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    Good points re Abbey Dash, i guess the really fast folks don't get competitive races very often.

    Marathons take a lot of recovering from, some folks dont want to wait long enough before they get back to faster training and racing again.

    Im at Gosport 1/2 sunday which will be 4 weeks since Abo, and ive only run one session and one temp run since Abo, both in the last week.
  • That's a keen time back to be doing a half.
    Although I've seen people race again within 1-2 weeks!
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    Exactly, that's the point about folks running too fast again too soon. I have done no prep for it (apart from 1 tempo and 1 3min reps session in the last week), it will be a result of the Abo training and recovery 
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    I'm a little flat after Abingdon, might try my 1st bit of effort in a run later this week but I'm lacking a bit of direction right now.

    Run well TR. I think if you're mentally up for it then this should be a good time to race from a fitness perspective. I raced some shorter stuff early in the summer in pretty short order after London and got some pleasing results. It's prob good for me to have a bit of a rest phase in all honesty.

    Very pleasing to see Pete back at it. Very unsurprising for the comeback to comprise a double race weekend :-)


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    Wool - good idea on the downtime, im not racing again this year after Sunday. I targetted Brighton, Yeovil and then Abo, so am looking fwd to not having a focus, to be fair i havnt really targetted gosport, so getting up for it mentally might be the issue........i could do with a Wool team talk like at the Abo 19m point.
  • 2-3 weeks rest is ok I think - I did a Surrey league XC 3 weeks after Berlin and ran ok, good luck in the half TR, presume you are waiting on the weather forecast!

    No coach at Luton last night, but he set us 8 x 1k off 80. First one was 3.23, but got back on track with 3.16 and improved down to 3.09 for the last one. Happy with that as it was pretty windy, grass wasn't too bad either for the old track spikes that I use.

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    Simon - 8 x 1k seems a popular session yday, i saw a few postings of that last night inc a recent 2.17 man at frankfurt.......yes, gosport needs a windless day, looks like an easterly which is bad news, depends how strong it gets though.
  • As slow as 3.23? Put the effort in son!!

    So we (I) explored Endure to the absolute nth degree, even attempting to attract Steve Way in - which is akin to being out amongst film stars and trying to pull the hottest in the room - naturally it failed,a s unfortunately it sounds like his motivation in general has dropped off a cliff :(

    Worth a look, but not going to happen for 2020. I note there are also a Thunder Run and Equinox 24, pretty much the same basic the midlands...later in the year.

    Anyway, went off for my 5miler today, thought i'd do a different route, and obviously in the months since I last did said route, I'd forgotten it was significantly further, so ended with a 6.5m. Which was certainly plenty today
  • TR - Must be the the time of year. Its a decent workout and Kimpton's not in tip top shape at the moment, so wasn't left too far behind him. Also another Ian who was recently 3rd in the last 3 counties xc race (our local Sunday league) was only a few seconds behind too. Good session.

    God loves a tryer SG ;)

  • Recovering well and that, but like the Woolster, feel in a bit of a directionless mode at the moment.

    Doubles for routine are good, but definitely needs to step up soon :)

    Spending too long arguing on strava with local characters about whether Tuesday intervals after Sunday races is too soon, and whether if you constantly have "sore" legs, you're obviously overdoing it :D

  • That Strava, nothing but trouble. My issue is that everyone can see what training you're doing. Not a good thing ;)
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    I wish i'd been on there when I was doing my peak Moz stuff :dizzy:

    People must look at my current stuff -generally (when not screwing routes up like yesterday) 5mile morn, 4mile afternoon, all easy, and wonder what's going on :)

    Caught the clock showing 6.59 at a stage in my 5th mile today, so thought i'd have a gentle little push to bank what would be my first sub 7 mile in 8 weeks.
    Despite seeing it in the 6.45s and 6.40 near the end it still came out

    I need to add some faster stuff very soon, as I think you get into a mental thing as much as physical, where the "easy" pace of say 7.20-30s, feels enough of a pant, as there's nothing to compare to.

    Once the 6-6.30s are thrown back in I'm sure it'll mentally feel better
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    SG; just do a couple of tempo parkruns to get back into running a bit faster. That's what I did a few weeks back. Just being amongst all the other runners will take someone with your pace along about 6'30 without much effort at all; if you start gently it's a nice feeling (and rare for me!) overtaking all the way though the 2nd half. 
  • If I did that I'd probably do it under my ringer name, Tito Fuentes.
    Don't want no 20min parkruns on the profile ;)
  • Stevie - Your Strava now is just like mine has always been ! Loads of easy stuff. Working hard is not all it's cracked up to be  ;) I have no problem turning the fast stuff on for a race off a background of weeks and weeks of jogging with a few strides and some short hills. I feel it's just a question of where your strengths and weaknesses are - if you have base speed, don't worry and just get the aerobic and endurance side in shape.
  • I think we definitely take it for granted when things are going well.
    Months and months of big mileage weeks with 2 sessions are not to be sniffed at, and I don't think it was any accident under Moz's guidance a mix of that and some sound session progression worked a treat :)

    Hard to recreate that but will do my best
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    SG; no need to hand a barcode in at pr; you're free to run as 'unknown' and not tarnish your Po10. One friend of mine does this routinely to get his tempo but keep his ego!
  • Lads, this is Parkrun FFS ;) Mine goes from 44.03 to 15.52. Ran round the slow run with the kid when he was small (2 weeks before Berlin 2015 as it happens).

    I've got a low level of running pride, well virtually non existent. If you run shite, you run shite. That's just the way it is.

  • I've just pipped you there Simon with a 45:41 ;) - but agreed, who cares, it's just a bit of fun. Race when you want to race, enjoy the ride regardless.

    Logging some decent swim/bike/run sessions and getting back into it nicely. Valencia marathon in 2 weeks, will run hard but it's not going to be record breaking. 
  • I like to keep parkrun as a race.
    I'd never do one as a tempo.  I think I tried joining a parkrun that was underway when I was needing to do a few quicker miles at the end of my run once, and that went rubbishly.

    But then I could never be one of these "streakers" who rack up 732 of the things.

    I do appreciate that they give 100s of locations for a free race every week when desired though. That side of things is excellent.
  • SG, I'm hearing Carly Simon in my head - "you're so vain, you probably think this forum's about you...."  :D
  • Meanwhile, I too am directionless! Getting a bit bored of running through swamps too! Managed a sort of speed session anyway yesterday, squeezing 5x 0.25M off 45 sec reps into 4 miles in a much restricted lunch break! They were OK ish - around 1:27 average, but not so long ago they'd have come out around 1:20 and I wouldn't have felt so knackered afterwards :smile: 

    Big dose of CBA combined with work getting in the way might mean an unplanned Th-off today! 

    Toying with the idea of racing on Sunday though. If nothing else, it's mildly amusing to be able to say "I came 23rd in Herbert's Hole yesterday". Yep, that old chestnut again :smiley:   
  • Sounds like a few of us need a bit of a reboot with targets then!
    And trying not to be too proud about comparing versus the past!

    I had a look at Silverstone half ages back, but it's about 2 weeks away now, and that'd be a ludicrous stretch, unless I boob it round in 1hr 32 or something. 
    There's a 5k and 10k, but the problem with doing a 5k with 2 other distances on, is that you run the risk of winning it doing 19mins, and beating 17 women and children who run a total of 20miles a year between them.

    (or worse still...not even coming near winning it ;) )
  • I've got loads of events planned over the coming weeks, even if they are not eyeballs out races. Quite happy just to get out and plod around in between them really when the weather is shite, then turn up and race if I'm feeling it. Bit like Simon really, no ego involved, if I feel it, I can go for it and utterly unworried about my internet records. Otherwise, if I don't feel it, I get a good workout. I know you love this kind of free planning thing Stevie ;) but I am less than convinced as an older geezer with other responsibilities that I can ever stick to a rigid plan to peak at a particular time. 
  • I haven't really done the peaking thing since moz days. And arguably the results show!

    However thr best results have certainly come after good blocks of training.

    There's flexibilty to do any old iron as seen from the last two summers. But right now absolutely zero benefit to a turnout
  • That's fair enough, but with a parkrun literally on your doorstep with enough mud to give a  good excuse for a slow time, why not just get some hidden speedwork in?
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    SG -  being gagdet-less and not being on stuff like strava is a good thing for me it sounds. I agree with muddy, park your ego and do some low pressure stuff even if you wait until New Year. Most of my races are done tired as build up races, not really sure that anyone other than me is interested in my Pof10 results, but i know most of them are compromised times.
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    Bus - I've covered every step of that course so much, I'd be even less inclined to do this one! I did enjoy that little tour I did in 2015, so i'd do some random one if any. And being an early riser the other 6 days of the week, I can't do it to myself sat morning!

    If I had a firm month of speedwork behind me I might be tempted to throw some little race in, but although it sounds to you gang that I'm right back in it, in truth I'm well off.

    Patience required still.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    The low key races would be the speedwork.
  • Cheating.
    A miserable soulless slog on your own on a freezing cold morning is the way it's done..not hitching a ride on loads of mates 😜😮
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