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I must admit to be being amused by some of the questions and forum titles in the last few days, i.e. can my wife get a bus to meet me after the marathon; how do I pick up my running number; can someone else collect my number; etc, etc!   Guys - If you read MARATHON NEWS you'll find all the answers in there!   You really need to take time and read this magazine from cover to cover if you've not run London before!   It's all there and on the VLM website too!


  • Yes as we say in the software industry: R.T.F.M.
  • Same questions every March.
    I'm ashamed to admit that, many years ago, my first post was a FLM numpty question image
  • Go on, what was it?
  • Was it -

    "How many miles long is FLM?"


  • Waiting for a truckload of posters to ask 'What is Marathon News?' image

  • Same old same old every year.

    People just don't bother to read it - it's easier to ask someone else.  It's just laziness.

  • Five years on, and i'm still asking daft questions about VLM.

    Mind you, I'm asking generally daft questions 41 years after I should have known better on quite a lot of things...
  • I posted the question about my wife collecting my number and i have read the marathon news cover to cover, twice.

     I know exactly what i need to do but i wanted to know if anyone else had done it. I wanted to know if there is anything i need her to check with me beofrehand or during that isn't mentioned in the news ie: what pen i am in and if i might want to try and change it etc.

    They also contracrict themselves.

     They say you must not sign the form until ypou get there and it must be signed in front of an official. They then go on to say that you must sign the form at home if someone else is collecting it.

     Further on they make referrence to you signing it in fornt of an official but no mention of those who get someone else to collect.

     Anyway that is what a forum is for, asking questions, don't also forget that people like me who are a first timer i starting to get very nervous about now, ok for you veterans.

  • Out of interest, why is there a problem with people asking for help? Is the fact one can find the information else where reason enough? I wonder if anyone has stopped someone on the train and said - "why are you wasting time reading the magazine... (or even R.T.F.M. for those in Silicon Valley)... just use the Runners World forum (or U.F.R.W.F)."

    Either way, thanks for the advice - I will read the magazine from cover to cover and try not to distract you from informative threads such as this.
  • for everything else you can always rely on google
  • It's not so much a problem with people asking questions, it's people asking questions that have been asked so often before - year after year, in fact.

    There is a SEARCH facility (although it's not always very good), which enables you to look for existing threads on a subject.

  • Hi Wilkie. Sure. I get the point and I can see why it is frustrating. I guess I was just making the case for us 'newbies' who are getting very excited at the moment. Reading the magazine is somehow less exciting and interactive.
  • What happens if you cannot read. Wonder if Marathon News have a spoken version.

  • For the record, I personally don't mind people posting newbie questions at all. I even try to give sensible replies to them sometimes. But I still enjoy taking the mickey a bit.
  • I love Marathon News, especially as they've mentioned my sister and I in the VMG article..!
  • Now what about those who are blind. How the hell they going to know.
    Wonder if there's a braile one too.
  • Do I have to run it all or can I take my bike? I've read the mag from cover to cover and it doesn't mention bikes anywhere!
  • let the newbies ask any question they want . . . it is only anxiety and confusion in the instructions in marathon news . . . a kind answer from an old hand is all that is needed . . .
  • Yeah, but I'm neither old nor kind image
  • Kryten wrote (see)
    "How many miles long is FLM?"

    Sorry guys, but this one is still outstanding.

    Thanks for your help in advance image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    It's a fair question.  (If you're a geek.)  CNBA looking up the technical details about course measurement rules but don't they deliberately add on a tiny fudge factor to make sure that the route is at least the official distance?  (26 miles, 385 yards?) 

    And when was the course last measured (from each of the three starts)?  Have they taken into account any new road works, e.g. speed bumps or other traffic calming measures that have been built?  Hmmm? 

    So I'm going to guess 26 miles, 493 yards.  Shall we have a sweepstake?  Who's got the Jones counter?


  • Well if you follow the red line then it should be exactly 26.2 miles.

    However, how many people actually get to follow the line the entire way round? Not even all the elites.

    Therefore, god knows what distance the rest of us average Joes do. Everytime we follow a corner a little bit wider that must add up.

  • k8greene wrote (see)

    Well if you follow the red line then it should be exactly 26.2 miles.

    What colour is the line? image
  • Marathon News could do with separating the important information for runners from the endless pages of adverts and articles. I mean, I want to find out what station Im going to or what start I'll be in, and helpful stuff like that, but Im not too interested in some journalists account of what he got upto in the summer preparing for the VLM, fun as Im sure it is. Maybe this is why people come on here asking questions.

    And anyway, shouldnt it be the Virgin London Snickers? image

  • I did see some cheeky bugger cutting a corner out completely last year - we went round a roundabout and it was taped off - he nipped under the tape and ran the short way round the roundabout. He was going like the clappers too. Hope he blew up ! image
  • TrickyDicky wrote (see)
    Do I have to run it all or can I take my bike? I've read the mag from cover to cover and it doesn't mention bikes anywhere!
    If you've read the mag then you should have read that wheeled vehicles are not allowed.  So it's absolutely fine to take your bike as long as you take the wheels off first.
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    I have noticed a mistake in Marathon News: In the final instructions 'The Course' section, 'Walking' paragraph it mentions a 'Blue' line. Is this a copy paste error from last year when the line was blue?

    Picky I knowimage.....or am I wrong?

  • I believe you are correct Mr Boat

    Not got the mag in front of me (working  image  )but sure that the line was red but then suddenly it said blue.

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