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  • PeteM said:
    Philip, I think RB have changed their approach now and ignore times where an athlete is way down on their norm as its deemed they were obviously not trying. There was an explanation of sorts on RB website from Tim Grose, referring to a revised parkrun algorithm to weed out 'non triers', but he did not go into detail.

    I agree with Tim's logic to some extent but think they have gone too far in this.I have certainly noticed parkrun SSS scores getting generally lower and some to ridiculous levels. Cali Country Park, a fully off road course through rutted woodland trails, was SSS 0.4 last week (ref Battersea super fast 5k on tarmac typically c0.5!). I suspect what has happened is they are ignoring the below pars but not the above pars. Therefore if someone has not run much for ages, then does outstandingly well, that is overly reflected. Cali had a student breaking the course record in 15'xx and I suspect that was behind the 0.4 rating!
    The recent changes have just extended the data he is drawing from, so it used to key off athletes who had enough data at certified distances to be representative. That meant that for big races there was good data and the SS was OKish. For a parkrun with 100 athletes you may only get a handful of such so it was a bit iffy. The changes added regular parkrunners into the mix.

    It is still trying to do the impossible, so the course is just one factor in the time and it is hard to tell if someone is slow because they are not trying or if the course is harder. 

    Without reading back at all, I'll tell you what everyone's been doing whilst I've been away;

    Phil - Still on hand to advise on Berkshire route choices and the best local hills to run up. 

    How close am I?

    Buckinghamshire my young lad: Berkshire is where Slough   is  :s
  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Thanks Philip. Wouldn't it be more inaccurate adding regular parkrunners who are not racers though as many have wide variations in time depending whether they are trying hard or jogging round with mates, running with kids etc? Anyway I think the days you could game RB with parkrun times are gone and that is overall a good thing (despite SG thinking I am unhappy with it ;)).

    btw Berks may (nowadays) embrace Slough, but also Sunningdale, Ascot, Windsor, Wokingham and may other nice towns, its not Royal Berks for nothing :)
  • PeteM said:

    btw Berks may (nowadays) embrace Slough, but also Sunningdale, Ascot, Windsor, Wokingham and may other nice towns, its not Royal Berks for nothing :)
    That is showing your age. Slough moved to Berkshire in 1974.

    There are a lot of lovely places in Berkshire but I have to agree with John Betjeman

    Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!
    It isn't fit for humans now,
    There isn't grass to graze a cow.
    Swarm over, Death!
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Ironically, my now ex-wife (as of yesterday!) was born in Slough :smiley:
  • The sign in The Office is my only knowledge of Slough  :)

    Good idea, Reg. There are times when the routes at home could do with livening up - although perhaps they are perfected already! Will test it out. Absolutely brilliant to run with your daughter - and at that pace off road. Fair play to her. 

    Great to have Joe on board. Really hope to catch up with you on Sunday at some point. Red Lion? Chat en route? Your preductions are scarily accurate. Although could push me out  :D

    Recovery 6M yesterday. 5m recovery and strides planned for later today. A clubmate kindly took my bag to the expo today and collected my number. One logistical hurdle complete!

  • The Slough xc course is nice at least, especially when it's frosty. Basically football pitches, think it's Upton Court?

    Congrats Bus!  Have a drink for me.

    Bit tired, had 4 pints watching going to watch the boring P'boro- Bmth match last night. Best chips I've ever had though, so that was a bonus...
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Thanks Simon - no cold drinks though!  Inventory list from the seller said fridge-freezer included, but she took it with her anyway so now have one on order!  I'm now sitting here with all my belongings on the doorstep waiting for my man (without 26 dollars in my hand I hasten to add) and van to turn up - several hours late!

    Ah, the joys of moving! Still, it was nice last night sleeping in a place that doesn't smell of dead rats :smiley:
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Good to see you're putting an optimistic face on it Bus. 
    A strange sense of freedom to it maybe.

    Back from my little 2 day footy tour.
    Two 2-1 wins, including a 95th min winner last night, so all good there.
    Snuck a run in right next to the Telford hotel, albeit finding that the "big park" next to the hotel was actually only half a mile of a loop. Couldn't stomach doing 10 or so laps of that, but did find an easy cycle/pedestrian split track, that was slightly up on the way out, so a lovely down on the way back. Would make a nice race route!

    Having had mad shenanigans last Tuesday, staying at Crewe after Wycombe v Man City (45min drive down the country, then my junction shut, and 1am or so arrival), I'd gone "easy" this week, staying in a Travelodge about 2.5miles from the ground. Quick tram and walk job.

    Except the bastad fire alarm went off at 4am didn't it :D:cold_sweat::tired_face:

    Stumbling around as it started at max volume with no warning, then went off, then back on, was fun. Quickly putting some gear on, and ignoring the first rule of "don't collect your stuff", as I collected some stuff, like coat, phone and room key!

    Down 3 flights of stairs to a comedy scene of sleep ruined zombies, and 30mins outside in the dark, cold and wet, while some employee went from the owner of the easiest job in England to the worst one in a flash.

    Free breakfast promised once we were in, having admitted it was their system being at fault, though the tiny offering of hot food, couple of orange juice's and tiny box of cereal didn't strike me as a £9 job.

    Only problem with setting off from so close to the ground is you obviously have the full trip the next day. 178miler, over 3hours worth, and eventually back.

    6miler done at this end, and look forward to a decent sleep tonight!

    (Obviously chucked a "can I get something off the next trip" email to them, gotta try :) )

    Will probably just do 20mins of diagonals, or some 30-60sec romps on the grassy park tomorrow. Double day of 10miles minimum.
  • Haven’t looked at your Strava yet SG, but sure it is a Premier Inn next to the park for Telford 10k. Uses that cycle way twice. Very fast course and stellar fields at the front. Had the pleasure of a lift share with Jools one year. 

    Good on you, Bus. Never one to moan. Hope it works out for you and the running can pick up soon. 

    5M recovery with strides. Obviously felt fat, unfit and like I haven’t run in years. Nice bit of maranoia. 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Had a look SQ, and I was 5miles or so north of that area. Looks like there's a Travelodge and a Holiday Inn right in the mixer for the race.

    Have heard of its rep for quickness, but not taken the plunge.
    The club have got free places for the GSR, but i'm resisting, as 1hr 40 or so is too much of a drive, and 10miles too long a race to be the first turnout back.

    You'll be golden in yours, you've put the work in. It'd be odd if the runs before hand felt good :)
  • SCoombes2 said:
    The Slough xc course is nice at least, especially when it's frosty. Basically football pitches, think it's Upton Court?

    Yes, it is Upton Court but Upton is not really Slough ;) I never liked that course: I think they put it in the wrong place in the calendar. It is essentially a flat grass course so needs to be at the start of the season when flat and fast makes a nice transition but in the middle of winter you want an old school course. Wing was always my favourite: steep downhill and through a gate with mud so deep it sucked your shoes off. 

    Stevie G said:

    Except the bastad fire alarm went off at 4am didn't it 

    I've had that happen to me a few times. The worst time I was in New York and really jet-lagged. I heard an alarm and assumed the bedside clock was going off (which is a typical thing in hotels, so someone sets the alarm for 4 am to catch a plane and the next person in gets woken up in the middle of the night) so I pressed all the buttons I could and it was still sounding, so I unplugged it from the wall and it was still going off and so I wrapped it in a pillow. When the hotel staff knocked on the door to check I left, still carrying the alarm wrapped up in the pillow. 

    All the best to anyone doing London on Sunday, is it just Joe and SQ or any more lurkers? Maybe SG has a secret to share?
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Obviously hiding my 20-22milers off strava, fb and here, but also logging 10-13milers on the same day on those outlets wasn't enough to throw you off the scent Phil ;)

    20mins of diagonals today. Nice sharp and short, but not a doss. Not as fast by any means as you'd so for say 200m on the track, but no respite on these with continuous recovery.

    Only did 10mins the other day, so 20mins felt long!
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Also SG, you're well known for keeping your running quiet.

  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭
    @PhilipMJones Wing is my local one, the one organised by LBAC. Bloody tough course that.

    SQ - What vest again - the blue one? Red Lion after?

    Did 12 x hills last night. The rain has finally got to it now, so that's that until next year when it dries out. It's clay under so really slippy. Going up there a bit 'Lando' last night!

    9 miles this morning, mileage creeping back up and weight creeping down thankfully.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 1
    Reg - quite!
    Made me laugh once when one old poster on here seemed to take it very personally that I'd had a the occasional week off 10 years of the thread! :D 

    Generally I think we have a great mix of achievement and realism about the downers of the sport from the regulars. And because of that we're pleased for each other when things turn back good again.

    Anyone can cruise onto a thread, give it loads while they have 6months of pbs, then disappear never to be seen again :o 
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
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    Hope you're sorted now then Bus.
    Keep up the good work SG, SimonReg.
    That Telford 10K is well worth travelling for SG. Might see if they've got any spaces left for this year as it goes.
    Easy 4.5M in glorious sunshine along the canal at lunch today after a sharper day yesterday.
    Progressive 5M on the TM (at 2%) first thing - 8:00s down to 6:20s average of 7:09 then a 12x200m on/off track sesh at lunchtime. Groin is still a little tight but not hindering the running.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    The sub 40 races are currently sold out - don't fancy ploughing through the fun-runners on Lap 2 so not this year. Clashes with a XC fixture anyway
  • I see that Frankie who used to pop in and out is doing London. 

    My powerof10 head to head is 25-2 in his favour and one of those two is when he was pacing someone at parkrun so it really is 25-1 and that one time was VLM 2012. Also beat Chingo that day, whatever happened to Chingo?
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Progression on the treadmill is certainly the way to help the time pass, Jools. Pleased the groin is improving. 

    SC would be great to see you in the Red Lion. I am in a purple Almost Athletes vest. Yellow sides. JOSH emblazoned like a rookie first timer. 

    Feeling very lucky that my club mate went to the expo for me. The scenes from today look stressful. 

    Two kids’ swimming lessons this morning, one with me in the pool, then a buggy nap walk during the elder’s gymnastics - reasonably sure Kipchoge’s pre marathon day morning runs like that 😆. Didn’t squeeze in a run today, but did yesterday. So usual one day off in the marathon week. 

    Coach was delayed on the M4 - three fire engines and six ambulances passed going the other way, and then soon overtook us. Probably only added 40 minutes for us, but I didn’t dare to look out the window as we passed. 

    Got absolutely soaked walking from the bus stop to the airbnb. Packed minimally, and my only jogging bottoms and non-race socks are soaked. So sitting at the desk with a towel wrapped around my legs. What a muppet. 

    Looking forward to tomorrow. I will start off at 6:45-50s. Suspect I am in 2:57 shape if all goes well. Most importantly, I want to close strong from mile 20. Determined to bank energy not time. 

    Now off for a quiet episode of Squid Game to chill me out 🦑. 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Squid Game is superb, SQ.
    There's a Japanese series that's sort of similar ball park, Alice in Borderland. Not quite as good, but I'm 7/9 through.

    Best of luck tomorrow for the Londoners.
    Not hot and humid, so temp will be nice. Just hope it's not too wet and miserable.

    I waited to the bitter end watching United struggle again, so ended up having to jog into the Wycombe ground a bit from where I'd parked.
    Wearing 2 sets of trousers and 4 layers, it felt horrible, panting like mad, slow, really weary. I suppose it must be what it's like carrying a lot of weight!

    Won 4-3 with a 92nd min winner though, so all good.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭
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    I’ll keep an eye out SQ. I’ll likely have a light blue waterproof on, with the LBAC lot (also yellow and purple!)
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    I'd spotted a couple of races at Marlow today, a 10k and 10m, offroaders, around the Winter Hill route I often do in training.

    With the double night trip up north this week, I wasn't expecting to feel right to do either one, and I'd put in a session on Friday which would usually rule it out.
    I even watched the online entry deadline on Friday midnight come and go.

    However, on Saturday, fuelled by Wycombe's great win, I thought, I'll see if there's online entries, and there were. I never ever decide to do races with late notice, but thinking it through, it seemd a perfect way back into races, having done Endure at the end of July, and then having the 5 week niggle physio recovery. Time quickly marches on, so you have to grab the opportunities sometimes.
     Low key, offroad, and no comparison to any 10k race done - and I'd not done any 10k race for 4 years!

    It wasn't even power of 10 / Run Britain - but as a 10 year celebration race for Marlow's running store, it might be a one off, so had to be grabbed.
    A no loss scenario really.

    5mile drive, and parking should have been super easy ;)
    Except the Softcat company "overflow" parking site was still locked :D 

    I was waiting in a queue with 4 cars I could see, then the rest were snaking round a bend.
    A stressed looking hi-vis guy didn't look amused, and barked that the "security guy hadn't turned up", in classic weekend morning fare :D 

    As I hadn't signed up yet, and there were residential roads right next to the venue, I quickly got over there. They had said not to park there, but it was no problem really.

    £25 entry which is quite tasty, but as I'd been in the habit of paying similar for 5ks, it actually felt decent! Especially as that had a £3 on the day surcharge.

    The entry team didn't seem to take in my tale about how the car park was locked, but when a few more "animated" people came in barking about it they realised the connotations ;)

    4 waves per race - waves being due to some narrow bits, rather than covid stuff - although any prizes etc would be sent in the post - no aftermath ceremony.
    Thought I might have some sort of chance of a top 3 or V40 if it went ok.

    The 10miler was going off 9, 9.02, 9.04, 9.06 - well, add 20mins due to a delay due to the car parking scenario!

    The 10k, adjusted back to 9.40, 9.42, 9.44, 9.46.

    I'd asked to go in the 3rd wave, as I wanted to make sure there was a nice stream of people to share the load with,
    I'd had a quick look and it was roughly 40 per wave in both races.

    Saw a few old pals from work and other clubs, and was looking forward to it....except for the outrageously steep 1/4miler  that rises 150 feet on slippy and steps based fare.

    About 20 odd in my 3rd wave then, as some must have crept into another wave and you always get a few no shows.

    Quickly stormed to the front and out of sight, and interested in seeing how quickly I eat into the 2nd wave crew.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    That happened a few hundred metres in, when onto a small section of the the Marlow 5 course.

    The first mile is flat, with a few sharp turns and also a dodgy 200 or 300metres down a narrow, angular footpath surrounded by high walls. Have to be careful down there, not least when monstering past people.

    Probably turning over 6.10 or 6.15 sort of pace, so nothing massive, but the game is to get to the peak at around 2miles, then enjoy the down!

    Held up a bit on another footpath and trying to squeeze past on the right hand side, then similar when turning left to Marlow bridge. As expected, no road closure, so it's all on that tight side path, squeezing past people, and avoiding smashing into the bridge structure :)

    Left hand turn past the Complete Angler, hoovered up the places down here - on the very slight incline past the Longridge Centre. In the road, with others on the footpath, so careful to stay out of harm's way!

    1.5miles or so done - now the hard bit. I'd always go left on the road bit when I do this route. A fairly gradual incline. 
    This course goes up and left on a footpath.
    It starts ok, then climbs a bit, dodgy footing. Then starts climbing a fair bit, where you're trying to squeeze past on the sides. Banter with an old club mate, who jokes about holding me up. Which he does, but it's all relaxed today :)

    THEN it gets to some bloody steep steps. Everyone is walking, but the thread won't like it if I do. So it's slow o clock, to stubbornly not walk to the top.

    Narrow path, a few people hold me up, but politely let me go. But there's no surprise one km comes out at 5dead pace!

    This bit seems to take a while, ups and downs on woody fare. A couple of bits that really slow you as they have some roots and steps you have to be careful on.
    You expect the top of Winter Hill to come earlier than it does.

    Then I hear some hot foot steps behind me - what's all this,
    It's some guy in a white vest leathering past :o 

    That's a bit of an upset, but I assume he's some red hot runner who started 2mins behind.
    Fair play I think!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Past this section, and on a slight down to a gate, where as I go past local legend Trev Hunter, and his pal.
    He's a couple of months post pace maker, so it's brilliant to see him out there, though taking it easy today - that won't last knowing Trev in time I'm certain!

    Slow to open the gate - a theme for the second half to come!!

    Then the glorious downhill on Winter Hill. Beautiful, both in view, and on the legs.
    Actually saw the pace at 5.45 here.

    Then it's a left across the grass, through a muddy bit, and towards the Bourne End bridge.

    Made an absolute goonish attempt to get through the first gate. Rattled it about 3 times, then had to climb the bastad. Then it started wobbling mid climb, but eventually got over it. I'd hate to know how much time I took on that gate!!

    Another gate straight after, then up the steps across the bridge avoiding randoms out walking, then down more steps (no wonder the time was so damn slow re-living this!)

    About 2.5miles to go now - straight line, but about 5 or 6 gates to open. A few patches of mud to avoid, and people out walking.

    Went past a couple of blokes in white vests, making me wonder if one was the guy who'd stormed past me earlier. I started wondering if I needed to beat them by 2mins to correct the start delay etc...
    Then past an old Marlow colleague past 7k, with a bit of banter.
    I'd seen a lady holding the gate for him, thinking that's a nice service. Then realised it was his wife, and she didn't do the same for me :)

    Clocked one guy ahead, another older guy. Knew he'd have started at least 2mins ahead, probs 4, but made sure by storming past.

    Up to the last km, just see it home now. The beauty of kms is they go so much quicker than miles, so quickly get the finish in site.
    Asked some woman if many had gone past and she helpfully said "No", when really i should have asked "how many?".

    Over the line for a 41.40
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Sought out the winner, who astounded me by saying he'd done the 10miler! Blooming heck. 64mins apparently, reckons he's a 55min or so 10mile road guy. The 10miler had at least one more harsh climb.

    Slightly embarrassed to realise the "bloke" in the white vest who I thought might be the guy who stormed past me, was actually female, with different colour hair, and a different vest :D 

    There was a bit of talk about some lady had also been in, but I was fairly sure I'd won the 10k man wise!

    When the results came out, it was by over 5mins! Not Olympian standard you could say :D 

    What was more shocking was that the lady had taken almost 4mins off me.
    Yes, she'd been in wave 1 so no traffic, but give that say a generous 1min lost for me, and still one heck of a run!

    I was glad I hadn't gone in wave 1, or I might have killed myself in the first mile and been passed out in a bush by mile 2 :)

    There's prizes, but they'll be sent.
    Pleased with that, and not even having to rely on the V40 part either.

    Bit of catching up with old pals, actually managing to look smiley and not over 90 years old in the pic for once, and a little cool down with Trev and his pal for a mile to his place, and me doing the reverse solo.

    Just to make it a 10mile shift for the day.

    50.5mile week, but feels a decent effort with a race, 2 sessions, and 2 days up north in there.

    Will get another race on the agenda quick smart, possibly another 10k, as I'm pretty sure I've got a 41.39 in me ;)

  • PeteMPeteM ✭✭✭
    Sounds like an interesting event SG and your time is testimony to how tough the course must have been; well done on 2nd place and 1st male😉

    Thought I'd get a quick race report in myself before the mara boys.

    Hanney 5 miler for me today, a race I had done once before in 2016 when I was in my best form and ran 29'45 (still my only ever sub 30 5 miler!). No chance of that today even if everything went perfectly and this weekend didn't. New baby grand-daughter rushed to hospital and daughter's partner 50 miles away working meant a night at hospital with her Friday, so minimal sleep. Then subsequent dog sitting day yesterday for them so no parkrun. Thankfully littl'un seems on the mend now. 

    Hanney is a fast course but very exposed and you could really feel the wind in parts, even though only supposed to be about 20kph. Plenty of pace though and tried to stay with a little group which worked for a few k till spat out the back. First 4k done in about 15 but pretty much 4 min k's from there to end in 31'19 (more headwind on the return half though). Good enough for 1st in my advanced Age Cat and a £15 cash prize plus a nice bottle of red (which I'm just about to try🙂). They were very generous with prizes down to 3 in each age cat, not bad for a race with under 200 in at £10 entry. One for any local pot hunters (or those that consider 50 miles not too far like me😉). 
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Top effort Pete. As you know I did consider it, but glad I decided on a bit more of a wildcard event before getting back on the road :)
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Strong racing Pete & SG. That’s a damn fine time on that obstacle course 10K.
    Parkrun Saturday was a soggy out & back tarmac cycle path which climbs 160’. Pace it right & you get to enjoy the glorious free speed on the return leg. Pleased to dip under 20 minutes again.
    Watched the marathon this morning with a loaded tracker to follow too then out for a proper LR in preparation for Newport in 3 weeks. [email protected]:25 along the towpath. Some mud, loads of low bridges & an angling competition to negotiate but flat n sunny.
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    If ever there's a day to pick up prizes, it's London marathon day, nice work moving out of the 5k comfort zone SG, just in time for TVXC turnouts? I'll be starting with the Datchet one as I am away for the Metros.

    Good work on the 5 miler Pete.

    Nice long run there Jools, good pace over that distance.

    Hope you're settling into your new surroundings Bus.

    Looks like a solid day all round at London.

    I had a second successive 30+ mile week with 38 miles of mostly easy short to middle length runs, including 6 days in a row, not sure I have ever done 7 and probably won't run today. I am yet to trouble the PO10 account this year so I think I will look for a race soon. I am signed up for a local village 5k but that's just a bit of fun and probably not on PO10.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Decent longun Jools, and that's fair running mileage for you Reg.

    It was great to get a 10k in for the first time in ages, as it's very easy to stay in that 5k zone like you say.
    A funny course really. It's the constant breaks to momentum that really slows you, as the or 7 gates all in require total stops, then to get going again.
    At least in the XC you don't have anything like that. And some are closer to 5miles than over 6, so that's always good.

    I don't plan on doing any yet, but dare say I'll dip in for the odd one if needs be. As our Dasher team is so strong, and almost all of our best guys are over 40, I shouldn't have to be pressurised in as a V40 filler!
    It doesn't seem long back where we'd struggle for that second V40 if about 2 key runners were out. And our second V40 might be 90th or something.
    We'll probably have our second V40 in the top 6-8 these days :D 
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