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  • I did miss the smiley face off my hate statement Scott sorry. I don't hate you, but I am bloody jealous! 

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    robT, are you suggesting Tri courses are short? I've always suspected as much myself.

    Have to admit, Triathlons are great fun. To think that no matter how fast a swimmer, biker, runner you are. You can lose because you can't get dressed fast enough.

  • RicF it was short but even in the official results its 21.1k image but it wasn't !

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    robT, no doubt the organisers of Tri's have incorporated some nifty mathematical algorithm to account for the effects of fatigue from swimming and cycling on the running section, hence the shortened course.

     Found an entry in a very old diary where I put, "probably the worse race of my life!"

    It was a HM of 76 mins on a blazing hot day. 

    Re. Seb. Six weeks time.

    If my team is on schedual, I'll be starting about 1:30am. 


  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    a photo from the sale sizzler last Thursday. Absolutely dying.

    Dean, Stevie, Bus, Iron. . . . . . . How are the injuries doing? 

  • Hi all, 


    yeah I'm running 70/80 per month... Only started by running to and from work each day (2.26m each way) occasionaly getting the bus if I was tired and then dropping the odd longer run on my day off...


    Today I started my progression though.. Longer run into work was 5.13 miles in 30:31 and standard run home 2.26m 13:39

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • Scott great running but I steel something is missing! If you focus properly you could be a great talent as you obviously have the skill !

    you need to train properly, focus and have clear defined goals and stop messing about with stop start training and get some serious training targeted!?

  • Thanks...I stopped due to operations and an injury. However fully recovered and been ok for few years now.. My last break between Xmas 20011 through to April now was due to birth of my daughter... 


    This month I am focusing on building my mileage/ base and getting used to longer miles...

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • It doesn't need to be high mileage necessarily! How old are you?

  • I'm 24.. turn 25 in November.. I think my mileage is just a little week.. 


    My runs to work are less than my target race distance (5KM) and XC races obviously

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    I have been missing for a month or so but as I haven't been able to train there has been little to add.  Reading back I can see a couple of new chaps in scott and chris, welcome.   

    Ss - excellent race at watford and smashing sub 10, likewise on your PB SG.

    dachs mara training makes me not to want to enter one myself with all that mileage, good work fella

    bus - hopefully your radio silence is due to recovering from your niggle.

    matt - congrats on joining the sub 16 club.  That's some consistency and form you are in.  Race race race and milk this form.

    tim another PB at the sizzler, congrats.  Another in good form.

    apolgies to anything I have missed

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dean, lets hope normal service will be restored soon.


  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Although I haven't been able train much due to this Achilles injury I tested it by racing last wed in the vets league and again tonight at Stretford.  my general fitness has taken a plummet as its been about 6 weeks since the injury and i have lost some  sprint pace too but although its bad advise I can muster a race without breaking down but i know I'm not in shape so I'm running with out pressure.  Just enjoying it.

    so last week in the vets league I raced 800, and was leading from the gun despite being in lane 2 I had taken the stagger off everyone.  Hit the bell in 62 and a 8 sec lead.  Felt ok but knew I had no kick so maintained as high a pace as possible and I  crossed the line in 2.06.  Bearing mind my lack of any training I was happy with that, plus I won by 12 secs so was a bit of a time trial really, but that said the guy in 2nd is a 31.59 10k man.

    so a week off no running to recover and another 800 tonight.  Achilles felt tight and I almost pulled out.  But gun goes and I settle into second and hit the bell in 61,  I felt ok  so pushed on despite being overtaken a couple times.  Hit the last bend and I decide to go all in as I know I don't have a big kick but I'm boxed in.  luckily the chap in front kicks so I can follow his lead.  Come off the bend in 4th and switch to auto as I move out to lane 3 and kick.  I have a clean run and the leaders form looks like he is drowning and trying to alert the coast guard rather than looking strong. All arms waving about. this gives me confidence. Whilst my kick isn't completely there I was delighted to get a slight response and I with 50 to go I have the lead. And I wasn't prepared to give it up. Crossing the line in 2.03 for a legal PB since I came back ( I ran a 2.02 but was DQ'd a month or so ago). Bearing in mind I'm not 100% I will take that, v happy.  Limping a bit now but will take off the next couple of weeks.

  • Dean, you've been missed on here. That was a great comeback last night! Big legal PB after resting. Maybe there's something in that. My Achilles are giving me jip at the moment so after these races, ill have to sort them out.

    Whats next for you now the track season is finishing? 

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    hi tim, i still have some track to come where i hope to get that PB where it belongs.  But its mostly vets champs now plus the stoke open.  There is the Stoke open on the 26th Aug (SS is coming so maybe throw your hat in too) then the midlands vets cup final and then if fit i will race in the British Masters Track finals.  which takes us up to the end of sept where i have the robin hood half marathon.  I might able to bluff a 800 without training but the half marathon could be a massive car crash!!    Then the rest of the autumn/winter is about leeds abbey dash 10k and XC. 

  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Hi Dean, welcome back and good to see you racing again.

    I've not posted much recently as I had a death in the family last week and so haven't felt much like posting tbh. Also, I was away camping over the weekend with no internet. Hamstrings/piriformis are still a problem and the physio gave me even more exercises yesterday, but I've managed to squeeze in a few shortish easy runs over the past 10 days. The legs just feel constantly heavy though, so I won't be able to muster the long runs needed for this point in a marathon campaign!

    Welcome Scott. damn quick time off that amount of mileage, but not entirely unheard of on this forum!


  • Sorry to hear about the bad news Bus, hope you and your family are bearing up alright. What you thinking about Abingdon? You still running it or just concentrating back on getting rid of that heavy legged feeling?

    Dean, great PB, and the 2:06 wasn't shabby. A sub 2 really is there with specific training. Maybe a bit late this season though. You're an athletic guy so that fitness will return quicker than you think, it's mind boggling to think you can pull a 2:03 of 3-4 weeks of inactivity!

    I'm in for the 5K at Stoke, pray for good weather unlike last time! I'm racing the Pie and Peas 5 tonight so decided against Trafford last night.

  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    sorry to hear that bus. both on the family issue and on the injury issue but its times like those that you realise an injury isnt a big a deal as we think.

    SS - i did look out for you but someone broke 8 mins on the 3k last night and race 3 was won in 9.20 i think. some fast types in the 3k.  then i thought you might be in the 1500 but i had a look but they started at about 10.20 and i was well into my fish and chips by then.   Im hoping if i forget about the half marathon and just do reduced mileage 20 -25mpw but try and get some short fast sessions in i might be able to unlock some speed, but i agree i cant see me going under 2 this season.  With hindsight i wish i came out of christleton with that form and fitness and went straight into racing 800s properly instead of 1500/3000/5k.  Next yr!     I will do the stoke open but will do the 800 and 5000 but use the 5000 as a tempo session. lets see if we can get matt and tim involved as well.  Enjoy the pie and peas race tonight

  • ML84ML84 ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear about your loss Bus. Puts our trivial worries about a sport into perspective. Hopefully the extra stretches etc work their magic. 

    Good to hear from you Dean. A 2.03 off being injured must be pleasing but just think what you can get to with a fresh pair of legs on you! Again, I hope it clears itself up. You seeing a physio or anything or is it just a waiting game? 

    I was due to do another 5km tonight but finished work and had 3/4 visits to the loo for some strange reason. I didn't fancy giving it all guts and glory and having to nip off mid race into the bushes so I headed to the track Instead. 6 x 1000 off 90 secs. First 5 were 3.04-3.05. The last one was 3.06.

    Got a very low key race on Friday. I'm hopefully going pot hunting. image 

  • Bus.. really sorry for the loss. Hope you're all ok. 

    Jeez... Glad I didn't do the 3 yesterday!

    Dean, afraid i'll be on holiday so can't do the 26th.. Shame as I'm ready for 5k.  I could have tried to keep up with you! Your threshold is probably about my race pace! 

    Stevie.. How was the pie? I actually mean the pie!! Lots of Wilmslow were running tonight, I was working.. Doh! 

    Doing Warford 10 on Sunday. You?

    Had a 5x1000 session this morning too.. All around 3:06... Probably a bit fast for me, 90s rests ended on about 2 mins. It's faster than my 3k pace so pleased to run 5k at that pace, rest or no rest. 

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Good to see people returning to the thread...

    Dean, very impressive indeed to see you running times like that after being out for a while.  I suppose it underlines just how much natural speed you have - I seem to recall scarily fast reps even back when you hadn't broken 35 or 1:15, so you've got a real aptitude for that stuff.  I'm sure it won't be long until we see you going sub 2:00.  Hope the niggles don't worsen.

    Tim, crazy times on those reps.  Not sure I could manage those.

    Bus, sorry to hear about your news, hope things are OK with the family.  Does that spell the end for Abingdon then?  Real shame if so, but looking on the bright side you can target some shorter races and hopefully do yourself much more justice.  Pick a flat one once in a while though.

  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    So third and final race of the Yateley 10K series last night.  Going into it, I know I'm neck and neck on points with a AFD chap, with one category 1st and 2nd each.  I was feeling pretty confident I could match him - until I looked him up on Po10 and see he's got a 52 minute 10 miler to his name - crikey!  Still, he can't be in that kind of form, or he'd be destroying me I reason.

    Anyway, looking round at the start line, I can't see him anywhere.  Race starts, and he's clearly not there.  So I know that barring a DNF or real disaster, I've got the series.  However, I want a fast time, so I try to stick with the leader who's gone off fast.  I stay with, or just behind him, for the first 3K, but then he starts to open up a gap.  I don't have the legs for it and I'm struggling.  I push as hard as I can through the next few km, but the gap widens.  Go through 5K in about 17:05, which is not what I am looking for.  I seem safe in second, but I am still frustrated that this pace feels so uncomfortable.  Through to 8K I can still see him, but I'd fading badly.  Almost break into a jog at about 8k, before gritting my teeth and grinding out the last 2K.  I know that those behind are closing, but I'm pretty certain the gap is much too big.  Cross the line in 34:22, for 2nd place and the series win.

    Frustrated is the word.  Despite the sries win and very welcome vouchers, and the fact that I now have nine podiums in a row, it's by far my slowest 10K of the year, and ruins my streak of going sub 34 every time this year.  I'd love to say that I cruised round in second gear knowing I had the series, but it wouldn't be true - I ran hard, but that's all I had.  So that is two crap races in a row, and a bit of a mini-slump.  Feel a bit jaded with racing to be honest.

    Still, then I had a look at my training log and realise that in the 7 days preceding the race, I had run 84 miles.  So feel a bit stupid for being so down on myself now.

    I did see my series rival at the finish.  He was on crutches, having fractured his foot in a bad parachute landing.  Which is probably one of the coolest ways to injure yourself there is.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Dachs, I guess that must mean I've injured myself the 'cool way' too.

    Anterior knee ligament. Netheravon DZ, 1987. 

    Virgin's Branson was up there at the time and nearly killed himself when he accidently 'Cut away' an unopened rig instead of 'dumping out' the right way.

    Good job he was with instructors at the time. They opened his chute (only had the reserve left) for him.

     Bus, a bereavement is certainly stressful. You have my sympathy.


  • DachsDachs ✭✭✭

    Ric, it seems reasonably cool to me. Certainly cooler than dropping an aftershave bottle on your foot like one of the Brazilian players before a world cup.

  • Also cooler than breaking your toe while doing the Antonia Kidman Yoga: the Power and Style of Ashtanga DVD in the office at lunchtime. Not that I know anyone who's ever done that. image

  • Dachs, that seems a good return to me. Can't be going sub 34 all the time, it is asking a lot of your body, especially after a big week of miles. Racing on big weeks are the ones that make you fitter in the long run and yield good training adaptions, sometimes the performance doesn't feel great but its par for the course.


    Tim, the pie was quality! I came 18th, better than 32nd last time and just over a minute faster. 29:41 for an accurate 5 mile MMT. Lots of hills and single track lanes. Got pipped to the post by 2 club mates though, one who's never beaten me which took the shine off things. A 5:30 gentle uphill first mile probably wasn't the best idea though. It was quite a stress race as I had local rivals sitting on me the whole way, local ladies, other club rivals, then my head went when my club mate went past with a mile left. Still managed a good sprint finish to get a South Cheshire lad who was treading water.



  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    Great session matt and tim.

    ss - a minute course PB sounds like an excellent return. 

    dachs echo stevie s comment, that sounds like a decent time on the back of that mileage and congrats on the series win.

  • Hi all, some nice running around and I havnt really caught up much in the thread but good stuff none the less...

     THE BUs - thanks, I think I could drop my time with more track sessions and not much more mileage but need to build up my endurance - working on that this month bit by bit

    Back to work Monday from some holiday time off, Started new route into work which is 5.13 miles as opposed to my regular 2.26m - Then my run home I do my 2.26m route.. so did it Monday and Tuesday - Took wednesday as rest and then did today..


    5.13m into work in 30:27 nice pace although super hot and at midday wasnt best time to run, then worked and ran home little after 10PM 2.26m in 13:40 so a little slower but I expect that..

    Pain is weakness leaving the body
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Stevie see wrote (see)

    Dachs, that seems a good return to me. Can't be going sub 34 all the time, it is asking a lot of your body, especially after a big week of miles. Racing on big weeks are the ones that make you fitter in the long run and yield good training adaptions, sometimes the performance doesn't feel great but its par for the course.


    Thats quite a statement to make. Unfortunately the evidence appears to show the opposite effect.

    Thats a pattern that suggests 'over training'.

     The problem with 'over training' is the way it quite often yields results. But that's a short term window of success. It doesn't last; two to three years at best, and it doesn't come back.

    Being young helps, especially if there's some growth hormone still about, but for long term improvement, no chance, too destructive.

    Look at the running profile of Paula Radcliffe; a classic 'over trainer'. First, improvement, a wonder period and then a decade of nothing by comparison.

    The pattern repeats. The pattern is in evidence on this thread. It just a matter of time before it goes 'pear shaped'.



  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Though Paula has a 20 year period of being a world class athlete, despite all the injuries and problems! I think most people would be happy with that, and I still wouldn't write her off just yet....

    Anyway, thanks for the messages guys - appreciated. It's not been a great fortnight!

    Dean - when trying my classic bus session on Wednesday (which was a disaster - puked on the fourth rep at a relatively easy pace image) it dawned on me just how scarily fast your 800m times are!!

    Dachs - you can't be disappointed with that result in that week mate! Podium place and series win at the height of marathon training....

    Stevie - that sounds like a very strong performance on a tough 5 mile course, never mind what your local rival did! 

    Scott - you covered that 5.13M in a time that would have been a superquick tempo requiring a days rest afterwards for me! 

    Literatin - no! I always thought those work exercise classes were dangerous image



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