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  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Cheers SG. Not sure how you got tomollocks though :D
    Just seen that entries close next Sunday for that Race for Victory 5K in Cardiff you fancied on May 5th.
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Woodley double for me this weekend as I'd not been to the pancake flatlands where Dachs resides for a while. First the parkrun yesterday which was a very encouraging 18'16 for 5th and a WAVA over 85%. No idea where that came from really as I didn't wear VF's and have been struggling to creep under 19 on other courses lately. I always seem to go well at Woodley though and I think confidence is an underrated factor in running. Only 8 seconds off a park run pb and made me think sub 18 might be on at Battersea this summer if we get any cool days for races. 

    Back to Woodley today for their 10k. Great race conditions about 5 degrees with no wind and clear skies. Its the sort of race I love; about 600 runners but you can park right next to the start and don't need to pitch up till about 30 mins before the off. Got off to a good start which was a bit downhill and through a k in 3'28. My problem (apart from starting too fast!) was that I already had a lace undone (immediately thinking of Joe and Wokingham ;)) but it didn't seem to be slowing me or likely to cause a trip so I just carried on. Stayed in a little group of 4 as we raced through k's in about 3'40 but was gradually getting dropped.

    Come about 5k the the big cock up :o ; the course takes a left turn to do a small loop up and down a side road before re-joining the main road (presumably to make the distance correct) and I didn't realise and carried straight on. It was only about 120 metres on I realised as the group in front of me were now behind and I had new people in front. Bugger! Quickly decided I'd better turn round and do the missing loop so overall added another .25k. From there I just carried on thinking I may as well push hard and see how close to a pb I would have been. Kept a decent pace and was through 10k on my Garmin in 37'26 which would just have been a pb but with the extra I ended in 38'18.

    Lessons learnt are to tie my laces properly and more to the point to listen to marshals and watch where runners in front go! Still good enough for 1st v50 and a nice trophy, but definitely an opportunity missed in absolutely perfect conditions on a super fast course. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Damn, Pete, that's bloody annoying! Still a cracking time, but that PB would have been sweet!
    Great parkrun too (still don't know how you can cope/seemingly excel with the double!).

    Four full days off this week, with an easy, but very nice off roader to Bamburgh Friday followed by an exceedingly tough run round some hills in the Cheviots yesterday, including the Cheviot itself.   Just 9.5M, but with 2800 feet of climbing and miles of peat bogs to trudge through, my legs now feel like those 4 days off were months ago!

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all. My plan of reading and posting here more regularly has not entirely worked out. 

    However, many congratulations to Stevie W for a fantastically executed race. Those are impressive splits. Can't beat a well judged marathon, at least thats what I suspect, having never run a well judged marathon.

    Pete, almost a great double in the magical flatlands of Woodley. Sounds like you tried to run the old route. They avoid that now as it involves narrow pavements on a busy road. Sounds like you're in great form anyway.

    I've missed loads of course, but can't not mention World MF Champion Dean Richardson! What a performance! I knew him before he was famous you know.

    So, I've not been running. 3 weeks ago, I had a bit of a stomach ache, and wondered why it had gone on for 24 hours. Well, it turns out it was appendicitis, so 12 hours after wandering into the walk in clinic, I was being prepped for surgery. Upshot is, no running for 4-6 weeks post surgery, so I've got another week until I can tentatively start back. Didn't mind the rest at first, but now I'm getting a bit frustrated. Never been out for more than 2 weeks before.

    Therefore missed out on the Brighton 10k this morning. May be back for the Staines 10k, but who knows in what form. Missed being in Brighton to see my clubmate Rob run a mind blowing 2:19 marathon, taking 8 minutes off his PB and our club record. Inspiring stuff.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    I saw that 2:19 on Strava, he faded in the last 5k too so might have gone even quicker with a tweak to the pacing.
    What's the weight saving on an appendix, marginal gain?
    Shame about the error Pete but you've another few shots at that PB I am sure. Maybe we can both crack it at the Royal Berks 10k.
    Hope it went well Jools, not seen the result yet.
    Im in France visiting my dad so just doing a few random runs, nothing of interest.

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    14mph headwind from 21M which became worse from 23M as we were on the prom Reg so no surprise he ‘faded’ in the final 5K
    I had a complete breakdown. Not sure why tbh. 2 nights of very poor sleep certainly didn’t help the mental game. I was 15s down at halfway & knew I’d been working too hard to negative split especially with the final 5M being into a 14 mph headwind.
    Right piriformis tightened up & became painful as we got to 15 which was then joined by right hip flexor then left. By 17 I was jog/walking. Saw Joe about 19 but even his motivational powers failed to rouse me. 20M in 2:28 then final 10K was 70 minutes! Once over the line I picked my bag up but had to be dressed by St John’s as I was laid out looking far from healthy then went to fulfil my lab rat duties however once they’d taken my bloods the Dr in charge sent me to their medical team for a lie down & some obs as I was feeling nauseous & looked like I might’ve passed out! About 20 minutes later I went to the toilet to provide a urine sample which took so long they were banging on the door to check I’d not keeled over before having an ECG & further blood pressure/pulse/body composition measurements. Turns out I’d lost over 5lbs since Friday.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a nightmare Jools, well done for toughing it out, hope you recover well. Looking at Rob's Strava he looks to have faded, his HR goes up mile 22 obviously trying to keep the pace but then drops off 20 beats in 2 miles. Crazy when you see a 15:48 5k split in there and even slowing down in the last 5km it's a 17:1x split. He's beaten my 5k PB 7 times in that run.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Great combo there Pete. I'm still thinking sub 20 minutes for me would be handy.

    Hope you recover fast Dachs. Abebe Bikila won the Olympic Marathon only about 3 weeks after the same procedure.

    Tough race Jools. I looked back though the posts and saw some signs even before three weeks back when you struggled in that HM. Hope you recover quickly.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    I’d agree that things hadn’t been going great for about 4 weeks Ric, starting with the really bad gut issues in that 20M race. 2 days later I had that nasty bike accident. The half was the following weekend. In retrospect I’d probably have been better off taking that week off to recuperate from the smash & then having less of a taper.
    The right piriformis/hip flexor has been niggly for a long time but I suspect the fell race a fortnight ago aggravated it so much even 2 very light weeks failed to settle it. I’d certainly felt it when doing anything speedier than recovery pace. 10 days ago I’d had to jump off the treadmill after 500m whilst warming up as it was so painful. I rolled & stretched it for about 10 minutes then got back on & did a decent 10K session with 6x800 off 400 jog without further incident.
    I’ll not be doing anything more strenuous than walking for a couple of days. Might manage a swim tomorrow.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Well battled Jools - sorry to hear it ended with a bit of misery! Long distance animals like you having these sort of experiences, plus my once in a half, are definitely why I wouldn't want to race one.... (maybe one day jogging one out for giggles!)

    Dachs - wow, that's an annoying one, and shows how health issues can floor even superfit guys! Speedy recovery old son.

    Bus - your heaven sounds my hell - i'd be hyperventalating on that incline!

    Pete - classic double. Annoying with the extra - but I always slightly chuckle at your belief in distances being exact to your GPS! I think we'd all have faster pbs if our watches were 100%!
    But, you seem to be at peak form at the moment - irrespective of the shoes - I see this quite a bit, people put too much down to the shoes, when it's their training/form that is top notch - so i'm sure you can get that down soon.
  • Just a quick one from me

    Dachs & Jools I hope you both are better and running again soon. PeteM - Brilliant double, I know from the Aylesbury 5k about going the wrong way! Good WAVA too.

    Scotty - great to see you on the comeback trail.

    Me - Lovely weather in Bromley 20 mions before my 800m on Saturday, then black clouds came over. Suffice to say I had to run it in a hailstorm, actually managed to eat 2 of them during the race! A real 'I was there' moment everyone said. Utterly ridiculous.

    The first 2 went out fast, and that's where I couldn't get going - it was so cold and I went through the bell in about 66, also like most of us running 200m with just one eye open due to the hail! Managed 3rd in 2.11 by the end. Interesting at least - we were all comparing the weather to the first xc, basically running in a windy sauna - perhaps the xc and track seasons start too early?

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Jools, you had a 20 mile race, a HM race and a Fell race on consecutive weekends and then two weeks later, a Marathon!

    SG, note the above.

    Sounds a bit tougher training than I'd deem necessary. 

    My first marathon came off no more adjustment than doing a longer Sunday run than usual. And that was only about once every six weeks. Stuff the mileage. If I could do what I was able to do already (boot it for 2:45) why bother?

    Session today. Repeat of last week. I'd clearly improved.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Well that killed it.
  • ioweriower ✭✭✭
    Quick catch up - good to see you back Scott! Speedy recovery Dachs (not one to rush to be honest mind you) I'm sure you'll be back before you know it. Sorry to hear Jools, time to take some recovery time for a bit before getting back into it?

    I've not run since Manchester - felt ok within a few days but I'm still conscious of the shin not feeling quite right at times (well, Tib or Fib, not sure) so I've stuck to the bike and gym. Build a bit of strength back up and give the bones a bit of time to chill out and heal then I'll try a gentle run round the park next week hopefully. 
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Well, good luck that iower. The main thing is to not make them any worse. 

    Currently, my policy of only running every other day is paying off. The session I did yesterday didn't leave me feeling like I've just finished a tough HM. 

    I'm still doing the 'in house', stuff, though at half volume. Bike later.

    Two or three sessions each week plus a long run seems to cover the running bases.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Right, if Ric, you've stopped abusing poor Jools, I have a turnout to report on.

    Give a brother 30 to get a good piece on paper, and a few little pics too.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2019

    Maidenhead 10miler

    Entered this one a couple of weeks ago, but thought i'd have a more low key build up, to avoid a repeat of GSR and Wokey 2019!

    I missed this one ill last year, so in the last 3 long distance races I'd entered, i'd only turned up to one, and that was the GSR underwhelming one. Therefore, I thought i'll keep this quiet, and just get there this time!

    Having not done this race since 2011, and not got below 60.48, it gave me a perfect pressure free race to set a few targets, ranging from "dreamworld" of a 58:xx, through to beating GSR, to sub 60, to at least beating 60.48.

    With talk of the weather ramping up, I knew the top end wouldn't be doable, so I replaced that with "get round" as a 5th option ;)

    A load of Dashers were there, but not a club champ race. Perfect scenario really, as was the mere 25mins or so drive. I do love a race hoon, but sometimes something local is just the ticket.

    Earlier this week I was a little concerned at how humid even slow runs were, but realised, if it's that hard conditions, you can always choose to reign it in accordingly. If you don't, the conditions will do it to you!

    I always enjoyed this race in Marlow days, doing it 5 years out of 6 between 2006-2011, so looked forward to experiencing it again.

    The course is quite an unusual set up - starts in a business park (perfect for parking - pure perfection - a massive empty business park!!).

    One lap of the BP - out down the entry road to a roundabout, round it, back to the business park, another lap, back out down that road, then around 4miles you slide off and the real quiz begins.

    Nicely flat, bar a bit of an awkward 9th mile, that has a little bridge crossing, and some twisty slightly offroad stuff, and a sort of trailly field to get across.

    Before a glorious half mile back down the original road, and then half mile in the (you've guessed it!!!) business park.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Perfect bit of outdoor shrubbery right next to the start line made for some last min relief, and to the start line then.

    A nice early 9.30am start, meant I should be finishing by the time the GSR started. Would make a decent difference today I thought, with temps threatening to romp up by the minute.

    Therefore, the 7min delay wasn't appreciated by anyone :)

    I'm still unsure whether it was an actual hooter, or some old bloke shouting "blarrrpppp" into the mic, and we were off.

    Lineup a few rows back to not go off foolishly today, and for once, I set off fairly cautiously. Probably for one of the few times in 220+ races.

    Ric said the other day that unconfident people go off too fast, I'd say it's the opposite at times! However, it seemed the right approach.

    I recognise a few I've lost to in local series between summer and winter 2018, so I feel placed correctly.

    Then notice BIg Pete has machine gunned off, and is a good 10metres ahead. I look at my watch, and despite the sensible start, I'm suddenly at 5.38 pace and not catching him very quickly :)

    Roll up alongside and share some chat - you can do this in long distance races when you're not thrashing yourselves I find sometimes!! And we probably share around half a mile before it settled a bit, and I ease on.

    Local lad Mike Sankey is in and around as well. A chap I should normally be well ahead of, but I'm relaxed, I'm trying it the steady approach for a more enjoyable experience than the GSR attempt at flat out!

    Out on the bit towards the roundabout, there's a bit of a banter from Mike and the lads around about the 4% aspect. I say last year I missed the race, so i'm more than 4% up, before realising this is just a bit casual in a race, so ease on and leave them.

    First mile is a mere 5.57. That's a constrained start, but that needs to be the sort of base line. However, in this heat, who knows - keeping it ticking over well, but on the enjoyable side of misery is the aim today.

    It's a bit of a surreal race at times, on the out and backs, as you see everyone ahead and behind. It's all lovely and that, but on the second part back, I'm gagging for the turnoff, as i'm getting sick of shouting out well done, and name checking 100s of people :)

    Here's a pic that gives the very wrong impression that I'm winning!

    The bit out and back to the roundabout is utterly glorious smooth fast flat material. It's not all like this at Maidy, so have to try and enjoy this bit.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2019

    I'm ticking over just under 6min miling, which is fine today I think.

    Haven't done anything beyond 4.8miles on the road since October, and in 2019 I've literally done 2x1mile, one XC in Jan, and the relays a few weeks back. I need a solid turnout to get things going - and a long distance one to make up for the Wokingham pull out.

    Past some police, and then around 4miles you turn through a normally locked gate for a lovely sweeping view across fields.

    I dare say half the field may have missed who the marshal was on the start of this stretch - only our Prime Minister - Theresea May!!

    Fairly amazing, and I said something to the chap next to me about it being too early in the race to be hallucinating.

    This did the trick, as he clearly thought if this chap is chatting ballz at this pace, then I'll let him go ;)

    Mile along this road, ticking overly nicely, and it's all feeling pretty good and comfortable. Vapors are making me feel smooth, and it's all going nicely without ruining myself.

    Gradually taking a few places here and there.

    At 5miles is switches to a lovely 3mile stretch on smooth roads, that feels slightly down, but i'm not even sure it is. Just keep ticking over the sub 6s, and I think back to GSR and how by 5-6miles I was really hanging on and pleading for the finish. Today is a completely different boat, and while I don't know how the temps/humidity measure up - today is certainly much more enjoyable.

    My favourite moment was coming up to a group of 4 working off each other, and having the decision of joining, or just easing past. Just did the latter, and never saw them again - obviously today was a day for even pacing, versus the usual out hard, settle and hold on! Certainly feels better going past people than the opposite!

    By 7miles I knew sub 60 was going to be comfortable by a good 30 or so second margin. Just needed to keep it going and see how it lay.

    I've gone past a guy who comfortably beat me in the summer 5ks last year, and on we go.

    Shared a laugh with one of Pete's teammates when a marshal said "well done Datchet, and WINDLE? with massive surprise in his voice!

    Mile 9 was the only upset, as it starts with a bridge, has some fussy rough, some windy bits, where I lost sight of the few ahead, and it was a bit solo, and then a trail bit across a field. Everyone would have lost time here, for me, probably a 10-15secs drop off.

    But then back on the glorious smooth road, pace naturally ramped up, overtook a couple of people, and without overdoing it, saw it home for a 59.28.

    3 seconds better than GSR - a completely different experience.  32/1000+ job. Must have taken 25-30places from about mile 4 on.

    Controlled - weather cautious effort without a full build up specially to it, versus a total focus, attempted flat out race that the wheels fell off and begging to end mid way.

    While Phil's strava comment about me running "well" within myself I think is a little strong, I can now be confident there's a return at least into the 58s on a cooler day.

    Interesting to try the even splitting approach. I don't think that necessarily will work on other days as there's a risk of not getting out hard enough (unless you're a top runner!), but it was effective today.

    Good to get a long race in the vapors too - before they crumble! I think that relay course was especially bad, as no further damage today to be honest.

    However, for mile to 5ks I do think I prefer the Hyperions, with their closer to the ground feel. In fairness they do bill the Vapors as a marathon shoe, and you can see why - they're for races you almost set a sort of cruise control on and just smoothly glide away.

    Looking at our top Dasher boys there today, one of our fastest guys who is a mid 55 guy did 5801, and the lads in the gang just behind the fast lot (and me!) were all well down on what they're capable of. There was certainly a fair bit of carnage out there today.

    So i'll be gutted if this doesn't give me a handicap boost on RB ;_)

    All in all though, felt great to get out there, get a turnout in, see Pete, loads of clubmates both current and past, and a perfect start to a 12 day spell off work.

    Loved doing this course again after so many years without. Set off a lot of memories. 

    I think the key for me these days is while it'd be great to put in some times nearer the pbs, putting in regular turn outs, enjoying and living these races out, without getting too pressured on them is the key.

    Look forward to a stack of shorter stuff in the months ahead - bar Endure of course, but i'll treat that as a bit of a running love in with like minded nutters :)

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a perfectly executed race SG. Did wonder where you’d disappeared to as thread notifications dried up 😜 
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Really well paced and executed SG, been waiting for the report all day!
    5m progression for me this afternoon, enjoyed it in the sunshine.

    Got a nice summer schedule line up now. With parkrun, track 5k, 2 road 10ks and a track 10k all lined up now
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Usual combo of a very solid run but an even better report SG🙂. It is very handy being in the same region for races as you and often doing the same ones, as it means my reports can be mere addenda.

    Anyway brief summary of Maidenhead  from me. Have entered this one far more often than I have run it due to various injuries over the years so pretty pleased to actually make the start line.

    Set off at what I thought was a normal sort of pace but confused by having SG alongside for a couple of k. My watch had them.about 3'45-3'50 so had to tell him to bugger off and speed up a bit! Once I got into the main part of the race was in a good group rattling off k's about 3'50. Missed Theresa May despite all around me saying she was there so must have been focused by then.😏 It felt very hot from early on though so knew there would be a stamina issue later. Anyway 5k at 19 mins and 10k at 38'40 both decent enough.

    Did the 11th k ok too in late 3'5x and knew I only needed a sub 20 last 5k for a pb, but from there I had to slow and soon realised that wasn't on. That uphill k about 14k over the railway bridge was the real time eater and seeing a 4'26 on the watch wasn't great. Decided I had better press as hard as poss from there and pleased to rattle off the last 2k in about 8 mins to finish in 63'20, about 65th I think but only 10th v50 as the standard in that cat was incredible today. 

    Overall very happy with the result on a hot day and only 5 days after Woodley 10k.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice running at Maidenhead chaps. Similar to my approach at the same race last year, except I was 59:27 :D
    I was thinking about doing it again but I forgot about it.
    Nothing interesting from me except for the diet, I've gone about 10 days now without any sweets, chocolate, cake or biscuits. Not done a great deal of mileage but I have definitely dropped a couple of kilos. If I can drop one or two more then I'll be at my lowest weight for at least 15 years.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    edited April 2019

    Well done SG & Pete on the 10's. Reports up to standard and a relief not to be reading a tale of the wheels coming off.

    SG, Ric said the other day that unconfident people go off too fast

    Not true.

    My comment wasn't about starting too fast being a sign of a lack of confidence. It was about feeling the need to 'bank time', because of the 'inevitable slowing down later', and the promoters of the idea, extolling the virtues of 'confidence gained' by having done so.

    Logic dictates that too fast a start will lead to a slowing down later. We all done that by mistake. But to do that by design is a questionable strategy.

    Anyway SG, you definitely didn't do that yesterday. A bit of speed to start with, and then easing off into the 'over-drive' region.

    After that, all you had to do is cruise along and 'reel-em-in'. Sure beats hanging on. That's what a good race should feel like. 

    As for

    Past some police, and then around 4miles you turn through a normally locked gate for a lovely sweeping view across fields.

    I dare say half the field may have missed who the marshal was on the start of this stretch - only our Prime Minister - Theresea May!!

    Shame you didn't know who was here at this point. You could have asked her if this was the Br-exit?

    Reg, if you've dropped that much in only ten days of avoiding the junk. You must have built up a mountain of buried flab. Carry on for another 12 weeks and I can't imagine what that will do for your power to weight ratio. If the books are correct, you've already liberated 4 miles of blood capillaries.

    Fat is such a waste of effort.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Fair does Ric, and it was definitely a good experience. Got me wanting a bit more, rather than dreading future stuff.

    Reg chuckled at the one second.
    Why would you cut junk out just before easter! Even I'll smash a few eggs tomorrow and I'm usually monkesque!

    Sw - that sounds a nice little run ahead.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Morning all...

    Good work at the ME 10 chaps. Interesting that the PM was indicating for everyone to go hard left....

    Sorry to hear about the operation Dachs - best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Also bad luck for you as well Jools - sounds miserable!

    parkrun this morning. It was never going to be pretty! The 4 days off last week was followed by a 7 day in a row stretch of running, which was actually going well, but a 340M drive on Wednesday followed by 2 days of re-laying a patio and re-pointing a wall has left me with severe back ache and constant pain (except when running!). I've also got no fingertips left, so typing is painful too! Even after not running yesterday, the result was 19:46 - my slowest ever time on the Rye!!!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 2019
    She was pointing right in fairness from the way she was standing.😄

    Will post a pic from a clip pete magnificently found, later with me and her in the same shot!! Mazing.

    I think you'd have been more surprised to put a tasty time in after all that. Let alone in this heat!!!

    Off for a 4 pootle rest day this week but thur was a mere 3 and should be able to go long tomorrow. If id smashed myself id normally rest two days after But should be ok . keep the miles ticking
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Yes, but that is typical of her - pointing in one direction from her perspective, but in reality asking everyone else to go the other way :smile:

    Anyway, according to the times your sub 60 wasn't that good as it was only a 10k :wink:
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    As long as rb get it right!
  • Apologies not been posting much so I am way,way too late in congratulating Dean on his performances especially winning a gold. I reckon we needed to see the pissed up in a kebab shop aftermath photo too.

    Also commiserations on the appendicitis Dachs.

    Nice little marathon there StevieWh. Amazing you can run that time off the disrupted buildup.

    That sounds like a very good confidence building 10 miler Stevie. Who’s this  chap on your race number ?

    I stand one week off London. Training went very meh over the last month or so with a lingering virus finally clearing off a couple of weeks ago leaving me with a hefty dose of tiredness. I ran an undulating half shortly after and came 4th in a non-packed field in 1.18.21 but it was a slog. I was too tired to do my final 20+ miles the week after that so I’ve had a longer taper than I would usually take. This week the tiredness has been lifting - parkrun this morning in 17.01-ish. Will have to see what the parkrun fairies add on but may be a parkrun best - certainly a course best.

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