or i will tell Moraghan!

    Yourself and Harry dont know how lucky you both were yesterday, sounds like bliss running! 

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    Nice one Mee Meep. Be good to see you at the track finish. It's a teaser as you see the track then realise you have to go another 1/4mile to finish! Won't be easy for you watching, but I'm sure you'll use it as a focus for when you can return.

     Big big game now to say the least...I've managed to avoid the build up and will put the tv on shortly!


  • What an absolutely shite week.
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    trust me ive had better myself....

    but nothing worse than going out early in a tournament and having to watch the rest wondering what if!

  • Moving swifty on from the joy of the England game...

     I would like to come down to meet you guys at Maidenhead unfortunately I'm down in Bristol still (and for a very long time me thinks). What day is the Maidenhead race?

     Well all hopes are now on Murray in the tennis and Wiggins in the Tour de France!!!

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    race is wednesday, shame you couldn't have come down. You could have barked some mantras at me in the closing half k!

    I'm sure there will be a track session or something at Maidenhead AC we can do one time, if it fits in with our various schedules!

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    4m and a 6m easy today.

    will post the week's schedule tuesday on tomorrow...

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    5m with strides and a 4m today...5k race day tomorrow...hopefully will be a good yield.
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    just heard from the organiser that it's not as fast a course as last year lol.

    KERCHING...ready made excuse lol.

    Seems a bit warmer than the other races, but will be good to have a nice run out...

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    Well that went pretty well. 17:10 so a 11 second pb.image

    Course was a bit different to last year, but if anything tougher as it now involved 4 or 5 very sharp turns indeed! Organiser measured the course twice and it was correct distance, so all good.

    Slightly lower position of 6th, but highest quality field in the series so far.

    Splits of  the following (as usual rounded aware it comes out as 17:11..but was definitely 17:10 as steward barked it out as i crossed!)

    3:12 :  3:21  : 3:33 :  3:34  : 3:30

    Best feeling is that I know I can go fasted and already thinking ahead.

    The last 2 5ks are 2laps of fields which are flat, but aren't ideal, but will look for a strong finish if not pbs as such. They're a week apart, 13th and 20th of July...but have a half marathon in the middle (potentially a 10k). After that It's training for a couple of months.

     Mee Meep, good to see you, fair play for coming to support the runners in your time of frustration. I'm sure you're soaking up some hunger for a big comeback in a couple of months.

  • Well done matey, you'll be rattling out 16 somethings pretty soon.

    Mee meep, hope recovery is going well, how long before you can get out running again?

    Two easy runs on monday and tuesday for me were horrible, but today seem to be getting a little more zip in the legs. The next four weeks for me look pretty I should at least try and enjoy my easy week
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    horrific in terms of work or really tough training? You know the hard training will take you to even greater heights, so I'm  sure that's a massive motivator image.

    Pretty much decided that Maidenhead will be a good option of a club once I do my duty to my current club this calendar year. I'm on the management board as well as having to finish certain races to score in the championship.

     They've got a good setup, and a good bunch of runners similar age range, a bit faster to push me. Only thing to weigh up is whether to run as 1st or 2nd claim, as Maidenhead can barely raise any sort of team for the sunday cross country.

    Therefore I might run for one of the top teams, Reading or Sandhurst in that series as 1st claim, and Maidenhead the day to day racing and training. I never make it easy!!

  • Haha you do like to make it complicated don't you!!!

    Yes I have some horror sessions in the plan. One that is particularly standing out as painful is a 1h30 run including 10miles in 61mins...ouch...thats three weeks away though. I think this sort of session will be vital for marathon time, as I have a eight mile version of this also.

    Entering burnhan beeches half marathon two weeks before the main event. This will hopefully be a good indicator of potential performance there.

    Regarding your club selection, it seems a shame you might drop the club you have for over the years. Maybe you should choose just one new club and keep your current one for the sake of tradition? You make them all sound like old timers but I'm sure they love having you about?
  • It was certainly different watching instead of running. It was good to finally talk face to face SG, and another pb!

    Harry, wont find out till a week Friday when they remove this cast the stitches and do sum more x-rays, though i know another cast will be going back on for sure as they already said that. I was also going to do Burnham Half, and Princes Risboro 10k this Sunday image If either of you want to go and have a crack at it your more than welcome to use my number which you pick up on the day at the event. Quicker than Wargrave which you won Harry and the front of the field will be the Sri Lankan fellow, think his name is Cooray? You both probably know him?

  • Well hopefully it will all be good news. Maybe even a late year marathon is possible? Luton marathon is december, a good crowd last year. That will be some good motivation to get you going again. Keep us posted.

    I will be entering Burnham half (thats on 22nd August right?) If you cannot get a refund, let me know and I'll square you up for it and take your entry.

    I know of the guy, I think he has run the maidenhead 10 last two years. Fairly pacey...
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