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    Stevie G said:
    SCoombes2 said:
    Worst are the ones who won’t turn out for big club races but are seen doing Parkrun. Doesn’t happen often at HHH thankfully LOL
    I think Wool pulled this stunt last year, didn't you old son ;)

    Did I? Really?

    It wasn't the weekend when I wasn't supposed to be back from Texas until Sunday morning and resultingly said I couldn't run the 12 stage was it? I know I got back early and it didn't go down very well! Really cnba to justify my actions at times. I saw Mark F getting stick for running on 'work hours' the other day. He doesn't even work!

    There are some very irritating people at the club trying to get teams together at times. What irks me most is being berated by folks who can't be bothered to train but feel like it's OK to bully others who make an effort to be fit / train to then take part in events they really don't want to.

    parkrun forever <3B)

    Simon describing exactly why I don't do XC. Oh, the pain. Great racing though!

  • Shotover is a decent hill Simon so I’m not surprised the quads are wrecked especially after all that recovery juice 🤣 Sounds like classic XC: go out too fast & then regret it thereafter. Chap from our club did his first XC on Saturday & can be seen up around top 50-60 after 400m but finished about 350th! 3 lapper so course photographer shows his relentless regression.
    Another 8M along the canal before work & about to hit the track for a lunch of 400m efforts.
  • Jools - oh that's cruel. But funny - and it'll learn him. Wool - yes the thought of a pint was like a holy grail infront of me on the 2nd lap. Was bloody hard though, had a few this year - MK 5,000, LFOTM in October and Saturday.

    Hey ho. Annoyingly can't really escape this lunchtime. Will have to run in the dark later, not ideal.

  • Easy Wool old son, just joshing, I think it was the big man our super vet Robby Mc who couldn't make a masters team, and then ended up racing something instead :D 

    I think we're all envo of Mr Ferg, not having to work is one heck of an advantage :D  Even I can't compete with that and I'm no Windsor dollar boy.
    Who was moaning out of interest?

    Intrigued by who doesn't train but hassles others - one for PM maybe :)

    I suppose in some ways being chased up is a compliment! If you were gubb, no-one would bother asking!
    But generally it's a difficult mix in a club - when you're a quality runner but refuse to ever turn out for the club, be it xc, relays, national stuff - I don't quite understand that, although I certainly understand that XC is a right old slog and tough work.  I never intended to do 5 the last 2 seasons, I just sort of got carried into it!
  • XC is one of the few times that running becomes a team sport - probably why many don't bother turning out.
    Got out the door into a wet gale. Not surprisingly there were no takers for the track session so I went for a TM session: 1K wu/5x1K off 500m steady/1K cd K's were all 3:46 rather than 3:45 due to the lag on the belt with 2:24 recovery. Really enjoyable sweatfest :p
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    I must admit I get a bit frustrated by those who don’t do club races and then just appear in a big fast race like Leeds or Telford (with the magic shoes obviously). 

    I suppose it’s just what you want to get out of it. We all love PB’s but for me it’s not the be all and end all season of it.

    just did a few 15-20 33 second efforts down the canal. Really windy, One exceptionally strong gust basically stopped me dead. The other direction was a useful exercise on good fast running with the wind behind you. 
  • I was ruminating this morning whilst trotting along with a helpful tailwind that it probably has the same effect as a cani-X harness. A proper cani-X dog is probably like a 70mph tailwind :D
  • It's rare you really feel that wind get behind you.
    Normally the best you hope for is still! 

    One of our xc races just got cancelled. The 8th and final one, with us currently 5 through.

    8 has to be too many in fairness. I certainly won't be disappointed there's one less!!
  • I've raced in 50mph winds at least twice. Both times in Wales. XC: Feb 2015 in Brecon - we arrived to find a number of U20W being wrapped in foil blankets, given oxygen & carted off in ambulances due to hypothermia!! Race the Train 2016 we had the benefit of a tailwind to the turnaround & I was comfortably ahead at that point but when we turned to come back it was, inevitably, brutal. I lost by about a minute though I had done a sub 20 parkrun en route & scored both Mile & 10,000m PBs the evening before B) The Mile PB still stands but I bettered the 10,000m last year. Missed my annual hit out at the County Champs this year for the 1st time since I joined the club in 2011 but tbh it would've been a PW for sure.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Im unattached harriers, so maybe thats another reason why i dont parkrun then.....or do xc.

    Well done Simon, i had read that Brighton had won. The booze up sounds more fun than the xc.
  • Seem to have lost my account 

    Hope everyone is well! 

    Cani X is getting more and more popular and my bosses both run, they went to the Europeans and world's recently. Yes dogs do pull you but not everyone has the same improvement from the same dog, lots come down to the chemistry and control from the runner 

    Some dogs are also more attuned to racing. They get on the start line and seem to "know" it's race time 

    Our boss is obvsiouly quick and even more so in his day but can knock out 13 min 5kms. The guy whose number 1 Ben Robinson we sponsor and is good, probably has a better 5km time in him than on paper to be fair 

    The crazy thing is they give massages to the dogs and have very strict diets with lots of supplements etc

    Also unbelievable scenes one of our part timers ran 30.04 at Telford on the weekend. NOT in the next % and didn't even break 32 last year
  • Maybe they should just race the dogs on their own if they're putting that much into them :)

    Nice name by the way, scedgy!!! :D

  • Hi Again Scedgy, RW forum did the same trick with me and made me change my account! Do some doggies have Nike 4% also? ;)

    TR - Oh the xc was good too. When I got past the finishing line and the first bit before the hills...

  • Scedgy and Scoombesy....

    10 this morn, still feels a bit unusual seeing it coming out around mid 73mins rather than 70, but then 7.21 is hardly a worry of a pace and I dare say I was in peak mode and possibly slightly overdoing it for the 7 dead stuff. Although i got into a nice run of 15s at that pace early 2018!

    Sometimes it's easier to get the average pace lower for longer though isn't it, you build momentum, and go beyond the time you start burning carbs and fat.
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    Weirdly I was allowed to revive my account from lack of use for months! (though I have history of this so the site probably knew it was legit :D ) Scedgy - funnily enough I was thinking of getting in touch, will PM...

    Sacked the track session off last night, lots of rain and wind picking up and we've had our fair share of monsoon & mega headwind/tailwind sessions this year already, plus ours is particularly exposed so always seems to have it's own (normally worse) micro-climate! Did an hour indoors on the bike instead!

    I haven't raced much for the club this year, different goals in multisport, but definitely feel out of the loop and a bit detached because of it so will look to do more next season. Local XC series of three races Jan-Feb so will give these a bash, and see if I can pick up a transfer to some HRRL races. 
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    Well done on the casual 2:44:xx Joe. That was about as shocking as a northern race not being correctly measured. Shame about the PB Matt.

    SG - You are relieved that the total races has been cut from 8 to 7 after doing none of the 5 so far :-) 

    I am thinking about that Reading XC so I can at least have turned out for the club once this year.  Still running once or twice a week 4-6 miles so not much but better than nothing.

  • You read it right Reg! I first felt the thrill of a cancelled XC in 2006, back when i did all the club champ races at Marlow, and all XCs were on :o 
    But i still get that thrill of less of them now :)

    We won't compete for the title now I don't think, so ducking in for one, slogging it out and revelling in the post race chichanery of the pics and bants and I may be able to duck out there!
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    Today was 3x10min threshold job off 2mins.

    First did this under Johnas last year.

    Was nicely rested, 9pm to bed (!), but knew it'd be a right old wind fest from the warmup :)

    Laps on a track are nice and smooth and all that, but there's nothing quite like that sinking feeling on a high lap session, when you run into a wall of wind for half of a lap, and you know there's tonneloads more laps to come :D 

    Had to battle my mind bargaining with me to "just" do this/that and the other, all reduced from the planned 10mins, but managed to boot  it out as planned, full 3x10mins, basically 6.5 laps per rep.

    A few 1.31s, a single 1.34 and a few 1.33s, but pretty much averaged 1.32

    Now last year I'm pretty sure these were 1.28 sort of average for a similar sesh, but I guess it's half down to the wind, half down to still rebuilding back to full capacity?

    6miles threshold has been 6.20 and 6.18 last 2 weeks

    Today then, for threshold reps probably averaged about 6.10 miling - so the "right" gap between the 2 paces I guess...

    So it's where we are at the moment, and perhaps on a still day I could be trimming somewhere between 5-10secs a mile off?
    But hopefully still on the right track.
  • I know that feeling SG. Sounds like a decent session. Do you walk during the 2 minutes to start & finish each rep with a tailwind or huddle out of the wind somewhere?
    Finally feel like I've turned a corner fitness wise after a few proper weeks of training 50, 72, 68 & 49 so far with a couple of workouts each weeks too. Wednesday was an 8 & 10K double then yesterday repeated Tuesday's 5x1K treadmill session at lunch after an 8M with 8x200m off 300m at the backend. Just back from a breezy 5M along the canal. Legs felt great & HR vs pace was about as good as it's ever been rather than 10-15 bpm too high B)
  • Looks ok SG -

    We were over at the golf club paths, ours was half in the puring rain, then it stopped.

    1 x 3k, 2 x 1500, 2 x 800. Think it was 10.22, 5.00,4.57, can't remember the 800 times tbh. Weather wet and windy so not ideal, couple of 90 degree turns and cars in the way, so not too bad.

  • Jools - the wind seemed to be from about 120metres to about 300, so I didn't make any special plans.

    But as it was a 6 1/2 lap for my 10mins, I walked the 200metres in about 2mins.

    There's some of these sessions, like one I saw last year that was something like 4/5 x1mile threshold, with a 3min jog in between, and then faster work - but where it's just a "xx min recovery", I'll usually just stop dead.

    Your mileages are decent - that's always step 1 complete for me - getting back to full capacity. I guess the speed always comes back last.

    SC - i was going to say 2k and 3k reps sound hell, but then remembered my 6 1/2 laps :) Although in fairness you were booting yours, and I was specifically aiming at an effort level.

    It's quite unsettling with medium hard pace sessions like this when the first lap of a rep comes out slower than you're used to - you can usually rely on adrenaline to see it come out too fast, and then it adjusts, but it is what it is right now!
  • That's a lot of threshold work in a week Stevie (going by my standards anyway, where 3 miles at threshold feels like plenty).

    I've been recovery running all week in the rubbish weather but will try to rouse myself for a 5m race on Sunday, where hopefully the weather will dial it down a bit.

    Jooligan - glad the fitness feels like it's returning

    I think a 10.22 3k in training is very impressive SC (and the other numbers too!)
  • Tru Muds, I suppose it was easier to get myself up for then any faster reps! It was this or a 4x1mile progressive job, but I fancied the other one.

    Could be another pot for you this weekend. Although racing in the wind sounds a world of pain

    I can feel how windy it'll be next weekend at the xc, it's a bloody wide open field, and 3 laps! Basically asks for it! :D 
  • Up north for football tomorrow so had to get the longun in today.

    Not ideal after quality on fri and usually sat is my doss day, so extra hard to get out for.

    Said id do at least a 10 but put in 11.5 in the end. Super windy, wet in places and a long hill then super steep hill straight after.
    7.20 average surprisingly which was decent.

    Glad to get it done for a 65mile week.
  • Quiet on here! Decent long run SG. Cheers Muddy, yes not rolling along too badly at the moment.

    As you 'might have seen' on local news the water in Leighton Buzzard was out for a while, we didn't have any from11pm Friday until 5pm Saturday - so we did Dunstable Downs parkrun (26 mins with the kid) then went over to Bedford for showers at the in laws. Did a session in the local park over there - ended up as 9 x 3mins off 90. Went ok but bloody windy

    Horrible 15 miler yesterday, guts all over the place, stopped twice and must have been 7.45 miling in the end. LSR's getting harder and harder.

  • ioweriower ✭✭✭
    Well done on the consistency in the wind SG and getting out for the longun, decent pace there too

    Agree Simon that 3k in training on grass paths is around my track race PB!  :D dodgy guts and water out not linked by any chance? Lets hope not!

    20 miles for the week for me from (essentially) nothing over the last 5; feels good to be out and the horrendous running form and lack of fitness seems to be shifting already. Going to ease my way up to around 40mpw plus cycling hours.

    Entering my two A race triathlons this evening so the long term plan will be set then!
  • This wind needs to bore off doesn't it!

    I think "guts" was my theme for ages on this thread, horrible when it comes on. Especially when not obvious why, like the times I'd smash lucozade, fruit and pasta, and wonder why that ended with an absolute shimmering ball of fire in the shrubbery at anything long or hard (so to speak!)

    340miles driving yesterday, and a nice lie in today, but had to then put an 8miler in, before an underrated 2-6ish shift at work.

    First committee meeting with the club tonight. My joint cap did say he'd do the meets, being local and that. But after missing the AGM and turning out 0/5 of the xcs, I thought I best do this one!

    Have a headlight to get fixed in the inbetweenings...glad I didn't notice that pre long drive back in the dark and wet yesterday, or that'd have preyed on my mind! Maybe it went overnight :)
  • I've had a bellyful of gut issues since my race at Telford was finished off by them at 6K. Had to pause both runs on Wednesday after about 4M. Seems to have settled down now though as I managed 5M Runch @7:28 & 13.1M LSR post work to make up for my zero yesterday.
  • I am quite pleased it's been quiet on here, less reading back. 

    I am considering getting a treadmill at the moment due to the sheer lack of training time available to me, anyone else have one or looked into it?
  • Well done Jooligan. I had a zero last Saturday and yesterday but I won't bother making up for them ;) Rest is good ;)

    My race on Sunday was a bit rubbish. Forgot my racers for a start; parking was a pain and only managed a quarter of a mile of warm up. The start was very icy so we went off with a group of slow pacers to get us round the track and up a bank before we were let off the leash. Tons of congestion leaving the track but I got going on the roads and was cruising around 5.30 min/mile but then noticed my laces were flapping, courtesy of my rush to make the race start, so I stopped and faffed around with them for far too long before I got going again, and lost loads of places. Still, I felt quite fresh and regained many of them. Back at the track it was all still rather icy and I heard someone go splat! behind me. Tiptoed round the final 200m then to finish 11th in 28.46. The small consolation for the calamity of the race was a massive frozen turkey in my goody bag (there was no vegetarian option) and 1st v40-49 which earned me a tenner.
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