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  • Keep tabs of ML84 on Twitter so know what he’s up to. Bit of training and a few less ciders I think ;)

    Snowdonia is repeated on Virgin channel 166 tomorrow 15.05 too. 

    Primrose Hill session today, felt relatively similar to pre illness form. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Lol - it's the ciders that give Matt his speed Simon :smile:
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    ML84 said:
    Stevie G said:
    Let's have a quick lurkers amnesty shall we?

    Anyone wanna say howdy?
    Bit late but, Howdy!

    Guilty!  :#

    Had a quick read back through, I'm starting to get back on it after a bit of a break and there's too much to catch up/comment on but I will say SG sorry to hear of your illness woes and wish you a speedy (just not rushed!) recovery from whatever it was in the end. Still think ear infection or similar causing it all?
  • Definitely an inner ear viral infection leading to vertigo, but not given as labrynthitis in the end.

    Already had ALD ticking me off for doing doubles and "too quick", but bearing in mind I was at 65mile weeks, doing the long run at 7.10 or so, it doesn't feel like overdoing it doing a couple of short runs at around 7.30 pace.

    However, have to be mindful, as we seek that perfect mix of speedy as possible back to it, but not overdoing it...

    Attempted a new bit to a route today and bungled it, so today's morning job came out 5.5. 
  • The Bus said:
    Lol - it's the ciders that give Matt his speed Simon :smile:

    Good point. And the kebabs!

    He's old school, so I presume he's not a 4% man. Please don't let it be true..;)

    Had a look at the Leeds Abbey Dash results. PB forest.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Of course Matt is a 4% man Simon - any ABV less on the can and it's pointless :smiley:

    SG so long as you listen to your legs you are fine to push on. I still say you will be amazed at how quickly you get back on it and how much fresher you'll feel when you do.

    In stark contrast, my legs felt like lead this morning, but my lunch run actually came out OK. As a pleasant surprise I also bumped into Mr Jones  about half way through and we managed to align our routes for ten minutes of jabbering before heading off on or separate ways.

    Supposed to be a double tomorrow but I'm on leave and  having all that extra time makes it somehow more difficult :smile:

  • Noone deals with iron legs better than you Bus. Put some hills into them :)

    Read on fb a pal doing a track session tonight, 2mins on, 1min off. Quoting an average pace.

    I wonder if he's doing any maths/watch setting trickery there, as surely anyone who has ever run on a track would know the GPS over estimates distance on a track, and thus over hypes pace?

    For instance, my infamous 6milers round the track, making sure to do the full 24 laps and extra little bit, would quote me about 10-15secs a mile quicker straight off the watch...

    I see people quote "Miles" on the track too.

    Surely they can feel the mile beep come up way before the end of lap 4? Maybe they do it in a different lane and fool themselves it's the full?

    I dunno son.

  • Howdy team. Good to see SG back running and as a result, I've got about 10 pages of jibber-jabber to read back on to make sense of anything.

    Nice racing at the Tavy 7 MH, sounds like a good result and performance and things are trending in the right direction.

    Bus, sorry to hear you've been under the weather, but hope things are turning around. 

    Definitely got the fire in the belly back, and we had a great weekend out in Frankfurt for the marathon last weekend. Plan was I'd run with the better half, only rough pace targets, just see how fast she could go.

    Top line summary is that, she broke her foot 5km in (completely snapped, not one of these hairline fractures), but didn't know it was broken, so cracked on and pushed through the pain.

    We went through halfway in 1:30:01, at which point the strategy changed and we were targeting sub-3 - might as well roll the dice from there. She stayed strong and on pace to 35km, but just lost a solitary minute in the final stages to finish with 3:01:10. Still a massive PB and awesome run. 

    I've done a full write-up here if anyone wants to know the details;

    Best thing from my point of view was that 3 hour pace felt comfy and I think the last few weeks of training has got me fitter than I thought I was. I've got Valencia in 4.5 weeks, strategy TBC.

    Rugby or running this weekend? That's the big question. 
  • ioweriower ✭✭✭
    I'd echo the other comments - build up as your legs allow, they'll soon let you know about it. Maybe reduce your usual level of quality work or pace until the miles are there then add it back in bit by bit. (Just given you a stalk on Strava btw, took me a while looking for a Steven :D)

    My GPS watch acts as a glorified stopwatch for track sessions - I have it set up to show current lap and previous lap and that's it. I soon learnt that a 'mile' alert coming 30m or so before the line probably wasn't right - I still have people doubting the distance though. What do you think is more accurate, a measured track or something miles away pinging randomly trying to straighten all the corners out!
  • Well done to the other half. See if you can get her on here occasionally. Since @literatin and @Curly45 disappeared we haven't had any ladies on here.

    Ridiculously casual from you as well, 3.01 basically coasting one out!!
    Having had some pant fests doing 7.30 pacing for 4-5milers, I can assure you that a 26.2 sub 7 is certainly not a bad place to be!
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    iower said:
    I'd echo the other comments - build up as your legs allow, they'll soon let you know about it. Maybe reduce your usual level of quality work or pace until the miles are there then add it back in bit by bit. (Just given you a stalk on Strava btw, took me a while looking for a Steven :D)

    My GPS watch acts as a glorified stopwatch for track sessions - I have it set up to show current lap and previous lap and that's it. I soon learnt that a 'mile' alert coming 30m or so before the line probably wasn't right - I still have people doubting the distance though. What do you think is more accurate, a measured track or something miles away pinging randomly trying to straighten all the corners out!
    The pace feels sort of comfy, while the breathing which is always my obsession feels a bit panty.
    Slight inner knee sort of feel when walking up stairs, but it goes on the runs. Hopefully a mere getting back into it teething thing, but will monitor.

    I did think "who the frig is this" on strava, but then saw your location and thought, ahhh yes! Welcome aboard!
    There is a SG thread Strava group in there somewhere too.

    Totally true on the track/GPS condundrum.
    Tracks work brilliantly for reps, need a bit of thinking about if like me you like to do set mileage tempos, 6miles rather than 9600 metres, but are just plain useless if doing a couple of mins off and min on averages!
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    Bloody hell Joe - total kudos to your better half for both the time AND doing it with a broken bone in her foot! If she'd been a man it would have been a total moan fest :wink:  Oh, and well done yourself as well - trotting round a marathon in 3 hours whilst acting as pacemaker and personal bodyguard is pretty impressive. Perhaps you could hire yourself out to the celebs? :smiley:

    And that flat cap looks a bit technical!

    Took your advice SG - 8 hilly miles this morning to try and sort out those miscreant legs! Not sure they have got the message though :smile:
  • ioweriower ✭✭✭
    Cross post Joe - that's an incredible result despite the foot! Would love to be able to bimble round pacing someone to 3 hours too! 

    SG - joined the group too cheers, think I've mostly worked out who's who!

    I've gradually been building up after pretty much no running in July and August, and not much more in September. Hoping to nudge 35 miles this week to include a duathlon on Sunday but looking at the forecast it's going to be grotty as hell - just hope it's not cancelled. I've had three events binned due to weather already this year so that would really finish things off! No other events lined up (other than imminent wedding/honeymoon!) which is quite liberating but I may end up getting some transferred places for the next few HRRL races (as they're full already, mad!)
  • Joe - That's an amazing effort from you and the other half, how is she now? That must have hurt afterwards when the adrenaline wore off!

    I'll be in the car on the way to Mansfield for the XC relays, so will have to listen to the rugby in the car.

  • Long way to go for a 3mile relay leg!
    Joe, already set it else where but amazing casual marathon!

    Last week id put a 27mile week in with a 6mile "long run".

    This week i reinstalled doubles, just a 3miler but 5 days of that, plus an 8 today gave a decent 46 mile week.

    You wouldn't advise a beginner to shoot up 27 to 46 in a week but obvs a diffo boat for me.

    The 8 felt better than most of The other runs, helped by time passing and a rest sat.

    Only 733 average but that's fine in the easy zone. But i would like to see that back to 710-15 in time for longer.

    This week I'll aim for similar, try and get 50+ in. A few strides maybe,  a double figure long run and keep it going.

    Obvs a good way off feeling like a race but magic compared to a mere month back.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Good stuff SG its coming back nicely. 7.30s is a lot quicker than i run so no need to chase pace. But as you get healthier it will come back even more.
  • Building nicely SG. 

    15 miles of mud and hills for me today, to make the first 50M week for it bit. Jeez it was hard work! Topped off the misery by having a chat with a guy out training for an ultra and forgetting to reset my Garmin for a mile after! Had to cheat a bit, by editing a FIT file from the last time I ran the same route to today's date and time, then guessing how much slower I was today!  Bloody knee hurts again too  :s

  • ioweriower ✭✭✭
    Nice one SG. No rush with the pace - get the mileage up first and the pace will come. I’ve been building up slowly and already seen about 45s/mile improvement at set HR

    Solid muddy 15 Bus, and solid commitment to the cause tinkering with an old run!

    Shame about the rugby, weirdly I knew we’d lose as soon as I heard Garces was referee in place of Owens, he just loves a penalty and the boks played to it - fair on them, a frustrating style of game to watch though. 

    Bayside duathlon for me today 5k / 25k / 5k. 3rd overall, 18:13 & 18:38 for the runs. Pretty busy race in terms of places swapping about. Resisted getting drawn into an ego battle on the first run - half a mile done in 2:50 with 12 or so people ahead of me so reined it in, finished that first one in 6th! Dread to think what some of their second runs were like
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    15miles of anything is never a doss, but with the elevation I saw you put in, no wonder!

    Still have my low level knee feel, not pain, just a slight feel when walking up or down stairs. Side ish of the knee cap.

    Bound to be some tightness I've picked up with that near month lay off / return as otherwise surely years of averaging 60mile weeks might have seen it before.

    I'll do some quad and hamstring stretches, and a sitting leg extension one, see if that gets rid in a week or 2 and if not entertain a physio visit.

    No feel at all running, unless I bump one knee onto the other!  Odd one.

  • Might just be one of those knocks you give yourself Stevie. I’m always hitting something at knee height.

    10k this morning went well. Seeing the faces at the start led me to believe I’d be lucky to scrape 5th, but fortunately they were doing workouts or pacing, so I stormed off into the lead and it stayed that way until the finish in around 34.47-ish. Not seen anything official. I wasn’t pushed much so may have been able to squeeze a bit extra out - I felt relaxed and comfortable. The course wasn’t the fastest with a some twisty bits, a couple of dead turns and no right of way (some old gent had a lot off to me as I called out politely that I was coming through). Quite pleased that all the ups and downs of the last few months haven’t totally ruined me and 50 seconds faster than last years race has me eyeing up a good spell of training in order to go for it at a really fast 10k on New Years Eve.
  • Well done on the win mf  B):smiley:

    iower - likewise on the duathlon. Great consistency on the second run. 

    SG - try some double legged squats if the "feel" is on the outside of the knee. Just to make sure the kneecap is tracking OK after the time off.
  • Quality muddy. You perform very well when the field isn't particularly strong. Whereas when i did my best 10ks i was in fields where i was about 60-70s!

    Bus more an inside and down sort of thing i think but will do a few bits and pieces.
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    StevieG - Yeah, I suppose, in this case as it was local thing there were a few spectators and runners I know out and about keeping me honest. I find with the big races, it takes a while to get into a rhythm with all the congestion at the start. This one I will do on NYE would have me down in the 200s if I were to run a low 34 time ...

    Have a look at the start here I'm in there somewhere ...
  • Looks good Muddy - got confused for a bit and thought that was the one you won! Well done on the win. Training improving SG, annoying about the knee Bus! Well done on the duo Iower.

    Relays were decent, great watching the top lads strut their stuff before I ran. I was 2nd leg for our B team. It was nice for a change to get round going past people. Last year on a relatively dry track and feeling 100% I DID 17.10, so I thought sub 18 would be do able. Went off steady due to the health issues recently, but it was the muddiest it's ever been, going through the start finish bit on the first lap the watch said 9.25 - so I knew the 18.00 wasn't on at all! Ploughed on round the 2nd lap overtaking a few more and finished in 19.05 for the 5k.

    Yesterday joined a couple of LBAC on a nice route from near ours, across to whipsnade and along through Aldbury to Tring, about 13.5 miles. I had already run 3 to the start place, so it was a good run out. Have a plaster on my knee though, as my now very slippy Hokas have even less grip than they started with! Took a turn too fast and went over.

    Back in proper training this week as the chest has finally cleared.

  • Ouch. Nothing too serious injury wise I hope? Nice of you to carry out an experiment on how mud slows you down in the relay though Simon I wondered why I was so bloody slow yesterday  :D

    Yes, this knee is annoying, as one minute it absolutely fine, then niggly, then borderline painful, then disappears again with apparently no rhyme or reason.
  • It's definitely an area to fear an injury in!

    Mine lets me run decently on it, without much reaction, but can feel it a little up and down stairs, or when bending with both legs,.

    Will try some seated leg extensions, a few squats, loads of quad stretches and hamstring stuff, and see where we are, and press on with the runs.
    Would be sod's law if something derailed me just after the comeback!
  • Don't overdo it - squats alone should sort it if it is just a bit of alignment issue from klazing about with your fuzzy ear problem :wink:
  • Nah the knee is fine. Like a brave soldier I ripped the plaster off last night and it's OK.

    Luton tonight in the cold drizzle. Oh goody!!

  • Wish mine was - hurts when I walk on it, but not when I run - weird!

    Talking of weird, oddest thing ever this morning...

    Yesterday I left a clean shirt in the shower room at work as I was running in today.  As I always do, I look it off t-shirt style and left it hanging with all the buttons done up (saves time!).  This morning, I got out of the shower and went to put the shirt on. I couldn't do the buttons and it was undone. Weird I thought, why is it inside out?

    It wasn't - some psychopath had ripped all the buttons off!!!! Now, I don't know whether they just don't like me (eminently possible!), have some objection to clothes being left in the shower room, or have some weird psychotic hatred of shirts being left done up, but either way it was very odd and not just a little disturbing! 

    Luckily I had a spare shirt!  All my clothes are now safely locked away in my locker! Bit of a pain in the arse though, as the locker is quite a way from the showers and clothes end up crumpled. There is lso nowhere else to leave towels, wet running kit etc...

    Hey ho - nowt as queer as folk!

  • Maybe you have an admirer who sneaks in there, gets naked except from your shirt and pretends they're you?

    Then after some swirling it around, got panicked and had to get it off quicker than expected?

    I forget you don't have the luxury of a car to dump the stuff in at work.

    When I get in the shower room and find someone's left their gear there, it's always a little awkward, as you hope they don't turn up just when you've started.

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