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  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    That's still shifting TR. You're adapting to the faster training paces nicely.
     Sticky out this afternoon SG.
    I was even later as I skipped the early option due to heavy rain, then found I had a work Video Meet thing so couldn't get out around lunchtime. Eventually got out for 9 very hilly miles about half 5 this evening. Easy effort so slow with 2,176 feet in 3 climbs :)
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Little bit of climbing then Jules! Good session too there.

    Also decent stuff Wool, Bus, Reg and SG, bit of rambling again eh. Thanks for the marathon bit Ric. Talking about trainers, possibly might look at the Asics Tartheredge - white with one blue and one red stripe..look amazing. Still waiting to see when the Nike Zoom rival spikes are coming out, same horrible colour as the Alphafly, probably about £160 too.

    Did 10 x 400 on the road yesterday, recorded badly on strava as I don't really know how the watch works! Double today - 9 this morning and about 5 this evening.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Simon one downside i see in strava is the difference between the app and the website view.

    Often the former will ignore your watch manual splits and just take miles or kms.
    So if you do that on a track you might get a totally useless reading.

    Whole point is the actual rep splits. Although some use average pace as a metric which i might understand on normal runs but is totally redundant for reps where the whole point of recovery is slow or even stopped

    Anyway 10 for me. Wasn't exactly lively before i hit the off-road so when i did it was pure high heart rate crawling.
    Had entertained going up this hill to a church but got half way and thought sod that.
    Vest was wringing wet after but just avoided the rain.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good couple of days there simon

    Well done on the rain avoidance SG, i copped some at the start of my 14m tonight, and then some more towards the end.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Cheers TR, in LB we miraculously missed the big shower Aylesbury direction and the MK one to the east. Shame as I like running in the rain. I could only psyche myself up to do 14 on a Sunday..good effort.

    SG - still laughing at the segments near me and all the people on them.

    Did 5 this morning and the thought id 'treat' myself to a 5 mile effort this afternoon. Better than the last disaster, 28.53. Splits 5.38,5.49,5.48,5.48,5.48. Going in the right direction now.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 2
    There's a world of politics and fun on segments Simon! trying not to cheese people off.

    I found a comment on one of my seg hunts a couple of years ago from a club mate really having a rant at my "Modest" pbs for all my training and effort. Bit bitter just because on one small bit of road I'd done slightly quicker than he'd done once :D:open_mouth:

    Then there's the cyclist douches. One guy at our club managed to hoover up about 30 segments doing a cycle, sparking real unrest :D  

    Good time for a tempo that!
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Yes I see the odd cyclist and they haven't taken it off. Funny how someone would get upset about getting beaten along a bit of pavement on an industrial estate ;)

    Yes suppose yesterday was more than a tempo, basically TT thing. Mind you, either and I feel like shite at the end of them.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    It's a heck of a turnout whatever it's called SC - you're building back up too, and still probably booting out what I'd hope for in a race (though still have ideas of getting the 2840s down to lower 28s again - but we need races for that one day, and a lost 6-9 months doesn't suit anyone on here!)

    Gonna keep my sesh to Wycombe today will be some seg hunts of course, but will probably bolt a bit of 2mins on, 1min jog material on, round a park.

  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Yes, need races like the desert needs the rain (always good to get a Everybody but the Girl quote in on a Friday ;) )

    Did a 4.5 mile leg shaker this morning - little 2 mile trot a bit later to get the kid from school.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 3
    Binned the bolt on in the end and just did a wander with some seg thrashes here and there.

    Couple of goes each at two short segs, then the other 3 ranged from 0.37m to around double.

    4.35 pace felt strong on a 0.28 miler, with every so slight incline at the start, and took the 2 short reps.

    Equal to the second with 1st quite annoyingly on the 0.37miler, which had a slight incline and into damm wind! Means it shows as a crown on your run, but doesn't technically show in your locker.

    Found this bizarre little offroad 3/4miler buried away, owned by a local don who has 25 pages of segs split between runs and cycles, that "only" needed 6.05 pace, and thought i'd cigar it when starting off down at 5.30 pace.

    Only to find 2-3 steepish but short climbs, that saw me at about 7.40 pace at one moment, and thought i'd blown it, but scraped in sub 6 in the end for that one.

    Last one was an appetising half mile rep round a park, that only needed 5.45 pace or something. 
    Only problem was utterly ferocious wind, that on the warm up at the start I'd thought, sod attempting that one.
    However, i had one last bit of energy, and had parked there, so thought I would.

    Put in, and would comfortably have taken it....before then seeing I'd somehow managed to get the route slightly wrong, maybe skimming a little off the corners, but even sillier, had registered 5th fastest time on the 7.05 pace cool down that took place immediately after :o
    The geezer who holds this one also holds the one I equalled, so he's had a let off today :)


    Anyway, 9.5miles all in, 3 segs, 1 joint 1st, 1 5th on a cool down, another fun day's work while maintaining the "proper" training sort of illusion.

    Wycombe on Sky tonight, hopeful.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SC - 2 mins quicker than me over 5m this week then,  id take that in a 10k race for sure.

    SG - play off game ? I watched the Pompey game, a shocking watch, far worse than the prem league stuff which is poor viewing itself.

    6m super easy today, im saving it for tomorrows 20 inc 10mp.
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Feels a bit groundhog day with the plaudits but here goes; 

    SG: Classic seging and tasty tempo sesh too. 

    Jools and TR: Both going great guns; adding lots of fast elements into runs that are so long (TR) or hilly (Jools) that most would not look to make more difficult😯.

    Bus; great to see doubles back on your agenda and little talk of injury either. 

    Simon: Your tempo 5 miler might not be to your usual exalted level, but it's a great marker and no doubt more to come soon.

    Reg and Wool sound like you're both going well too. What do you reckon to gravel bikes Reg? Saw a few on The Ridgeway ride I did recently and they seemed to cope with the terrain better than my hybrid, though could be the quality of rider (or lack of it in my case!) was a factor  

    To answer your question TR I've given up the Trees programme as I couldn't cope with the intensity and replaced it with (not) parkrun. Doubt I'll do more in the way of sashes, except I join my daughter for hill reps when she does them. That one is very low volume though; typically 6 x 120 metre hill sprints interspersed in a 6k run. 

    So (not) parkrun again today as we move around our favourite courses. Over to Woodley and managed 19'22 for what my Garmin made 5k or 19'02 for the official course finish (still suspect Woodley is a bit short despite Dachs always being adamant it is correct😉). Slightly faster than the last 2 at Upton and Rushmoor, so happy enough; bit windy bit nothing too major. Would be nice to get sub 19 somewhere over the summer but may need to go to Battersea Park for that. Any interest in making a thread 5k there some time over the summer? 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited July 4
    Sounds sensible to me pete, consistecy and staying healthy are key. It was windy here today, so not ideal for 5k TT.

    Plan was for 7m easy, 10 or 11mp, and then a cd today. Expecting anywhere between 6.30 and 6.50 miles depending upon wind and elevation. 1st effort mile of 6.58 rang the alarm bells (in what should have been a quickish mile), no amount of shut up and run is going to see a speeding up by 30sec mile, so changed tack to an mp +10% (~7.09av) and rarher than 10m i managed to do the remainimg 13m av 7.08, but in reality it was 11 av 7.02 and a 7.33 and a 7.45 on the two most wind and hill affected miles. The mp run can keep for another day.

    Onwards and upwards, solid week with 2 x mlr, 5m LT and a toughish 20, all adding up to 80m.
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Chasing Strava segments is fun. But it's mainly a cyclist thing, and a little more inclusive for many riders due to the nature of wheels and a following wind. Power to weight ratio is a factor as well.

    This means that many bikers have a chance at KOM's whereas in running it's basically the fastest local runner can take any segment they ever fancy having a go at. 

    Another feature is that cycling segments are generally made up of hundreds if not thousands of participants. Even the upper age group divisions are frequently in the hundreds. 

    Quite often I top my age group and even have an open KOM on one. That said, it only has around 1000 riders on it. My lad meanwhile has KOM's on segments which have over 5,000 riders on. I can match him over distance, but no chance at all with the sprint lasting up to a minute. His average speed is more than my maximum on occasions.

    That was the case this morning. I went out early and did a segment called the 'Full Bushey Climb'. Best part of nine minutes. 41st overall from nearly 2000 and 1st overall old bloke.

    A few hours later I went out again. Now I'm no sprinter, but on a segment called 'Attack the A412', I managed a 340m stretch with a 8m elevation averaging over 24 mph. That got me 7th overall from 6000 plus riders and again, the fastest old bloke.

    Nothing compared to the lad. He nailed the overall KOM averaging a shade under 30 mph!! 

    There's a couple of other segments which may well be revised in the next couple of days. I have a feeling that someone is going to receive an email containing some disappointing news.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Pete, I am in the process of buying a gravel bike having tested it a week ago. It was my first time on one and I loved the bike. The beauty of it is the versatility and freedom you get. So round here where trails are generally quite short and you need to mix it with road sections it's seems like a great combination. I did a steep climb Steyning Bostal, which is on the 100 climbs book and got 362nd out of 6642 so it's not a slow bike. At the top of the climb I veered off onto a narrow track that lead me on to the North Downs Way and I ended up descending a rather gnarly and rocky track. It was buttery smooth, felt as comfortable as my MTB which is full suspension but without that rather wallowing feel you get with suspension forks. It had 38mm tyres on 700c wheels and the trails were very dry. In winter it may be a bit different but you can fit up to 50mm tyres and 650b wheels too. It's also kind of exciting as you feel like you have no right to go down some of these tracks on what appears on the surface to be just a road bike with wide tyres.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Pete - surely if there was such a word it'd be spelt segging, not seging :)

    Mike Trees sessions to daughter hill reps, that's a switch. Probably a smart move though - we need to keep you in one piece mentally and physically for the restart!

    If Dachs hadn't elevated to higher forms of company than here, he'd have you for that Woodley comment :D 

    TR - sounds a tough session, and definitely a tough ask if you're a bit off on mile 1. Well edited and stuck out.

    Furlough this last few weeks has been a lot easier than the first couple of months, with the footy back.
    Wycombe battered Fleetwood 4-1 and apologies to Simon but not unexpected, United smashed his boys 5-2.
    Been a while since my teams have both won by 3 goals on the same weekend!
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Thanks Reg; interesting stuff. What make and model are you going for. Hybrids and Gravel bikes seem to me to be appealing to similar target market. Guess the hybrid is closer to an MTB and usually has front suspension and the gravel has drop bars and performs faster and more like a road bike. I ride at about 17mph av on road bike and 12.5mph on hybrid. Where would gravel sit and are they as expensive as road bikes or more MTB price range? 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    I got my gravel bike for around £600 Pete, but this was in a (genuine) sale reduced form £1000.  Like any bike though, you can spend ridiculous amounts, but the laws of diminishing returns kick in early on.

    They ride a lot more like a road bike than a hybrid - more aero, more hand positions etc, but the wider tyres and slightly more upright geometry make them more comfortable on crap, potholed roads than a road bike. Usually the gearing is set slightly lower than a pure road bike - better for hills but you can spin out on steep descents (mind you, I hit 49mph on Kop hill yesterday :wink: ).

    I notice little difference in speed on long rides between my road bike and gravel bike. A lot of it comes down to tyre choice and pressure though.  I use 32mm Schwalbe Marathon tyres at around 85psi. They roll fast enough on the road, and work OK on dry, hard packed off-road, but their limits are reached quickly when it gets loose or gnarly! As Reg says, it does mean you can link up routes you otherwise wouldn't try on a road bike and with wider, grippier tyres run at a lower pressure, that choice would be even wider, but there would be a penalty on the road of course.

    Nice (not) parkrun by the way :smile:. Don't go talking about injury though. Very sore heel after friday's run, possibly something to do with new shoes. Feels OK today, but the run later will be slightly tentative...

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 5
    Was on strava and noticed a local geezer had done a route in between the well thumbed road hills of Sheepridge and Winchbottom on a footpath. Two options too.

    So thought i'd give that a whirl.

    10miles on the clock before that, including up to Hotspur and down one of the Wooburn hills.

    Nice road start but then into a right exposed grassy climb. Super windy. Was slightly regretting my life choices😂
    Into the woods, quickly totally lost the path, so keen was i not to end up at Winchbottom thus ruining the "new route exploration".

    Into a random field totally off grid, one of those that at first looks a legit path and then very quickly is very obviously not one and you're on dodgy uneven rocky traily footing and i dare say I'll have the local old man strava police onto me soon, up a steep crop field in sheer wind, nervously looking at the mileage quickly turning from "pad this out to 15" to " i need to get back in 15".

    At least knew what direction I needed....glad to see a turn to my left, less glad to see it's some random farm. Praying none of those notorious farm dogs are about☺😱.

    Then i spy the road..but what road.
    Over a gate and i recognise it..yes!

    Mess about in some more woods, though local ones bit of a local loop and back in 7.22 average for 15. Obvs massively based on the first ten. Min and a half stopped to pee, and climb over a fence, fallen tree and get through a gate..

    Road tomorrow then.😉
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Maps SG. Maps  B)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Strava map init. That's how i even found out there was a path.
    Just forgot it went left or right..not into the woods.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Wisely adapted to conditions TR. Still a good training run & decent weekly mileage.
    SG Doh! Good segging Friday.
    Hope the heel was nowt Bus.
    Decent (not)Parkrun Pete. Enjoy the hill reps.
    After another easy but very hilly 8M Friday my legs were pretty frazzled. So much so I did consider skipping (not)Parkrun this week but cometh the hour . . . Windy & wet however that’s not stopped me yet so headed off to the course after a couple of croissants washed down with T. Warmed up with my now regular routine of lunges & leg swings before a 4K jog including 3x100m strides. Legs felt completely refreshed & even felt powerful on the strides. Psyched myself up for 19:xx minutes of pain & shot off. 1K in 3:51 was ok but not my best however 2nd K in 3:51 was more promising, 3K in 3:53. Just one 2K effort to go - this is where my recent 2K reps sessions helped. If I can manage sub 8 I’m assured of a lockdown PB. 4K in 3:56. Hang in there & final push in the last 250m 3:53! Stopped the Garmin on 19:26.50 for 5.01K & definitely beyond the official finish funnel. Course PB & fastest 5K since Feb 2019 😎 
    22K today with 3 flat out hill segment efforts. Outcome unknown til I get back home & synch with Strava but hopeful of the CR on my 1st attempt at the 1st & definitely quicker on the 2 I attempted a few weeks ago. Just shy of 78M for the week & over 8,000ft of climbing in spite of 2 flat days.
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good work Jools - imagine how fast you could go on fresh legs  :disappointed:

    Usual 14M off-roader today. Heel was ok thankfully, though I suspect it will stiffen later.  47M for the week plus 55M on the bike to keep the run of 100+ going.

    Nearly didn't get past yesterday though - I had one of the closest calls I've ever had on bike. Toward the end of the ride, on a nice, smooth, slightly down hill b road, cruising around 20mph when suddenly a car appeared out of control on the wrong side of the road right in front of me. It missed me by a few feet and the driver had to wrench the wheel so far over I was convinced it was going to flip over several times. It didn't and somehow, he regained control with a bit of fish-tailing. If I'd gone round the corner 1 second earlier I would be person pate - bit heart stopping and the driver just carried on of course. Hey ho...
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Sounds dreadful there Bus - some young idiot going too fast and totally misjudging a bend?
    Wonder if they had that brown pants feeling themselves, or just drove off without a thought?

    Promising there Jools! You need to have some proper goes at pbs without the leg frazzling when we're back. You might be able to take chunks off!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    I imagine they would have shat their pants too SG, given the pretty wild trajectory their car took on sight of me!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    Only time I've seen a car end up on the wrong side of the road was that one outside Marlow track.
    Me waiting on the central island, and the horror of seeing this absolute twat trying to utterly rhubarb past the car in front of him, then realising there was the island there, and he best get the heck back over.

    How he didn't end up smashing onto the platform, but instead chipped it, not end up smashed into the side of the road yet managed to end up on the wrong side of the road, but still going straight I'll never know.
    Pure luck no-one was within 200-300metres coming the other way, as that's pretty unusual there.

    I wouldn't dream of standing on that crossing again, being about 2metres long and not very wide!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Was that recently? I saw exactly that, at that sam location about 3 weeks ago! Loon in a dark hatchback overtaking several cars heading toward Marlow at high speed, wrong siding the island and sending a cloud of gravel up as he overcooked the wereve back onto the correct side!

    I also saw an elderly lady wipe out the traffic island I had just crossed at to get into Hughenden park.  She wasn't going fast, but was trying to turn right, blinded by the sun and just didn't see the island....
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭
    edited July 5
    Probs a couple of years back. And my one was heading out of Marlow. But similar horrors.

    Doesn't take much loss of concentration for these situations. I suppose accidents and errors are one thing but reckless speeding is quite another.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    That's the thing about cars- a ton of metal hurtling around at high speed is inherently dangerous, yet we feel very safe inside them! I doubt that any of us can say hean don heart they have never done something stupid in a car that only didn't end in disaster through sheer luck. I know I have.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭

    Phew Bus - I'm torn because my kid loves his road bike, but I'm just paranoid about how some people drive in this country.

    Jools - great PR, likewise useful on from Pete too.Good long run SG  - football wise, nah don't worry we're already down, we'll most likely lose every match now. Bit more fight yesterday at least. Might be back at that Wycombe strip pub again next season ;) Good session TR, sensible to amend when it's not going OK.

    Another windy group session over Wrest Pk, 5 x 1mile off 90 secs. it's 80% of a rectangle, so we sensibly chose to do three reps where we didn't have to go into the wind all along the back! The 3 slightly easier reps were 5.18 ish average and the two windier ones around 5.25-5.30's. The course is on Strava.

    Groundhog Sunday, ran to M1 J13, got picked up then onto Bedford so the missus could do another 10k effort. 6.51's as usual for the 11 miles.

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