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  • Stevie G said:
    That's a harsh age range Simon! Reg, i'm sure you'll absolute annihilate it when you creep up to 50!

    I've not even got to 45 yet! think I will try and pick up some M45 stuff for a couple of years first :-)

    What's that all about Si, Covid age groups for smaller fields?
  • Apologies Reg - i'm doing the opposite of what I do with Bus - I still think of him as early 40s for some reason, even though I'm creeping near that myself!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    It's my handsome good looks and ageless persona SG  :wink:

  • Reg Wand said:
    Stevie G said:
    That's a harsh age range Simon! Reg, i'm sure you'll absolute annihilate it when you creep up to 50!

    I've not even got to 45 yet! think I will try and pick up some M45 stuff for a couple of years first :-)

    What's that all about Si, Covid age groups for smaller fields?

    Ha ha - Yes its the masters track age groups, always been like that in the Southern and eastern league. Bastard if you are 48 like me!

    SG - Sadly as the world masters in Gothenberg are now 2023, Dean is 50 also - as he reminded me as soon as it was announced. So barring any miracles I won't be beating him. My big chance was 2 years ago this week in Malaga...but I bottled it and didn't go out hard..

  • No guarantee of how anyone will be as far ahead as 2 years Simon!

    9.5m this morn. Seems exceptionally humid right now, but at least not that hot. Single job, will decide whether to turnout at the weekend, or stick to a Friday sesh instead later today.
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    Ok decision made for me - deadline was today (which I knew), but presumed (wrongly) it'd be midnight or so :)  But you always know you don't really fancy an event when you don't sign up straight away in fairness.

    Having been burnt by a Dorney 5k on po10 not being accurate, a Dorney 5k NOT on po10 is just asking for trouble. Albeit different organiser.

    Plenty of options from Run through for a few turn outs over the weeks after that.

    It's a shame RB or PO10 aren't properly maintaining their site, leaving loads of already cancelled races or virtual stuff in their fixture lists.
  • SG - Not humid at all today I thought, nice and fresh - yesterday was definitely humid.

    Can't go to Luton today, so will have to think up a session. Might do hills.

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    Yeah in fairness Simon, that post was from yesterday :)
    Not too bad today. Only my second day in the office for 6months, so did a 6&4 with lunchtime for the second one.

    For work i always have two screens, but now have the missing adaptor that allows 2 screens at home. As a great man once said, "How can one insulated wire bring so much happiness" ;)
  • 8x600 this morning then. 3k intensity the plan, so it's the 2min recovery one.

    Track was one of those pretty windy one 200m, fine the other scenarios, but it is what it is, so the odd number ones were into 2 sets of wind and the even number ones just the 1x200m into wind.

    Unusually, I eased in with the slowest one first, and then they warmed up quite nicely
    Again - just what strava reports - just the seconds - no round ups

    1.59, 1.57, 1.56, 1.56, 1.55, 1.57, 1.57, 1.56

    Like the pyramid session on Tuesday a strange sensation that it doesn't feel that you're going "that" hard, but splits come out satisfactorily.
    Clearly on a still day they'd be a bit sharper, but for today - all good.
  • Back to 15 today - though set off not necessarily aiming for as much.

    Deceptively warm and sweaty conditions for mid September - vest and shorts were wringing wet after.
    Felt a little weary late on, but essentially comfortable, at a 7.13 average. One mile offroad for the slowest mile by a way at mile 10.

    Miserable day of football yesterday, my two teams losing in a combined aggregate of 8-1!
    Still enjoyed a 4 game haul yesterday, and watching 2 1/2 today probably.
    With every game now available live, it'll feel a wrench if it ever gets back to full crowds and trying to reapply the no live kick offs at 3pm rule.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good stuff SG. It was still a bit chilly hete when i ran, i had a helly on under my t shirt.

    Goodwood looks good to go next Sunday, so i get to pin a number on for the first time since Chichester 10k early Feb, which was at Goodwood too.
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    Ooh, that taper feeling TR. Nothing like it!! At least you can rest up in the knowledge that you have an incredible training period behind you. Please check in with whatever phantom injuries occur this week!

    Bus, been meaning to ask you about fell shoes. I saw on your Strava that you were getting in to a new pair (PJs or something?!) and was wondering if you'd share about a bit of fell shoe wisdom on here? Interested why you're not on something more obvious like a Salomon / Innov8...

    I've been ill since last Tuesday and haven't run a step. I had a couple of days where my step count was less than 500. I've tried to work through but I've been so grumpy that I've been unbearable to myself let alone my co-workers! Feeling a bit better today and hope to get back to some jogging in the next few days. I told the MK 5k guys that they could have my place back though as there's no reason to drive 40 miles on a Sunday morning to run for 19 mins rather than 18.

    Nice time to be a toffee though  B)
  • I've had the opposite experience with the football, another win, two good signings and all with minimum fuss. It's scarily similar watching Man Utd's predicament now versus Liverpool in the 90s.

    Has a brand new niggle the other day, tight glute type pain, always fun to have a new injury and so no exercise all weekend for me.
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    Didn't think you were actually that into footy Reg? Or is it just easier when your boys are on top :D 

    I never fear "too" much for United. 5-6th is seen as a disaster for United, but Wycombe give me balance on what a real disaster in footy terms is - almost going out of the football league about 5 years ago - and inevitable bankruptcy! The big clubs always come back, take Liverpool without a title for 30 years, and Leeds out of the top flight for a decade or so? United at the weekend looked so off the pace it's like one of us not running for months, then trying to make a comeback, it was bizarre.

    So for Wycombe, although we'll probably take a lot of pumpings this year (such as 5-0 at the weekend to what may be a midtable outfit!), the money alone will tide us over for our future.

    Sorry to hear Wool - seems a real stinker. No real harm done though - plenty of October races in similar setups available. Let's hope there's no banning of such events though!

  • Shame about MK Wool - would have been nice to see you.

    Did 30 x 200 over the track Saturday and a 11.5 miler Sunday. Quiet now as the 3000 on Wednesday.

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Just a very quick pop-in to answer Wool's question.

    I have always used Inov-8s, but increasingly find the uppers wearing out too quick on all but the heaviest models and unless you are prepared to shell out on the Graphene ones, the tri-compound trail shoe rubber is not as grippy on anything wet as it used to be when they just used sticky rubber all over. The Mudclaws are still excellent though and definitely rate them as a fell shoe.

    My one and only foray into Salomons, with the Speedcross 4, was a disaster - the uppers disintegrated after about 100 miles!  

    The ones I've just bought are form an orienteering brand - VJ sport. The model I got was the XTRM, and they are highly rated by all and sundry. Supposedly the grippiest sole on the planet on a range of surfaces (and so far I'd not dispute that), great feel,  enough cushioning and a supposedly bombproof kevlar upper. And all in a light-weight package (265g size 8). I took a punt, as they were more expensive than my usual shoes (£108 from PB sports), but still no where near Graphene prices. 

    The only downside is they come up pretty snug, and I have small feet but wide in the forefoot. I'm thinking I should have gone a half size bigger than normal, as they are rubbing my little toes still, even after several runs in them. They feel great for the first 5 miles though!

    In other news, I've managed 4 50M weeks in a row for the first time in an age, virtually all off-road and all hilly!
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    I suspect in the design offices of Salomon and the like, there's a constant battle between designing shoes where the uppers don't disintegrate and where they [the uppers] do.

    When the uppers fall apart in no time at all (which they do) there has to be someone overruling those who have the solution. Those overruling valid solutions have a problem with their ego's. It's why so often the most stupid things are allowed to happen. 

    I have to wonder how those shoes are tested and who gives the go ahead to sell the things. 

    The combination of mud and water kills the things. It's mainly when the mud dries in the fibres and isn't cleaned off and out. The next run simply levers the fibres apart with incredible force at microscopic level.

    If the design geeks have done their homework, they'd have known this and by how much. The tech exists to establish via stress analysis where the damage propagates from. 

    I only destroyed one set of shoes because of the inherent problem.

    Subsequently, my solution ensured that a pair of studs (Salmon, Inov8) would last a minimum of two winters.

    The solution is two fold. Find where the shoe flex on the upper and add lubricant such as cycling wet/dry lube. And when the run is finished, wash the shoes.

    If that's too much effort. Just keep shelling out for new shoes. 
  • Tuesday track job.
    Looked forward to this one as a smaller volume, but higher intensity job.

    8x400 at 1500 pace off 2mins.

    Had no idea what sort of mixer I'd be in, as 12x400 off 60secs had come out 1.18s the other week. However, had done some tastier work and got more in the flow since.

    First one was sharp at 1.12, and in the end had 2x1.12, 5x1.13, and 1x1.14 for an average of 1.13

    Must admit I'd allowed myself the thought of "2x1.14 to finish would still get the 1.13 average", and self fulfiling prophecy that number 7 came out 1.14! But finished with a 1.13 to make the previous 1.14 an anomaly.

    Nice turnout.
  • WoolWool ✭✭✭
    thanks for that Bus - those VJs (PJs!!, sorry!) do sound like a good solution for you and pretty lightweight too. 

    I've got a pair of Speedcross that I've had for ages but whose uppers have disintegrated with relatively little use (or care, TBF), definitely less than I would have liked. Mrs W is back to work from Monday so I suppose I'll just shell out on some new ones. Those VJs will be on the shortlist now, thanks. Got a week in Snowdonia in October to test out whatever I decide on.

    Jogged out a 4 miler last night. Feeling a lot better than a few days ago and looking forward to being able to get a few runs in again over the next few weeks. Autumn is defo my favorite season for running.

    Fingers crossed for the MK 5k for those entered and for TR @ Goodwood. I have a work colleague sat here sweating over whether it'll get called off but I don't really see why it would.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Wool - i have a number and a start time, so should get to run.  Waves of 4 every 10 secs in estimated finish time order, theres about 20 out of 200 ish ahead of me. Other distances go off through the morming so it could get busier at times. Just hope its not too windy.
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    I have been through a few pairs of innov8 shoes and they have generally fallen apart quicker than I'd like. Durability is an issue.

    Nice consistency Bus.

    SG - I am into my football and I do get more into it when Liverpool/England are doing well. I have to stop watching when things aren't going well as I get too annoyed. I was talking to a mate yesterday who's just joined a vets team and I am tempted to have one last little fling with the game, although you'd not be surprised to learn I was always getting injured!
  • A lot are like you Reg. Expectations are the killer.

    The beauty of a small team is you expect nothing, so any highs are just incredible. Wycombe might well get some pumpings and go down this season, but just being in tier 2 is beyond anyone's expectations.

    I was so into my football, playing 4 times a week at peak. And you wouldn't be surprised to hear I'm all or nothing, so I couldn't dip back into it now. For one thing, I always punched above my weight physically with desire, and I dare say that has 100% gone now, so I'd probably be as weak as a leaf now. And you get one injury and running is screwed for the foreseeable.

    While I'd not trade those footy days for anything, when I was on the verge of moving to running, I just found 75-80% of games I'd come away unsatisfied, either with the lack of workout, knowing I could have done better, or let down by teammates.

    Running is superb for generally getting what you deserve, and coming away knowing you've had a good workout, and is much more satisfying I think.

    But anyway, you've timed your desire for footy badly, as it's been ruled out in numbers under 6 all in! So 3 a side is in!

  • Hello everyone. I’ve taken a break from the forum (and Strava) for the last five weeks. I’ve thought about diving back in on a few occasions, but found the idea of having missed out on so many posts a little overwhelming. Silly really. I won’t try to comment, but can say how good it is to read about runners enjoying running. 
    Having had an initial physio appointment that suggested it was unlikely I had a stress fracture of my fibula, a subsequent appointment and then x ray confirmed that in fact I did. However, that has been the extent of any guidance. 
    Fortunately, a friend gave me a boot and his crutches. I stopped using the crutches a few days ago and have had the boot on for three weeks now. I intend to try a day of normal activities (well, not by this forum’s standards) without it this weekend. 
    I’ve been keen enough to look up any research I can find - to give me at least an idea of a way forward. From this, I will hope to get to a point when I have five pain-free days without the boot. I can then do A MASSIVE INTERVAL SESSION: 3 x 9 min walk, 1 min jog 😆, followed by two days off. Fortunately I’m not in a rush! 
    I have been able to do some WattBike sessions at school. The triathletes on here would laugh at my naivety and weakling power numbers, but I’ve really enjoyed getting into working at different (and specified) power targets. I’ve been using the Sufferfest app which has been brilliant. I don’t have the means or wherewithal to get properly smarted up and get on Zwift. I hope to run in the next few weeks, but if not, I think I would splash out. I feel like this has kept me pretty fit, sane and not too fat. 
    I have, and am, learning a few things. In the past, almost all niggles have gone away with time and careful management of any faster work. Not the case this time. Important to recognise when an injury is serious. 
    Also: people seem to really want running to be bad for you. Pretty much everyone says: “ah, that’ll be the running”. One colleague who follows me on Strava said: “I’ve been saying for eight years you’ll get a stress fracture.” I guess I’ll take that ratio 🤦‍♂️. 
    And it’s definitely a lesson in not taking your health for granted. Doing day to day and family stuff was impossible for a couple of weeks. 
    And: running is amazing even when you don’t hit targets etc. I’m really missing being outside (obvious really) but also seeing more places on any given day. Without it, it’s incredible how you just see the same few streets, office, home etc. And when do people ever listen to podcasts without running?!
    I cancelled my Dorney Marathon place as it looked like it would sell out. Impressed with their customer service. Within minutes of an email, I had a refund of £35 of the £37. Good going on their behalf. 
    Will try to read along more often and promise to not bore everyone with minute Wattage details although I suspect Reg would actually love that. 
  • Sorry to hear SQ - not surprised you wanted a break from relentless running chat and stats! I put a shout out a few weeks ago for you on here, but no doubt I've probably jabbered 20 pages worth myself alone - so it was well buried since.

    The main positive is at least you know what you've got! My (small) experience of serious injury is probably limited to smashing ankle ligaments in 2004. Once I heard football was out for 3months I kind of relaxed quite a bit, and only started getting really itchy feet to play again when I could feel it was close.
    Hopefully you'll find a bit of peace, and look forward to the comeback. Good news on the Dorney place, that's a tidy bit of money recovered.
  • Back on the running chat, 9.5 yesterday, and 6&4 today.

    Working from home, I find doubles sit a bit better as morning and evening. Whereas when I'd be at work It'd be morning and lunch, but the lunch time run could often stretch a bit later.

    Tried this 4miler with some woods for the first mile. 220 feet or so, and quite dodgy footing in places, and came out a sprightly 8.40 or so today. The other couple of recent goes were 9.40 and even just under 10. Similar routes if not identical of course.

    About 1/4 of a mile into the second mile, just emerging out of the woods, I foolishly thought I could just run through what I thought was a thin branch, and almost ripped my neck off on it, as it almost acted like a garrott :open_mouth:

    Had to stop for about 15-20secs to make sure I was still attached! A very random one there, but a lovely run all in!

  • Logs on to "catch up"

    Just a few thousand posts then.....

    Hi all :)
  • Sorry to hear about the injury SQ, welcome back Scott, bored of arguing with people on Facebook  :D
  • I have no idea what you mean Reg!!!!!

    So 1st day "back"....No run :D :D :D

    Just got in from work, missus is still away out of the country for a few more days to myself
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    Ok, so I got another turnout in today.

    This little series of "MK 5k pb special" races had presumably the third of 3 today, and having heard a few people say they were a decent format, I signed up. Was a privileged position to get in, as they only released something like 200-250 places, and they flew off the shelf.

    Had looked forward to a little thread meet up, with Dachs bound to be there, Simon a definite and Wool involved too, but alas illness took the last two chaps away.

    A simple drive would be too easy, albeit a 50+ miler,  so I managed to have an almost sketch show madness in the petrol station. Accidentally bringing a bank card instead of a fuel card, I was surprised the pin didn't work - then realised, then forgot the pin on my main card - and ending up messing about running back and forward to the car getting different cards and cash out. Thank goodness no-one else was about, or they'd have hated me :D 

    Back into the car then, way later than I'd planned anyway, let alone with these shenanighans, and it's back on the road.

    5mins later the tyre pressure warning light comes on - friggg it.
    That's happened twice in 20 years (in fairness previous cars didn't have the tech to flag this!), and I've never actually done the air pushing 40 :)
    Luckily a seamless drive after that and despite loads of checking the map and deciding i'd park in the "North Bay" carpark, I end up in the "South Bay". Both confusingly next to the South part of Willen Lake.

    Little warm up, and at first it's a push to trot at 8:20s as it's into a gale. This doesn't bode well.
    Tidy 2miler had though, and you're only allowed to pick your race number up 20mins before the start.

    Realised the start was about 5mins run away, so starting to ever so slightly panic a little, as I need to get there, get back to the car, change, get back to the start, and "Prepare". Strides had gone out of the window - but i'll take the "encouraged" nature of the run there to be as efficient! 

    Start time 9.40, we're race 9 out of 20+, and it's a great set up - chip timed, with everyone ranked to their level of race. Slowest races up first, elites 11 onwards.

    I'd put 17:20 down, which right now I dare say is a stretch target, but I wasn't taking the 17:50 split at 5k at Dorney, and obviously not the 18:16 actually given (for 3.2m) as indicative of my current level either. That was too casual, too solo, windy, and long!

    Start is slightly downhill, and my main mission today is to wipe that 1816 as my fastest 5k of 2020 off PO10, definitely get something starting with a 17 in, and ideally beat the 17:50 of the 5k split at Dorney.

    One guy in green goes off like an absolute maniac. He's got about a 50metre lead after 100metres. It's like he's the biggest sandbagger ever, or he's seriously overcooking it - time will tell I think.

    I don't want to come last, but know that if everyone is actually at 17:20 level I could do.

    Decent pack for 1km, and I'm through in 3.18. Nice bit banked, but the fastest km of the race, plus that inevitable faster first km than ensuing ones.

    Wind is starting to rise now, and I can feel the pace dropping in me as the main pack move away.
    A Reading V50 who holds their age range club record will be a good measurement for me today, as he tells me he's trying for around 17:30.

    2nd km is up in 3:34, so that's a big drop off, but no alarm, as it's still equalling out ok, and the wind battered me a little.

    Green guy is now midpack, and paying for his mad start, and another stocky sort of fella has dropped right back.
    There's at least 3 behind me, and not coming last is a good incentive, but I'm at a level that's not all out by any means, but then not a level I want to up really. The classic sort of rustiness feel, as race intensity takes some regaining I find.

    3rd km which has a bit of a small climb in, to make up for the small down comes out 3:38, and another windy one.

    The 4th km feels a little less windy, so I'm expecting this to hopefully ease up in pace a little. I've seen off the Reading guy a bit, not by much but you get a feeling when someone won't come back ahead. The 4th km is often a tough one though, and I'm a little surprised to see it's slowed ever so slightly again to 3:39!

    Trying to ward off feelings of will I even break 18, and just carry on running as it comes. Haven't looked once at the current pace, just taken splits today.

    500m to go sign is very welcome, but seems to take ages to see the end! How long can 500m be for goodness sake!

    Round a bend - there's another bend - then finally a straight, and over the line for a 3:25 last km
    and 17:36

    Feels a solid one, and even when I had the summer of a 16:56 and 17:00 in 2018, I still put some mid 17s in on windy ones.
    But dotted off all the targets, and a lot better than having to report the disclaimer ridden 18:16!

    Got some free vest (too big, but it's free!), and the result confirmed in a text, and a nice leisurely 3mile cool down after for an 8 mile day. Still a 57.5mile week even without a long run.

    Eyes on what next now - a fair few options in October, Battersea Park, Newbury Racecourse, Bedford Autodrome (?) - all being multi distance jobs.
    Probably won't be as good a format as today, but probably will look at a couple of those.

    We all know there's every chance stuff will get called off though - so it's take the turnout opportunity when we can now.
    And pleased to see 2020 now has 3 against the race column!!

    edit - checked my heat, and actually came 7th out of 12, so 5 behind me in the end, not 3. Shows what I realised!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Good work SG and nice to read a suitably detailed race report again with just enough pre-race drama for good measure :smiley: 

    And you've never checked your tyre pressures??? Wow - my wife also thinks that happens by magic! Those auto sensors only kick in around 25% down on the recommended level - by whihc point you've already been burning fuel as if it were going out of fashion (which I guess, ironically it it!). I'm kinda obsessed with mine - something that probably harks back to mountain biking, where you really need the tyre pressure just right for the surface and weather...

    Glad to see you recovering and back SQ.

    Same old, same old for me with another 50M hilly week for 5 in a row. Might be time for a cut back week now - starting to feel fatigued (having a damn cold doesn't help.....). 
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