Plodding on the streets of London...

Surprised you didn't think of this one Smitch :-)

Happy plodding all.

...On the Leeds side-streets, that you plod down
Provincial towns, you jog around...


  • Plod plod plod BUT what a lovely morning to go plodding on? I will be off in a minute!
    Happy 4 months freedom...... will tonight be holding a few beers in celebration for the evil pixie? Piip:-)
  • 3 ploddy miles for me
    Its hot
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    hang the DJ hang the DJ hang the DJ, Hang the DJ, etc etc.....

    No plodding for me but lots of DRINKING!! yippeeee Have a fab friday fellow plodders! (and Fruits, of course - great title, love that song!)
  • The Smiths! Love it FR.

    No plodding for me today as I went out for 3 miles last night. It is a fab morning to be out on the hard road though...

    Enjoy yorselves out there,

  • a long tortuous session for me with plodding, spinning and a new weights program. sigh. my motivation is hiding its head under a bushel somewhere.
  • No plodding for me either, or exercise of any kind, save for lots and lots of drinking.

    See you later my favourite kitchen appliance on skis! :-)
  • Morning all!

    Smitch - sounds like you had a good session yesterday...enjoy your rest.

    ANNFFR - thanks for the encouragement regarding the clubs...I'm in north London and my nearest is maybe..just maybe...

    3TL - do you think a dip in motivation is a post-FLM thing? Seems to me that a lot of people have experienced the same thing...maybe you should just go with the flow for the time being because I'm sure you'll find your focus again soon.

    Anyway, no plodding for me today but plan to do 7 miles tomorrow.

    p.s. regarding The Smiths - I know that they were meant to be one of 'the' bands of our time (well, for those of us in our 30s and 40s) but I just couldn't get into them at all. Mr FF still raves about them (well, he is from Manchester, after all) as do most blokes I know...
  • Heaven knows I'm miserable now..*sniff*

    Sore throat and cols all week, no plods for me....

    My training schedule for Dublin starts next week though!!
  • Flatfeet - I'm from Manchester I never got into them at all until I actually left and started to listen to them a few years ago. Still don't own any of their music though.

    4.5 miles of plodding for me this morning and it was glorious and I ran the whole way And knocked about 20 seconds off Wednesday's time. So chuffed to bits. Will be rewarding myself with plenty of vino this evening.

    Going to buy some new trainers tomorrow. Can't wait!

    Happy Plodding

  • Plod around the fountain, slap me on the patio ...
    Also from Mcr and spent my yoof wearing black and listening to the Smiths - had always understood it was a local requirement.

    Just back from Mcr seeing aged parents (more depressing than listening to the Smiths on a tunrtable that doesn't quite get up to speed) so no plodding as up since 5 driving, and probably against law to leave 4 year old daughter alone with 11 year old son anyhow.

    Fab run FS. Probably a little too late to buy Smiths now anyhow?

    How goes marathon training Hippo?
  • Thought it would be shame to stay in gym, so decided to go for 4 mile run. Think myself and unfortunate gym instructor I dragged along are now both in early stages of sunstroke!!

    Managed 43:18 with 1 min walk after 30 mins and am now trying to stop melting at desk.

    Planning to do similar (without the sunstroke) on Sunday.

  • day of rest today having driven back from cornwall through the night, however some fantastic plods on the beach at hayle during the last few days, wish i lived near the coast!!
  • Rascal - so it was you a passed at lunch time by the Uni!

    I take my hat off to you - you looked very cool and not at all melty (as I would have done!)

    Have good weekends, all

    Heather :0)

  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I usually plod it the morning before work but no time so have plodded this afternoon .Big mistake boy it is hot out there,but my blisters did not hurt using the scholl special blister plasters and they seem too work.
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • My little legs are aching after last night's exertions - shin splints I shoouldn't wonder - so no serious plodding but maybe a little walk to break in my new shoes. It's too nice to stay in.
  • Positively my last day of sniffles. I will be better enough to go for a plod tomorrow (mind over matter!).

    Keen to get back into shape for Blackpool halfmarathon in 3 weeks (...eeek!).

  • Hetfinch,

    That's because I was still on the way out!!

    It did remind me of why being a student was so good as I had to go back to the office, while there they all were drinking and frisbeeing and drinking...(think I need a drink!!)

  • marathon training is going slowlyFLR
    but managed 18 miles this week already
    Also need to train for the 60 mile trailwalk, so trying to fit in walks too
    Difficult to fit in work!!!!!!1
    So im not sleeping much
  • Well done hippo.
    Sight of Aged Parents who were playing 2 rounds of golf a day a year ago, and are suddenly so frail that walking around the block is an issue is making me glad I'm able to get up and do 12 miles slow (Saturday now - so tomorrow as far as this thread goes) ... OK , I'm lying. Am dreading this next plod. Am in terror about impending 1/2 M myself, so take hat off to you re full M. Have kids so fitting in sleep and work always an issue round here - obviously training and drinking being top priorities ...
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