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    How old are you exactly son?  Well done on the Ox brains.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Had one incredible aggressive sneeze fest yesterday. One of those you wonder if it'll ever stop, and your stomach is aching from the ferocity :D  

    Slept it off, but today needless to say is an easy day - just a 4.5 and 4 pair.

  • Wow Bus, that is clever. Bit better than my D,D,N. Obviously if Italia 90 wasn't going on it would have been 3 A's :)
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    A lot to keep up on in here!

    Simon - Great pic and congrats on the national title. I think Saturday put a lot of people off, I saw only 5 people turned up for the Midlands 10000m champs! 

    Bus - Some insane fell running as usual, congratulations to your daughter! 

    Good to hear from Dachs, which marathon are you doing?

    SG - I agree with Matt on the group sessions, you are lucky your club post them 4-6 weeks in advance. Mine refuse to tell us until we get there! One of the main reasons I don't really go.

    MH - Things definitely seem to be going well with your coach! I planned to do GSR as I've got a mate doing it until I realised I'm not even in the country!

    Pete - Unlucky on not getting your series prize, hope the hamstring is healing up nicely. Running in an England vest will be a great experience!

    Reg - Glad to hear the hip is getting a bit better.

    Had a good 10 days of training after the tempo blow up, a couple of days off seemed to do me good. Good session last Friday of 10 x 3mins HMP/1min easy. 9/10 reps came out at around 6min pace or below which is promising. Followed that up with 10 x k on Tuesday off 60s. First 5 at HMP came out at 3.45 average and the last 5 at 10k pace were 3.37, ran that session in the cloudflash which felt really good. On course for 60m this week which will be my highest ever. 30th birthday tomorrow which I will kick off with a 10m tempo!
  • 1. Hilarious number. God I’m so funny. 
    2. Look old. But the wheels had come off badly 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Thanks chaps.

    I think the 118 number was funnier Simon (especially if you kept the one from your back and go out as a duo with someone, whilst wearing false moustaches of course!)

    Happy birthday for tomorrow SW - can't think of a better way to kick off the celebrations from reaching a new decade than a 10 mile tempo!

    SG - 51 and 2 months :smile: It's a bit scary thinking I look like Mark Almond as he is ten years older :blush:

    7M off-road at lunch. Very slow, but legs felt a wee bit less like lead after a day off so I'll settle for that.

  • Hello. Been a while ! Simon has won tons of medals and StevieG ran a mile pb, StevieWh ran a 10000m pb I think, so congratulations to all. Oh, and Dachs came back with a mega montage style post covering his return to being a gnat's chuff from pb shape. Incredible stuff.

    I shall be embarrassing myself at Maidenhead too Pete. Training for that has been rubbish. I had a week off with a virus after sailing through a hilly trail half. That bug lingered on so I had a couple of weeks of low mileage, then school hols in full effect and a week off work with childcare and very little running. Though I did go to London on a hot day and now understand why the locals raid the water stations at London Marathon.

    Kelly Sotherton started and presented prizes at a race I did in May. Obvs. she's a fine figure of a woman but what struck me was how healthy looking she was, especially standing next to me in the presentation photos. I won't post the pic here as I look like death warmed up but it may be available exclusively to the Strava posse.

    I was meant to be marathon training, but it's looking like I will give myself an extra month to do that after the losses of mileage in July and August. Yorkshire marathon Oct 20th being the new slightly fuzzy target. I am reticent about leaving it so late in the year as I want to do some decent racing in November/December (possibly Telford?). Anyway it might not be doable as I had a couple of episodes of pissing blood and ended up seeing a urologist and was treated brutally. Further brutal investigations pending.

    Hilly muddy cross country race of around 8km last night. Rain. Steamed up specs. Stones. Mud. Low hanging branches. Obstacles. Tight turns. Nettles. Steep unrunnable bits. All the stuff that I absolutely love, except in a race. Dismal performance relative to my peers, but I did do a fairly fast session (by my standards) the night before, so you can't have it all. I think I may cleanse my palate with a tarmac focused run in a park at the weekend.
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Bus, nope, Frankfurt. 27th October.  There will be cheerleaders.  No cheerleaders at Abingdon.

    The Marc Almond reference does work a bit, but I can't see him doing any fell running.

    BBB, nicely done at the masters championships.  Shame so many people left you in the lurch, but nowt you can do about that.  800 certainly faster than my last one!  Nope, no Watford this year.  Marathon training means racing sparingly, and I can do particular justice to any 3000s or lower at the moment. I will be doing a 10,000 the Sunday before as well.

    Can't believe we're getting tons of pictures of bald men and 80s synth pop stars, and Simon can't even be arsed to take a sly photo of Kelly Sotherton.

    Were you eating crisps before or after your race Simon?  Or was it during, and was the reason for the slowdown?

    Tough session Stevie W, and nicely nailed.

    Sounds nasty with the bloody piss (or pissy blood) Muddy, hope it turns out to be nothing to worry about.  But cross country?! In August?!  Hope you can pull it together for the marathon.

    Track session last night was a tempo mile (which we now do as a precursor to all our sessions), then 6 miles alternating 800 at around 10K pace and 800 around marathon pace.  Targets were 2:32/2:50 and wasn't too far off those, and even chucked in the final lap to make it up to 10K in 33:37.  Done faster as a solo track session, but with the uneven pace I think that's decent.

    Good thing with track sessions now is that, whereas I used to be running on my own even when there were 200 odd people there, now we have a good group of 10 or so guys all training together and pulling each other along.  It will do our relay teams no end of good.  Nature of last night's session was that it was solo, but good to have the group to fall back on.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Dachs - get Corney along, then you can be chasing shadows :D  

    Muddy - I missed the red pee first read - from having seen red and even brown before, it certainly gives you a right old wake up!

    Those flyer ads always say "once is too much", but as a runner, I always think a one off is "Ok", for reasons of runners hematura(?), and a tendency to eek every last drop of pish out, meaning something along the lines of your bladder scrapes against its empty self, and draws blood (?) Plus good old fashioned severe dehydration!

    But... if it happens twice quickly, get it looked at - as you wisely did.

    Hope it pans out fine.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Bus - I forget it's not still about 2011/12 sometimes, where you me and Phil were rampaging the scene. I haven't quite gone full Phil yet, analysing WAVA to see how much I can allow to slip each year, but maybe in 2 years :)

    SW - good discipline on your bidet. I did a half marathon a day after my 21st, and have also raced on my bday before, infamously at the Wycombe half in 2015! I've also driven to a race, not found it, and trotted a lonely pootle out round some housing estate!

    As a bit of a distant outsider to our club, we seem to have two very distinct camps.

    The "competitive gang", who can't believe the audacity of the club doing things like "Bacon Bap" runs on sundays, and organising "slower than 25min parkrun mob matches".

    And the "experience" gang, who want to do gub like "Race to the Stones". Some however many 100s of km race, where you get to take 15 weeks and camp out in the wild, or whatever it is.

    I liked Endure, but it covered both bases.
  • Yes agree about the photos, should have tried one with Sothers. I wonder if I can dig out the old one with Jo Fenn..she's great too.

    Muddy - well done to get it checked, agree with SG that once perhaps only if you are a runner, I think it's all that impact on hard surfaces that does it. I've had an issue years ago with the red stuff - suffice to say both times were after a hard xc race after drinking the night before and therefore taking Anadin extra on the morning of the race. it happened twice in the same circumstances.

    So I don't do that anymore! (and gladly it's never happened again).

    SG - Don't be like the 'experience gang' ;)

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Crikey Muddy -sounds unpleasant and fingers crossed it is just, well, a passing thing....

    Dachs - I wouldn't be so sure:

    I suspect the spelling change in the name is just to keep his cover intact...

    There were cheerleaders after VLM at the MacMillan charity reception. Bastards had placed them on the entry to the hall reception hall, which meant they were cheering me on with pom-poms flailing  as I had to try and walk down a flight of stairs - about as cruel as it gets!

    SG - you and WAVA will be best mates in a few years :wink:
  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭
    SG, Corney is already in that group. He's kind enough to moderate his pace for us, at least some of the time.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Will keep an eye out on our club sessions, but I think I always know deep down I need to get back in the targeted tempo habit.

    But looking back at the Moz training to start blocks off aiming at good performances between 5m - half, without doubt the 6 - 6.5mile MP/Threshold session is the key.

    I used to do loads - I haven't done loads these last 2 years. Need to sort that.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Bus - i'll probably start disguising it instead, and piss about with more events like Endure, or odd distances, places etc :D

    Let's give it a real smash for the next 2 years til the V status though.

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    SG - Tempos are the bread and butter of my training! They are tough but so worth it! Was thinking about you running round Slough, could you not find a 1-2 mile loop that's quiet to run round? That's what I do!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    Old days in Wycombe was either a rampage across town, or round a 0.9mile loop. Looking back, both had their minor risks. The former, roads to cross, the latter, drives round a loop that also had a petrol station on it. The latter was better though. The just short of a mile loop mentally split things up, as did the slight up and down. Instead of being super aware of how far to go, the laps just progressed, and before you knew it you were starting to dare I say enjoy it, which didn't really happen on the across town ones.

    You certainly knew about it when trying to up the pace to HMP or Tempo (5sec a mile quicker than HMP) though!

    Slough - people suggest the Jubilee River, but it's often windy, and a bit gravelly underfoot, and also isn't great to do much of a loop. There's Dorney Lake where one lap is 3miles, so could be a contender, but again maybe windy quite often, and also is no man's land in between work and home.

    Could try Upton Court park, but it'd take 4 laps to get a 6 mile shift in, which with the bit of a climb up a grassy bank at the start, plus plenty of grass all in, could feel a bit of a shift - safe though!

    There's also a pretty flat safe loop right next to my work, but not sure it'd be more than about 0.75m, so not sure If I could handle storming round that 8 times :D

    The track is dull, but safe, and although it comes out slightly quicker than a road would, I'm not certain that's a bad thing - you're still getting the pace in. Perhaps when I mix up with 6-8 mile steady runs in the mid to 3/4 6s, those can be on the Slough routes to give some balance.

    I know a local nutter who does 10mile tempos round a track distance, but not on a track! Just round a little cul de sac! That surely has to be the worst of all worlds :D

    Looking forward to some diagonals tomorrow - footy pitch job.

    There's a pitch 2miles from work, so 4miles there and back, with 15mins diagnoalling, that's a tidy 6.5m or so.

    Hopefully hit a 63-64mile week, which is a good intro back towards top end.

    Next week I'll make sure I get a good length Threshold run in, perhaps starting with 6.10-15 sort of pace in mind, rather than thinking I'm going to step back in at 6s!, and then either a hills, or 6-8m steady in, as well as a 10mile midweeker, and 14 long.

    Glad to see what felt like the heaviest cold in history last night, has turned to nothing in one sleep! Must have triggered some light allergy or something!

  • That's a great return Dachs, hopefully the marathon miles will take you into PB territory. Tasty session too!
    I was staying in Westbury-sub-Mendip and ran up to Priddy - the view over the levels on the way back was spectacular!

    Muddy, I hope that doesn't linger for long! I'm sure you'll get the consistency back soon.

    SG, nice work on getting back into the tempos. Tough, and like you say - seem an attractive option, but in practice aren't!

    The camera looks like it's added a few years, SC ;) I liked your 118 number. That was mine for the HM the other weekend, after I'd decided to shave for the month and experiment with a moustache... Fitting, I thought!

    Another good session for me yesterday. 3 x 15mins progression, which came out as 7:21/mi, 6:57/mi and 6:24/mi. I was expecting to struggle come the end, but it still felt smooth and controlled.
    Looks like I might be trying my hand at a 3000m on the track next week. Gonna be interesting, for sure!
  • MH - Yes goes to show what a bad 5,000m can do to you ;) 3,000m on the track - good luck. Nice and flat for a change! I remember seeing loads of folk running like the 118 adverts, just on normal sunday runs - bizarre looking back.

    Just short commute tonight as I didn't get back from London until 12.30am. Over the track tomorrow early doors then off to Brum again to see the mighty Cherries take on Villa.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Hope your front 2 score some goals Simon - I've gone all Bournemouth fantasy footy front line, after last season always having the one who wasn't currently smashing it!

    7miles down this morn, with 2.25miles of that the 15min diagonals.

    Obviously, I'd overlooked that this time of year the footy pitches aren't marked!

    Marked what I thought was a reasonable estimate out with some...twigs and the cricket pitch, but realised on fast bit 1 that i'd underdone it, meaning short effort but even shorter recovery.
    Still - probably not a bad effort at it.

    7.14 pace for the cool down two miles felt like barely moving - that's always the beauty of the faster work!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Talking of tempos, what are people's thoughts on the best approach to building up to, say 5M at a specific pace over 6 weeks.  Start of at a shorter tempo, but on target pace and build distance, or start off at the full distance but aim to increase speed over time?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    I'd probably get the distance in from the off, but do it at a lesser zone, then, as you get used to the format, the pace will increase.
    Used to do similar with Moz, the 6 to 6.5miles MP would be the base line, and it's ramp up in time, once you'd got used to the mission, and were progressing.

    However, I've eased in before, doing say 4miles at MP, then easing up to 6.

    I do know others like say a 20min "tempo" run, that is a zone up from the off.

    Under Johnas last year, I remember thinking, what the frig when seeing these epic threshold rep sessions romping to a massive 20-15-10-5mins session, but over time it became quite doable!

    Stevie W - strava shows me a terrific tempo there! Genuinely don't think I could do a similar length session  so you're going great guns.
  • Simon Coombes 2Simon Coombes 2 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2019

    SG - Yes that would be nice, going to be a tough match though - the midfield is where the biggest battle will be.

    Forgot to say Mr Moraghan was at the MK 5,000M - Didn't get a chance to chat though.

    Dachs - Forgot to say bout the crisps, that was my recovery. Few sort of American hard gums straight after, then the crisps. Felt awesome in the warm down!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    The legend! He is such a loss to the thread and forum.
    Only met once. About 30secs before wokey half once. I casually stated my watch had died and without a seconds thought he offered his up.

    Even saying if it falls off (dodgy strap) just leave it and get it later! Ie don't sacrifice your race to pick it up.

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Thanks SG! 10 miles in 1.01.40 so 6.10 pace average. First mile was 6.16 so didn't think it was happening but got faster from there. Really happy with that!

    Bus - i tend to start at a shorter distance and build up. Although the pace gets quicker as well as training goes on
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Is that your intended marathon pace stevie? 2.40 job? Was it a September or October marathon?

    Was thinking more the loop v track debate. I can see that track can be a favourable setup but surely a loop is too..and can tick your mind over a bit better.
    Will consider doing Tuesday on either a 0.75m loop right next to work or even the route of a parkrun course. If it affects the pace it affects the pace!
  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Target marathon pace is 6.18 so 2.45 although I would love a 2.40! I tend to run the tempos somewhere between MP and HMP so I'm definitely not kidding myself that I can run 2.40!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    I suppose it depends how well trained you are what the gap is between your HMP and MP.

    I certainly never classed what I was running as a "MP" as what I'd actually do in a marathon, it was simply HMP +whatever.

    But you strike me as pretty well trained, and not one of these people who have a massive gap between HMP and MP, so 10miles quicker than MP target is a superb run!

  • SW, that's a cracking tempo! Belated birthday wishes - I hope you celebrated with a beer or two!

    Bus, I'd personally start at full distance, and running them slower or as a progression, which will help develop the speed endurance and should help with getting them done at target pace.

    Best ever tempo/progression run I have ever done was 40 mins averaging sub-6, upping the pace by ~10s/mi every 10 mins. It was the prelude to my 28:19 5 miler, so was going good. Whereas SW, if you're dropping 10mi at just over 6min/mi for a MP-HMP session, you're doing awesome in comparison!

    Another session for me today - plan was 7 x 800m off 200m, with target paces of 5:35-5:55/mi (~3km-5km pace). Wasn't feeling 100% in the warm up and strides, so decided to change the recovery to 90s walk. First 4 were consistent, at 2:50 and 3 x 2:49, but I started getting a stitch in rep 5, and dropped the ball a little with a 2:53. Stitch was worsening in rep 6, and so decided to push for home and call it a day after this one, putting in a 2:46.
    Pretty happy with that, despite not completing the session - it was tough going, and definitely felt closer to 3km pace than 5km pace.
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