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    Can't see anything wrong with chasing the segs SG - in a furlough world with no racing you've got to have something to pass for a challenge/entertainment that's for sure! 

    Cheers Joe.

    Simon - glad you mentioned that as I didn't get a notification from Starav and found it by searching! It's the 30X something that scares me rather than the distance! Good luck at MK tomorrow!

    And Reg - RW is trying to get you to learn for yourself :wink: Sme very nice countryside on that route this morning.  Did you push the bike over the lock at Hambleden? probably fine at that time of the morning, but can get busy there.

    A quick blast on my proper road bike tonight with a half-arsed attempt at at an hour TT. Reasonably happy with 18.5 M as it was a hillyish route, bit of a breeze in places (well, more like just weirdly dense air!) and my legs weren't the freshest. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Simon - the 35/25 sounds more my bag, I'll give it a go.

    Jools - 9m on the flat ? Have you moved house ?.....7 reps were 5.57 to low 6s (av 6.08), 3 were 6.40 to 7.05, im blaming them on hills and trees. Underlines the need to do them under repeatable course/conditions if i want to be time precious, so approx hmp i guess, not sure what youd expect them to be off 60sec jog ?
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    TR just flat by recent standards: still over 700ft of climb! Sounds about right for the 3 mins off just 60s - roughly 800m for the most part. 
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    Bus - I cycled over the lock, there was just one guy on there taking photos and he was happy to almost chuck himself in the river it seems, I stay on the bike if I can as it takes up less space than walking next to the bike. I'd probably get off if it was busy to avoid having to explain my logic. There is a segment across it actually, I got my 3rd best time thanks to the cameraman slowing me down to  5.3 mph average, the KOM is 8.6 mph so I may have a crack at that one day!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
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    Binned off the idea of Marlow fairly late on to instead do not too dissimilar to Wednesday's effort, but having driven to park up a bit closer this time - to save the death march home after!

    Similar sort of steady hills, and a few flat burns.

    Had a look to see what we're dealing with on the Great Cockshoot (?) Woods climb, and the answer is a bloody steep hill through a rutted field. 170feet or so over 0.4miles.
    Went steady up there, knowing it wouldn't beat the Dominator's sharp low 7 pace. Even at what felt like a right traipse I see it recorded 2nd in the table!

    Couple of bits and pieces, including the slow seg through 2 gates.

    Was going to test the 200-250metre climb to the Mausoleum, but in truth, that hot, that steep, and with a family on the trail in front, I just sacked that right off as a mug's game. 

    Had an enjoyable burn from the main road up the same finish part. Just in case that was a hidden seg!

    It wasn't.

    Did a bit of exploring after that, and found a whole wealth of hills and woods behind the main road, but then back to the main business.

    Taking those 2 quarter mile reps I'd bodged Wednesday.

    5.30 one way, 5.50 the other. In my locker for sure - but plenty of people to avoid.

    Had to move a couple of clearly drug smoking teens on. After a ridiculous 1min of us both eyeballing each other :D

    Eventually jogged on over, explained how my name's SG, and there's a thread wanting to hear about these fairly high profile segments.

    They understood, applauded such a nobel mission, and wished me well.

    Stormed it off, on track, and remembered this time, you have to go a few yards OVER the little bridge.

    Clocked a whole bunch of people hitting the (narrow) bridge just as I was roaring in....and luckily they went single file, as the slightly ridiculous sight of some shirtless weasly bloke sprinting past them, then stopping a couple of metres ahead :D

    Same back the other way - job done.

    Couple of goes again each way to make sure.

    Times wise - secured. But currently only 2nd in one, as some genius in 2016 seems to have cycled a certain route quite often, meaning he takes a LOT of flagging out :D

    But 8miles, 50 for the week, that'll do for a bit.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    On a less wordy note - regulations now will see you able to mix in groups of 6 - and on the EA site that counts for runners as well, from June 1st.

    Wonder how soon 6 will extend to "club sessions"

    And then how soon club sessions will move to club events - as we had one planned late August. Along the lines of Endure 24, but a lap per hour - just club only.

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Nicely done again SG. I’m still hoping that Murder Mile goes ahead this year but Wales seems to be being much more cautious about opening up so not holding my breath. Be a good thread get together if it was :)
    Another monstrously hilly one in the midday sun for me today: 19.4M which makes 64M this week in just 4 days as I took Monday off. Walking with the OH tomorrow as it’s our 1 yr anniversary so that’ll be another zero but lots of time on feet as got a 10M route planned with swimming opportunities & a picnic 😀
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    The size of the Murder mile has increased a bit. Last year they split into separate men and women's races.

    Still pretty small though so possibly still a chance.
    Depends what the athletic boards say by then. They will have to judge on July soon.

    19 is a colossal one! 
    Not in your case but i have noticed a few people doing odd things.
    A vet at my club who insists he never ever does over about 20-25miles a week and has had severe injury issues did a 5.5 including efforts his way, then drove 40mins my way and then did a 11ish miler 3 hours later! Bizarre.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good work SG :smile:

    Jools - your calorie intake must be MASSIVE! Averaging 16M a day is like TR, but with hills!

    Out of total frustration, and after much deliberation and internal debate, I went for a short run yesterday evening, as there was no pain and the swelling had gone down considerably - just that weird feeling in two toes.  Anyway, 5k done and the legs felt reasonably strong. Seemingly no ill-effects this morning and, if anything, feels better than the last couple of days. I'm not going to get too excited as I've been here before with this stoopid thing!  Takes me to a massive 33 miles for the whole of May! (over 500 on the bike though).

    Bike today and see what tomorrow brings. 

    Anyone getting bored with the sun yet? I'm not 😌
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - cracking long run again. Congrats on the anniversary, enjoy yr day, im happy for you.

    Bus - good news on the foot. Im happy to run in the sun (given the chance) after all the wind, rain and dark of the winter.

    Im not a pancake flat run merchant (17m inc 750ft gain today).

    As above 17m inc 3x20min (3min jog) av 6.29 (undulating), 6.26 (flatter), 6.44 (hilly). Good blow out.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Nice stuff TR - Foot sounds more promising Bus. SG - I want the weather to break, just to stop the stupid wankers going to the beach when they should be home in the garden or the local park. Personally I have to work all day and can run in the rain, so I don't care. Stories from my brother in Poole sound ridiculous regarding litter on the beach etc. Beyond caring now.

    So - the 5m TT was a bit of a disaster on Friday. It was a bit warm, but after a 5.30 first mile, it all went south. Expecting a lot more 'snap' out of the Carbon rockets, all I got was 'meh' and the rest of it was a struggle. The shoes felt squishy and clumpy - and actually a bit heavy. Then after 3 miles the soles of my feet felt really hot and by the time I'd finished in an awful 29.3, I was on the verge of blisters. So sadly I think the Carbon Rocket gamble has failed - I'll just have to get some Adios in a couple of months. I just think I prefer to 'feel the ground' more when I'm running. Good job I'm not spending any money and London Northwestern have refunded £2,600 on my season ticket! Hey ho.

    Nice enjoyable 28.50 round the Rushmere parkrun course with the kid and missus yesterday and run back. LSR today was same 14.5m course as last week, 7.01mm this week, tough ish into the wind and no shade for the last 5m - reasonably happy with that.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    That feel the ground phrase is one I've definitely thought in the 4% too.
    Bound to be the case that different types of shoes suit different runners. I look forward to comparing the adios to the last few turnouts in the 4% some day racing again!

    And while 29s for 5m isn't fast for you, it's still a solo tempo in the warm.

    15.5 for me.

    Out to Marlow the long way, about half a mile of the Marlow 5 course in reverse across the railway line (approved crossing point rather than reckless idiocy) and the rugby club route to the Thames Path.

    Then a couple of miles of the Thames Path. Aggressive mutt all up in my grill, massive cows with their youngun and a couple of super narrow paths needing quick duck ins off route being some of the fun there.

    Back onto the main route for basically the same 5 or so miles as reverse of earlier.
    Just to make it a bit more varied than the safe but dull out n back.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SC - shame re the 5m and the shoes then Simon. I see there is a Sauncony version now too, i use Saucony Rides so will see what the reviews say. You can get some wear from them in training though.

    Another decent length long run SG
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    That's disappointing Simon. Might just take some getting use t the feel of them perhaps?

    Very strong 17 TR (and yes, not exactly flat that one :smile:)

    Eventful LSR SG. Nice part of the world to be running in the sun! I was near that way on my bike yesterday, over Winter Hill.  40M and a few hills, including what I reckon is the steepest road climb in Bucks, even if only a short one, at the top of Smalldean Lane. The only hill I've found round here I have to use the smallest chainring and biggest cog or grind to a halt on! I've actually got a reasonable (I reckon :smile:) 66/5250 for the full lane segment.

    6M running today.  Loads of litter in the parks as well Simon! People need shooting!  Foot felt better at the end than the beginning, but the proof will be tomorrow of course - fingers crossed!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Bus - fingers crossed indeed then.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Fingers crossed for the foot Bus.
    Hoka’s are known for their cushioning so not totally surprised by your experience with the Carbon Rockets Simon. I prefer to feel the ground too. Will you have another crack at the 5M? Decent LR anyway & great to have a family Parkrun jog.
    Standard Sunday then SG. Not a mention of segments anywhere so kept the S in LSR I take it😜
    Lovely leisurely walk yesterday. OH dictated pace, stops & opted for the shortcut too which should pre-empt any SPO symptoms developing just yet.
    Got out early (for lockdown me) today so [email protected]:45 with 1200’ D&D before half-ten. Still hot, sweaty & topless. Think that’s 360 for the month😎
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Lots of tangled fingers then :smiley:

    Jools - nice work, that almost ten times my massive May mileage of 39M :wink: 

    That's my lowest month total since December 2007, when I managed 3.7M, and nothing for the 5 weeks before after shattering my collar bone, breaking two ribs and puncturing a lung, with a week in hospital for my efforts. At least that was a proper, sensible injury and not a bleeding stoopid thorn 😁😂😌😁
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Jools, well done on the toplessness. 7.45 with that elevation factored in, I reckon makes that around 1min slower than your HMP. That's my top end too :)

    7.13 job today, which is fine, couple of miles offroad, hot etc.

    Segs on long runs is a dangerous game - whole point is to keep it consistent and the right effort - unless it's a specific long run sesh.

    Last week was probably a one off exception, having spotted a really slow one I could take with a minor up in effort on a 200m downhill :D

    Bus - a real annoying one all in for you. Am sure you wouldn't swap for that hospital rigmarole though!

    TR - that's a bumper one yesterday - presume those 20min efforts are marathon pace jobs, well, marathon effort I should say?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Top work on all fronts then jools. 360 is cracking, im on 340, my best ever was Februarys 350 (off 29 days too).

    Bus - that was a proper smash up back then.

    SG - probably a tad harder than mara effort. Need to do it on the flat really and see how repeatable it would be. The BAC 20min, 5x4min, 20min would be mp for the 20s and faster for the 4s, yday was nowhere near a BAC session in terms of toughness, they write off the rest of the day.
  • Joe Blogs-BRJoe Blogs-BR ✭✭✭
    Bus - glad to see progress on the foot. How did you do that back in the day?! Bike crash?

    Simon - sorry to see it didn't go to plan. Can't win em all. Saw lots of people heading out to log some pretty fast 5 milers this weekend..

    TR - how you finding the new watch?

    Still tapping out a considerable amount of biking, meshed with around 50 miles a week of running. Saturday was a 4 hr bike session, with a 'tempo' (read - felt flat out) 5km off the bike in 18:40 - just rampaging around the local side roads. Then a lovely 15 miles around Richmond Park on Sunday, nice and relaxed.

    Putting it on the line for accountability as you folks are some of the only people that are (maybe) actually interested in my running. 5km TT on Weds morn. Going for an all-time PB. I've said it so now I have to do it. Classic heaping pressure on myself ahead of a massive flop.  :D 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Remind us, Joe, what's your current PB?

    And yes - MTB incident. Minor loss of control whilst showing off with work colleagues, went to avoid a holly bush then a bloody great beech tree jumped out in front of me :smiley: Still - I increased in value after that as I have a large titanium plate holding my collarbone together!

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    excellent news Bus, good to see your run come up on Strava over the weekend. 

    Interesting feedback on the Hoka Simon. Thanks for sharing even when your run wasn't what you wanted. Do you know how they weigh in versus shoes that you'd normally race in?

    It's great to see you all hitting it hard during lockdown. I also ran a record May but it was a paltry 218 miles. Bit of Zwifting in there too, particularly during my lost week to the 'desk injury'. I was surprised to see that my May mileage is habitually so low but I suppose that's usually in response to racing / recovering from London in April.

    For the locals, I ran round Cookham & Bisham Woods yesterday. 1st time in the woods and I was a bit underwhelmed. I think perhaps it's just all a bit dry for anywhere to look spectacular right now. Some decent segments up and around Winter Hill for you to have a look at SG.

    Then this morning I fell over round the back of Eton college, tripping on a old bit of fence post sticking out of a sandy track. I don't think there's any proper damage but there are a couple of bits on my legs that are on a fair bit worse than the average graze so I'm probably out for a few days while things scab up. Just too old for this sh*t!
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice that SG has some company with the topless running.

    Joe, good to see you making yourself accountable with the 5k, coincidentally I will also be doing a flat out 5k this week as part of our club virtual series so let's add that into the competitive mix ;-)

    Hilly bike ride for me on Saturday, Reading Cycling club in the past have run a 'Torture 40' course that basically goes up every climb in and around the Hambledon valley. Adding in the getting there and back it was 62 miles and over 1500 metres of elevation, really enjoyed it, cracking weather and legs felt good. Sadly it didn't pick up the 42 mile long Strava segment! Sunday was a 13 mile run, very easy and early in the morning.
  • Joe Blogs-BRJoe Blogs-BR ✭✭✭
    Bus - sounds nasty mate. Do love a good MTB ride but they can be dangerous! Current PB is 16:57 set just under 3 years ago. 

    Reg - excellent news, I fully expect you to absolutely smoke me. What day you thinking? I've put myself as 'tentative' for the national hill climb jobby - no idea if it's got any chance of being on.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Not sure about that Joe, you're in much better running shape than me but the short distance narrows the gap. I will try and get it done early, Tuesday or Wednesday. I have an open water swim session booked tomorrow, first swim since lockdown, should be interesting!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Yay - looking good for a spicey thread head to head then this week :smiley:  

    Wool - Winter Hill is best on the slopes up from the river I reckon. Those photos look really nasty, so hopefully it will heal quickly and not cause any issues.

    Talking of bizarre running injuries, I chanced my arm and went out at lunchtime and the foot was still OK (2 days in a row!), but I caught a fly in my throat which became increasingly irritated. Just as I entered Hughenden Park, with its dozens of sun-seekers, I started coughing uncontrollably (the looks I got!). In an attempt to try and clear my throat, whilst running up hill a violent cough saw me pull my hamstring!!! I mean, what a plumb! Hopefully it is just a minor tweak and won't stop me running this week now the foot seems to finallybe playing ball (touch wood).

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    FFS Bus, I rekcon Ric has put a curse on you.

    I was chatting to a mate who's also doing the torture 40 today and we seemed to have created a stupid challenge for ourselves, one Joe might like. Deal is, you have to try and climb the equivalent height of Mont Blanc (4808m) without repeating the same climb and you have to start and finish at your own front door. You can finish at the top of the same hill from a different road or from the other side on a different stretch of road but can't repeat otherwise. I did a rough plan last night but it came out at 220 miles! This would be pretty easy if you live in the Alps but around here it provides quite the challenge, I suspect the route planning will be harder than the ride! The competition between us is to keep the ride a secret and see who can do it in the shortest ride. Might have to move house.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Lol - you may be onto something Reg :smile:

    That is going to take some planning! Maybe head the hilliest way out to the western edge of the ridgeway, then just go up and down every road on the scarp slope until you get to Pistone then find a hilly route home!

    A quick count gives around 30 climbs, averaging 200 ish ft, so 6000ft - just another 10,000 to find on the way there and home :smiley:  

    Yep - best move to Scotland :smile:

  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    That's rough luck Bus.
    Good to hear from you Joe. Good luck on Wednesday. Taper a little before the 5K smackdown eh ;)
    These challenges are the lockdown racing substitute Reg. Club mate of mine did some 100K Ultra on Saturday which involved climbing Mt Whitney in California so 18 times up from the River Wye at Brockweir to Hudnalls above St Briavels for almost 15,000' total!
    Apparently I did 75M & 11,786' last week in just 5 days which takes me to 42,450 feet climbed in May which has got to be my highest ever & just over half last year's total climb :D Only 353M btw TR I'd not updated the diary for a week so was guesstimating.
    Did a rolling 16M today out & back along the Granite Way a former railway & now a cycle track. Climb for 3.5M descend for 4.6M then turn round. Easy on the first climb but then allowed the gravity assist to up the pace naturally to turn round after 63 minutes. Upped the effort up the long climb & maintained the effort on the DH back so 59 mins for the 2nd leg. Hard work by the end after yesterday's quad bashing 6.5M hilly tempo in the middle of the 11M. Gratified to get 5th on the tempo segment though.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Be careful out there guys, idiotic driving is even more common place at the moment:

    I was cycling at the same spot on Saturday afternoon.

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