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    While those garmin readings are always pretty mad (has my 5k at 16.46 currently, even though i've literally just raced a couple of over 18s for eg!), the other bit sounds very promising as 5.50 pace in training for so long is a very decent haul.
  • Sorequads said:

    The mention of Princes Risborough brings a bit of a shudder, SG. I did my only every ultra there. 50k trails. 

    Which ultra was that? There are a few in our area that vary greatly, from up and down the Ridgeway (which is in fact quite flat, around here it is about 100 feet of climbing per mile) to laps of Wendover Woods which are brutal. 
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    Blimey, Reg. if 5:50s felt marathon effort you are really building on that good form. Quick, enter a race!

    PMJ - Chiltern Challenge by XNRG. Well organised, I just made lots of rookie errors on the day. 

    Get down the track, SG. Always worth it. 

    Ouch SC. Recover well. Loving hearing of your boy’s continued impressive progressive. 

    Final day of hols, but inspired to get down the track for the first time in a while. 

    Standard 3.5M there. Strong tailwind and wearing the Adios so felt fairly nippy. Have done so little speed, I kept things well below the P&L plan, plumping for 10 x 400 hard, 200 shuffle (400 shuffle after the fifth). 1:25-1:29. Well off the speed of old, but pleased with the consistency of sub 6m/m and almost all 1:27. So not a huge volume of quality, but enough sprinkled in there. Tough headwind on the home straight, making the odd reps finish and feel tough, but I guess it doesn’t really matter for 400s. 

    Despite the headwind on the return, but legs felt fired up by the speed work. All in 11M at 7:08 average with only a bit of faffing getting into the stadium, wee stop etc. 

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Nice track work SQ. I can't race at the moment due to the hamstring issues, 5:50s is really as fast as I dared run today.

    Had a Zwift Team Time Trial race tonight, calves were a bit crampy late on in that one.
  • Sorequads said:

    PMJ - Chiltern Challenge by XNRG. Well organised, I just made lots of rookie errors on the day. 

    I have run most of that in parts. The last 10k does look to have a particular sting in the tail: I often park near the school where the race begins and ends and that last bit is hard after a Sunday long run. 
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    As odd as it sounds for someone like me who doesn't like XC races, back in 2006 I actually chose to squeeze another one in outside of the 3 or so TVXC events in Jan/Feb, at Wendover.

    I don't particularly know that area well, but that 5miler was such a slog it was unreal. Mud, steep hills, garhrh.
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    Last day off work today then, so thought I'd get back to the track for the first time in months.

    After a run of 6mile tempos, then splitting them out a bit, I thought the 4x200, 4x4m, 4x200m seemed ideal for the track return, remembering how windy it had been for my last tempo, and how upsetting a "straight" hard reps sesh would be, especially in January!

    As usual for this session, I just took the 200s as the first number (no rounding), but made sure I took in the full splits each lap for the 16 laps (8seconds) to make a full 4miler up.

    90secs in between 200s, 2mins in between sections.

    1.32 average 4miles, so 6.10 pace

    Pretty windy for 1/3 to 1/2 of each lap, but 6.10 average pace felt spot on in the conditions.
    Happy to do this the day after a 10miler too, as usually these two runs should be the other way round.

    Added a couple of miles to get up to 10.5miles all in, to make sure I didn't have to get out again today!

    On 10miles a day in Jan so far. Will have a rest day soon though to kill that, don't want to get into a streak here, as everyone knows running streaks only force you to run when you shouldn't :D 
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    Good session, SG. For a minute, thought you had done 4 x 4M tempo  :o 

    Have you entered Wokingham, Reg? You could go very well there. Unfortunately it clashes with Bourton 10k for me (although this is a very fast race).

    PMJ - I remember the woods in particular being lovely, I was just destroyed from about 40k onwards. 

    WFH today. Buggy nap recovery - 8.5M at 8:40 pace. Lovely and sunny out there. 

    Just entered Saturday's XC. Haven't actually arranged childcare yet. 
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭
    Yes everyone I will try and keep to the vertical from now on!

    SQ - What xc is that? Yes the kid is doing really well at the moment, seems that he might have some talent there. Training twice a week at Bedford though, so it's helping. Funny how if I tell anyone, the next comment usually involves him catching me soon! Good session too.

    I have an Adios dilemma - 5's and 6's both going for around £60-£70. Didn't realise that the 6's actually have hidden Boost in the might go for those.

    Luton last night on the golf club roads/paths. 6 x 1200 off 90. Incrementally down from 4.00 for the 1st to 3.52 for the last. Real struggle after the break in xmas routine, lack of core stuff and the cold air.

    Quiet now until the Beds/Bucks xc champs at Campbell Pk, MK on saturday.

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    SQ - whoops, clearly writing 4 too often, as made the same error on strava! Least that can be corrected though!!

    Have been patrolling the entry totals of Wokey myself,  but that usually means I'm not 100%, so might stick to shorter stuff for a bit.

    Sc presume that boost isn't a carbon plate job? Just a "normal" flat with something else in?
    I'm about 500m deep in the adios 5 I wore today but do have a fresh pair of 5s ready.
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    Sorequads said:
    Good session, SG. For a minute, thought you had done 4 x 4M tempo  :o 

    Have you entered Wokingham, Reg? You could go very well there. Unfortunately it clashes with Bourton 10k for me (although this is a very fast race).

    Yes I entered for the original autumn date a while ago. If I can at least get back to 40 mpw, hold that and get both legs working, I'd expect to go well.

  • Sorequads said:

    PMJ - I remember the woods in particular being lovely, I was just destroyed from about 40k onwards. 

    Yes, I can confirm they are nice. I was up there today and met up with Bus for a 10k. Went around at my gentle pace and felt fine so the recovery is on its way. We had so much to catch up on that we didn't have time to talk about any of you so if your ears weren't burning it is because we weren't talking about you. 

    Seems I omitted to mention I am a grandad (my official title is Pops as I like fart jokes) so recording that fact here. Young Seb is coming up to a month old so I have maybe 10 years (maybe 11 at a stretch) before he is faster than me.
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    Congrats Phil. You've got every chance of seeing that through to Great Granddad status at your young age for Grandad too :)

    Back to work today.
    That was probably as cold as I can remember. Thick base layer, 2nd top, gloves, and still freezing. And that's from someone who always feels on the warmer side of things when running.
  • The coldest in the UK was Benson which is only a few miles from us.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Today reminded me of the days I used to do sessions in the evening, and one particular Friday night hard track sesh.

    So cold you can barely press the split button type fare.
  • SCoombes2SCoombes2 ✭✭✭
    Chilly but helped by my xmas present from the missus, Regatta gilet - very nice too and pretty cheap. And Bournemouth's temperature is always colder and hotter than it should be as it's recorded at the airport, 5 miles inland.

    The only annoying thing from my fall Sunday is an annoying side strain in the rib cage area. Can't do any floor/core stuff.

    Easy 5 last night - literally half the runners I saw had a headlight on. I suppose they might have been on a woody path, but I saw them on streets with streetlighting. Bit OTT for town streets...
  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    I had planned a long run early morning but I rely on my body clock and it decided I didn't fancy an early start. So, 13.1 miles at lunch instead and it was quite a pleasant cold by then. Just kept it easy and the pain was a 1 until the last few miles when it go to about a 2/3 but one of the less painful runs I've done. 
  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭
    Blimey - thought it had been a few days since I last read, but seems like I've missed a shed load of pages, so will need to try and find time to at least read back on the end of year summaries!

    I ran this morning - cold, but, didn't feel massively so as there was no wind and it was beautiful in the woods and on top of Haddington Hill as the sun rose.  Nice chatty run with Mr Jones over a similar route yesterday too.

    Not much to report really - same old niggles, but manageable and just chugging away enjoying running round my new gaff.  As for my own summary:

    2021 Mileage 
    1775 (lowest since 2007 when I spent 6 weeks out after a serious accident) with a somewhat frustrating 199000 feet of climbing!

    2021 Races (totals, different distances etc) 
    6 parkruns, 1 "fell" race

    PBs / Pots won / Team wins etc

    Best races of the year
    Coombe Hill Fell Race 

    Highlights of 2021
    Just being able to run, but particularly managing to get a few runs in whilst in the Lakes!

    Lowlights of 2021
    Recurring hamstring issue!

    Thread poster of the year
    SG,for single-handedly keeping the thread going at times!

    2022 Targets
    Get back to some semblance of structure with proper long run and a session each week
    Sub 21 at Wendover Woods Parkrun
    Sub 19 5k
    Any proper fell race
    Others TBC!

    Happy (slightly belated) New Year y'all by the way!

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Stevie G said:

    Have been patrolling the entry totals of Wokey myself,  but that usually means I'm not 100%, so might stick to shorter stuff for a bit.

    Looks like they're approaching 3,200 out of 3,500 so it will probably fill up. I think I can spot one other from the thread on there, if he intends to run. I don't see any HM targets in that review though. We'll know if there's a sudden injury causing 10k tempo from nowhere in the lead up though!
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Great to see you back on Bus, the thread does miss you inputs.
    Hopefully 2022 is back to some pot hunts within age cat for you.

    Had to read that last line a few times to work it out there Reg :D 

    Wokingham was so much better when they did the list by predicted time, and sortable by club.

  • Reg WandReg Wand ✭✭✭
    Stevie G said:

    Wokingham was so much better when they did the list by predicted time, and sortable by club.

    Yes, I'd always check my predicted time just before the race and say, "oh that was ambitious wasn't it!"  :D
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    Stevie G said:
    Sc presume that boost isn't a carbon plate job? Just a "normal" flat with something else in?
    I'm about 500m deep in the adios 5 I wore today but do have a fresh pair of 5s ready.
    Went for the 6's in the end. Just a bit thicker sole, same weight apparently. We'll see!
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭

    Will be interested to hear your feedback on the Adios 6, SC. I have loved every pair so far (up to 5). Still enjoy wearing them for fast running even though they are so different to super shoes. I know what you mean about headlights, but I guess they can help you be seen, as well as to actually see yourself. And perhaps some people will have a short section darkness on a quiet road or similar.

    Good to have the Bus back on board. You seem to be absolutely loving the orangutan loop at the moment! Hope you remain injury free in 2022.

    SG – Omg that is cold. Did you ‘three sock’ it?

    Solid half there, Reg. You have been running so well I had forgotten you were injured/in pain.

    Back to work and some very rough nights of (lack of) sleep, so not much running to report here. Just 4M yesterday recovery at 8:50 pace – nice to be back around the river in Worcester. And 5M with strides today at 7:51 pace.

    Gloucestershire XC Championships together. Weather forecast looks pretty epic rain and wind – what more could you want for XC?! Mud-bath beckons, which I am thoroughly looking forward to. Think it might be a naked in the car park job, fresh tracksuit on before driving home.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    I loved those Adios 2, did my main pbs in them. Used to love the golden pair.
    Then they were discontinued, and for some reason there didn't seem to be an Adios 3, or no-one had it anyway, so I moved to Hyperion for a bit. They were so stripped down you'd limp away from 1 in 3 hard sessions.

    Couldn't believe it when I realised Adios 5 were around and a mysterious 2 versions had come and gone in between :D 

    The 4% felt nice and weird, bouncy etc, but I can't say I ever found pace gains as such. Maybe less being clattered after. The Next I think feel a bit better, but that might be pure recency bias as I did my 5mile good time in those, and the 4% I've trundled a couple of 18+ min 5ks out for different reasons!

    SQ - triple socking is only for sitting watching footy :)

    Have hedged my bets this week in terms of the weekend, in that I've only done the Wed session, but I've also not taken a day off. 
    I'll most likely do a parkrun and 7 day week, and push towards 70miles, being on 48.5 already, with 2 gentle 4s today.
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    I did also see an intriguing 10k race, that seems to be 5k down, 5k up, with a particularly steep last mile and half.
    Sounds a nightmare though, and being able to enter online 2 hours before the off is probably not enough to convince me to sack a flat parkrun and long run off :)
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    Right, having had a mere 2 day working week, and needing to be up earlier than normal as Wycombe played at 12.30, I thought it seemed a good time to do another turnout in, my 3rd parkrun in 3 weeks.

    I wanted to at least stamp a 17:xx on the parkrun record, after the last two being 18xx, and the 2 before that years ago also being 18xx. All for different disclaimers!

    Last week had been a 50-50 between Rickmansworth and Cassiobury Park.
    Having done the former last week, the latter made sense this week.

    Usual parkrun drill, 6.30 up, eat in 5mins (as opposed to the rule of 3hours I've always used for other races), and "aim" to get going at 7.30 to ensure no pishing about with directions or parking, as you all know I'm a pro with avoiding those  o:)  

    Left at 7.45, but that's fine, 30mins I thought it would be, sat nav reckons a bit longer but will be fine.

    Cruising along the M40, all good, well on course. Then start seeing a few little flashes about an "incident" further ahead.
    That'll be fine I think, that's the far end of the M40, I'll be off before then....

    One of those police/traffic/whatever it is type vehicles monsters by, and starts swerving across all 4 lanes (50 limit by now), with a DON'T YOU DARE OVERTAKE SON emblazoned in caps showing out the back.

    Getting slightly nervous now, but I've only a mile to get off the motorway for my junction.

    The car brings the 4 lanes to a total halt...just half a mile from getting off the motorway, ARSE!
    A few maintenance type vehicles come from seemingly nowhere changing lanes, and they cone off the hard shoulder too. Blimming heck.

    It's clear that the actual issue is an accident at the far end of the M40 into London, but I just need to get half mile and off scott free, classic sod's law.

    A few randoms get off their bikes/out of their cars and go and hassle the men with the traffic stopping power, and quickly go and sit back down.

    This is going to wreck the trip I think, but make for something different on the thread I think.

    I've got the "eta" on Cassiobury on my display, but time is creeping up.
    10mins has gone by, and I've started looking at other options in case it gets going.
    Cassiobury has gone to about 8.45 which would be doable still, but would leave minimal warm up time, and making an assumption that their carpark doesn't get rammed late knockings.

    I've checked what time I could get back to Wycombe, if I had to have a slide around that one again, 8.55...hmm tight.

    I start considering that I might just have to abort the mission totally, and then have it as a rest day after all. But that would leave me only on 1 hard bit of running this week, meaning I'd have to shoehorn something in tomorrow, but then that could lose the long run etc...not great.

    I chuck Rickmansworth in from last week, and that'd probably be about 7 mins or so nearer than Cassiobury.
    I decided if this gets going again I'll aim for there, knowing you can park very close to the start.
    Probably 15mins has gone by, THEN the cones are up, and we're suddenly off.

    ETA for Ricky shows something like 8.43, but I'm sure I can drill that down to about... 8.42 with some sensible yet determined driving :)

    Get there in and around that time, shoes on, top on, parkrun barcode to hand, and off for a warm up of sorts at 8.44 (yes I did check this on the watch I didn't remember :D )

    One of those ropey warm ups, as keen to get the "pitstop" side of things gone as get the 1mile I managed in. No strides or anything too special, just get right, get ready and to the start.

    Inevitable long waffle 5mins or so intro speech, where you're thinking, I wasn't as tight for time as I'd thought here, and it was to the line.

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    Last week I'd run 18.11, feeling a bit ropey to be honest, but conditions were good. Slight wind if anything only.
    This week I felt much better, but it was rainy and more wind. Typical :)

    Clock a guy on the start line who looks like the classic parkrun hustler, checking my vest and shorts out, clearly mentally earmarking me as a rival ;)

    I'm just pleased there's no clown with a dog this week, going off at what must have been 1630 pace, and crumbling 200metres in, causing carnage as everyone has to get round him and his mutt.

    I make the assumption that I must surely beat last week's time, so am off at the pace that feels right.

    3.27 first km...trying not to dwell on last week's first km being 3.25.
    I'm well off 1st who has machine gunned off, and then there are 3 lads running as a gang behind him. So I'm 5th, but not too worried at position.

    It;s definitely windier and wetter than last week, but importantly I don't already feel crap by the second km.
    That's up in 3.39, and I vividly remember last week's 2nd km was 3.38.

    Hmm, it was the 3rd and 4th that dribbled down last week I remember...don't worry.

    Past the start into the second lap, and I've long realised there's no-one at all behind today who will come past. Just one of those sort of races.
    It's pretty much a solo time trial job, watching some guys from afar.

    3rd km 3.42 which by now I'm not totally sure how that relates to last week, as there were 2 km in the 3.40s but not 100% sure the specifics.

    Going alright, but you never quite know in 5ks sometimes.

    The 4th km plays havoc with my head as it's 3.45 and I'm thinking heck, I might get in slower than last week now, as I'd remembered my 4th km last week ramped back up a little on the 3rd km.

    Never mind, into the back markers on their first lap. Despite a bit of in and out-ing, while making sure not to knick anyone, tread on dogs etc, or in one place get in between 3 dogs looking like they were going to get into a tear up.

    Over a little bridge, monster round the corner, enjoy the shouts of "FAST RUNNER COMING", after initially thinking, heck, where, oh me?!

    Then amazingly the clock is only in the 1750s, so I'm nicely over the line for a 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
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    Somehow i'd taken 16seconds off last week despite it feeling in the balance as far as 4km. These short races eh!

    A sub 18 5k wouldn't normally be something I'd shout too much about, but results are all about the context, so after the last 2 turnouts, the crapper weather and the motorway stuff it felt a good effort, banks a 17xx and I can put that to bed before some more focused work in a proper 5k season later in the year.

    Just glad to get to do a parkrun today when it looked in doubt. Would have been nice to have done a different one as planned, but the right action was taken I think.
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    Great result SG. Especially impressive given the build-up.
    Reasonable 20:21 for me on a single lap trail course. That’s about 30s slower than my best there but not too bothered. Had an awful night’s sleep & I’d already run 82 miles in January including 10 yesterday. I also only had a mile wu due to walking the mile from the car with my daughter rather than the usual jog down. No strides either & it told with the first K clocking 4:13, the 2nd was 4:28, 3rd was 4:14. By now I’d crested the 200’ hill, so the downhill yielded 3:47 for the 4th & then 3:41 for the 5th. The final 500m was a PB according to Strava 😎 HR only averaged 153 whereas I’d expect to be 10 bpm higher for a proper race effort confirming my fatigue.
    Scanned in then ran back to bring my daughter home. Met her with 500m to go which was ideal as she let rip to finish with a shiny new 5K PB of 28:27. Plenty more to come as I clocked her as 6:10 average pace over that 500m! She was being pulled by her puppy but most importantly they both enjoyed it & she’s planning her next in a fortnight 😃

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭
    I was going to say that's the beauty of parkrun Jools, that while it "can" be a race effort, it can also serve as a hard/tempo/best of what you have on the day type job without the pressure of knowing you've put decent wad into it, but then remembered you lot all know that much better than me anyway, and I'm just cruising in for a few for a bit :)

    Sounds a nice family outing.
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