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  • Rose Inn is proper pancake flat but is vulnerable to the wind.
    There are some of those Self-transcendence races in Eastville Park, Bristol. They won’t be flat though.
  • Quiet on here!

    23 miles today @ 7:05mm, felt pretty decent to be fair, can’t complain about that. 102 miles for the week + some biking and swimming.

    Will cut back towards the end of this week before Wokingham (probs) 
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    Good training run there Joe; just beat your 102 mile week with 110 (oh ok that was my bike mileage😉).

    Valentine's 10k for me in Chessington today. Quite an undulating course so not the pb course 26.2RRC (who host it) claim. Good standard of runners there (1st 2 sub 31) so quite happy with 25th in 38'14. 2nd v50 and only 1 prize so just missed out on that. Wore the VF's again and a great feel to them but not so convinced they are doing much for time (1% maybe). Course measured a bit long and was  through 10k on my Garmin sub 38, so doing that time officially is my next target (Just like last year when I never did it). 83.3% WAVA so at least high up on that score. Good race; glad I did it.
  • That's a long run, especially for a taper Joe :smile:

    Good work on the 10k Pete. I'd be pretty happy with a 38:14 currently!

    8 miles in the fells today. Coniston Old Man and Dow Crag. Very enjoyable, despite the mist on the tops, gale force winds and bizarre cramp in my right calf at 7M.

    Brought to an end my lowest mileage week for 12 weeks - just 38. Probably the right thing though, given just how shot my legs felt on Friday.
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    That was a hell of a morning run and week's efforts Joe! Incredible.

    Told my dad about it (not that he's even interested in all this), and he was like "is he young?"

    Erm, yeah, but I never did similar whatever age :)

    Nice turnout Pete. Didn't realise it was a diffo week to Wokey - you can still come :)

    Chris at my lot reckons the VP give colossal calf aches afterwards. I thought one of the 2 benefits (lower perceived effort for speed being number 1), was feeling the aches less? We'll find out then!

    Despite one of my "classic" Saturdays of pure loungeration/rest, I woke up with a very slightly throaty feel.

    So that'll do nicely for the excuse / bottle locker next week ;)

    Was a planned cutback Long un, in a reduced mileage week anyway, so 12miles at 7.09 pace felt fairly short as a run.

    Which I guess is the whole point of the string of 15s, shorter feels it!

    So Joe off his 23, and my clubmate off his 21, will feel like it's over pretty quickly next week!

    Our best guy isn't doing it after all, so we won't have  snifty of any team prize, but could still have 4-5 in the mixer of 1hr 20 or quicker, so should get on page 1 at least!

    EDIT - ticking over Bus, that's plenty for a week or 2. Especially for mad offroading.

    ps 171/240 PO10 ;)

  • Jeez, that's a good week's running Joe! Loving the length of that run a week out, haha

    Great result at the 10k Pete, a low 38 isn't to be sniffed at! Did you parkrun yesterday?

    Nice work in the fells Bus, always something I've fancied doing - it's just a long way away :)

    I'm sure the throaty feeling will disappear just as quickly as it has come on SG. Hope the legs are starting to feel fresher with the taper. Looking forward to seeing all of the reports this time next week!

    Just more easy running for me - trying to do the proper thing of establishing a base, and hoping that will help prevent an injury occurrence from being over-zealous.
    42.3mi last week, including the return of a mid-week long(er) run of 8.8mi and a long run of 13.3mi, topping the thread Strava group for elevation ;)
    45.3mi for this week with the mid-week at 10.2mi and 15mi long today, the first 15mi for god knows how long.
    I've noticed a pace drop recently from running sub-75% HR, as well as feeling a lot fresher. However, worse runs always come along and today was one - just tough from the off. Several pints of ~8% beer at a local craft place probably didn't help last night :D
  • Wow Joe! Wouldn't want your grocery bill.

    Nice 10k Pete. Long, undulating course gives you sub 38 elsewhere then ? Sounds like a win.

    Vaporfly have been enormously protective of my calves. I can see that the high platform is relatively unstable if you have knees that drift inwards and that might put some strain in lower down.

    Overload weekend for me. 17.05 at parkrun on Saturday morning and then Village Bakery half this morning pacing a mate, a bit under marathon effort for me at around 6.19 min/mile av. pace. Ribs were still sore so didn't want to do much more than that. It was tough for the racers with around 3m into a stiffening breeze.  Nice to chat with Jools at the finish. 18.5 total for a 61.5 mile week.
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    That's an excellent parkrun there. You need to get some competitive field 5ks in the summer.

    6.19 normally for you would feel a doss in a race id imagine.  But ribs and wind probably made it feel plenty.

    Matt good to put the structure in. Bad to put the beers in..although gives a very quick reason for a tougher run!

    Just had a random look at the race the train video. Looks pretty tough climbs late on. So long distance, offroad in mid summer sounds the exact sort of race to avoid from my last few years history!
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    Decent Pete
    Nice fell runs there Bus. Relatively low mileage week but I imagine time on feet would've translated into a few miles more.
    As Muddy said breezy & uphill for the final 3M at VB HM but no excuse I was weak - mentally & physically. Couldn't make my mind up whether to go hard or run MP until I'd done 5K in 20:00 which is bang on HM PB pace. I was feeling OK but conscious of the wind & thought I'd be happy at 6:30 average. At 10M I was about 30s down on that but couldn't even hold MP over the final 5K :s 9 BPM higher but only 37s quicker than last year's MP run & slower finish too. Only had 2 small drinks of water (at 6 or 7M & 11M) so that might have been part of the problem. Still worth 75.9% WAVA so I guess that's not shabby by most people's standards. Did a gentle 4.5M wu & 3.5M cd to make 21 for the day & just under 65 for the week.
  • Nice 10k Pete and good running Muddy and Jules! Bus, sounds lovely again, must get ip
    there soon, remember running in Switzerland and that was amazing. Base coming along well MH. 

    Yes intersting to hear about the 5k’s, Bristol and Norwich (which is a bit lumpy btw SG) so more around the edges again (although yes I am prepared to travel ;))

    So my race only finished just over 12 hours ago! The 3000 at the southern indoors at Lee Valley. we finally went off at 6.45pm. Couple of guys were aiming for 9.30 so I knew it would probably be a front run. Set off and went through 200 in 34, then 72 for 400. Was trying to keep to 73/74, ignoring every other lap to treat it like an outdoors. Had company for about 1k then the footsteps faded away. Unlike last time had to go out in lane 2&3 now and again to get round backmarkers, but hit 400 to go in 8.00 and then ended up with 9.10. Pretty happy with that, as had bit of a cough too. So couple of medals, Southern and EMAC gold V45. More next week down there with a 1500 and 3000 at the inter area. 

  • When it's drifting, it's always hard to get it back on song Jools, so just file it as another race racked up.

    5miles this morning felt pretty warm. Had 2 layers on that wasn't needed, but must be ever so slightly under the weather as had some warm legs and sweating buckets.

    Got a week though, so hopefully just some sort of taper-ish madness!
  • Nice racing Pete, especially on a lumpy course. 

    Solid weekend Muddy, 17:05 5km definitely not something to be sniffed at, especially considering the rib situation! And nice work pacing your mate. 

    Congrats on the medals Simon, must be really hard to stay focused solo off the front, I've always wondered how the top guys do it. Similarly late start next weekend?

    SG - hopefully all is fine. Definitely warming up a bit weather wise anyway, I'm in a t-shirt for runs now. Nice longer one on the weekend - I wouldn't call myself 'young' anymore ;)

    Still undecided on a strategy this week. Figured at the weekend that Wokingham was a C+ target race for me - Reading was always the goal half (B+ target) and I always though Wokey would come a bit too soon (I couldn't even run 6mm in a 5km about 5 weeks ago!). Doesn't mean I won't give it some beans, just might not give it the full respectful taper with the bigger picture in mind. 

    Probably get a bike session in tomorrow and a medium long job on Wednesday before having a reassess. 
  • For a second Simon, as you posted past 9am, I thought your 3k had lasted over 2hours for it to be 12 hours on ;) Awkward timing indeed.

    JB - C+ target!
    And that 6min miling for 5k shows you're coming on ridiculously, if you can do 7 for 23miles, no doubt with a hat and a cigar on.

    I dare say it's one of those "feel out of sorts" taper type weeks, with maybe a bit of residual outof routine long drive/stay over midweek.

    I dare say this week will zoom through.
  • It was not a doss Stevie, even more so when you take into account scheduling, and 4m before the race.

    My parkrun time was changed to 17.07, I had 17.06 on the watch after stopping it well over the line and for once I thought the parkrun fairies had taken the morning off. Speaking of competitive 5k’s, the mid cheshire 5k is the Friday evening before London. Although I would be nicely tapered for it ... it’s not wise is it ?

    Congratulations on the medal Simon. Totally worth missing Antiques Roadshow then 😀
  • Ah well, 17.07 not 17.05, I take it all back, not great at all then ;)

    I suppose the thing with halfs is one minute you can feel like it's pretty comfortable, and then it suddenly becomes hard.
    But if it's feeling hard 2-3miles in, it's gonna be a long day :o

    And no you can't be even thinking about racing 2 days before London. Not even for a second.
  • Glad you mentioned the flat cap SG. I'll be easy to spot on Sunday for those that haven't met me before. Can't race without it.. :D 

    Might shave my legs as well. Makes you run faster, for those of you not in the know. 
  • I shaved my chest once, presuming it'd look more "toned".

    It didn't. It just looked pasty.
  • Yes SG a bit of exaggeration on my part, but didn’t get home until 8.30, then clever here decides a cheese sandwich, plus a coffee and minstrels would be a good idea. So, no, didn’t have a great nights sleep!

    Joe. I think they probably just want to get it over with, like me! It’s an interesting track to run on, really looking forward to the 1500 next week. Yes the 3000m is quite late again. 

    Muddy. Yes Countryfile out the window, but at least you can catch the week’s weather online. Panic off ;) Another fast 5k then. So that’s Cheshire, NI, Mid Lancs, Norfolk and Suffolk! I’ll just have to organise one down South myself :)
  • Reminds me of those Watford 3ks, always starting stupidly late - 9.45pm or so on a midweek evening.

    The lights never worked in the toilets either, meaning a really dangerous scenario if you wanted to shut the door :D
  • Just hang a top over the door SG ;)
  • Nice work on the 3,000m SC, sounds like a comfy win and a quality PR from Muddy. Standard 38:xx 10k from Pete too.

    Joe you've been training like an animal lately so you must have worn a few holes in those sandbags.I don't understand all this a,b,c race nonsense.

    Steady stuff from everyone else I see.

    As for me, well it's been slow progress. I suspect this was a 3 week job but I am a quick healer, part of my problem as I take liberties. Did just one run of 3 miles last week and it was sore afterwards but not terribly. It also flared up on the bike on Friday, weather was so nice I had to get out and do something. Did nothing over the weekend and tried a short run today. Got to 3 miles with no pain but then a few twinges and faint soreness from there. Probably another rest day tomorrow and then if I can do 6 miles pain free on Wednesday I may have a chance of running Sunday, otherwise I'll move on to Reading HM. Hopefully.
  • Reg, so frustrating it's still giving you issues. Really sh*t to hear - not what you deserve after all the work you've put in.

    Was thinking about what you said about targets. The only reason I think of it that way is for the purposes for the build up in the week. With plenty of races in the diary I don't feel it's ok to ease off for every one, so will only taper down for the key ones. Won't have any effect on how I treat the day itself - all out effort. 
  • Exactly that Joe - if you want to race loads, you can't taper loads.
    In the old days, I didn't even know what tapering meant. Once even playing a 2hour footy game the day before a half.
    In the Moz days it was all peaking, tapering and not a huge amount of A races.

    These days I like to mix between the approaches, do a tonne load in the summer, albeit still having the Battersea Park/Podium type races to have good cracks at, but plenty of others to perform decently at.

    I think it's the idea of having a long race like a half as a semi target! Although a few from my club are talking "MP" efforts. I might claim that after ;)

    Anyway, light session today. A simple 3x1mile HMP job.

    1.28 lap aim, which would be 5.54 pace, but obvs fairly hard to keep it to that even without pushing as such. i like to take lap splits, rather than click after 4 laps (and 9metres!), like the absolute anorak you all know and borderline love, I added the seconds and 100ths up to give...


    Would be over the moon to do close to those splits on Sunday. In fact today, felt cold which is a good sign, as yesterday was a sort of "am i slightly under the weather or is it warmer than it should be" sort of unsettling run.
    Today felt right.
  • Nice bling fling Simon :-)

    Solid half Jools given it was part of a proper long run!

    Joe - think I might wear my flat cap on Sunday.  Imagine the confusion, when all around are identifying you only by the hat, and expect some fit young dude when up rocks an old wreck, vomiting over finish line :-)

    Feel about 90 today, so must be taper time! Will try and drag myself out for a few miles in the soft Cumbrian rain later......
  • Looks good Stevie. Good luck to all at Wokingham, hope you can make it Reg, but not worth risking making it worse at all.

    Re: racing and not tapering, I don't think you can have it all. A no taper, race hard, continue training approach lacks the recovery bit of the equation for me. As I practice what I preach, complete rest day for me yesterday (as are most Mondays) :)
  • Yep, spot on Muddy.
    Presuming Wokey comes out the effort level it should, I'd very much keep next week a recovery week.
    Which shows your point completely, as for 1 race, it'd be 3 weeks of reduced mileage.

    I often feel a bit more knackered on Mondays for some reason, even though typically post very early Sunday long run, i've ambled/dossed the rest of the day away ;)
  • Get the cap out Bus! Would be great to have some company. I've got spares if anyone wants to borrow one. 

    SG - all looking good for Sunday. My finishing time is going to be 1:18:52. I expect you to be somewhere slightly up the road. Conditions looking spot on.

    Into tuesday and still trying to form a plan training wise this week. Think I'm settling on hard bike session tonight, MLR tomorrow (maybe 12), shorter run thursday with a bit of quality, before very easy Friday + Sat. That seems reasonable.. 
  • You're aiming to do a precise 6.01 pace then? :)

    I will set off sensibly, like last year (and unlike other years here!), ignoring Dom racing off like a loon, and try and tick off the sub 6s. See where that takes us.

  • That's a very precise, & slightly odd, target Joe.
    Decent effort there SG. Looking good for Sunday.
    Fingers crossed for you Reg.
    Enjoy the rainy hills Bus.
    I also had a total rest day yesterday not even my usual swim or gym session. Not been out yet today & not getting twitchy either. I've averaged 69 Mpw for the last 16 weeks so no harm in having a much lighter week & having a proper bash at Wokingham. 
  • Jooligan said:

    I also had a total rest day yesterday not even my usual swim or gym session. Not been out yet today & not getting twitchy either. I've averaged 69 Mpw for the last 16 weeks so no harm in having a much lighter week & having a proper bash at Wokingham. 
    Who are you and how have you hacked into Jooligan's account?
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