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    Thanks Joe.

    SG - don't knock the speed of those pr buggiests - I had one fly past me last time I did one :smiley:
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    Chaps - true...i definitely would not be beating many people there right now!

    Today started at about 7.55 pace, and naturally warmed up to 7.20 without any specific trying to push on.
    Joe - usually I'd expect to see day to day runs come out in the sort of 7.05-7.15 mixer, at the moment, they are naturally averaging about 7.35. So it's definitely slower right now, and for the shortest runs.

    Embracing being able to sit about for the rest of the day to recover though.

    Joe, have a great trip, and for you casual marathon!
  • .Seb.Seb ✭✭✭
    Hi all, Good to see you are all still running or trying to!
    Long time no see...or run! 5 years off injured..just been cycling lots.
    now ready to have a go at a return haha! Started with some easy runs in the last month, not sure how to progress really just build some base miles I guess.

    It's going to take a bit of time to read through the last 800 pages, hope all is well!

  • Blooming heck - welcome back Seb!
    I insist you read every page you missed ;)

    Let's have a quick lurkers amnesty shall we?

    Anyone wanna say howdy?
  • Still lurking a bit here Stevie - should post more really, but ... life, work, etc.

    I had a recurrence of the bladder infection, and simultaneously an achilles issue so did a total reset of rest and antibiotics for two weeks, so was out for roughly the same period as you. Maybe I had a head start as I've built up to 40 mpw over the last few weeks ?

    Fitness seems pretty good, surprisingly. Maybe all the illness was just making me feel a lot more unfit than I was.  Returned to sessions last week -  managed a 2 x 5m marathon effort job within 16 miles at the weekend and a 4x4 mins threshold thing in the week, then 20 x 15s of hill sprints on Saturday.

    Rough plan is to progress mileage and the threshold sessions, and be footloose and fancy free about other stuff. Target 10k is at the end of the year, and a half in January, though will do a race phase through November and early December to see where I am.
  • I'd have taken a 14 day break Mudds, 24 day lay off for me :(
    Sounds good that you at least bundled 2 things into 1 break.

    It's all a bit of a lotto with spells out versus comebacks. I'd presumed this would be a quicker return than say Chicken Pox in 07, but I expect it won't be...

    I read someone say an injury is often easier to come back from than illness.Thought that was an interesting take.
  • Yeah you can cross train with some kinds of injuries Stevie which takes the edge off the feeling of fitness flying out of the window.
  • You'll get there SG.

    Well done all - Have read through, great report Bus, sounds great - but not as long and better paths would get me up there I think. MH at the GSR, the Abbo gang, Jools and Pete managing his calf.

    So - after handking this cold with kid gloves for 10 days, I thought it was kill or cure time and was entered for the Southern xc relays at Wormwood Scrubs. We went via Rickmansworth Parkrun, ran round with the kid, in just under 25, it's fast (Dachs had a go at sub 16 recently..) but we got stuck too far down the crowd at the start and didn't really recover.

    Relays were good, unfortunately the only shower in London all Saturday was just on 2.30pm as we set off on the slightly shorter 4.6k (officially 5k) course, I was 1st leg for the B team. Great when you are trying to fight a cold off! To my surprise I didn't cough and felt pretty strong. There was one or two muddy patches, but nothing major and came back in 10th in 14.26. The A team ended up with bronze medals and the B team were the first B team in 10th.

    Felt pretty horrible that evening, but a hot bath and some painkillers sorted me out. No running at all now though until the chest clears, hoping to do the LFOTM though. Only had one shandy in three weeks! Must be the lack of beer making me feel crappy ;)

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
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    Seb! Bloody hell! I thought you disappeared into the world of OCR never to be seen again on a sane (ish!) person's running forum :smiley:  What ailed you for 6 years? Glad to hear you back though and hope you manage to get back on it as you were definitely one of the most naturally talented on the forum!

    Simon - good work in the relay and hope that cold buggers off! One shandy??/ What's wrong with you man :smile:

    Muddy - I'm a strong advocate that a forced couple of weeks off does you the world of good and you will often come back stronger if you can get a decent block of training in. 24 days is a bit tougher to rebuild from though SG, especially as you couldn't cross train (even if you could ride a bike!!!) and will have lost a bit of fitness. It's still a short time in the grand scheme of things though and you have a bit of youth on your side still!

  • Anyone who does as much sport as we do will occasionally have these sort of layoffs, increasing the more contact is involved!
    (Bar super lucky types like Simon, but i remember even fairly invincible Dachs has had a couple of lay offs)

    This is the latest "Big" thing to recover from, after these...

    *Ankle Ligaments 2004
    *Chicken Pox   2007
    *Race line collapse Wyc Half 2015

    The middle one I remember wiping me out for about 6months, and that was a much lesser fitness level. The latter allowed a decent mileage but probably took 9-12months to feel as "right" in the head as body.
    Former was 3months off football, but probably "Only" a month until at least a jog, but back then as a footy nut, that felt no real bonus!
  • Simon, you in the B team! The A team must bust juice!
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    I had chicken pox in 2005 Stevie, aged 35. Bloody horrible as an adult. 3 weeks off work, and I'd just started a new job, so lost on pay. I wasn't running then, but I needed a long lay off from footy too.

    Bus - Yep, the two weeks off seems to have freshened me up though I've just had a very low mileage summer. Chart shown below - I struggled and dropped out of London and have had the infection wearing me down since. Amazed that I got a 5k and 10k pb out of this year given the training.

    A steady 10k at lunch 6.30 min/mile -ish on my hilly route in glorious weather. Really enjoyable.
  • Yep Muddy, dreadful memories of that time.
    I thought I had some knee issue, booked £92 next day Bupa physio (my expense), and just remember utterly melting with sweat when being examined, so much so that the physio was like...whoa.

    Next day - went to work, and came over sooo cold, I had to instantly go home, 2 hoodies on, unde the bed sheets - still freezing.
    Next da7 - body and face full of the spots!

    10 days off work, and then the saturday after (when still signed off!), ludicrously going to Amsterdam for a work footy trip!! I remember being ruined after 30secs, when I was usually an absolute animal of stamina on the pitch. Still scored 2 somehow - they must have been appalling!!

    Obvs after going on that jolly, I couldn't then be off work any longer ;)

    I misread that lemon juice lightens pox scars (i think it was a totally different thing I should have used), so to this day I have one bit of skin that's actually gone white :D 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    More than one lemon involved there D
  • The Bus said:
    More than one lemon involved there D
    Love ‘lemon’ as a take down. Up there with ‘berk’ and ‘weapon’ ;)

    SG- Yes well the A team got bronze, the times were 13.50, 14.07, 14.21 and 14.16, so a couple near my region but not Elite as such. Joe’s mate Angus did the 14.07. The event isn’t that amazing standard wise, although last year it was stacked for some reason. 

    LFOTM in doubt as I still can’t clear my chest. Really getting on my tits. 
  • Seb coming back the other day made me think about some past forumites, and what they might be doing now.

    Had to strive to remember Chingo's real name, but found him.

    Shame that marathon in April 2012 (2012, wowzers how long we've been doing this now!!!), seemed to derail him, as 2 weeks before that he did arguably his best pound for pound time, 27.33 at 5miles.

    I remember him saying going sub 35 for 10k was a lifetlong goal (which i thought was a weird statement, as most of us until we start running don't have a clue what time is what!),
    but sod's law means that years later it was deemed SHORT!

    Cruel when that happens!  But those few years of marathons beforehand aside, he went from 0-100 basically in the best part of 18months.

    Stevie See
    Mee Meep

    Much missed chaps from the early days. Anyone on the sniff through? :)

  • Seems a life time ago now, but I mentioned that random co that came in to do Blood pressure readings about 6-8 weeks ago, and took me sky high! Top number 162!

    Was re-assured that a pal at work's machine subsequently took me 138 and even 1 day into the worst of vertigo the doc took me at 140...

    So the 24 hour test has come through, I have it strapped In place, and the still reading was 128-(not sure on the low number but near 80)

    Then 5mins later walking it took 131-80

    That's more like it!

  • Hope you are making a fast recovery, SC (and SG  of course!). I will be at LFoM tomorrow but will be just running round, possibly pacing another M65. After 8 weeks of no running bar a couple of test jogs of no more than about half a k I managed to surprise myself running round parkrun last week in 26:18 so I know that I can manage all of 5k. So since July 20th I have managed to lose around 4 and a half minutes over 5k. Tomorrow was going to be a target race; instead it is going to be an LSR by the look of things! 
    Planning on going to The Grenadier (Sam Smiths, 18 Wilton Row, SW1X 7NR) for a pint or two post run. 
    I will wear something that is recognisable!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Stevie - have white coat syndrome ? My BP is always too high at annual medicals/docs but on the home kit it's fine.

    Easy 8.5 at lunch. Autumnal: mud, leaves and rain round the reservoir.
    Ihave a 10k early November, same one I did last year, not hugely competitive but ought to  signal where I am actually at - fitness feels perplexingly good at the moment. Feeling like I should try to race a fast half before the year is out too.
  • Very possibly, but the work reading was just done badly, I'm certain.

    These readings are every 20mins, and I've had about 3 or 4 top number readings under 120 now, so who knows what the actual average will be, if that's how they do it.

    Listening to people at work will test it tomorrow ;)

    Hopefully you'll get a fully fit, flat out effort job in!

  • Apparently Great South Run and Cabbage Patch 10s are the same day next year (though I can't find anything online to confirm the latter)

    That'd be stupid. The 2 biggest fast 10milers in the south of England clashing!

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Doh - that's a wee bit daft (if true!). Most of those on the list are still kicking around SG and even meemeep has popped in now and again (bet he's lurking!).

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Simon - I amazed (tough wood) that with people dropping around me like flies with one lergy or another I've managed to remain sniffly, and a bit coldy but largely OK!  

    Do it muddy :smile:strike while teh iron is hot!

    Aley - that sounds positive. I wish I'd realised it was LFOTM tomorrow as I've got a rare day off with nothing planned (I mean, obviously yes, I knew it was the last Friday of the month, sort of, but hadn't made a connection :smile: )

    Mud, mud, mud and darkness for me today! All on very tired legs this week, though managed a half-decent progression yesterday lunchtime, whihc was surprising as I nearly bailed the lunch run as I thought it might be counter-productive. 42.30 for the full 10k, with a 7:40 first mile and a 6:04 5th, which I felt was solid enough.

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
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    Aside from the relatIvely few very fast runners who do GSR, I think that one and CP10 attract different types SG (you wanting to do both notwithstanding ;) ).

    GSR is like a HM version of VLM; loads of slow runners there for the "experience' and telling their work mates all about it. CP10 is much more decent club runners who like a fast course, easy parking, fair price and quick getaway after. I have done CP10  lots of times and would always do it when I can. I have never done GSR and have zero interest in that sort of event; would happily pay not to do it rather than be forced to join the herds and spend most of a day in traffic.

    Good to see the recoveries progressing well SG, Aley and Muddy. I'm in the same boat as you Aley; tried to run a tempo parkrun last week and barely got under 22 mins and have struggled to hold 5 min k's in the couple short runs I have tried since. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    It does depend what you like in a race of course, and of course the GSR has a big "tail" to it, but don't for a second be mistaken about the front end quality.

    CP this year had 30 sub 60. Only thirty! For this supposed emporium of fast "Proper" runners.

    Even Maidenhead on a scorcher and surely slightly harder course had 31!

    GSR had me in about 77th or so 30seconds under 60 last year - so the top end is still stronger than CP's top end.

    It'd be like saying Wokingham is a "better" race than Reading for the same reasons...Wokingham being more clubby, easier parking, cheaper etc, and Reading having the "tick off" status, the big stadium finish, higher quality etc. But similar to GSR, if you want the highest quality front end in the country, it's GSR or Reading half.

    I'm sure Bus, like me would list the GSR (2012 version especially, over last year's underwhelming hard work one!) as one of his best ever race experiences. And not just for the free buffet ;)

    Having said that, I quite fancied the idea of the double, so it's a bit annoying having missed both, that I'd have to choose (if I'm actually even racing - never take it for granted!!)

    If they really clash 2 of the few big 10milers they really are imbeciles.

    It'd be up there with last year, where they clashed Reading half, Eastleigh 10k, and the 12 stage southern relays, all on the same day!

    For even more farce, if you recall, they were all snowed off! You couldn't make it up!

  • Bus - I'm not sure any of those have posted in the last year, I know ALD popped in for one post in 2019 though... I chat regularly with him and MeeMeep on the old fb, but nothing beyond strava for Johnas. I think Stevie See has fallen out of it a bit, which is a shame, top guy.

    Looking forward to you being hungry for a race or 2, and hopefully if my legs/breathing/body ever get used to the idea of being fit again, we can get a few little race trips going like the early 2010s!

    Aley - sounds like being able to turn out is a small mercy for now. That's better than nothing, and a building block.

    Simon, we're in that darn window of cold lottery aren't we. I tend to sneeze a few times a day  due to the air conditioning/office hubbub of germs. Never quite sure when something will floor you for a bit

  • Yeah clash is official...this from their FB page

    Cabbage Patch 10 Race Yeah, the clash is unfortunate. One of the many factors is that our race director has a half marathon at the beginning of October and a two week gap eases the workload a little. We would have clashed with Great South this year were it not for the rugby world cup quarter finals and the pub preferring the date we went for.

    And lower down saying they'd always "clash with something", perhaps missing the massive point that there's only 2 big 10milers in the south in that half of the year.

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
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    SG; I didn't say GSR is not top quality at the sharp end, just that there are relatively few fast runners in relation to the rank and file. Only 2% were sub 1'05 whereas at CP10 (even though the quality there is not what it was even a few years ago, as PMJ once analysed) there were still 5% of runners sub 1'05 this year. 

    Accept its horses for courses like you said and that some people like the razzamatazz and "feel" of a big race; just not my cup of tea that's all. Takes all sorts.
  • I will just be grateful if i can make racing a ten on that date..which ever one. Can't take it for granted☺
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Not 'one of' SG, THE best race I've done! Not only my 10M PB by 4 secs, despite the gale force winds in the last two miles, but also my 10k PB by 11 secs - and I'll take that as official given they had proper chip timed splits :smile: 

    Pete - behave! Don't you come in here with all your percentages and that fancy stuff :smile: I know what you mean though. Anything starting "Great" is going to attract a large amount of the chariddy brigade and others sold on the marketing - not that I'm dissing them of course :wink:

    Still, in terms of the 10M course speed, I'd rate GSR, CP and then Maidenhead in that order (notwithstanding Richard Nerurkar's CP record of course!), depending on wind of course!

    Agree on the posters SG - come back Stevie C, you know you want to :smiley:  As for races, I'm definitely hungry for a few, just mebbe not the classic road race distances at the monet - but who knows! maybe I just need to reset expectations a wee bit to get that specific appetite back.

  • This lot do a decent 10M race in Wiltshire on Good Friday. Set my 10M PB there in 2018. In 2019 5.3% were below 65 minutes.
    ps If you look carefully at the photo you'll spot someone you recognise. Pic is from 2017 when I set a 5M PB in November then took a further 13s off 6 weeks later.
    Just a steady 5K at lunch today & no biking either. 48hr taper is in effect :D
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