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  • How about I get back to running before we start planning a thread train with me in it :D I think last year I was just acting as a pacemaker for the first 10k!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Good to hear Muddy. Those injuries are quite substantial though. Pete on here by comparison was run over by a lorry (I think) and came away with less damage.

    I've had the odd fall myself without any harm beyond stinging the palms of my hands. That might be a clue as to why I've avoided serious damage. 

    SG, track 5000's are a world of pain (go full speed from the gun I was advised) And your sub 17 minute projection is the same as all mine were. Fast first lap followed by the rest around 80 seconds. 

    Saving the run for tomorrow. Too windy where I go. In these conditions I've run along a path one way only to find a large tree in the way on the return. Cross trained for a couple of hours instead.
  • Reg - it's certainly the greatest ever pre-race thread "i'm not gonna be fast- off" of all time :D

    Ric - Pete wasn't run over by a lorry! Just a car was bad enough to do him enough harm! Luckily all was well.

    Ps where are you Pete?

    Ric - Staines still on your potentials? I dare say it's worth you getting in, due to the cavalry charge for entries. Shame it clashes with Marlow.
  • SG - Ive just realised that 26/04 is year end day at work (I'm an accountant) so highly unlikely I'll be making it up for the mid Cheshire! Quite disappointed I won't be able to do Wokingham, seems like half the forums are doing it!
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Yes, only a small car at that I got hit by but when it weighs about 1.5 ton and you are on a bike you certainly know about it! I had 3 broken ribs from that one Muddy and it was a real pain trying to sleep properly for about 6 weeks. My other injuries looked pretty horrendous at the time but healed more quickly than my ribs. As you are finding though; you can still run with broken ribs and the pain is more at other times so good luck! 

    Sorry SG, been lazily taking a lurkers role recently as I've been pretty pretty much wiped out with another heavy cold after that last pr/10k TT double weekend. Hardly run since, so Wokey for me will at best be a long run prep for Fleet HM now, but my inclination is to ditch it as I don't really like using a race as anything but a race. Prob try and get back in parkrun swing tomorrow but just jog round with my daughter. Thanks for getting those TVXC's onto Po10. Even then I had to claim each one as they classify all vets as v40 and if that doesn't match the vet cat you actually are then it doesn't go on your Po10! Sorted it now and only a dozen off a 500 Po10 tally now (albeit about 75% are parkruns ;) )

    BTW Staines 10k is already sold out; entries were open for all of about 1 day. By the time I looked it was too late. Entered the Yateley summer 10k series instead as a) 3 races for 1 lot of admin entering and b) midweek so no issues with pr doubles that seem to just lead to illness or injury for me nowadays. 

    Lots of good training going on as ever I see; Simon, SG, Joe, Ric, Bus, Phil all going well as were Muddy, Stevie Wh and Reg till accident and injury intervened (hopefully both just minor hiccups in the scheme of your year's plans).
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Ok for the Staines 10k. I had an email through about it and entered on the spot. I wasn't surprised to note that even by then, it was half sold out.

    Hope your return goes well Pete. I'm not one to pootle about at competitive events either. One reason I like to turn up without niggles.
  • I see someone had a swift race report tho.

    I'm sure he knows I'm not up against him this year ;) (not that he'd be unduly worried!)

  • Hopefully the cold is behind you now Pete.

    We had a bunch of children round our house this afternoon on a play date so I decided it was worth risking a short run to escape for a while. I headed to the local field so I could keep it soft underfoot and avoid long trudges into the wind, short loops works nicely in the strong wind I find. Anyway, only did 5k but it wasn't painful to run, just that niggly feeling. Doesn't feel too bad after and if it feels better tomrrow than today I will try again and a bit further.

    If I make the startline injury free at Wokey I'll probably be pretty agressive with my pacing, I'd rather fade a bit hanging on than have to push hard when I am tired.
  • That's good Reg, and if that approach is good enough for Steve Jones.....

    Hope the lergy is on its way out Pete - mine seems like it's on it's way in!

    Decided on Marlow 5 instead of Staines this year. Can't remember why!

    After a really lazy and lethargic day, I finally forced myself out tonight. Horrible run - dark, wet, slow and sore legs...pounding the very wet pavements of High Wycombe on a Friday night has little to recommend it!
  • Marlow 5 is the much better race Bus. Much better competition, bigger, closer, and tonnes more people you know.

    Must be the race I've done the most, probably 10 turnouts there.

    Good work on a Friday eve bad conditions run.

    I certainly don't miss the days i'd leave work on a Friday night, and have to go and do a solo track session. Used to run Saturdays the next day too, often doubles. A dreadful mix.

    However now..a glorious SAT OFF

    (po10 count up to 148/ some of the Summer series 5ks up... :) Maybe it won't be as high as 70 odd not going up)

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    Pete/Ric/Reg - Glad I wasn’t hit by anything other than a pavement ! Three ribs *shudder* I've not had a scan but suspect one rib is fractured rather than broken given how non-diffuse the pain is. I shouldn't complain in the circumstances. Worse things happen at sea: my dad had a steel cable under high tension snap near him - it coiled round his chest and cracked loads of his ribs (and uncoiled him into the North Sea). Mega drama, he couldn't breathe without massive pain (and us kids were not even allowed to breathe near him).

    Seems like decent news on the foot Reg.

    I fancy the mid Cheshire 5k - had to miss it last year due to something last minute with work.
  • 5h day & final day of the charity 5K at work today. Conditions were awful with gales & lashing rain + muddy underfoot. They kicked off early so I missed the start & gave the field a 400m headstart however I still managed 4th with a comfortably hard effort. I've done 4/5 as had another commitment Wed lunchtime which was handy as it left me fresh enough for the midweek 15M which is a current staple as Brighton Marathon is the A race for the Spring. Parkrun & XC tomorrow then a classic 12M multi-terrain brute on Sunday. It'll be my 9th consecutive time running it. The last 3 years I've had to finish there then hightail it for XC in the afternoon so looking forward to seeing how the legs cope after the hilly mudfest that tomorrow has in store for us. Had a relatively low volume week with just over 40M in 5 days but more high intensity than usual so it'll be interesting to see how I go over the w/e.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    SG Always fancied the Murder Mile. Not sure what I'm up to this Summer or where I'll be but if I'm close I'll be there. Penallta parkrun is a fast course. Only done it once but it's my 17th fastest course (of 116). These were excellent last year too No photo description available
    Unfortunately our cheap & fast local 5K series has had it's permission refused by Highways after 20 odd years  :'(
  • PMJ - I listen to the 'Lets get running' podcast by Shaun Dixon & Jermain Mays - the last but one was a big interview with that ultra runner who did the spine, 268 mile job.

    She was much of the opinion that the Ultra is the distance where women are probably better (or may end up better) than men - definitely in actually 'completing' apparently- numbers wise.

    Will do.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    That's one heck of a weekend's plan jools. As i write this from bed not yet up, with just watching footy from home my sole plan 😁😄

    Penalta is fast. But last year i got myself over there with the agreement id ease in... So ended up seeing who was up for leading, staying with them until 3k or then putting a big finishing in for just sub 18. Would be interesting to rampage it. Strange little short out and back bits.

    Interesting miles. It's funny ill go for the mad mile, but id have to work those fast ones round something else.

    Where are you based?i noticed Bristol used to have a good series of 5ks but think those stopped?
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    I'm in Forest of Dean SG so close to S Wales, Bristol & Hereford. Aztec West 5K were fast but again there was a problem with roads hence they were shelved a couple of years ago. The latest casualty is the Hereford 5K series. 3 races for £8. Muddy did the first one of the series last year.
    Just back from a reasonable 3rd place at Aberbeeg parkrun. 3rd time on the course & pretty much split the difference between my other 2 visits but highest placing. Set off strong & was in 3rd straight away. There were loud footsteps right behind however these faded by 1K & it was a solo time trial from then on The 2 guys ahead were neck & neck at half way but the youngster just had the edge beating his rival by 6s & getting a 20s course PB too. I was over 90s back & 4th was 45s behind me by the end.
    2nd on AG 75.62% beaten by the guy in 2nd who pulled 77.88%
  • Decent start to the weekend Jools. Another step forward for me today 40 minutes easy, some soreness but nothing major. Hoping for a reasonably long one tomorrow but won't force it.
  • I wondered if that was the series you referred to Jooligan. Real shame it was refused a licence - wonder what changed ? Well done on the parkrun podium!

  • You'll be fine Reg. 2 weeks is plenty of time.

    Nice turnout Jools, albeit a frustrating "In the middle" action, although it's always satisfying when you come away with the maximum position you could have done of a race.

    Shame to see long term series ending! That's why that Nice Work company I discovered from Gosport mile/5k are quality, as they have 5k race series all over the place, south coast, Ipswich, Kent, some in Bucks etc.

    It's a bit short sighted of councils and people causing problems for races, as you'd think they'd want people to be a bit healthier and thus less burden on the health system later on!

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    With Hereford 5K it was Highways England that objected as the first 400m are along the A49 which is a trunk road. 
    XC was brutal as expected. Only 5.5M but with 3 hills per lap & total elevation over 900ft no-one was feeling shortchanged :D Ran a steady effort for the first 2 laps then worked a bit harder to gain a few places over the final lap. Just over 2 minutes quicker than last year but 1 place lower & 5th scorer for the team rather than 1st. No complaints though - as XC captain I'm really pleased to have raised the profile of the Gwent League in our club such that more of the in form runners are turning out for it. Still mostly a codgers team though. An enjoyable day's racing fun with more to come tomorrow :)
  • And talking of 5k series, Sale Sizzlers are on on Thursday evenings: June 27, July 11 and 25, Aug 8 (by which time it will be a new football season!). Definitely one of the fastest courses in the country and the biggest depth in standards: one of the races has had over 200 under 20 minutes; 50 under 17. Has been officially re-measured...and found to be accurate!

    That must be a long report that Dean is writing...
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Jools, you are a crazy man. I can sort of relate a little to wanting to get as much in while you can though :)

    Aley, Thur eve is a random positioning, but will again see if it's in any way a goer.

    On a random note, I thought i'd spend 10mins on my anorak refreshing of my PO10 history, as I have more results at home than at work.

    Uploaded a bootleg now defunct 4miler from 2007. Went to add it from 2008, found it's already in their history, and for sheer randomness, the guy who'd obviously claimed a time, had linked it to the site myself and a running bud set up at the time (and now long, long defunct!)

    So it's not just me patrolling for old results ;)

    The site itself is an oddity though. You used to have to qualify to get any result up, and fairly challenging times too.

    Then they loosened that up, but insisted it has to hold a UKA license.

    Cue peeps like Bus having a big section of "non UKA" results.

    From what I can see though, if you just upload an excel file / find a working weblink, they'll add it on anyway now. Maybe a certain time cutoff, but 2010 and before I think is fine.

    (ps yes I know I should be out there trying to find a wife, but maybe next week ;) )

  • Er, yes - tempting as it is, I would love to find the time to do that SG :smile: I think you may have found the reason finding a wife might be tricky though :wink:

  • Ahoy shipmates. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion SG actually works for power of 10. If not, surely there’s a job waiting for you chap.

    To the threads horror, was feeling reckless so decided to post up at parkrun sat morning and run tempo to ‘loosen’ up the legs. Went to Wimbledon and built into it through the effort, ended up with 19:41 on a very XC course - was plastered in mud at the end.

    Glad I didn’t know the winner was going to be a ‘mere’ 19:01, as I’d have given it even more beans. Good fun though.

    Had about 3 hours to get home, eat and get back out for XC. Surrey league but we’re already promoted and it’s got that end of season feel where everyone’s just showing up for the fancy dress party.

    Didnt have many of our big guns out, so if I hadn’t already logged 75 miles and 2 bike sessions, I might have hope of getting in the top 10 for the club and a rare score.

    Anyway, we’re off and I’ve had a shocking start. 2 laps of 4km. Get into a rhythm but can tell it’s not going to be great today. Get a good session in is running through my head.

    I see Simon (I think?) on the first hill and he gives me a shout, probably thinking why the fudge is he wearing that hat. Slog my way on to lap 2, and I get an early shout that I’m 12th from the club and I can just about see two in the distance. Balls, should probably at least try. 

    Start to reel them in, passing a good 10 others on the way. Reel them both in with a km to go, and we’re in a pack of 3, along with some others.

    I know I’ve not got a sprint so just try and drive hard to the end. On to the last flat section and the world and his wife are piling past me as my legs feel like lead. One of them got me so I’m 11th Chaser and first non scorer. 

    70th overall of 200 odd, and we only come 3rd in the fixture. More than enough to be back in division 1 next year though. 

    Nearly long ran ran this morning to get up to 100 miles for the week, but the sensible triathlete in me came out and I’m on a 3 hour turbo instead, with just a little run off the bike to close out the week.

    Hope you had a decent run Simon - see you in Div 1 next year. For all of 5 seconds at the start. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Chuckled at that first line Joe!! Who knows what the future may hold 😘😇

    Sounds like a heck of a week's effort. You'll be 🚬 at wokingham. And i dare say getting Phil doing more analysis about how you're now smashing sg when he used to be way ahead type sentimonies.

    15 for me. 70.5miles for the week. Slightly sluggish start. Often the way after a very lounging around sat not even leaving the house. Got going though helped by 2 more Peter Crouch podcasts.
    Hope wind is at a minimum in two weeks. Maybe some light rain at worst.
    Prob a 60+ mile week coming, with a united trip on Tuesday and then taper the week after probably aiming to show up at wokey with 40miles max logged
  • Good week SG. Not tempted to cut back more next week and give yourself a proper taper for Wokingham?

    Joe - you do like to make things hard for yourself :smile:

    15 for me too this morning. Odd run, as a rare road outing for an LSR (although most miles on road this week!). I'd toyed with the idea of going out hard and fast, but the legs were not on for that sort of malarkey. First few miles were horrible - really not feeling the love and toying with the idea of just sacking it off. Didn't get much better either. Anyway, kept going but at 10 miles it's a long gentle downhill so tried a "Zatopek" and switched from averaging 7:50 miles to a mile at sub 6! That did the trick, and all but one of the last 5 (which was up a big hill) were done around or under 7 pace to give spot on 7:30 for the full 15.1. I'll settle for that in the circumstances!

    That makes 10 weeks averaging 50mpw, so easy next week and try not to do too many hills in the Lakes the week after :smiley:

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Nice un bus. I looked back at a few moz half approaches and none seemed to taper two weeks out..a couple even had races the sunday before including the 75.41 pb.

    Glad the long trip is this midweek not next though. That may naturally reduxe things a little.
    May do something like 12m for the last longer run next Sunday. Easy through threshold or summat
  • The Bus said:

    Anyway, kept going but at 10 miles it's a long gentle downhill so tried a "Zatopek" and switched from averaging 7:50 miles to a mile at sub 6! That did the trick, and all but one of the last 5 (which was up a big hill) were done around or under 7 pace to give spot on 7:30 for the full 15.1. I'll settle for that in the circumstances!

    That makes 10 weeks averaging 50mpw, so easy next week and try not to do too many hills in the Lakes the week after :smiley:

    ... though to be fair, going down Bryants Bottom (oh ah matron!) is always a good way to pick at speed at the end of a run. I like to park at the Harrow for that exact reason and skip that last uphill.
  • Hey, don't spoil it Philip :-)

    Mind you, I was still running through treacle for the first half of Bryants Bottom, so only the 6 min mile and half of a 6.30 took advantage of the downhill, so the remaining 3.5 of the last 5 was either uphill or flat.

    True SG, but conversely, if Wokigham is an A race, is there anything to be gained from having a hard week next week?
  • Had a look at last year's build up as well, and 1 Sunday before, I only did a 10, but that's because I'd done the 15 on the Thur. I've done 8x15s this year over 9 weeks  (one 16), versus 6 last year over 6 weeks , so today can be the final 15.

    The key session this Tue needs to be 3x2miles HMP off 90secs. The rest of the week is flexi. Can either do the second session as something light and fast like this week, or combine the long run into a quality fare, maybe on the Sat, something like 12miles with 4miles easy, 4miles steady, 4miles threshold.

    Last week will be a 3x1mile HMP, off 60-90secs (i'll check!) and nothing beyond an 8 after.

    Will take the lesson from GSR (on top of the conditions not helping) that the Tue sesh was probbo too much volume, (5x1m Threshold), and as Dean I think at the time pointed out, done too fast too :) 

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