Positive People Persevere

I know I shouldn't start today tonight but tomorrow when I wake up this will help me.

Have a great Friday everyone and mega hugs for those whose day seem less than perfect for them - your forum friends are here for you.



  • ooh morning peeps

    just caught up on yesterdays threads!

    been to hozzie to deliver app form to make sure it was in by the deadline !!

    amazingly i could just walk in and wander round the hozzie main corridor at 3am unchallenged - no security or anything (main entrance is next to a&e) and must have looked strange to the doc who went to the drinks machine when i was lurking round the physio dept door putting my envelope thru!

    security eh?

    hopefully i will surface b4 twilight later 2day!!
  • Morning!
    Bit late, so shortened plod for me
    unscheduled surprise visit from hubby, so only a short 2.5 mile walk yesterday as well
  • Morning people!

    Social tonight so apols in advance if I post anything tonight while completely sloshed!
  • well done Pix
    Hope you finished it now

    (Paul came down last night)
    done 3 miles
    it is VERY hot
  • That's great EP - well done :-)
  • bloody hell
    those walks to work add up----137 miles!
  • I thought it was only 5 miles away - how many times do you go in a day?
  • iain
    work is 3 minutes away
    but i walk to clinic, and to the gym, and to go shopping
    and of course that mileage includes moonwalk, and includes my running!

    Good resting nicky!
  • Morning all, happy days peeps
  • Ah OK!

    Enjoy the rest Nicky - it's the best thing for you given the chest infection by the sounds of it.
  • Sure will, Iain and Benz.
  • Hi everyone

    busy day ahead i think - rubbish I'd like a lazy day in the sunshine
  • Morning all.
    today I will be mostly painting the fence in the back garden....one of those 'I've started so i have to finish' jobs, ho hum.

    Ran a hilly 2.5 miles last night, and I'm goign to have a long (for me) bike ride this evening, gym tomorrow and long run sunday - phew!
  • See if I'd waited till now you'd have all started the thread & I've never started one before (sad or what!)

    Scorching hot day already, have brought trainers into work so might slope off early for walk (13 miles tonight, 36 miles tomorrow - umm well maybe)

    pix - congrats on monthly training figure (I started thinking that walks didn't count, but then realised they are just as much a part of running training so definitly go on now) and on clearing your last? assignment.
  • morning all!

    Got dragged into a meeting all day yesterday so don't feel like I have been around much lately... quite a good job that I haven't had to do too much work though as my concentration is still zero!!

    Well its nearly 'd' day and I seem to have a lot to do still, including working out my route to Wales, it involves a fair few motorways apparently!! Not too sure what the weather is going to be doing either as the Beeb keep changing their minds, but if any of you have a spare few minutes a rain / cool weather dance for the region of Lake V on Sunday would be good!

    Well done all of you on some great mileage over the month...

    Have a good day everyone!!
  • Morning all

    I am hopefully going to do a long walk this weekend as a second trial for my orthotics.

    I hope that Nick and co have a good trail walk practice - you will probably go much further than I do.
  • Hi Anna!

    Just in case I miss you at the social tonight, all the best for Lake V on Sunday :-)
  • Hi nutty macho fruity hetero-boy!!
  • SaxplayerSaxplayer ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    Fruity - I see one of your posts has got into RW this month!

    Anna - good luck at Lake V.

    Morning Alan

    Congrats on the milage guys.
  • FR - I'll be there for a while tonight but will be leaving as soon as I get bored with Lime & sodas... approx 8:15!!
  • Will someone please tell me what sodding post says!! I won't see the mag for another couple of days!

    Better Alan, better!
  • OK Iain - I'll put you out of your misery....it was a quote from the FLM thread where you described the feeling as you saw Big Ben ande heard the crowds cheering - you likened it to scoring a winning goal....so, it fine - nothing to worry about and quite nice really!!

    For my specialist subject - I'll take RW, back issues 1900 - to date....
  • Afternoon

  • Oops! crap typing
  • Hi Cath! - how are you??
  • Phew - thanks Katy :-)
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