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    Mini race report from Saturday:

    Really wanted to try out racing on the track this summer so had a look to see what 5/10k races were available. Struggled to find ones that fitted in so ended up entering the Midlands Track Championships. The week before the race I saw the entry list and realised I was massively out of my depth! The next slowest PB was 16.34, considered sacking it off for a while before I came back to my senses.

    Got to Nuneaton with plenty of time so registered and then watched some of the 800 races and the long jumpers. Set out for my warm up around 50 mins before the start time. Was trying to drink plenty of water as it was around 22 degrees, luckily with some cloud cover! Finished the warm up and then put my vest and race shoes on and did my final couple of strides before I went over to the start line. Also took my watch off as I had decided to race without it. Got allocated lane 8 on the front start line and given my hip number to attach, felt like a professional! We were given our final instructions and then we lined up.

    Gun went and we were off! Plan was to try and stick on the back of the pack for as long as I could unless it went off too quickly. First 400 came up in 1.15 then 800 in 2.30, I knew from here that I wasn't going to be staying with them for long! The 1600 split came in at 5.21, my previous fastest ever mile was 5.42! I had let everyone else go from this point and was running on my own. Hit the 3k split in 10.30, I was breathing hard but my legs felt alright and I didn't think I was slowing down too much. I think it was in the next couple of laps where I got lapped by the leaders and the following group. Was still feeling ok, but the headwind down the back straight was getting tough!

    After I'd been lapped I had my own personal official telling me how many laps I had left which was good! Had a smile with him every lap as I informed him that I was also counting. The clock stopped when the winner crossed the line so I'm not sure what my last lap split was. Tried to push as hard as I could from the bell then kicked for home at about 150m! Took me a good 5-10mins to get my breath back! Treated myself to a burger whilst waiting for the results, was absolutely chuffed to see 17.43 and my first sub 18! Really enjoyed the track racing experience and looking forward to my 10000m in a couple of weeks. Standard is lower there so I will get a race!

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    Call yourself a proper runner MH ;)

    I think i've probably had your share as well in fairness.

    Sounds a brave turnout there SW - what do you reckon track v road is? Although I suppose it depends on the road course for starters - an inexact science if you don't do many of either!

    Good memory on the splits without watch! How can they possibly turn the clock off as the winner goes over? Is that some sort of big event standard?
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    Talking about crap, anyone seen the 2019 Bucks Corporate Relay?

    Never heard of them before, seem to have odd rules such as:

    Beverages: Spectators and runners may bring water to the event. Strictly no other beverages both alcoholic and non- alcoholic are allowed on site. Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will be available on the day to purchase. Any individuals who are caught bringing or have brought beverages of any kind(excluding water) onto the site will be evicted from the event with no recourse to a refund. This will be at the digression of the race committee.

    Also love their tweets:

    Looking to win a trophey for your company? How about a chairty cup trophey for raising money for a charity of your choice. Help those less fortunate and have fun doing it. Specifically manufacting, publishing and construction companies.
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    SG - I reckon maybe 15-20 seconds although I don't race many 5ks so difficult to tell! Stratford parkrun is pan flat but very busy on the final lap so you definitely lose a few seconds there. I think its standard for the clock to stop when the winner crosses the line, well it certainly seemed to happen for every race!

    Going to enter the sub 17.30 race at the 5000m track challenge in Notts on July 27th I think. Anyone else doing it?

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    Phil. Are they going to analyse every ones bottles or insist that they're clear? Ridiculous and impossible rule to uphold surely?

    Sw my track career is limited to about 3x3ks.
    All bizarre experiences, loads of tellings off but the clock did at least carry on at mine!
  • MH - LOL...SW - Yes the clock usually stops when the first placer goes over - bit annoying really.

    Nothing much today as I'm going all over to Cambridge for an 800m tomorrow in the Eastern Vets - shame as the guy who would likely pip me, Chris W from FVS has a stress fracture and not running, so likely to be a time trial, unless a fast V35 from MK does it.

    My mate is running at the Orion Harriers 'Fast Friday' at Walthamstow track Friday night - 10 & 5,000m races - looks good with street food and beer max £2.50 a pint. Weather looks shite - but I'd enjoy that.

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    Good luck tomorrow SC. That Fast Friday does look good, its the English 10000m Champs as well I think. I reckon I'll enter it next year, going to try and have a decent track season I think if I can find the races.
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    Right, let's get a "quick" turnout report in.

    Battersea Park 5k

    Having done the Masters relays dodgy distance 5.08km recently in what was probably pro rata of 17.52 or so, I'd presumed the Burnham 5k would come out quicker. It did..but only by 3 seconds.

    So I needed to get an accurate indication quickly of where I am on a course without excuses - just a flat fast job.

    I knew I was a bit off the paces on the track versus last year, but with a little bit of balance, could see that last year had an earlier start to short sharp work, whereas this year had worked on the Maidenhead 10 into mid April. So it's fair to say I'm probably a month behind last year.

    Therefore, a bit of a "No lose" get to Battersea Park, hopefully carve that 17.49 and then we'll have a line in the sand to hopefully improve throughout the summer.

    Last year I enjoyed 3 turnouts here, 2 x 5k and one the 3x1mile relay. Taking Dashers team mates to all 3 races, it was a good little road trip.
    I had slightly forgotten that I'd left at 4.30 each time for a reason, so setting off at 4.55 with my "it'll take an hour", that'll be fine, was slightly optimistic.

    As was taking a drink of water at 4.30, ignoring the lessons of many, many races!

    So sat nav on, on the route, which is basically a storm down the M4, then an absolute dribble in and around random roads, so glad you have the sat nav on!

    Midway, even though I'd resisted having a drink on route,  I realised I had that very familiar "feel" downstairs, heck. But should be ok.
    Just 10miles to go, that's not far I thought. But then realised that was still a 25-30min drive. Hmmm.

    On the drive went, and things were moving towards a right old uncomfortable state. We're talking top all time 3 "almost pishing myself" experiences.
    I pulled up in the right hand lane at one road, to my horror realising I needed to be two lanes over and be in touching distance of the park.... ARGHHHH

    Some dodgy one way roads later, and I was shuffling. As I eventually pulled up 10metres from the entrance to the park, on a red light - seemingly the longest duration red light in England, I was using all manner of "tricks" to avoid utterly giving my car a piss jet wash - touching it a bit, having "sexy" thoughts, bouncing up and down - it was getting critical.... I was even weighing up just lashing where I sat - but figured if that had been an option I should have done that 25mins back, not 5metres from the park

    Lights go green - burn into the park - throw the car somewhere near a space, slam door- door doesn't even shut, wave to a clubmate who is quite amazingly 3 spaces away, and storm into the bushes - for 3mins of utterly glorious relief.


    Absolutely magnificent - and that was the real race - and I could go home satisfied.
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    Oh hang on - the actual race?

    Yes - having left a little too late, it was suddenly 6.20, so a quick wave to Wool, a very quick change, jogging half a mile in, lashing my 6 clams entry down. 
    Noticing a "third" gender box on the form, and thinking "what a time to be alive", number on, and I was back at the car.

    2mile warm up all in - and just relief to have got here all fine. Quick obligatory thoughts of why am I doing this, not feeling too confident, but some disclaimers with Wool made it all feel better.

    Not a huge amount of runners there this time, so plenty of room near the front. However, we both started lane 2 and I cheesed everyone off with too much jibber jabber.
    Get eyeballed by a geezer who I can only describe as being a tattooed ginger Freddie Mercury tribute act, but he's wearing the same massively gawdy shoes, so is obviously a decent fella.

    Having once not had to squeeze in on the far right, and then spend the first 400metres doing an arrow left, I found I was actually boxed in early knockings.
    Clipped some bloke a bit, but he didn't see who'd done it,so I got off scot free :D

    Off we pop then, no idea what sort of pace this is, although I did notice a 5.05 on the watch, before quickly looking away. I knew Wool had done a 17.48 parkrun, so I couldn't pish about or he'd be past me like Bus into the pastry shop. There's a strange strong wind for a very short time, maybe 150metres, but soon eases.

    Down the road, left at the little van selling something I didn't even take in, and across the carousel type thing. First km is up in 3.21
    That's a decent middle ground between the 3.15 and 3.24 I'd done here last year.

    Straight line, before the only time fiddle on the course, a bit of a slow turn round a fence, and into a bit of wind.
    There's a geezer behind me in red breathing so heavily. Sooo heavily I can't believe that he won't drop off soon. It's my perception of how I think I usually breathe - but now realise it's nothing like that.

    Round the bend, past the carpark, past the start sign, I've missed the 2nd km, despite looking straight at it 50metres before, so intrigued was I at "breathing boy".

    That gives the slight problemo that I'll get a mile split soon, as well as not having a clue what the 2nd km was.

    Sure as expected, a 5.36 mile split comes up, just to add confusion.
    So we're 3.21 km, 5.36 for a mile, and erm...round we go again for a second lap.

    Some geezer is shouting telling us we're on the second lap, which I remember not feeling helpful for some reason, as you have done more than half my then, as the laps are slightly different.

    Up to 3km then, and I look at my watch and it says 10.30, which even with some struggling to do the maths at race pace work told me it was averaging 3.30 - 17.30 pace.

    Now was the time to dig in with the always toughest 4th km - on the toughest bit of this course (obvs a relative term on this course!), on the bend and round to the great finish.

    I see a 3.35 pop up, and I'm thinking, heck, this might be slower than Burnham!
    However, I put in, and add a bit of effort as 1km is so little to work for. Also, I presume if it's 1750 Wool would have come past.

    Past the carpark, past the start sign - always forgetting the finish is another 600m on, I see the finish, and hang on - what's this...the clock is on the 17 teens...

    Over the line, and it's 17.23!

    That'll do today!

    Looking back now, the 3k split couldn't have been on 10.30 as a 3.35-3.23 last 2km would have been over 17.23, so I must have looked late or something.

    A lovely sit down after with some random chat with a stranger - bliss.

    It was a funny race - going from feeling comfy - to feeling like I was coasting - to feeling like not working hard enough - to a big finish, then slumped on the ground. Definitely getting back nearer to 5k intensity now, after the looseners at Sutton Park and Burnham.

    Still a bit off where I wanna be, but 2-3 months to get stuck into it :)

    Wool - as he hasn't posted for a fair while - so it won't be me spoiling it, put a quality pb in , 17.44 - 4sec pb, and while humble to suggest that's not much - I think we'd all take a 4 second pb at 5k!! Good to be there to see him do it.

    Always good to get a Battersea Park in early, as it's very easy to say you'll "do the next one", and never get round to it.
    There's a great vibe to this race - only 114 there this time, but the park is a real hive of sport - probably another 100 runners out for their own session. There's an exceptionally high proportion of real hotties out too - unlike anywhere I've run.

    Slowest at BP, with a 16.59, 16.56 and 17.14 on my 3 previous goes, but I guess when I've gone before I've been at the peak of my fitness, whereas this was a tester.

    It's notable looking back at last year's stats that the 16.56 was amongst a field of 248, whereas the 17.14 was amongst a mere 134.  29th versus 17th for positions. Definitely helps having that stacked depth.

    But that's 10 turnouts for 2019. I was up to 12 this time in 2018, and ended with 32.

    248 races done, a few options for 249, before, Endure as number 250.

  • Cheers SW.

    SG, great report and a solid run. Hotties? SW London mate - goes with the territory. Serpies have always been known as a bit of a 'Meat-market' club. Couldn't possibly comment about HHH and the ladies side over the last 20 years - but, yes ;)

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    Er, your first post was rather more info than was comfortable SG :wink: I suspect Wool was glad you waved at him rather than shook his hand as well :smiley:

    What prize does the "3rd gender" winner get at BP then? Some random large vegetable no doubt.....

    Great marker by the way - bodes well for being chipped at over the summer to another sub 17 perhaps?

    Cracking run from Wool too! Well done if you're reading!

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    Bus - I had a quick look down both yesterday's results, and the prevo 5k and 10k, and noone has picked the 3rd option. 
    It's certainly an interesting development, but as there is no "3rd option" prize, selecting that option rules you out of the medals.
     But I suppose it's a safety net for organisers so that they don't encounter a political nightmare in the prize givings!

    ps hopefully i can chip at it, and find a bit of pace as we go, week by week.

    There's another 5 BPs to go until August, so plenty of time. Maybe we can have some sort of thread large up there - Joe should be able to get there for goodness sake - living within a gnat's nibbler of the park.

    It's the two series, the Gosport 5k and Rose Inn 4milers that I'm struggling to find a date for, as 1) they clash, so it'll probably be one or the other, and 2) the next one - next Tue is the same day as the Wycombe 5k summer series race...

    That's going to be tough to pick a 90/120 mile drive over an 800 metre walk!!!
    (And that's if I judge Wyc to be more useful than a quick fire return to BP on Monday...)
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    I sense an opportunity for a category win :smile:

  • Good report SW, and a very confident start! I've no doubt you could bring that time down again if you have some starters looking for a similar time!

    SG, nicely done, and like you say, a marker moving forward for progress. Given it doesn't take too long to recover from a 5km, it's worth continuing to turn out at them - if nothing else, it's a good workout!

    Got myself out for a session, although wasn't overly feeling it... 15 x 1min (1min) - an opportunity to just turn the legs over. One thing I noticed from the 3min reps last week was that I was starting strong, and fading. So, plan was to just go out well and see how it was, trying not to glance at the watch!
    As expected, started feeling hard at about 10 reps, and I could feel that I wasn't recovering as well on the minute cruise. Average pace turned out to be 5:39/mi, and at no point felt like I was overstretching throughout the session. Another one bagged, feeling good!
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    Another epic report, SG. Decent turnout, I for one will be racing at BP, planning on one of the July ones. After a couple of weeks of not that much I need a good month to make some progress. When it comes to racing I prefer to be like a sniper and wait for the right moment.

    I'd be careful with those hot chicks though, you don't want to pick up a third gender one :D

    Nice session MH, positive vibe.

    Time to get going again now so looking to put a 4 week plan together then Battersea Park 5k probably 8th July unless work gets in the way, the week after is the fall back option.

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    There's a lot to be said for just racing when peaking Reg.
    Moz was big on racing when it was the right time, and invariably under him, I'd hit good performances when it counted. But then you did sometimes find something wrecked what should have been the peak time and months were gone.

    What I've probably found since, if you go all in on just 1 race - there's always the risk it doesn't go to plan for whatever reason.

    The other way, of racing regularly like a lot do, and I do over summer, of course comes with the risk of not putting "Big" performances in - loads of B races as such.

    Trying to fuse the perfect mix between a good block trying to maximise performance, but also being free to turnout and enjoy what we do - as the racing aftermath is the best feel in running - is quite a challenge :)

    This is where last summer went almost perfectly. There were a few relays, that while a race as such, acted as good training, especially the two pairs 1km relays, but there was also a good mix of the flat out fast goes, at BP and Podium 5k, and the "just want to do" solid ones at the summer series and Gosport type jobs.

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    Great report as usual SG and a17.23 is a great platform to be building from. I'd have to agree with Reg though with only racing when you feel ready. I really enjoy the feeling of being on the start line knowing you are completely prepared (well as best as you can be)

    Ran 16m on Monday then just a 4m recovery last night. Trying to decide what to do in July. I've got a 10k pencilled in for the 14th and I want to go and do the Notts 5000m on the 24th. Conscious that Berlin is starting to loom up I'm thinking of sacking the 10k off so I can get a decent 4 week block in after the track 10000 on 20th June. Thoughts?

    All easy for the rest of the week now before Two Castles 10k on Sunday

  • You know what I'd say - 24th July is two months before Berlin ;) Chill - I'd say get the block in after the 5 and 10,000's - from say 24th July to the mid/end of August, then that's still 5 weeks or so before the marathon.

    I suppose I've always said this about the marathon- just don't build it up too big, otherwise it will consume you. Seen so many times people worrying about schedules, not doing other races, being 'too fit to race' (yes- your guess is as good as mine!) and not going well.

    I carried on as normal, apart from the 6 runs totalling 110 miles in total - I think. Although I perhaps would have done a few more tempo runs if I was going to do another one. Treated the race as another Long Sunday run as much as poss!

    Saying that, I've only done two marathons :)

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    Knew you would say that Simon! I guess I'm just not used to racing so much as usually my sole focus is the marathon. I can never imagine being too fit to race!! I am enjoying all the racing at the moment its just that it reduces my mileage and means I don't get the weekly tempo/long run in. I'll do whatever my coach thinks is best anyway!
  • Race last night: summer 5k at Cookham.

    The basic idea here is that this is a 7 race series and this was race number 3. Races 4 (Handy Cross) and 6 (Marlow) are the fastest in the series so I the plan was to do race #3 to get the number and get one under the belt before the faster ones later on. 

    Cookham is a really pretty place for the race: up towards the top of Winter Hill (not down in the river plain) all round Copas Farms on private paths which are mown especially for the race but the prettiness does not make it fast. It is a good flat, fast start that soon heads downhill down a wide, well-made farm road up to 0.75 miles. After that, it gets onto paths round field edges and seems to be dominated by uphill bits. 

    I started quite a bit back from the sharp end but struggled as there were way too many optimistic starters up near the start line and the start was slow. Still, the first mile in 6:39 even though the downhill bit was 5:48 pace and then a couple of 7.0x to end up with 21:19 which is about 25 seconds faster than last year so happy with that.

    Feel that the other races should work out OK and then I'll have to twist SG's arm to do a local flat and fast parkrun to get one in the bag.
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    Nice one Phil. Though i don't see wycombe as faster than maidenhead. Especially not last year as wycombe was long. Marlow was definitely short last year as well and i dare say has been other years (though last year was my first go).

    Id have to check but I'm pretty sure ive always done burnham and wargrave quicker than wycombe 2006 which was my first delve into 5ks...

    Maybe its a weird familiarity breeding contempt type area. Or something about the wide open spaces don't suit me as much as the others. Although the incline and fiddle round the back of the route isn't magic
  • SG, I suppose it is down to personal feeling. Wargrave and Burnham are both 100% on roads but both have significant hills. Cookham is the slowest being off-road and hilly and I have never raced Datchet as it is our home race and we host. 

    That leaves Marlow, Maidenhead and Wycombe and they are all pretty much of a muchness (all park road, part path, no significant hills) but I just don't like the bottom path at Maidenhead. 
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    I have wondered about what makes Maidenhead quick before to be honest - clearly - taking it as face value as a full distance of course - and some years it certainly hasn't been.

    As there is a lot of grass, with a couple of ups and dips, and then a very tight turn into the gravelly surface - plus a slight rise out of that section the other end.

    But it must be the start on the track that gets you going, off to a good momentum, and due to that you can find a bit on the middle part. And the road last section is quick, plys you can generally find extra late doors in a 5k.

    But compare it to the Maidenhead parkrun, and you lose the first and last bits, have 2 laps of the middle section without having stampeded the momentum, and have two rubbish little climbs offroad in there too.

    At least they changed the Wycombe 5k. That 1km little loop means you're not doing the soul destroying 2 whole laps of the field, with everyone in sight behind and back and then another seemingly massive loop round the back.

    I think with Wargrave and Burnham you at least don't see too much of where you're going at a time, so it feels easier on the mind.

    Also you don't have someone afterwards telling you how they "had you in sight" the whole way. Yes, you would do, you can see half a mile ahead :D

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    Good work Philip. And what Simon said SH :smile:

    You kinda know when you are peaking and ready to bung in a bunch of races in succession I think. It just takes a good result followed by a quick recovery and a feeling that you are ready to go again. Make hay while the sun shines I would say as it doesn't happen often and none of us are getting younger :smiley:

    One thing about having the restricted lunch available I seem to be getting every other Wednesday is it is forcing me into either low miles ro a tempo :smile: So, 6M with a 5k tempo thrown in the middle along the towpath today. Happy with 19:36 on the not ideal surface - nearly 40 secs faster than two weeks ago. Effort must have been right too, as the 0.1M at the end was most unpleasant with a classic full-on retch as I finished!
  • Nice one Bus - more excellent retching too...makes me think I'm not trying hard enough.

    PMJ - Good work, sounds like an interesting race, nothing better than an evening 5K race. Poole Runners used to do a great winter series race on Friday night along Boscombe prom - but the downside of Parkrun is that it tends to kill a lot of 5K'S off.

    SW - I'm sure your coach knows what's best, just take the bit about not making it bigger than it is :)

    So 800m last night at Cambridge. Short report as there was only really my mate Jez from MK for any completion. Conditions were good, set off on the curve and managed to get past the usual fast starter (who ended up doing about 2.35), felt ok and was timed at 64 at the bell. Tried to put it in a bit 2nd lap - you never know if it's actually faster or you are trying to keep the same speed up.

    Ended up with 2.07.7 - which I and it drags me up to 6th on the V45 ladder -only 5 seconds shy of Mr D Richardson...a gap that will definitely not be bridged! Decent nights work and shows the speed is improving slowly at least.

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    I remember that guy Simon - used to post on here if i remember correctly. 

    Might be time for a lapsed poster amnesty - anyone out there?

    "Luvsapb", you out there boss?

    Great time - that's really combing it out. I've still not heard of many people retching bar Bus.

    Supposedly a 10 for me today. Instead of my 5 out and 5 back, I tried to get clever and do what I presumed was a turn that would take me parallel back the way I'd come. Instead a mile or so in,I realised it...erm, wouldn't - confirmed by both signs and some schoolkids on bikes - most amused at my "FRIG IT" and swift turnaround.
    A slight short cut trimmed half a mile or so off, so got in for an 11, 7.07 job.
    Tight calf, so will have to see what's what in terms of getting speedwork in by the end of the week versus rest.
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    Good outings there SW, Simon and Philip. There will probably be more to come SW as it must have been a bit soul destroying pitching yourself against 16 min 5k'ers. A time to be proud of though.

    Simon, your 2.07 or 4'15 miling pace is quite incredible for a v45; maybe you could even go a bit quicker still if you had Dean and his ilk for some company.

    Good 5k Philip and that looks a nice series. Pity they don't invite all the TVXC clubs to join but presumably us, BFR and Sandhurst are deemed a bit far away?  

    So Yateley 10k last night, a race I have done quite a few times over the years but never really got on with, usually because it has been on a scorcher of a day. Anyway no excuses on that yesterday and temperature about 16C and no wind was fine. Usual faultless organisation by Sandhurst and the race underway on time.

    The start is uphill a bit but that never bothers me and I hardly notice it. I'm still through the first k in sub 3'40 going quite easily. Am alongside the UK no 1 v65 and a top 10 UK lady v40 at this point but have raced both of these numerous times and know that won't last. The 2nd k is a bit flatter and then you get a nice straight and fast downhill lasting almost 3k which is where time can really be picked up. Start passing one or two along this part and get to halfway in 18'20; time looks too fast for me but allowing for that downhill may be ok (I hope!).

    The next stage is 5-7.5k which is pretty flat and hold my pace running about 3'45 k's. Then you get the climbs; nothing horrible but the 2nd of the two up to the 9k point and a bit beyond is more noticeable and my pace slows but never worse than 3'55. It's around here Wool goes by me looking very comfortable despite it being his 2nd race in 3 days after his Battersea pb on Monday. Try and go with him but that lasts all of about 50 metres before I realise I can't. At about 9.5k the course starts to descend again and a sprint of sorts brings me home in 37'41. Very happy with that time on an undulating course and good enough for 1st v50 prize (although a minute or so slower than the v65 legend Bob Bradbury, who thankfully is a different age cat as he must have a WAVA soaring way over 90% :o ). 

    Overall a very enjoyable evening and good to catch up with lots of clubmates and Wool and James from Datchet. For the locals amongst you that know the names, James won the race in just over 33 as for once both Corney and Kevern left a race to him (despite SG apparently winding him up that they would be in attendance!). Wool seems in great form; maybe he will come on here again with SG's amnesty and tell us his training tips, but I suspect it is all about putting the hard yards in and getting his due rewards!  
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    Great turnout Pete. Going well yourself.
    The course profile makes some interesting viewing on strava, as for some reason I'd presumed it was flat - maybe because some people rampage it. The graph shows what you mean, with a couple of substantial 50feet type inclines, but a down bias from 1mile through to about 4.5! That must be enjoyable.

    UK no 1 V65 is quite an accolade - you're such a face on the scene these days you know all these benchmarks!

    Wool is going great guns - top of his mountain stuff at the moment. 
    If you listen to him, he'll say it's "the shoes" (notably not in action yesterday?), but the truth is he's putting pretty much all the 4% improvers. (hence the steady training for years types like me - funnily enough NOT seeing sudden improvement from them. Perhaps you Pete may be an outlier, but as we've discussed, despite being V55 and having a few years running, you've certainly not extinguished your gains - no tempos, no long runs etc! Incredible.
    I wonder if Wool entered this one a while back, but then saw the opportunity to do BP on Monday, and thus this, after originally being the main option, became the after'd have been an ask to go full out 2 days after a 5k pb race I think - but still solid.

    Bit cheeky with Mr Samson, as I told him i'd checked the entries, and Kevern, Apsey, Livesey, Corney, Davenport and our own Dachs were in ;)

    I thought he might realise it was a windup - it is a midweek 10k after all, to get that intense front end quality - not a county champs or something!
    I was tempted to chuck in Cooray and...Farah to see if he'd notice ;)

    It worked though, as he obviously stormed it!

    Jill and one of our young potential guys stitched me up the other week, telling me he'd done a 10k time a few seconds under my pb :)  Well researched!

    ps the summer series already can see 350-400 per event, just from the local 6-7 clubs. It really wouldn't be able to take any more.
    When you think the TVXC events might only take that amount from over double the's a similar thing - you have to watch over cramming it.
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    too many mentions that it'd be rude not at least to say hello. SG was right of course, I entered the full Yateley series ages ago as a bit of a target for the summer, something to try and improve on over the 3. I really don't like the course - the undulations but also the fact that it always comes out on the longer side of 10k if you know what I mean. So, never looking for a PB but just some solid improvement. Hoping that I can improve on last night, for sure!

    Pete ran really well though, by 2k you were nearly out of sight and I'd given up any hope of catching you later even if the legs improved across the race. On that long straight bit you gave me a bit of hope though and I'll admit when I finally joined you at 9k the fun went out of it a bit for me. My goal was met and it felt a bit cruel to come past, sorry! Having Ian Gosling dive out of the bushes soon after kept me entertained though, seems like he needed a dump so bad he SG'd in to the bushes at 9k of a 10k race, blimey! How can I put it nicely? He was then very 'competitive' in our race to the line. He is a lot bigger than me and used that to his advantage..... 

    I'll never have the guts to get out of the gate as fast as the faster starters. SG beat me by 20-odd seconds the other night and prob was that far ahead of me at 1k!

    Battersea was brilliant. Bizarre to still be running PBs this deep in to the running career. I defo left my legs and mojo there though. I mean, a 6:14 opening mile in a 10k is slow even for this slow starter!

    Ranelagh Richmond 10k next up for me on the 16th June. Hope to get back in the 36s there. Anyone?

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Stick around Wool - the thread certainly gains from you being involved.
    I'd have not "outed" your pb Monday if I'd known you'd be on soon - that's a real thread rule breaker revealing someone's race otherwise!

    I think that Gosling fella is one i remember as regularly dropping out of races and being a bit up and down? But that's late doors for a toilet issue - that's happened to me once in 248 races, Burnham Beeches half, race 2! Too much water, and lucozade tablets (!) meaning a 10mile duck into the bushes - and my word the (look away kids), stinging ringpiece, oh my word!

    It's funny on fast starts - i felt BP was actually a bit boxed in and restrained. and in 5k, if you don't get out hard enough, there's the massive likelihood you won't fancy/be able to increase it later.
    Only time I can remember dramatically increasing pace within a 5k was the welsh parkrun last year where I eased out at 6 to judge who was about, and then midway started booting it in, and in hard to ensure a sub 18.

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