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    SG - 6 years ago was a good day, i did 78min and won £50 for first M45.

    Didnt run as well as id have liked at gosport today, i was hoping to get under 81mins, but it always a risk doing this after Abo recovery with no real race prep. So my legs got a shock today. Still Abo always was the priority.

    81.27, so not much quicker than my solent 82.34 which was a tired run on a sler route...........however, 81 mins is well on the way to sub 255 shape which is my vlm aim.

    A few easy days then operation sub 255 begins.
  • ML84 said:

    Just seen a post about a runner called Jake Smith having a blinder at a half marathon in Paris i think. A quick PO10 search shows he was 9 seconds in front of Phil at Wycombe parkrun back in 2012 as a 15 year old. Also beat Bus and Scott Pulley a couole of years later when he ran 16.44. 

    He's just broke the british U23 half marathon record with a 62.01. 

    That's a progression and a half!

    ps welcome back!

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    Didn't realise you were quite that vintage TR!  81 is certainly not messing about in the circumstance. A minute is plenty of an improvement over a season's best (presumably?) post a marathon too.

    I just remember in my 2 Gosports, one time having a slight cold, and Stevie Fell a local guy to us here mentioning my breathing after (back in the days I didn't give such things a thought :) ), and how windy it was in that airfield!

    That and meeting a long departed poster on RW called Pantman, who emerged from nowhere to be on my shoulder shouting "sub 1.20 train", with his 14 or 15 year old son!

    Eventually ditched the pair of them by a decent margin, but no-ones looking at you when there's a kid matching your pace!

    I'll never forget Pantman saying how the pace was "comfortable", and he could have carried on for a while, but certainly couldn't have just upped the pace. Found that quite unusual.

    Perhaps shouldn't do, as he's basically never done speedwork since and now does ultras in America.

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    SG - yes, im M52 nowadays. No airfield anymore (its been sold off), basically same start then approx 3 miles west and 3 miles back again on the prom (x2 with a few extras). Today was a good day, wind was minimal.
  • My age next year TR - if I can get back down to 1:21 half I'd be happy :smile:

    Promising future for that lad Matt. I'm looking forward to hearing him on the telly when he says he was inspired by beating that famous bus and Mr Jones of the world renowned StevieG thread :smiley:

    Recovery seems to be going very well Mr G if you are knocking out long runs at a comfy 7:14 pace!

    Miles of mud and hills for me today. Bit of an aimless bimble, but felt OK for the first half, and wasn't sure why it became so hard (other than endless mud!) until I looked at the profile on Strava - a shade under 2000ft over the 14M! Not bad for the south!
  • Sounds like you're being very hard on yourself to me TR. Did you go out harder than that & fade? Just checked the WAVA's & your HM is 83.6% vs 81.0% for Abo. On the rankings you're 87th MV50 in the mara & just outside the top 100 for the HM. All pretty good stats I'd say.
    A casual 11M @7:15 SG? Sounds like sub 20 parkrun territory to me ;)
    Still not feeling great today so almost procrastinated the whole day away but eventually got out for a hilly 10K route I've done the last couple of weeks. After a slow first K I started moving surprisingly well so pushed on & about half way hit a tough half mile segment hard. Very surprised to find my efforts rewarded with the CR B) Definitely one of the softer one's round the forest because it's not been used on any of the myriad races which use these trails.
  • Got to love a seg Jools! I seem to keep getting cyclist fools trying to rob mine.

    I was drenched in cold sweat in my run. So maybe it wasn't as casual as when fit! But it's good to see the distances and times coming back a lil bit. I've certainly made sensible step ups each week.

    Bus 14 is never to be sniffed at. Especially with the elevations you add. Handy cross xc in two Sundays. Might interest you. Bradenham job.
    Can't say illbe there as i had a right slog when a lot fitter last year, but Phil could probs get you in for £3 as a guest.
  • Tr wondered why they'd changed the route. Not a fan of changes to courses but that's obvs unavoidable!
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    Thats the target then Bus

    Jools - hard on myself in that i could run quicker if i was better prepared, but i was post Abo prepared. Dont really follow my SAGA scores, but i know im better at the distances i don't train for.

    SG - its a much better route now than round the airfield. Gosport is a good race. They sold out with 2000 places and had a swap system for those that no longer wanted to run.

  • It's long had a rep for being the best late year attempt at a fast time.

    And yes, that airfield was pretty soulless, and 2 laps if I remember right, albeit different directions!

    I'm looking forward to some 2020 south coast turnouts. At least the 5k. Not being able to make at least one of those was a shame this year. If Endure doesn't happen, which pending some magic from mr Scott looks about 90% against, the mile/5k double should at least be back on, as that's a weekend job versus midweek for the 5ks.

  • ML84 said:

    Just seen a post about a runner called Jake Smith having a blinder at a half marathon in Paris i think. A quick PO10 search shows he was 9 seconds in front of Phil at Wycombe parkrun back in 2012 as a 15 year old. Also beat Bus and Scott Pulley a couole of years later when he ran 16.44. 

    He's just broke the british U23 half marathon record with a 62.01. 

    Good to see the youngsters getting inspired by chasing a few old ones round.

    The po10 ranking have him 6th all-time with Callum Hawkins ranked #1 with 63.06

    I was expecting an oh-er missis from Bus as it was Herbert's Hole and he likes getting dirty up there.
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    Off and rolling on another week then...

    First time I've done my "Monday 6" for months. 
    Basically an out and back, with a gradual climb over the first 3miles, about 140 feet over miles 2-3 with most of that over 2 shortish bits within the 2miles, and then back.

    Needless to say it feels better in the second half!

    Have done plenty of these in the sort of sub 43 mixer, but 7.21 average today (over 44) is probably plenty.
  • I have changed - I had to as admin made a change and the email is an old work one. Thought I'd put a picture of a fat kid on too, rather than my old one of me racking up shots on my stag do in Hamburg.

    Good running from Muddy, MH and TR

    Running report is VERY brief. Was 2nd in the Eastern xc champs at Keysoe, 1st V40-49 and and 1st EMAC. 3 big laps, pretty tough as tufty grass, 1 ditch and the famous water feature that they use for the Chiltern League (will add picture). Loads of 'fun'.

    17.5 hilly yesterday.
  • <img src="" alt="">Said water feature. First lap went up to my knee, you can see the muddy crap behind me I had dredged up. 
  • will try later. Loaded up ok then went wrong..
  • <img src="" alt="">
  • ok ah. Will stop now. 
  • You numpty, never use a work email :D  

    Shame all that history from your old account has gone into the ethos though... I would suggest contacting support, but this site hasn't had any for years!
  • Probably didn’t have a home email back then! Good clear out. Wish I could do the same to my house!!
  • ML84 said:

    Just seen a post about a runner called Jake Smith having a blinder at a half marathon in Paris i think. A quick PO10 search shows he was 9 seconds in front of Phil at Wycombe parkrun back in 2012 as a 15 year old. Also beat Bus and Scott Pulley a couole of years later when he ran 16.44. 

    He's just broke the british U23 half marathon record with a 62.01. 

    The po10 ranking have him 6th all-time with Callum Hawkins ranked #1 with 63.06

    It's been updated now & Jake's on top now. If he can make the same improvements as CH in the next few years he'll break the hr!

    A sunny canal 5M for me at a reasonable pace which felt OK.
  • That was surreal Simon! Well done by the way!

    I did try Philip - I even mentioned that i hadn't entered Herbert's Hole, but nobody bit :smiley:
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    We did the last 9 years when that gag was produced  :open_mouth:
  • I need to do Herbert's Hole. One of the LBAC legends who died a couple of years ago did it every year, been meaning to do it out of respect for John.
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    Even though it's not one of these races with a clue about the toughness in the title, I bet it's still a world of pain!

    Up and out early today, to expand upon last week's first session in 2months above easy pace. Last week was 3miles steady, today was 6

    Last week, finishing 3 felt plenty, this week 6 was more comfy - literally seeing these week by week improvements, even if as I speak each week I'd still think of myself as well off.

    Steady being a rough zone in the sort of 6.20-6.50 type mixer, so after a 2mile warm up panned out

    So very close to a progression run in fairness.

    Strange Dorney experience, as the whole venue was shrouded in mist, so that usual feeling of seeing the whole route the whole way round wasn't a thing. 
    Wasn't that windy either, which was unusual! Bit of ice on the main bridge bit.

    Vaguely 2 laps, the opposite direction to usual, but remembered last week's mistake of ending a million miles from the car, and didn't want a huge cool down, so changed direction round the back of the second lap, to leave just a 0.5miler.

    That'll do nicely. 

    Pros and cons to Dorney v the Marlow track really. 
    Best part is that it's only 4miles from work, worst part is that you can cop some dodgy wind.  Both very safe to run as hard as you want though - which can't be overlooked. Sometimes doing tonneloads of 400m laps suits, other times it's nice to break it up with a 3mile loop.

    Back to the car at 8.25, thinking I'd cruise the 4mile drive in way before 9. Instead took over 20mins to get to the first traffic lights, and in by 9.15! DOH!
    M4 issues no doubt.

    ps yes we're getting long reports of light sessions now!!

  • Getting there then. We've talked about doing a session in fog before, it is quite funny when you can't see where you're going properly, seems like it's never ending

    My lift back from Luton wasn't going last night (flare up from the masters international xc), so did the horrible broad Walk Regents Pk session at lunch. this is the 8 x 1k session off 90 secs recovery. 500m slightly downhill and then 500m slightly uphill, all on tarmac. I do a bit extra now so I'm happy that it's virtually 1k.

    Came out at 3.22 for the first one, got them down to 3.14 for the last one. Its mentally tough as you have to look up the hill to the Indian Fountain and run towards it.

    Curtailed my long run this morning as f**king London North f**king Western Trains are f**king clowns.
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    Those "slow" first kms eh Simon :D  

    Pros and cons with trains innit! Don't get the traffic of the road - like my 30mins to cover 4miles from Dorney Lake yesterday, but they can just cut the train out!

    10 this morno. Longest midweek run for months.

    Ran to Dorney Lake from work for the first time, it's about 4.6miles or so, to dabbled in there for a miniscule amount, then headed straight back!

    Surprised to see a minibus smashed into a lamppost, angled on the wheels on one side.

    The mind boggles what on earth happened there!

    But anyway, 10miles, 7.20 average. Comfy enough.

    33.5miles Mon to Wed, so on for a good haul this week.

    Wycombe v Tranmere tonight. That'll be warm. Not!
  • Yes, always a slow starter on the reps - must be an age thing I suppose ;) Good run there too, must be nice to get a 10 spot done. FA Cup tonight isn't it? How is our loanee getting on?

    Trains are a nightmare, plus there's industrial action at the weekend. Could be problematic as I have got the Herne Hill 130th dinner Saturday night in Balham.

    Quiet isn't it. We'll have to merge with the sub3 gang at this rate :)
  • He had a sensational first game, then got sent off and got a 3 match ban. He got his starts in the "checkatrade" cup
    Now he's on the bench awaiting a chance.
    We have a quality squad this year (league 1 level wise!)

    Thing with long runs is the distance you do always feels like "plenty", and you need to sort of learn to go further.

    That first 15 I did pre work early 2018 was hard! But a few weeks later was comfy! They were coming out sub or very early 7s too!

    You do tend to build momentum though
  • Long runs are definitely a mental as well as fitness thing. Decent mileage SG & a quality session Simon.
    Did a double today with a flat 5M steady at lunch then an easy but hilly 11K after work which brings me to just over 26 for the week so far. Keep this up & I should hit 50M for the week for the 1st time since April!! Can't believe I was averaging 70 mpw this time last year. 
  • Mileage is certainly a momentum and habit thing. And you can quickly be derailed.

    Our quality lady runner has been a bit derailed. She was banging out all sorts of 80-90s for marathoning. That's pretty damn serious and makes mid 60s look hobby mileage!
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