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  • I think there's been a Wokingham angle to a lot of your posts over the past fortnight Stevie - so much so I was under the impression the race should have been last Sunday. It's obviously been at the back of your mind. It could be you've got a bit of premature adrenalisation mixed in with apprehension and that's pushed everything out of kilter and interfered with your sleep ? Then there's the feeling I have that the temperature has gone up about 10 degrees relatively quickly which really does take some time to get adjusted too if you are not prepared to let paces slip.

    Maybe get a couple of good nights of sleep ? Avoid all stimulants (like a years worth of tea :) ) then see how you are on the day ? 
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    I definitely think I prefer having a string of shorter lower key races these days, rather than these big longer distance ones. You're spot on about the out of kilter thing. I will rest up on it. Every chance the Manchester midweeker last week upset things a bit too. If you're on the borderline I guess it doesn't take much :)

    ps agree on too much Wokey chat (from me...the right amount from others!), same as the GSR. So need to keep it a bit more relaxed in future, or better still, race more frequently, but in a more relaxed and sustainable (shorter disto) way.

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    Stevie G said:
    So need to keep it a bit more relaxed in future

    Yeah, good luck with that,
  •  :D 
    Last year, GSR aside wasn't too bad for it.
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    SG, sounds like a sensible decision.

    One thing I've noticed from experienced club mates over the years is that they award more credit to race performances within the sphere of good health than to heroic deeds where someone half kills themselves or risks all on account of a race.

    On that basis there's vastly more kudos dropping out of a race for reasons of commonsense instead of toughing it out and ending up in an ambulance. 

    Well done on the win.

    Welcome back Dachs.

    Form isn't for keeps. It's transient. You're only as good as you are at any moment in time. Comes and goes. One day it hints of never coming back.

    Changed my own training emphasis lately. Using the endurance built up over the winter, I've sped up the reduced runs. Added stacks of strength work plus the bike.

    The latest evidence is that I've acquired about 15% more power since a year back. Bikers would recognise the significance of 3 Watts plus per kilogram body weight.

    Races lined up for May.
  • Tru say Ric.
    Wycombe 2015 - a horrific race - i thought it was heroic sticking it out. In reality it was stupid stubborness, and put me back a year or so.
    And that felt fine a day before!

    Trick is to learn isn't it.

    Can't remember if it was last summer or the one before, where it came over a bit like this, and I sacked off an evening summer 5k. Certainly didn't regret it that time!
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    Shame that SG, no point running if you are unwell, i started Gosport unwell and boiled over on a cold day.
    I often get the impression that you need to save some mental energy by not focussimg on ypur running so much, reps, paces, zones etc youd be a nervous wreck in a marathon taper......a wife and kids should do it !
  • Result!

    For what it is worth SG, it sounds to me like you have a severe bout of pre-race hypochondria, that we all get, but elevated by overthinking and getting unduly stressed. The last thing you should be worried about is how you look to any local "faces" as well.

    Only you know how you feel though, but given the work you have put in, I wouldn't make a decision until late tomorrow or even Sunday morning, and then I'd make it based on how I actually feel, not what your paces were this week -  if I was looking at Sunday based on my paces this week I would definitely not be arsed to get up early and drive to Wokingham!

    Fingers crossed Reg!

    Welcome back Dachs - hope you have a good one on Sunday, if for nothing else you'll feel more like coming on here and making us laugh again :smiley:

  • Yep - pre marathon TR and I always feel like I've got some major lergy!  

    Oh - and for my excuses: been on holiday on the edge of the Lakes this week, but I've not run much, and everything has been slow and hilly, so 15 miles running and 20 miles walking. However, I've also eaten loads and drank even more!  I've also got to rebuild a wardrobe and move loads of furniture around tomorrow!

    Oh - and I'm now even more freaked out by online marketing than ever. My wife is on her tablet (which I have never used), in our kitchen looking at grey blinds for our newly redecorated bedroom. As she is doing this, the RW advert on my RW account, on my PC is advertising the very blinds she is looking at!!!! Big brother is not only watching you, but watching your Mrs too!!!! 
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    Ta for the thoughts chaps.

    Compared to the past, the zones are more a vague guide these days, I used to follow them relentlessly without a problem!  The paces this week were actually fine. Reps on point, and easy has a good sway anyway. It's all about the feel.

    I think it's just a bit of stressyiness mixed in with one of those slightly run down periods that just needs a few days off, like after the end of the set of average XC races following the GSR.

    Little things like finding I'm doing the double run of a day later and later - ie putting it off.  It has felt a bit "off" compared to last year's runup.

    I was saying to ALD earlier that I didn't even regret that I'd binned off my United v Liverpool tickets for Sunday (cos of Wokey), as I wouldn't fancy all the driving time!

    That says it all I think!

    Only way I can describe it, is it#s like that feeling you have after a really long day of work, or travel, where you feel fried - just a general sense of being clammy the whole time, but not in a month where the weather might lend itself to that.

    Generally a good sleep will see it off. But it's lingered on over a week. I ran things past a guy I know who coaches borderline internationals and he said it certainly wouldn't be clever racing and there's always another race.

    Getting up and "stealing" another 20mins, or getting home and doing the same before anything else job.

    Relying on you chaps having good ones for some entertaining reports. Should still be at minimum 4 there from the thread.  I'm gonna disappear off for a bit now, to leave the floor to you lads, I've yabbled on enough about this now! I can only imagine what Deano would make of this nonsense :)

    Ridiculously long reports when not even racing is just becoming a parody :D:D:D

  • I'd be there SG. Doesn't sound like genuine illness so much as psychosomatic. Was the GSR really that traumatic? Being new here I've not read the report. I am a profuse sweater & today's 7 was no exception even though I felt cold at the start. Couldn't get the legs going at all & was happy to trot along comfortably. I tried a few strides but without any conviction even though I'd had a 2nd day off yesterday - though I had moved house so lots of carrying boxes up & down stairs. I'll be parkrunning tomorrow though on the same course & I fully expect them to turn up then. 
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    I know we operate at different ends of the risk spectrum, SG, but for what it's worth, it sounds like you're being a bit of a fanny :D
    Oh and I've never understood what winning a year's worth of something is, I drink a lot of tea, would they have me covered?
    Good to see you back Dachs, shame about the form but hopefully the road will reveal a more positive picture.
    I have had a cold this week so along with the injury and general insomnia causing an almost constant headache, toothache and three weeks of pretty minimal exercise, I think it's best if I just toe the line for a laugh! Actually I had physio today and she came to the same diagnosis as Doctor Google. Post Medial Tendon. Could have been brought on by the trauma of rolling my ankle but could equally be caused by the heel riser I'd been using. She said I can run but if pain hits 4-5 then I should stop. I'll do 4 miles tomorrow and see how it goes.
    I have a rehab regime, I'll bin the heel othotic as my physio reckons a middle aged man like me is too old for such adjustment. Cheeky cow!
  • Just I thought I'd drop in to say good luck to the Wokingham boys on Sunday! SG i hope you feel a bit better, I agree with TR you probably just need to relax!

    Also good luck to Simon at the indoors and anyone running the XC national tomorrow!
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    Bus, all sorts of things are going on in the background as regards modern technology.
    Some adverts on the TV (mine's ten years old) can call you out by name and have done for a couple of years.
     The really modern TV's can watch you moving about the house, and even your new fridge/freezer knows when you're off having a shit.

    Still, there's only so much modern tech can glean from gadgets in order to shaft you at the leisure of it's masters. Some people can't wait so simply shaft themselves through Twatter and Shit-in-Your-own face-book.

  • You sure you don't just live in a haunted house RIc?
  • So, who is racing tomorrow then?

    Bloody hip and back have been giving me some real grief today after a long drive yesterday, so hoping nurofen and a bit of rest will see me ok for tomorrow.
  • I'm in but not sure how it will go as I put so much into Wrexham last week. Will give it my best & see how I'm feeling after a few miles. Had a very light week with just 32M in 6 days. My back's also been giving me gyp all day since parkrun. What's your target Bus?
    Good man Reg. Come on SG - you can always drop out with Reg after 5M if it's not going right but if you don't start you'll never know whether it was just in the mind. 
  • Yes SG, you can come back to mine for a cup of tea at 8 miles :)

    Did a couple of hours on the bike today to make absolutely sure I have no chance of good run and my legs are really tired! Forgot how little cycling I've done.
    I will be lining up tomorrow but not sure what sort of run I will be attempting but it will be just a run to feel. I certainly won't be going off like last year though!
  • All the best for the race tomorrow to those taking part!

    SG, if you're not feeling the love, just go for it as a long run - I think your trepidation for the distance will be helped just by toeing the line. You never know, you might feel awesome.
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    Good luck all at Wokingham. I'm not running as I've just not got the endurance training in and don't fancy HM effort for a time I'm unhappy with. Hopefully be at Fleet in 3 weeks instead. 

    I don't think SG should run either; he knows best if he's feeling right and there are many other races. 

    Bracknell parkrun today for me for the first time in a while and, though it's a very tough course,  doesn't fully justify my disappointing 20'14. Still 5th so at least my position was similar to usual but I guess a lot of the regulars were missing waiting for Wokey. Maybe just need to get used to that course again.

    Did a flat 30k route in a decent time (just over 1 hour) in the lovely weather this afternoon on the bike. Much happier with that than the run. 
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    PeteM said:
    Good luck all at Wokingham. I'm not running as I've just not got the endurance training in and don't fancy HM effort for a time I'm unhappy with. Hopefully be at Fleet in 3 weeks instead. 

    I don't think SG should run either; he knows best if he's feeling right and there are many other races. 

    Bracknell parkrun today for me for the first time in a while and, though it's a very tough course,  doesn't fully justify my disappointing 20'14. Still 5th so at least my position was similar to usual but I guess a lot of the regulars were missing waiting for Wokey. Maybe just need to get used to that course again.

    Did a flat 30k route in a decent time (just over 1 hour) in the lovely weather this afternoon on the bike. Much happier with that than the run. 
    Reading the comments from others on this subject Pete, I think they are underestimating the magnitude of the situation.

    I sense there's more to this deal than just a bit of pre-race nerves. Something SG knows for himself.

    He's already had a really bad experience in a HM and one 'T' Shirt for that is enough. 

    If that spoils others fun then tough.
  • It's his choice either way Ric - no one else can tell SG how he feels. Perfectly natural for us all to try and encourage him though, and I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone on here who will feel their 'fun' has been spoilt if he decides discretion is the better part of valour in this instance.  I will miss the post race analysis in the car though :smiley:

    Jools - I'm trying not to think too much of a target, as I really don't know what form I'm in currently, and haven't raced (other than a parkrun) for many months. I'll probably go out aiming for 1:22, and will be pretty disappointed not to be inside 1:24, but not entirely surprised if even that fails as a target. The art of positive thinking :smile: Just to add to the positivity, if my scales are to be believed, then I've also put on 7 pounds this week :blush:

    And Reg - whatever happens, you've got to finish. Unless you are ahead of me of course :wink:
  • If SG is not up to it, he will know and nothing anyone says will sway him anyway.

    I don't have a DNF to my name yet Bus, it's not a dignified way to avoid defeat :-)
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    Thought I'd get in before the more interesting W'ham reports start.

    Having bottled that race on the grounds of not being endurance trained at the mo I did my club 10k again. Beautiful morning for it and the target was 37'xx having had a couple of 10k's in low 38's recently. In the VF's again today for extra speed.

    First 3k are net downhill and through those in sub 3'40 pace; paired in the handicap with a guy also aiming sub 38 who kept the pace till then but I dropped him in the next 2k and half way in 18'35. Next 2 k is quite  a big climb though and crept to over 4 min k's so despite a frantic finish came in at 38'00! Both pleasing and annoying at the same time but hopeful I should get a 37'xx sometime soon. It might be a while though as better put at least some focus on distance with Fleet HM in 3 weeks!. 
  • Nice round number though Pete and a positive split :smile:

    Anyroad, Wokingham! Long story short - I was shite! 

    My left hip was sore beforehand, but I found a nice physio near the start who gave me lots of pain and freed it up a bit. Felt fine in the warm up, then a quick chat with Dachs wearing his regulation fast boys shoes on the start line before working my way back to the 1:20 pacer. Given I always start far too fast, the plan was to stick with this guy as long as possible and see what happened.

    All was well for the first 3 miles (other than messing up my Garmin by taking it out of activity mode just before the start and having to press start a few seconds after the cip mat!) 6:04 pace felt comfortable and I was even having a nice chat with the pacer guy. By mile 4, I started to slip back from him. No worries, I thought, I can slow almost 10 secs a mile and still hit sub 1:22.  By mile 5 it was all starting to get difficult, but, with much mental arithmetic, I still thought I could do 6:20 pace and hit my target. Almost immediately the paced slipped and I felt like giving up! 6:27 for mile 6.  Tried to rally in mile 7, but only managed a 6:22, with a 6:32 in 8. After that, it really became unpleasant!  

    9 and 10 fell to 6:44 pace, and then that "mountain" of a motorway bridge at 10 took its toll and I was shuffling - 7 min miling seemed impossible to achieve! It was - 7:05!!!!!! Try as I might I couldn't muster any more speed out of the legs, and I seemed to be moving backwards as hoards of runners passed me. Even my reserve target of 1:24 was way out of reach, and by then, I couldn't summon the energy to care less! Last two miles were sub 7, just, and crossed the line in a chip time of 1:25:09. At this point I'm not sure whether I'm pleased or annoyed that that is just outside the cut off for V50 free entry!!!! (if they do it again).

    On reflection, the 6000ft of climbing in the six days before probably didn't help - but I did keep the miles and pace very low for these, so wasn't expecting this to have a massive impact. The hip was fine during the race, so can't blame that. I haven't raced for yonks, so that won't have helped and the weather was possibly a little warm and sunny. Hey ho - just shite I reckon!

    On the plus side, I had a quick chat with Dachs, a long chat with Frank and Dom, saw Reg up the road ahead and got to meet Joe briefly, so not all bad then :smile:

    Oh - and the car parking was a doddle (my usual spot 200m from the start and I didn't even get lost trying to find it :smiley: )

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Good result all the same Pete.

    The reports from Wokey could be interesting if some of the guys are still alive at the end of it.*

    Just recorded the highest power outage on the bike to date. 198 watts! Considering I only weigh 61kg's, I reckon that's ok. 

    Gradually transferring that nonsense into running. Could be interesting. Might even consider doing a...

    Parkrun :o

    * Based on the victims own admissions.
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    Unlucky Bus, and well battled through. Like I said to you earlier, those splits have a very similar look to the race I melted down at, but without the fast start. The struggling to hit 7min miling in a half is a memory i'll never forget!

    Luckily though it sounds like you didn't have the same ending and legacy after that I had that day, and can carry on after a little rest. But all those factors you mention would deffo have added up, the long drive as well!  Shorter and frequent with racing to tick over seems a good plan, to keep "that" feeling of what racing is like.

    Pete - decent turnout again, like you say 1sec more would have made it just that bit more pleasing :) You're a consistent chap, maybe the occasional thrashed reps might spice it up, and make 10k pace feel easier.

    I could have "got round" today, fairly comfy i'm sure, but I don't think there was a race performance available. As Ric said, once you've had a nightmare half, you definitely become more cautious. This way, I can pick up again and race fairly quickly, rather than in effect waste a year, like 2015-2016.

    Complete rest day instead which felt very odd. 2 1/2 days off totally now.

    Some quality results from some of my clubmates, V45 getting a 1.18.01! Maybe I was hasty thinking losing at Handy Cross was as underpar as I had thought.

    Others too.

    Dom got his pb, but didn't get his sub 1hr 20. He seems to be able to go all in on solo runs, but not quite do the same on races. Unless of course it was too close, being 10 days out.

  • He set off far, far too quick as well - surprise! He was also late to the bag drop, arriving there with minutes to go!

    Frank F was just behind your club mate with 1:18:03 - shows the quality of the field when that only gets 3rd V50 :astonished:

  • Seems Wokingham produced the normal collection if happy and sad people with a lot of PBS or near PBs and a number of burn and dies.

    I was up in the Lake District earlier this week and did a few runs suggested by Bus: one was way too steep and offered no chance of running up the 30% or so gradient, all steps, so that was a fast shuffle rather than a run. The other much better and like a local run but nicer scenery. 

    I noticed a race at the end of March and they published the route as a GPS so I copied that onto my Garmin and did it for my Sunday run today. A lot more climbing that I'd usually do (I'd do less than 100ft per mile and this was 1,810 feet in total over 14 miles but a nice route if somewhat artificial as it tended to go up the escarpment and then back down when there was a perfectly good flat route between the two points. 

  • Bus - Dom is a ludicrous starter generally, but having recently done a 6.03 10miler in training, keeping 6 pace (at least) wouldn't seem mad (to 99% of us!), so a 5.50 or so first mile by his standards wouldn't seem mental.

    That'll be one he'll consider reigned in :D

    Quality from Frankie. He certainly doesn't seem to lose too much as his age zooms up. I wonder if the doing extra short stuff is his secret. A successful XC season always ramps up the confidence too.

    Right now I feel utterly boiling...hopefully just the stress of the United v Liverpool game. The only game of the season that brings pure stress on

    We'll have to look at some kind of low key quick return into racing. 5M-10k maybe, something we agree on off site, don't mention, and just get it done to get a line in the sand!

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