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    congrats to Dachs on the vest

    also regards magnesium , not sure i need to become even more "regular" than i am

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    Yep Dean! I've spent years trying to control that side of things so itd be dangerous!

    Hot one today, obviously. Wander round block at lunch was 22min mile pace.
    Got to do wycombe 5k tonight as it's on my doorstep, but will try and keep it sensible. 

    Nice un Dachsy
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Good luck at the physio Phil.

    Dean, interesting point. The real test of how much to take is to take enough to get to that stage and then reduce the amount. 
    From what I read, you'll have to take seven or eight times the standard dose for things to get iffy.

    As for disregarding such things on a hearsay-what-if basis. Sometimes doing that works, quite often it doesn't. 

    That said, if one has proof of a winning hand as things stand, why change anything?
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    im always a bit skeptical on miracle tablets/supplements.   i think there is a place where someones diet isn't great and a supplement will bring their levels up.  Such as iron deficiency.  If someone eats a lot of spinach then taking a iron supplement isnt going to help. But if they dont eat enough then a supplement will feel like a miracle drug.

    dont get me wrong, i guzzled more than my fair share of beetroot juice (not anymore) so im not adverse to trying supplements.  i will ask around at the track to see if anyone else is taking mag'

    The most important thing is if it works for you then thats the main thing...job done :)
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Dean, personally I wouldn't give most supplements the time of day.

     But I must have been in what is described as a marginal state for a very long time with magnesium. The difference was too noticeable once on them.

    Not so long ago, I would start a run, then have to stop to allow my system to catch up. I could spend a mile just getting going and quite often, if I had any niggle, that would muck about, and I'd spend the entire outing stopping and stretching.
    When I finished, it's was odds on I'd be in no shape to run again.

    Lately, it's the complete opposite. I can just go out and run as I like.  :)
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Congrats Dachs.

    Philip - that's not good. What's happened?

    Pete - the heat alone would have been enough to scupper a decent race, so add in the 10k yesterday and stressy prep then that's actually a pretty good time!

    Double xc today, with 7.5M early and 5.5M home - wowzers it was warm!
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    PMJ - I hadn’t realised you were that bad, hope you get resolution soon.

    Pete - honestly don’t know how you manage those back-2-back-3-back races days so those performances in a row seem mind-boggling to me. I don’t know how you get up for them mentally even as a starting point. And yes, Ricky was 3 laps the day I was there. Looking at it it was an alternative course actually. Thanks for the advice.

    Been in Norway for a couple of days. Sea air, sun, cool temps. Great (for) running....
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    Thought I'd stumbled onto the magnesium thread for a second ;)

    Big mileage for doubles Bus! Phil, hope that eases soon son. Doesn't sound too pretty, but am sure the expert man will sort you out sharpish.

    Let's have a quick race report to break ting up.

    Continuing the summer of 5ks then, it was another of the summer series races.  Being a race starting about half a mile from home, I really couldn't get away with not doing this one. Also, I won this one last year, so had to turn up really.

    This was 5k number 6 since mid May, and the 4th in this series. Now Battersea Park is all about time, position doesn't matter, these races are probably the other way round, although not as strong as the time doesn't matter.

    Tonight was obviously red hot temperature. Not really humid though, but still wouldn't be a fast one.

    It's a strange pre-race feeling when you're basically able to sit about relaxing at home until 25mins before, and just stroll over there. Sort of great, but sort of weird at the same time. Like something's missing.

    Had to move a convo along with a pal outside my actual door, aware I needed to at least pretend to get a warm up in!

    1.5mile jogged out, making sure not to get involved in any chats, and to the start line.

    Mr Livesey, top 40 at London marathon fame was there, so it was a race for 2nd at best. Couple of local pals, Ali from Wargrave who always supplies a close ish race for a decent part of the race, and a bunch of Maidenhead chaps.

    I vow to ease into the race, as that worked well at Marlow, and tonight is a fair bit hotter.

    Livesey storms off, and I'm joint 2nd for a bit. Pace is comfy, there's a little gang around. A Handy Cross guy takes it on, and I'm honestly thinking who the heck is this guy, when realising he wasn't Maidenhead (same colour vest)

    Noisy shoes Maidenhead vet comes by. He's progressively been improving over the series from being a good 6 places behind at the first event, to doing me in the last 2.

    First km is basically a square loop, that brings you back to the start. 3.28 first km. That's sensible. Not too fast, on a grassy course in the heat. That'll help later I think. The awkward bit is that there's a long straight basically on a narrow footpath next to the lake! There's all manner of Mallard ducks sitting either side, with a few foolarsely moving into our path, causing some "frig sakes" from..ahem me.

    There's also a gang of scofflaw hoodlums sitting in a massive gang near the lake. A bunch of them think it'll be funny trying to compete with us for a bit. Try not to laugh as they get nowhere near and give up. Bare effort innit fam.

    The gang competing for 3rd is 2 Wargrave chaps, one I know will stick close for a fair while, and one I've never seen before, a couple of Maidenhead chaps, one who is breathing like crazy and will definitely drop off. The Handy Cross chap has already dropped, started way too hard.

    I obviously know this part very well, so I aim to use that local knowledge. The pace is sensible, doesn't feel too hard, but feels as hard as I want to work tonight. It's all about placing tonight.

    Slowly over this part, I can feel it's mainly Ali from Wargrave with me. He pulls up next to me and says hello. I say I'm fine, and genuinely am this time.

    There's a little incline, and we can all see this weird hairpin bend coming. I think this is the moment to slightly put a boot in. See what happens.

    Turn the hairpin and put a burst in, and it's here I can feel the key move of the race has taken place.
    3km is up, and the pace is slowish, but it's time to gently pull away.

    You see everyone behind when you take the hairpin, but we have a bit of room to get going.

    From here, it's along the narrow path by the lake, hoping no one out in the park is doing anything silly. Like last year, when I was leading, you're paying so much attention that some douche doesn't storm into you from nowhere. Whilst trying also not to be the douche :)

    Livesey's a mile clear, Maidy noisy shoes is well clear.
    I think, get to 4km, knowing I can't hear or feel Ali too close behind and he's not making that up.

    Feels pretty comfy still, I've definitely not entered into max capacity tonight, and a long run in to the finish.

    They've moved the finish from just in front of the tennis courts, to where the parkrun finishes, so it comes out a bit long at 3.14km. Other courses have been under, this has been over, it's how things roll. Only really matters when a pb is at stake really.

    Ben Livesey's wife cheers me in, tells me I have a big lead over 4th, and a 3.20km sees me over the line for 17.49/17.50.

    Over the line, quick hands on knees, then stroll out of there. Not as ruined, or wiped out as some of the 5ks done so far.

    Therefore, I'll take 3rd as the gain tonight, always a satisfying one when you couldn't have come higher.

    Last year was hot, for 17.20 and the win, but they did add a stretch, and it was probably a little hotter than last year, which I had conditioned for with an even sillier hot Gosport a few days before back then!

    Therefore, a good workout, not feeling maxed out.

    Will do a couple more sessions, Friday and next Tue, and then it's Runnymede Relay on Sat 7th, which I'm down for the 2.75mile leg (hoping they don't ask why as the fastest in the B team I'm not doing the long leg - reason is I don't want to almost pass out this year, especially when it'd only be the difference between maybe 8th and 9th!!

    Will work out which 5k is next after that. I probably need to make it a pursuit of a fast time one. Although I do still have a hankering for another trip down to Gosport for what is a faster version of the one I did there recently.

    Will see. Either way, enjoyed a little race, and am fairly close to last year's whole year total, and well on way to matching my all time record racing year (24).

    Good times.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    Good racing sg and Pete.  Tough heat to race in.

    Hope the knee heals quickly pmj

    ric, glad the mag has helped you out and clearly is a positive for you?  I asked around at the track and one lad has just had a nutritional survey done to improve his game.  Will report back if anything good
  • So Dean are you going to have a go on it? I think we all ought to then see if anyone gets a decent gain. Be a good survey group :)

    Good racing SG,MH and anyone else I've forgotten -

    Belated quick report from Saturday, 800 & 1500 at the SAL. 800 was our match only (this was a double match), so 7 of us in the race, going off in lanes for a change. Clarkey goes off 20 metres ahead, he's a sub 2 man so worries there, settle into 4th. Hit the bell in 62, and not feeling too bad, but it's annoying breezy, seemingly all the way round the track. Manage to hold my place for 2nd B string and come over the line in 2.06.4. Slightly annoying that I wasn't back in the 2.05's again, but it's 12.30 on a warm, breezy Saturday, so not too downhearted.

    1500m is both leagues, so we get all our Kent AC mates joining in too and a few non scorers, so there's about 20 of us. Bit of friendly rivalry, I'd like to keep the dark blue hordes behind me if poss! get a bit swamped at the start, but settle in about 5th, our 4.25 odd B string kid goes off well quick, which is a bit of a surprise, but he reigns it in  bit. Go through 400 in 65, so not too shabby. It's still a bit congested, but I move up to 2nd to try and get on the inside and we go through 800 in 2.15/2.16. The it gets a bit messy, Sean F from Kent clips me with 500 to go and I nearly go over, but keep it together - we go through the bell in 3.08, which seems really slow..didn't realise the pace had dropped, even with the trip. Anyway hit the front and try and put the hammer down, still got Sean behind me and is running really well, as he's primarily  longer distance guy, but is still swift over 3000 & 5000...but 1500? anyway a Cambridge Harrier comes past, but he's in the other match too and I keep Sean off just about for a 4.14.0. Happy to win the race (in our league), times OK too.

    IK had a nice SAL day out too with a 2.02, 14.41, 4.13 combo at Watford

    Mad idea to run over to Luton with my rucksack on Sunday morning to watch the 5 miler and then watch the England match, but the 13 miles weren't too bad. Next up 1500m tonight at Watford.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Cheers Dean. Could be interesting.

    Good races and reports SG & Simon. Hopefully I'll get back to doing one or two myself.
    Considering the Harrow HM.

    It's certainly easier running right now. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Very nice running in the heat chaps, and enjoyable reports to boot :smile:

    7 very hot miles tonight, and a double bike tomorrow, but no running. This week has become a little complicated. It's my wife's 50th birthday Sunday and we are away, which means I'm going to try and squeeze the LSR early doors before an action packed "active" training day at work on Friday, before driving to Cotswold Water park for fun and frolics in the sun. With the biking tomorrow, and a slight logistical hiccup  my current ageing LSR road shoes are in Aylesbury (relegated to a minor role!). That means  Friday's run will be taking a chance with an untried, straight out of the box new pair of shoes for 15.3 miles - I hope they fit!!!
  • You'll be fine Bus - always ran in my shoes 'straight out of the box' never had a problem.

    Short report from last night at Watford- overview..'Meh'.

    Got there in good time, little less chaotic due to the on line entry, I was in race 10/16, there were three of us with a 4.10 down, all the other were quicker down to 4.03, so I thought that would be perfect..they'd go through 400 in about 64 and I could get on the kerb behind nicely. How wrong I was! The race before went through in 65, so I thought that would be fine.

    So - gun goes, I'm on the outside, bit of bunching ..but this is way too slow. I'm in lane 3 going round the outside trying to get it going..go through the bell in 68. shit! still up the front now into first place coming round to 700 and a Soton lad cuts me up a bit to get to first, through 800 in 2.16, so still too slow, but a bit better. Try and keep the hammer down a bit to the bell, reach it in 3.04, so made up a bit of time. Worried about the last lap though, I'm not great at the stop start type races, so this could be good training. A couple come past with 100 to go, finish with 4.12.2.

    Bit annoyed with the pace, get told off by the woman timekeeper for swearing - but it's annoying when 'kids' put unrealistic times down. Always been an issue at Watford though, although the missus used to do them and they used to check them apparently.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    decent race anyway Simon.   but interested in your maths that 68 first lap too slow then 2.16 at the bell was a bit better???  isnt it exactly the same????   And took a mental note you dont like stop start races ;)
  • Yes take your point mate - Suppose I had hoped for 2.14 or so at the bell. Pressure of trying to do a race report before 9am! I doubt you'll have to worry about me in Malaga mate either..i'd concentrate on Fred ;)

    Track last night - as much as I'd like to say it was a suffer fest it cooled down quite a bit from when I got to the track at 5.30 until we went off at 6 ish, still pretty breezy with a warm wind. So it was 16 x 400, with 60/65 secs recovery. First one was 71, then they were all 68's apart from one windy 69 rep and then a 63 to finish..IK was set off 5 secs behind me on that last one - so I thought I'd better make an effort to stay ahead..I did by 2 seconds in the end.

    Then off to watch the bore fest in the pub.

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    When you race at Simon's pace, you expect the details to become a bit hazy ;)
    Poor game last night, but that's what happens when there's not that "peril" of risk of going out.

    Hot one today, so was glad it was 400s.
    12x400 at 3k off 60secs.

    Would aim for 1.15 average on this session, and came out the best I've done these.
    6x1.14,3x1.15, 1x16 (before a pitstop...felt heavy :dizzy: ) and finished with 2 x1.13.xx, just when the big man Trev turned up ;)

    1.14 average there.
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭
    warm session last night was still 29 degrees at the track at 7pm.   
    Given 10*300 off 75secs.  a 44 to finish on but 45s/46s ave through out.  was harder in that heat but hit target.

    thats week 1 of my malaga plan done...just 10 more weeks to go.
  • Two good sessions there men. Birthday tomorrow, so sat here eating chips, using this weekend as a lull before getting a plan/schedule sorted. Probably Great Denham parkrun (Bedford), or a session of shorter stuff, then steady run Sunday.

    Look like its a BAL 3000 at the Bedford 'big day' next weekend, so going to taper slightly for it to try and get sub 9 and a bit nearer Mr Atkins this time.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday to Mrs Bus.

    Birthdays in our house are merely noted. A take away and a Colin the Catapillar cake is as far as things go.

    Still an ok race Simon. I tend to limit my profanities to inside the house.

    If any of you have had a peek at the Clubhouse lately, you'll see some entity unloading enough of those for all of us. All aimed at me btw.
    All it took was for me to suggest that Trump wasn't doing too badly.

    Running: Last few days mileage has gone: 10,10,10,10,5,11,. 8,10,9,10

    Mixed in with some cycling and a few big garden jobs, it adds up to a reasonable volume.
    Currently in the unusual position of being able to run without having to consider one niggle or another.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    I didn't even see the post and knew who you'd be arguing with Ric.

    You two have been sparring for years.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Not sure what it's about SG. 

    Clearly whoever it is has strong opinions, is always in the right and doesn't forgive or forget.

    We should be grateful they aren't French, otherwise they'd be digging up the beating we gave them at Agincourt.
  • I think some supplements are ok, I know my old coach used to advise some on top of diet which would be red meat etc. 

    Never followed a diet and I eat doughnuts most days still haha. 

    Did a mile race at the track the other night. Hectic as hell, 37 teams 10 runners, a mile each. 

    I ran first leg as working on the stall too. I did about a 60 yard stride as a warm up and got called over. I was wearing HOKAs 

    Went through 800 in under 2:30 finished in 5:13. Messy ! Guess it's not too bad !
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
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    Rather excellent I'd say Scott.

    Playing around with the %'s to allow for lack of warm up, lack of training and surfeit of doughnuts (debatable), I'd say that mile was worth a 3:....

    Apart from that, the run appears to me to be a good way to discover one's limits over a middle distance. 
    Only way to discover one's limits is to go there and adjust accordingly.*

    * Free rock climbing and base jumping excluded.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
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    Got called into the GP.

    No sodding about, 'Go get yourself a blood pressure monitor, and send me the results pronto'.

    First result was a 158/97. Short easy run later it was 172/108. Hour later it was 148/91

    Yes its high. But mostly it's genetic.

      I quickly went through all the things needed to reduce blood pressure. Nods of agreement until I mentioned alcohol.

    That was met with, " Now not lets get too carried away"  :)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Ric, less scuffling on clubhouse would probably bring it down a bit ;)

    Scott, 5.13 isn't bad with so little training, especially as the first half showed what you could comfortably be capable of if you'd remembered how to race ;)

    Hot one today (funnily enough!)

    Just thought I'd "do at least 10", but knew I had 11 to get to a nice round 60, and in the end 12. Exactly on 1.24.00, so 7.00 on the dot, even though none of the miles themselves were on the dot.

    Out lot put a race on today. A shorter, more local version of the Race the Train event in Wales.

    Some nice prizes for those who raced from the club, team prize and top 3 for a couple male and female. Got me a little envious, I need to find some low key garb to get back in the prizes. Not an offroad 10k in mid summer mind!! I'm comfy I wasn't there today!

    Relay next week, but B team fare, so no chance there, as we'd have been struggling to get near top 3 anyway, but with another changeover, and no doubt more rejigging over the next week, it's one to file in the "fun team day out" mixer. Doing the 2.75mile short leg, rather than the 5.5mile long leg honestly is the difference between solid workout, and risking ruining yourself.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Down into the normal range at the moment SG.

    A mere 3 miles yesterday as I thought about the inconvenience of pegging it while out running. But after a 50 mile bike ride today, I decided it won't be me that's inconvenienced, so going for double figures on foot tomorrow.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Back from a weekend away then. Couldn't have had better weather for lazing about by some lakes - it was even a bit of a blessing that the hot tub was broke and wouldn't get hot!  LSR to work on Friday was fine shoes-wise but the hip was giving me gyp. Meant for a long day too! Just over 5 miles roudna lake twice today before it got to hot.

    Nice 1500 Simon! Oh and Scott - you're a bastard :smiley: Even off the doughnuts and sod all training that's quicker than my best mile!!!!

    Ric - that's a good block of miles.

    Was that "race the boat" SG?

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    That's the one. Bit of a quirk to it and windsor always gets the punters going

    Finishing today's run my first thought was how i used to regularly race a half marathon in July. Wouldn't dare now.
  • Hey all. Not posting on here but regularly lurking and enjoy the thread; lots of great race reports to read up on. 

    Stevie G - was cycling through your neck of the woods today. It's funny how you've never met someone but heard about all these random club races they do and find yourself trying to imagine the course as you pass through these places. Keep up the great training/racing. 
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Finished the ten miles a short while back. 

    Ran as I felt. Stopping for a rest seemed a large part of that idea today.
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