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    All thr best pete, scott seems to hsvevsome good advice. I agree with the s and c and maybe some more functional stuff like pilates? Ive never used race shoes and have only just moved to lighter trainers, so it can be doable. Although im going to get some if i go sub 255.
  • I'd perhaps try it Pete

    Guilty myself of being able to run in a different pair of shoes every day and actually think that hasn't helped. Decided to stick to the same one or two pairs and have felt the difference at least. Nimbus are heavy and costly too :(
    Pain is weakness leaving the body
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    I think the issue is possibly more to do with the difference in heel and forefoot height on minimalist low-drop shoes than the cushioning itself Pete, if you have moved from one type to the other without a slow steady transition. This will subtly alter the angle of your foot to your calf, lengthening the stretch of the calf muscle and achilles tendon. This doesn't necessarily follow with what I know of the 4%, but they are just weird anyway and may take their own transition for some runners I guess.

    Racing at the weekend - unfinished business with the Langdale Horseshoe :wink: 
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    Best of luck with that one Bus; just had a Google of it and looks utterly mad; crazy amount of climbing and no obvious race route you can follow. You're a real star being capable and confident enough to run something like that!

    Don't think my shoe variation is anything atypical or has changed a lot recently. Just trail shoes for xc and DS trainers for nearly everything else with a few races in VF's throughout the year (but none since 1st Sept). Surely if the VF's were the issue the probs would have started earlier? Scott had a good point though that XC shoes have very little cushioning which didn't help. 
  • odd, there seems to be some form of censorship going on or my posts are randomly disappearing.
  • well, the one above seems to have stuck, if I say Man Utd will this one be censored?
  • Ought to be. I'm still waiting for my £64 train fare for the bomb hoax match. Expensive drinking trip to Manchester that was!

    Anyway - after trotting out a half session at Luton on Tuesday (5 x 1k in 3.20's), as I had a 'bit of a cough' I have now got a cold and coughing up those brown bits. So no Surrey League xc this week. Good thing is I can go to Oxford with the other two and watch the kid do his first Chiltern League xc. He's down to 24.08 for Parkrun now, so should be OK.

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    Oh dear - lot of it around Simon, so hope yours is one of the milder ones and goes quickly!

    Thanks Pete :smile:  The weather is looking OKish for Saturday now, which helps with the confidence for sure, especially compared to last year!

    I need to get out tomorrow and get the legs moving though, as the past two days at work have been a bit of a mare and although I'm having an easy week, I've not been able to get out for a run since Tuesday!
  • Good luck Bus!

    Sorry to hear you are still struggling Pete, it might take a while and some patience but I think you can get the issue sorted and get back to running.

    Simon - Hope to cold sorts itself out soon, when are you next racing?

    Hope we hear from SG soon!

    Still resting/recovering here. 6 stage went alright considering I hadn't ran a step post marathon until the warm up! 21.59 so 6.00 average. Would like to think I could take 60-90s off that when fresh
  • Cheers Bus - Yes over the worst, but just wouldn't have been a good idea doing the xc. Hope you have a good run up north. Wsa watching one of the Salomon trail race series in Scotland last night on Eurosport - Steelers Ring or something?

    SW - Got the southern xc relays next Saturday at Wormwood Scrubs (Linford Christie stadium), then Last Friday of the Month on the 25th. Glad the relays went OK - shame we couldn't go this year, had a look at a few other years results and I've done a couple of 19.07's  - would have liked to see if I could have challenged that this year. Nevermind.

  • Right, I set myself a little target of having to run again before I posted, and took about a week to decide the right moment, but today, 25 days afterwards, was it!

    A.... one miler, at about 7.45 pace.

    Expected the disorientation to the be the main issue, and then breathing, but the legs were the worst thing, felt like they were going to seize up, even trundling!!

    Feels good to have got that done though.

    We're a million miles off racing, I'd say 2019 is definitely ruled out, and I don't know when this glaze of disorientation and things not quite being at the right speed will go, but at least I can tick a few little trudges out for now...

    Back to work properly Monday....

  • From a quick whizz back,

    Stevie Who - terrific marathon, but we all knew it was coming from your training!

    Pete - as per other fb chats,  I'm certain it's not the end for you, not having completed a half marathon decently so recently. Just a case of finding that perfect mix of rest, shoes, effort levels, and distance.

    Simon, nice 100s of races and sessions ;)

    TR - good luck next weekend it must be.

    Wool too, if you're in and around...

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    Good to see you back SG
  • Indeed, good to see you SG! Won't be too long before you are back at it properly, I'm sure! Not sure when I'll be back running, although I did 2.1k with walk breaks this pm. The sacrum fracture on 20th July led to problems with the glutes...and then the hamstrings and then one adductor! I have been doing lots of stretching and strengthening and am sure this is helping, and in fact I'm pretty sure that that is what Pete needs as well as the right shoes, effort level, distance etc etc. 

    I will be at LFoM but it will be somewhat of a miracle if I am able to run 5k by then!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Good to see you back on the thread SG! You too, Scott, well done on the race!

    Good training as per SC.

    Pete, for what it's worth, when I had some calf problems the other year the advice from my physio was to stop stretching as it was like counterproductive for the healing. Further down the line, I realised it was gluteus medius tightness causing problems down the line - not the easiest place to try to roll with a lacrosse ball.

    Good luck this weekend Bus!

    Legs were a bit creaky at the start of the week, but had a 4 x 1mi (5mins) session on Thursday, going from tempo down towards 10km pace. Pleased to put down 6:24/22/17/14 on an undulating route around town, now that the nights are drawing in. 2 x 5km (5mins) today as a last large session before GSR. First was really smooth, keeping to 6:40s for the first 2mi before ramping it up, for a 20:15. I did the same for the second, although it was to be faster, so set off at 6:10s, and clocked 18:42. Strangely, didn't feel as taxing as the mile reps.
    Really pleased with how well the session turned out, and just goes to show that I should have done better than the 38:21 last weekend, had I paced it properly!
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    That's an annoying length lay off Aley. These things can happen in a second and take so long to fix.

    Sounds like you're in a decent place MH, have a good one at GSR, a fine race that I will get to again!

    Up to the dizzy heights of 2miles today - not the same leg aches during, but later on I probably felt like I do after the usual distance, hungry and looking for a nice sleep! First time I can remember averaging over 8min miling in a run since possibly a Marlow Social run a decade ago!

    Back to the office this week, after 2 weeks WFH, so will ease back into that routine, and hopefully at least be able to put a 10-15mile week in minimum. Looking to push on gently, but not rushing anything!

    If someone offered me being back to a 70mile week feeling as per a month ago by the end of 2019,  I'd snap their hands off, but patience is the word!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Well, I'm back, I finished, and I'm alive, so job done :smile: VERY tough race and just glad to get round - even in my snail's pace time! Full report to follow.....

    Welcome back SG - it probably feels like recovery will take an age, but you'll be surprised just how quickly your fitness will build, and often a forced rest like that can end up being a blessing (though it won't feel like it now!).

    And Aley, thanks, and fingers crossed for a steady recovery too.
  • As SG is back I'll jump in again.
    Skim read some of what I'd missed.
    Sorry to hear of various afflictions & ailments.
    Congratulations to those training hard & reaping the rewards MHSC2SWh come to mind.
    After basically taking July & August off apart from increasingly slow parkruns I started back with some cycling & a little running in September. 22nd was Triathlon Half X which I got round by pacing it accordingly: about 40 minutes slower than last year. Recovery took a full week although I continued my daily cycle commutes & bashed out a 5K race effort on the Wednesday. I then had Chester marathon last weekend. It was as ugly as anticipated - not helped by racing Wepre parkrun the day before. A seriously hilly course which left my quads shattered. This came back to bite me on the arse when, after just 10M of the marathon, they started screaming at me. I held n to halfway in 1:45:10 but within another 2 miles I was reduced to alternating jog/walk/shuffle.
    The recovery was 48hrs then I did a 5K with 7x100m strides & [email protected] on the Tuesday. Now eell & truly back into running mode after a 4 day streak. Thursday lunch was a 5K with some hill reps. Friday I forced myself onto the treadmill at lunchtime & did a progressive 8K. Started at 5/K & dropped it every K til I was running 4:29 by the final one. Felt tougher than it would've done in the spring (or than I meant it to be) & I was drenched in sweat by the end however I also had the runner's high at last which has been conspicuously absent in recent months. Yesterday I did a parkrun & managed 2.5M on top as wu/cd before heading to Cardiff for the 1st British Cross Challenge/Gwent League fixture. Saw Charlotte Arter storm to victory over Jenny Nesbitt then ran the 6M course in 42:30ish after a mile wu thus more than doubling my week's mileage :D A night on the sauce in Glastonbury & a kip in the car wasn't ideal recovery but I turned out for the first Glos League fixture at Wotton this afternoon. I hate the mud on this course - real shoe sucky stuff. Enjoyed the firmer bits where I could actually run but by the end my legs were shot despite running the 5.8M course in a sluggish 44 minutes. I had no watch for this weekend's activities which I found really challenging mentally. Onwards & upwards to Snowdonia marathon in a fortnight :p
  • Great to hear from SG & Jools

    Off on holiday today so will get back to running next week. The 2.48 is still gnawing at me, the problem with the marathon is I've got to wait until London next year to put it right! Looking forward to Telford 10k though and getting involved in XC
  • Patience young sw your time will come. Although in fairness a 2.48 is hardly messing about as it is!!

    After that 24 or so rest period my one miler felt a big step. The 2miler felt a fair bit better.
    The 3miler yesterday evening after my first day back in the office was a lot better.
    Got one more wfh day today so put a morning 4 test the evening morning double.

    Not quite as good but i think thats the double up. Vision is much improved even from the walks half a week ago.

    Looking forward to a cautious but pressing on when possible recovery job
  • Your right SG and facebook reminded me this morning that 2 years ago today I ran my first half marathon in 1.37.52!! Glad you are starting to feel better and get back to it, don't rush anything though!
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    Still typing Bus ?

    Steviewh - thats the appeal of marathoning for you. But in the meantime the faster you get for thatv10k and xc, the better chance you have of going past 2.48 once you put the miles on top. Even then you could get all set for vlm and the weather can scupper it.

    Good to see SG inching it up.
  • That's a steep improvement curve SWh - makes me wish I'd taken it a bit more seriously  when I started rather than waiting 7 years til I was 42
    So a marathon on November 6th then SG ;)
    Day off running yesterday to allow the legs some post XC recovery though I carried on with the 2x10M cycle commute. Planning to maintain the cycle commuting through to clock change when I'll mix in some run commutes with the dreaded driving. Cycled again today & managed my first double digit training run since the first May bank holiday! 10.5M along the canal averaging 8:15s. Felt comfortable til I picked the pace up for a K towards the end. Must be making some gains already B)
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good to hear there's positive signs of recovery SG.

    Yeah, TR - been kinda manic this week both at work and at home and not had any chance to do the report yet :blush:
  • Good stuff Jooligan - SG - Glad to hear the running starting again mate. Good session MH

    SW - I've been lucky with my times I've done - 2.49 and 2.39. If you can bust a gut to get 2.39 you might feel like I did and think 'That's it - I'm in the 2.30's now and not going to get much quicker' :)

    Sounded funBus - awaiting report..

    So - Went to Oxford to watch the Chiltern League races, told the kid it was an iconic day for him to do his first xc, after EK's heroics earlier in the day. He was 57/77 in his U11 race, so not too bad. watched the mens for a change too.

    So ran back on Sunday from his junior parkrun (about 4 miles), chest and legs OK - great. Then wake up Monday morning with a headache and had to come home from work 3pm. Another headache yesterday, but OK today - so should be OK for the xc relays at the weekend.

  • Think the evening 3 to morning 4 yesterday perhaps slightly pushed on too much, as spent a lot of yesterday knackered, and then despite arriving at work fine, a few hours later, with the obligatory air conditioning/dust/germs, spent the whole day sneezing ending with a Rudolf style hooter :)

    Says it all that a gentle 2miler in the evening later, and barely sneezed since...

    WFH again tomorrow...hopefully resting and say a 2miler sweats it out/keeps the legs ticking...

    After all, from 19-0-0-3, anything in even double figures this week is progress!

    Had a bizarre boost tonight when a hottie I used to work with added me on strava. She's miles away these days, but just knowing she runs is marvellous.

    Somewhere along those lines..Simon, must be great to watch your kid do sport. I can't imagine having a kid, but having your kid do what you love must be a real buzz.

    Though with you being a vet sensation, you aren't going to be one of those dads who's moaning their kid beats them anytime soon methinks!!

    Take it easy with that splash of under the weatherness though chief...

    I think in my 4-5 lifetime races being unwell, the one in XC was a world of pain. I remember losing to Steve from HX for the first time ever by about 1-2 seconds, then collapsing in 10mins of coughing.

    I still reckon he doesn't accept I had a chest infection that day :D

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    Get well soon SC2.
    Sounds like my August (11-3-28-3-3) that SG. Nothing wrong with a slow build-up.
    September was 3-32-33-13 then a marathon :D to kick things off for October (37-29 so far)
    Another cycle commute & a progressive 10K on the [email protected]%: started at 8's, dropped the pace each K - down to 7's for the final K. Enjoyed it afterwards too B) Another 7 days training before the classic 48hr marathon taper :p

  • Decent October Jools. Hope it continues.

    Just annoying after seemingly months of battling humidity, when it isn't anymore, I'm out the game! Sod's law. And now we're in that 6month "cold" lottery period.

    Worst part of being in recovery mode is watching all those races come and go isn't it. Trying not to check what pals and rivals did, wondering what you might have done etc...but hey, getting there slowly.

    Will certainly enjoy the numbers going back up the right way.

  • Cheers both - feeling OK today, no headache, but still can't properly shift the shite on my chest. Won't moan though, as SG's was nasty. Yes I'm sure in a few years they'll be a pint resting on a race with me and the kid both in ;)
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    SG - easy does it, both on the comeback streak and the pessimism. You've been ill, once you're recovered there's no reason you won't be back to it quickly. Please look after yourself though and don't let your desire to get back to something prolong your journey back to full fitness. Will be good to have you back. I mean, someone's got to get the DDs organized!

    TR - do you have your outfit choice sorted for Sunday? Would be good to say hello and it appears that there may be a bunch of others sub3 thread celebs that I might get a glimpse of! I'll be in the white / red of DD, there may be a few others there too but I'll be the really little one (weighed in at 53.1 kg yesterday :-O )

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